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Zzz…Coachella Lineup Revealed…Zzz

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coachella lineup announced

The new Coachella lineup has been revealed, and yeah…words like "yawn" come to mind.

Check out the lineup (above) to see everyone who will be performing.

We will say we're very excited to see Kanye's name on the bill, but otherwise we could definitely be more impressed.

Here are a few questions that come to mind:

-Will Lauryn Hill keep everyone waiting for 3 hours again?

-Collectively, how many clove cigarettes will be smoked during Animal Collective's performance?

- Are The Strokes still relevant?

Will U be attending Coachella?

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124 comments to “Zzz…Coachella Lineup Revealed…Zzz”

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  1. 101

    Is this your way of admitting you have no clue what's going on in music outside Top 40 radio?

  2. 102

    Wow! I am quite happy with the lineup and think it is great. Sorry I won't be hearing Katy Perry yell "firework" with her obnoxious voice, or listen to autotune Britney yelping as she usually does in her music. I will be rocking out to PJ Harvey, Interpol, and many of the other awesome groups. If you recall, Perez, many people left the "relevant" Gaga set during Lollapalooza to see the so called "irrelevant" Strokes play. I was happy that I was one of those people who made the choice to leave. The Strokes are great and don't need to be airbrushed on Maxim for people to pay attention

  3. 103

    That lineup is forking incredible! But I'm just someone with good taste in music and not a hit record producer like you so what do I know…

  4. 104

    Really, Perez, I can't take your advice seriously. Your "musician of the month" tends to tank frequently, and you've proven repeatedly you're much more in-the-loop regarding pop than anything independent. This line-up is fantastic.

    And I agree w/ previous poster: WTF is up w/ your Animal Collective/clove commentary. It proves you know nothing about the band.

  5. 105

    The Coachella lineup includes artists that are talented. Of course you wouldnt like them, Perez. They aren't one hit wonder pop stars. Also, your obsession with beiber, gaga and toddlers and tiaras is sickening and unacceptable. Grow up. You're starting to act like a bitch again.

  6. 106

    Everyone pretty much said what I would say. Wow Perez for someone who says they LOVE music you seem more like you're trying to destroy the music industry. There is a world outside of"pop" music.

  7. 107

    You're just upset because Caca isn't performing. GET SOME TASTE, ASSHOLE.

  8. 108

    How do you not like this line up? Are you brain damaged?

  9. 109

    Just because they aren't generic pop shit….ugh, you have terrible taste.

    ….words like "dumbass" come to mind

  10. 110

    Duran Duran! All right!!!

  11. 111

    WTF PEREZ?!?! this is an incredible line up. Caifanes is legendary amongst the rock scene! Awesome international DJ's!! Axwell, Paul Van Dyk, Afrojack (one of my favorites). HOLY SHIT!!!

  12. 112

    You're an idiot who knows nothing about good music *cough Sliimy*.

    Animal Collective, the Black Keys, PJ Harvey, the Strokes, the National, Cee-Lo, Kanye West, Bright Eyes and Brandon Flowers are yawn to you? Are you f****** serious? This line-up is stacked.

  13. 113

    Heck …. ALL of these performers are way better than your pathtic Gaga

  14. 114

    Why in the F@#k is Duran Duran under that Ass-Clown Kanye? They should be the headliners. Duran Duran are and have been more of an influence (and they did not use auto tune) on music than this hack will ever be…….Oh, wait. What?

    Heyz y'all this is Kanye. Perpetual Stiffy, I'ma gonna let ya finish but I got one thing to say. Coachella, Bands from the '80's and George W. Bush don't care about black people. They iz all conspiring to bring down people of color.

    See what I mean? Total fart box muncher!

  15. 115

    just because none of your favorite bands on there you say "yawn"?! are you kidding! some of the greatest bands are on there! they are just not some pop/hip hop crap that stupid people listen to these days. i'm glad for once they put good bands on there instead of the same shit thats expected.

  16. 116

    Are you fucking kidding?? Brandon Flowers! Cee Lo Green! Yeezy! Duck Sauce! Chromeo! Do you even know what music is??

  17. 117

    Perez wouldnt know good music if it bit him in the ass. Sorry your horrid GAGA who you blow on the regular isnt on the bill, or any of that other crappy poppy music you try shoving down peoples throats isnt there.

  18. 118

    Are the Strokes still relevant? Um, YES, asshole. The fact that you don't like them doesn't mean anything to anyone.

  19. 119

    Mumford and Sons put on the best show I have ever seen! I would go just to see them again

  20. 120

    fuck you perez I gues you don't know shit about good music

  21. 121

    How is a set by legendary prog. house/ trance dj paul van dyk a snooze fest?!

  22. 122

    Brandon Flowers will be there so Definitely!!

  23. 123

    What the hell is your deal with hating The Strokes? YEAH, they are relevant, and no, this line up is NOT a yawn. These artists have more talent than the mindless unimaginative pop shit you usually post on this damn place anyway.

  24. 124

    I wish I could go! This lineup is amazing! Don't hate on The Strokes, they are lot more legit than Kanye!

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