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Paul Giamatti Charges Fans To Take Pictures With Him!

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Seriously?! This seems pretty low!

Paul Giamatti, who won a Golden Globe on Sunday night for his performance in the film Barney's Vision, apparently refused to pose for photos with fans afterward - unless they forked over $5!


A source reveals:

"At first they thought he was joking. Then he says he's serious, so the guy gives him a ten dollar bill and snaps the photos with his camera phone."


What's the problem, bb? Did you not get compensated for your work on Barney's Vision??

Because there's virtually no reason for a successful, steadily-working actor to take advantage of fans who are excited to see you in person!

Ugh. We really hope this isn't true.


[Image via WENN.]

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38 comments to “Paul Giamatti Charges Fans To Take Pictures With Him!”

  1. Mimsi says – reply to this


    $5.00!!! Realy? What a douche. He should be paying them. What an ungreatful
    jerk. maybe they should save the $5.00 and just skip going t his movies

  2. 2

    jon goselin eint an actor. barney is an upaid reality position for kids' disadvantage. it goes "i hate you, you hate me" i saw it on pay per view

  3. 3

    I wouldn't give him, 5 pennies…moving on.

  4. 4

    Kate from Kate Plus 8 does this at her book signings.

  5. 5

    Great Idea if he gives the money to a charity that doesn't Pay Whopper Salaries to it's Exec's.
    Make sure the money goes to the deserving people. Blindness, Cancer, Heart and Stroke etc.

  6. 6

    fuck mister working tatoo, i hear you luke, i hear you

  7. 7

    I dont see anything wrong with this , why does being a fan entitle you to something free?? sure id prefer it being free but damn$5 , if u cant afford that u need to stop watching movies and tv.

  8. chlyn says – reply to this


    That's gross. Either pose happily with your fans or refuse all requests.

  9. 9

    I'd tell him he's not worth the $5 and walk away.

  10. 10

    Re: chlyn – Why because u say so?? wtf. the guy take a few mins out of his day for a pic , the very least u can do is give the guy a 5 spot. How is that being ungrateful?? the studio pays him , u dont and b4 anyone says "yea but we pay to see the movie" mother fuckers yes u pay and get in return to see a movie , there , why are you entitled to more??

  11. 11

    Hmm. Something tells me there's a piece or two of this story that we're missing. Fans can be really intrusive and entitled, but obviously this isn't the way to handle it.

  12. 12

    Re: Mimsi – but he gets five dollars he's thankful

  13. 13

    Re: Ozz465 – Fans pay him by watching his movies his signature on a piece of paper and photo isn't going to take that much time it's not like he had a bunch of fans asking. There are way more famous ppl who don't do this and quite frankly I doubt his photo is worth much.

  14. 14

    The last time I checked, it was Barney's VERSION, not Barney's Vision. You need to fire who ever is updating your site for you.

  15. 15

    Smells like ten kinds of FAKE.

  16. 16

    Re: MJJ – read my last comment , just because u watch his movies does not entitle you to anything beyond the movie watching.

  17. 17

    Bloated, overrated warthog. Bad actor & disgusting blob to look at. Didn't understand the hype over him in Sideways. Thomas Haden Church was far better.

  18. 18

    I worked with him a long time ago and he was honestly one of the nicest people. He's very intelligent and witty. I'm pretty sure, although it may not have seemed like it, he was probably screwing around. He's not the type of guy that would do it for the ego or the money, unlike most of the actors in Hollywood.

  19. 19

    Re: Ozz465 – Disagree. Without fans, he wouldn't have the lifestyle he has. People wouldn't pay to see the movies, or read the magazines/books. Yes, the studio pays him but ultimately, none of these people would have jobs if it weren't for fans paying to see it. No one is saying they are entitled to take a picture, however it would be a kind gesture to stand and smile for 5 seconds to show your appreciation. Charging people for a picture in this economy is ridiculous. If he needs money so bad, he can easily call up some paps.

  20. 20

    IF this is true.. That's a pretty crappy thing to do. If I was a fan of his, I would have turned and walked away leaving him one fan less.

  21. 21

    I don't buy it. He's always been extremely humble and cool. Doesn't add up…

  22. 22

    5 bucks is nothing. David Faustino charged 25. I would rather pay 5 from Paul.

  23. 23

    Barney's VERSION

  24. 24

    Paul Giamatti, IS A FUCKEN PIG! GREEDY ASS BIAOTCH! And hes fucken FUGLY! IM NOT A FAN!

  25. 25

    I liked "Sideways" and the John Adams miniseries on HBO, and Paul's daddy was the president of Yale University, so there's brains in the family. But if this is true, it's a dumb move.
    And btw, he was sporting a prominent gut at the Golden Globes. Kinda messed up the look of his nice tux. Dude, cut back on the pasta, stat.

  26. 26

    Did you know that gullible is not in the dictionary. You idiots believe anything perez posts

  27. 27

    Re: Judy Gibson Kats – David Faustino charges $25?!??! I'm the BIGGEST Married… With Children fan (I even have a cat named Bundy Polk!). That makes me real pissed off to hear that.

  28. 28

    i don't fucking know about "barney's VISION" but last time i checked the movie was called "barney's VERSION".
    i thought this was just a slip like you alwaaaays make in posts, but twice??
    who in the hell is doing the writing for this shit?

  29. 29

    fucking asshole

  30. 30


    For Christ's sake, why is this website so full of shit? Shame, shame on your striving, conniving ass for spreading a lie about one of Hollywood's most decent actors.

    Giamatti was joking. He was having fun with the fans.

    Bullshit item. I'm hearing from advertisers that this site's shelf life is about done.

  31. 31

    Heartbreaking news for all of Paul Giamatti's 3.5 fans.

  32. 32

    Re: Ozz465 – with your logic he gets paid for movies and movies are 24 frames per second…so like 200000 frames per movie so at $5 with a pic being equal to a frame…a pic with him is worth less than a cent
    so no he doesn't deserve any money for taking a pic with a fan
    he should just feel lucky that he ever has any fans

  33. 33

    I used to think he was cute but now I feel he's just an alcoholic and ungrateful. Not a pretty combination.

  34. 34

    this is disgusting.. all these people PAID money to watch your film and make you the star you are.. and thats how you repay them,…. smh what a sham. and i dont mean shame.. i mean sham.

  35. 35

    Re: Ozz465 – exept for that fact that movies are definitely not worth the 12$ they cost to watch them. I mean really.. dude is not strapped for cash.

  36. 36

    I kind of met Paul once. He is from New Haven, CT and he was at the museum i used to work at and i recognized him, no one else did, and i tried to go up to him and he gave me a nasty look and left in a huff. This guy is a dick. Why so self-important?

  37. 37

    haaaa! what a looser ! and a cheap one too!! a real joke ! whhaaat ? you need money to buy kraft dinner you hobbo !!???

  38. CvR says – reply to this


    paul giamatti is the new jeff goldblum: a self-important drama queen.