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Zzz…Coachella Lineup Revealed…Zzz

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coachella lineup announced

The new Coachella lineup has been revealed, and yeah…words like "yawn" come to mind.

Check out the lineup (above) to see everyone who will be performing.

We will say we're very excited to see Kanye's name on the bill, but otherwise we could definitely be more impressed.

Here are a few questions that come to mind:

-Will Lauryn Hill keep everyone waiting for 3 hours again?

-Collectively, how many clove cigarettes will be smoked during Animal Collective's performance?

- Are The Strokes still relevant?

Will U be attending Coachella?

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124 comments to “Zzz…Coachella Lineup Revealed…Zzz”

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  1. 1

    what is your problem with the strokes? Because you can't say you "discovered" them you don't like them?

    They have a HIGHLY anticipated album coming out in March. Are you still (or were you ever) relevant in the music world?

  2. 2

    are you kidding?? the black keys, cold war kids, animal collective, sleigh bells, arcade fire, the national, the kills, empire of the sun, cee lo, crystal castles, MUMFORD AND SONS??!?!

  3. 3

    The only reason your yawning Mario is because none of these bands lip sync. Their all real bands not that performance bullshit you listen to.

  4. 4

    Lol you're excited about Kanye West but are shittalking the strokes and say nothing about KOL or Mumford and Sons.

    Great taste in music you have there.

  5. 5

    You guys wouldn't know decent music if you were stuck in the elevator with it. This line up is stellar. Better than some previous years. I'm sure if Ladyblahblah was on the bill you guys would be freaking out.

  6. 6

    Not enough Jonass brothers and Beiber for U Huh?…sorry just real music

  7. 7

    but your beloved Robyn is performing? It looks like a pretty good line up to me.

  8. 8

    I totally disagree with you! Kings of Leon, The Black Keys, Arcade Fire, Robyn, Kanye, the Kills.. I wish I could go!!

  9. 9

    I think it's a great lineup! And Robyn is performing! HOLY BALLZ!

  10. 10

    Jimmy Eat World!!…Enough said……Not everything has to be dirtz pop, seriously! You're painfully biased if this makes you yawn, how can you try and be on all these talent shows? You don't know music, you know pop….There are some awesome acts playing, how can you yawn?

  11. 11

    Dude, Best Coast, Sleigh Bells, Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti! INTERPOL! Even your guy Cee Lo Green is performing and you didn't even mention it! You need to tone it down with all the Madonna and Britney and listen to real shit.

  12. 12

    Are the Strokes still relevant??? what the F does that even mean? They're relevant if you like them. You don't like it just because none of your beloved stars who sing meaningless lyrics over pre-recorded drum beat melodies aren't there…

    I think the programmers of Coachella have a bit more understanding of what their audience wants than you do. A couple of years ago they invited Leonard Cohen. You're probably going 'Who???' or thinking 'Is he the guy that wrote and first sang Halleluja?' — not knowing about the tremendous contribution he has made to music, or that my 20-year old daughter and her friends think he's incredible…

    Take you ears out of wherever they are stuck…

  13. 13

    And Kanye West is the only name that excites you? I guess that's enough to explain your attitude…

  14. 14

    I just hope they schedule Lauryn Hill last

  15. 15

    Dude, are you for real with this post? This line-up is a snooze fest to you? Seriously? 'Cause they had me at Kanye West, Kings of Leon, The Black Keys, ARCADE FIRE, PJ Harvey, Cee-Lo, Damian Marley, Erikah Badu, NAS, The Chemical Brothers and the list goes on. Just sayin’! And yes, The Strokes are still very relevant as far as I’m concerned. I’d pay face value for a ticket for that day just to see them alone.

  16. 16

    You have to be retarded or something, Perez. This is one of the best line ups ever. I wish it we had a festival like that here.

  17. 17

    Do you know what's so funny? I looked at the poster before I read this, and I thought, man that is one hell of a line up I would love to see! Ah Perez, no it is not canned pop music, these are actual musicians. That's why people go to festivals.

  18. 18

    Yeah, but you have horrible taste in music, Perez. One hesitates to even call it "taste", it's more like whatever poppy, hollow nonsense buzzes by on the radio.

    The Black Keys put out the best album in 2010, and, it's pretty exciting to see them as a top-billed act.

  19. 19

    i was thinking about writing witty and clever, but then i remember that as funny as you could be, you have terrible music taste… so a little less kesha and demi lovato… and hilary duff… and the list could go on, JUST COZ IT'S NOT COMERCIAL SHITTY STUFF YOU DON'T HAVE TO GO AROUND SAYING IT'S NOT RELEVANT!… cos sweetie it is.

  20. 20

    DUDE, IT DOESN'T GET BETTER THAN tHIS, Crystal Castle, Boyz Noyze, Ratatat, Sven vath, PJ H arvey, Arcade, Kings, and Kanye…just to name a few!!!! …………………..u have no musical taste whatsvr. Sad!!!

  21. 21

    mario has been owned by his readers once again…

  22. 22

    Wrong Perez. The yawns are saved for all the over-produced/over auto-tuned shitty "music" you plug on this website.

  23. 23

    just because it isn't a bubble gum pop lineup like you would love so much (by the way you should definetely broaden your taste in music ;) ) doesn't mean its a bad lineup, in fact it's a great line up but well I will always think that you now shit about music anyways. And yes, the strokes are still relevant everywhere in the world except in your head.

    greetings from europe (sorry about the english).

  24. 24

    you seriously have the worst fucking taste in music. its like you pack your ears with your own shit before leaving the house, and then all the good soundwaves are caught and filtered through your shit packed ears so only the shitty soundwaves enter your head. when its shitty music, the opposite happens and you just apeshit for some of the dumbest fucking musical acts i've ever heard. anyone remember slimy or whatever that little french fucker was called? just shut the fuck up you fat ass cock doctor

  25. 25

    Um WTF? Do you not know what music is Piggy Hilton? Your only saying "Zzz" because Lady Gaga isn't performing so STFU

  26. 26

    Re: LizardKinG


  27. 27

    ARE YOU JOKING ME?!?!?!??! Friday looks AMAZING- marina and the diamonds, hurts, MAGNETIC MAN (I LIVE FOR THEIR MUSIC), Crystal Castles and Klaxons?! This line up is fucking incredible.

    I'm British and if I could get myself to the States just for that Friday then I would. You need to be a bit more open-minded with your music Perez- sure I'm a fan of the Bad Romances of the world, but there's more to music than computerised gay-friendly pop. #JUSTSAYIN

  28. 28

    I think it's a bore as well. They keep booking the same bands every year. It's getting really old.

  29. 29

    Re: kimsnick – Amen to that…he likes bad pop music and Coachella is not his scene

  30. 30

    too bad i dont live in cali,
    chicago has lalapoloza

  31. 31

    WTF? Thats a fucken great line-up! PJ HARVEY!!!! THE STROKES!!!!!!! SUEDE!!!! Im sorry that Britney, GaGa and Katy

  32. 32

    Perry arent there—-Perez your a douche

  33. 33

    This festival is a complete ripoff now. They put all of the good acts on at the same time and in small tents, and you can only buy three day passes? I miss bands reuniting just for Coachella. I saw the strokes years back at Coachella and i must say it was a stellar performance. Bring back some good dance music!

  34. 34

    WTF? Thats a fucken great line-up! PJ HARVEY!!!! THE STROKES!!!!!!! SUEDE!!!! Im sorry that Britney, GaGa and Katy Perry Arent there —douche bag (sorry if i posted this 2 yall)

  35. 35

    I think you should broaden your music tastes….you would be pleasantly surprised.

  36. 36

    shit.. i'm getting old. i don't know most of these bands - sad

  37. 37

    Most of these people I've never heard of and Kanye is crap.
    I do love The Chemical Brothers. I'd fly in if they booked Underworld AND The Chemical Brothers.
    Doing "e" at these outdoor festivals though, are for young people and not for me.

  38. 38

    well, we should be happy that he thinks its a snoozefest.
    nothing would be more annoying than perez promoting the shit out of indie bands.
    we allready have pitchfork for that. and god help us if his readers ever get into the good stuff. concert audiences would be terrible.

  39. 39

    you think kanye west, arcade fire, kings of leon, cee lo green, roybn, chemical brothers, damian marley and mumford and sons are 'boring'? this is exactly why you're irrelevant in the music industry and you will never get a talent show job

  40. 40

    This is a fantastic selection! most of my favourite bands are on here :)

  41. 41

    Can't really read the bands in smaller writing, but a band from my home town will be playing. PHANTOGRAM check them out they are awesome!

  42. 42

    Seriously check out PHANTOGRAM

  43. 43

    Wow. Just…wow. I would KILL to go there! Whatever happened to that Sliimy guy or that gay singing kid u were molesting? We can have our Coachella, and u stick with those guys. Preferrably in a dark room in an abandoned building with a rickety ceiling and the stench of Crisco.

  44. 44

    Re: April 20th – this is becomming and on going trend..LOL.. bubble gum pop bleh

  45. 45

    This is an amazing lineup!

  46. 46

    Btw ur "less than impressed" with THIS lineup, but u "cannot wait!" for Bieber's new song and 3d movie? Jesus Christ, take it from me: being gay DOES NOT equal being a 13-year old girl. This is me leaving ur stupid, grammatically incorrect, unspell-checked and increasingly juvenile site. For good. Buh-bye, Jabba Perez.

  47. 47

    So out of touch! This sounds like a great line up! @LizardKinG totally agree.
    By the way, weren't death from above 1979 broken up for a while? Lots of great music worth seeing.

  48. 48

    Fuck Coachella! It's all about Sasquatch. It's 4 days and will probably be cheaper…and the Gorge is way prettier.

  49. 49

    didnt see magnetic man there. FUCK YES!

  50. 50

    yea, i think the line up kinda sucks too. if they're asking for 3 bills then i wanna see a better line up!

  51. 51

    Perez this is a great lineup! Way to alienate your readers that love indie music. I used to really love you and then last week you went all ape-shit over that new Britney Spears song, which completly sucks, and now you're talking crap about some really great bands. What's happened to you?

  52. 52

    Are you joking ? I've counted about 40 bands i'd like to see in this lineup that are better than Kanye West. You probably never saw a concert with actual musicians and instruments so you shouldn't talk about music when you clearly don't know what it is.

  53. 53

    FANTASTIC line up! ROBYN, Scissor SISTERS, Ellie Goulding!!! You're excited for anything Bieber but not this? I think you have lost your ever loving mind.

  54. 54

    I can't believe someone would actually say that the Strokes aren't relevant. Can you back up that statement with rational arguments?
    I love reading this site, but dissing one of the best bands of the decade is not cool.

  55. 55

    Three words. Where is Sliimy?

  56. 56

    So No Lady GaGa and No Beiber means bad music? I think it makes for REAL music at a GREAT festival. No pretentious over synthesized bullshit, at least these artists can write their own songs.

  57. 57

    I MUST go to this!
    Amazing band lineup!!

  58. 58

    The Strokes are brilliant, by the way.

  59. 59

    OMG Perez, you just say that because you love crappy music like Gaga. But I cant blame you, you don't have the intelligence that is required to like this kind of music, you cant even began to realize how awesome INTERPOL is, or The Strokes. If you can't understand indie music, please don't write about it!

  60. 60

    Re: EvAtheDiVA – Yeah, Death From Above 1979 split up in 2006, but it looks like they're reuniting for this festival. I would kill just to go see them play.

    Also, I don't know what Perez's problem is. This lineup is fabulous. Just because precious Gaga isn't there doesn't mean the festival is going to suck. He's such a music elitist pig, yet most of his favorite music artists are usually void of emotion or talent.

  61. 61

    lol, are you kidding me perez? this is an AMAZING lineup!!! If you'd rather have some shitty kat graham, drake, rihanna, pitbul or wtf it is that you listen to, you shouldn't even know what coachella is…

  62. 62

    Perez not liking this automatically makes it fucking awesome!

    Die of bad aids perez!

  63. 63

    Oh I'm going, even though can't stand the thought of KOL and Kanye as headliners. The lower tier acts make up for that though

  64. 64

    This post proves you have almost zero taste in good music. Embarrassing, huh, considering you think you know so much. Bands like the Strokes, Mumford & Son, the Kings of Leon, and the Black Keys are more significant to real music than any of the shit (aka Lady Gaga) that you listen to.

  65. 65

    What's the problem? Those bands and artist are VERY good! Just because they aren't famous doesn't mean they're bad. You are starting to annoy me, mister Hilton. Cee Lo Green, Arcade Fire, Crystal Castles, Suede, THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS.

    Oh, you don't know any of them? That's probably because you only listen to the top 40. Listen to bands before you say they're boring.

  66. 66

    Ugh!. Please, this is coming from the guy that thinks "rah-rah-ah-ah, roma-roma-ma, gaga oh lala" are epic lyrics! He has the worst taste in music. What ever happened to Sliimy or Travis Garland? Get your head out of Gaga's ass and join the real world!

  67. 67

    Re: Joshua Krutsinger

    Thank you at post No. 46! I'm gay and would love to see many of these bands. I'm not into the auto-tuned pop robots.

  68. 68

    no but wiz kalifa, afrojack, one day as a lion, the black keys, and mumford & sons sure are relevant and AWESOME. even boys noize and paul van dyk!!! COME ON PEREZ!!!!!!!!!

    and ROBYN?!?!?!?! she's amazing!!!!!

    and you get to see kanye, eryka, kings of leon, lauren hill and the strokes as a bonus

    plus im sure the other unknowns will become awesome too…its COACHELLA!!! they always are!!!

  69. 69

    gawd, how lame…….rock is dead

  70. 70

    Thats not a bad line up at all! I like it and would love to go

  71. 71

    Wow! Are you fucking high or something?! This lineup is amazing. Just because Tranny Gaga isn't there your calling it boring? You really are a fucking idiot with zero taste in good music. But what can we expect about some pedophile who gets excited about the new Justin Bieber movie or Shitney Spears' new single.

  72. 72


  73. 73

    Gaga isn't peforming there, otherwise it would have been a great festival would it Perez?!
    Come on! Kings of Leon, Brandon Flowers, The Chemical Brothers, Robyn, Mumford and Sons, Erykah Badu, Sven Vath, Leftfield, Interpol etc. This is a great festival!!! You have no taste when it comes to music Perez. But we all knew that already.

  74. 74

    I will be there for sure. Super pumped for the Gayngs set.

  75. 75

    Mario, you suck balls. this lineup is pretty stellar, and I dont mean to beat a dead horse but… WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU KNOW ABOUT GOOD MUSIC?!? Lady gargoyle is not the be all end all… sorry there is no disney sponsorship this year, maybe Miley Cyrus will be there for you next year.

    You know his fat ass is gonna be there anyway.

  76. 76

    what you got against animal collective?! actually, i can't believe they're performing at the sell out celebrity music fest…i mean coachella.

  77. 77

    Yawn Perez? What the fuck is wrong with you? This is an amazing line up for Coachella.

  78. 78

    I just saw Ms. Lauryn Hill last night in MSP soo ridiculously better than anything I could have ever, ever hoped for. She only had us waiting for about 2 hours or so, which I can't complain. Even if she only came up on stage and played a song and then left I would have been satisfied. Just seeing her in the flesh in real life was a once in a lifetime experience.

  79. 79

    What in the world are you talking about Perez?! Kanye, Kings of Leon, Cold War Kids, Mumford & Sons, Cee Lo Green, Jimmy Eat World, Ratatat, Damian Marley, Wiz Khalifa, Jacks Mannequin, I'd give my left tit to see those people alone. The line up looks pretty legit to me, I'd totally go. Is it not commercial enough for you Perez?! Needs just a little more Gaga and Britney?

  80. 80

    OMG you're such an idiot. Sorry that theres no katy perry/britney spears pop bullshit and legit music groups playing. YOU FUCKING IDIOT PEREZ

  81. 81

    You're asking if The Strokes are still relevant when you post shit on Kylie Minogue like every other day?



  82. 82

    Looks a lot better than any of your "Perez Hilton Presents: A Night in…" concert lineups. I believe you've taken a lot of criticism for booking bands that no one has even heard of? Or did you conveniently forget about that?

    Also, on an unrelated note, whatever happened to Sliimy? Travis Garland? Your boy band? That little kid you were hawking? Yeah, I thought so. You have no credentials to be critiquing concert lineups.

  83. 83

    Well, majority of real music will be played this year, not pop acts. I see why YOU would yawn. None of these people can dance.

  84. 84

    Are you kidding?? Look at all those artists, AMAZING line-up! Oh and what about your beloved Robyn…she is on the list, I guess your not into her anymore. God, this website gets lamer every day

  85. 85

    are you an idiot? the strokes are still extremely relevant to people who actually have good taste in music.
    and you're excited about kanye, even when there are amazing bands like mumford and sons, the black keys, arcade fire, the kiils, and cold war kids on the line up?

    you must have shitty taste in music.

  86. 86

    Arcade Fire, The Strokes (who are of course relevent to anyone with a good music taste. Julian = god), CHEMICAL BROTHERS (amazing, amazing live also), Crystal Castles (mental and wicked), Interpol, Fredde Le Grand, Mumford And Sons, Cage the Elephant, The Swell Season, The Joy Formidable.. All amazing, credible musicians with fan bases bigger than you could comprehend. Coachella generally is for GOOD, PURE music. While I am a Gaga fan and am completely obsessed with Katy Perry, I'm not stuck in the rut of pop music. While, yes, it's okay to favourtize and stick to a certain genre, it isn't okay for one to call this line up "boring" when one considers themselves "advocates" of music. I'm guessing you only have heard of, what?, 3 of the acts out of this? I'd expect that from a kid, perhaps, or even an everyday run of the mill music fan, but you credit yourself as being different. You aren't relevant to the music world and never will be, to be relevant you have to be open minded, to be pushing boundaries and to have a wide taste in music, which you clearly don't. I am 14 years old and can honestly say that you are very, very stupid.

  87. 87

    Do you even know who Animal Collective is? I have never met an Animal Collective fan who smokes clove cigarettes.

    They're not the Cure dude.

  88. 88

    WHAT IS UP PEREZ???!!? This lineup is AMAZING! usually, I agree with your musical taste, but not this time. i'm deff going to try to hit up Coachella this year.

  89. 89

    MUMFORD AND SONS! That is enough to get me going to Coachella this year!

  90. 90

    Erykah Badu is the absolute bomb!!!im dying to see her also PJ Harvey and Hurts.That lineup totally awesome and id love to be there.perez u shud do a competiotion for a few tickets ud get so many more hits on ur website

  91. 91

    What are you talking about!? They might not the crappy mainstream stuff on the radio but it's REAL good music. They have a great lineup of bands and artists. You need to get some good taste in music.

  92. 92

    UM are you serious?
    your lack of taste in music is shocking, lord knows how you have a record company…
    the black keys, ROBYN, crystal castles, sleigh bells, marina and the diamonds, ARCADE FIRE, animal collective, Mumford and sons, The national, neon trees…i would kill to be there
    just cause Gaga or whatever else mainstream garbage you like isn't playing you think it's "yawn"
    i guess i can see why the only name you are excited for is kanye west..

  93. 93

    Obviously you have no idea what your talking about on the count of everyone else in the world is stoked about it. THE STROKES WILL ALWAYS BE RELEVANT. Arcade Fire, Animal Collective, Best Coast, The Black Keys. Whats your deal man? Its going to be epic.

  94. 94

    Nah I'm saving my three Benjamins for another year. This year doesn't compare to last year.

  95. 95

    This is a sick lineup…wtf, Perez?!

  96. 96

    I'm not a huge perez fan, but I think he has a more developed musical taste than many of the commenters here are giving him credit for. I agree this lineup is "yawn". Sure, there are some big names from the indie hipster genre, but it all sounds the same. Hence the yawn. Years past Coachella lineups have had more depth to them - like Bjork, Sonic Youth, Jesus and Mary Chain, Blonde Redhead, Air, Willie Nelson and Gillian Welch (all from just 2007). I think this particular festival has such an epic reputation from getting some heavy hitters from the past to reunite, plus have some of the hippest current acts and some musical range to them. This lineup doesn't. It's that simple. Generic indie bands are a dime a dozen - that's why I think (and I'd venture to bet perez thinks) this lineup is a snoozefest - not because it's not pop.

  97. 97

    are you serious? just because you don't know half the bands there doesn't mean nobody does. from what i see there it'll be awesome (even if kanye is there)

    kol, mumford & sons, duran duran, JIMMY EAT WORLD, wiz khalifa, cee lo, cold war kids, arcade fire, neon trees, jack's mannequin?! you have poor taste in music perez.

  98. 98

    Are The Strokes still relevant?
    Please , are you kidding? WISH I THERE JUST FOR SEEN

  99. 99

    You think that's a boring lineup? That's and AMAZING lineup.

  100. 100

    Pretty good line up if I can say so.
    I would love to see Interpol, the Strokes, PJ Harvey…

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