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Dolly Parton Celebrates Her Birthday With 9 to 5!

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dolly attends 9 to 5 opening in chicago dolly attends 9 to 5 opening in chicago 2

Perezhilton.com has been sent EXCLUSIVE photos (above) of Dolly Parton at the opening night of 9 to 5: The Musical in Chicago.

Looking fab as always, bb!

We're excited about all the Dolly we've been seeing lately. She is keeping super busy at 65 years old!

Loves it!

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3 comments to “Dolly Parton Celebrates Her Birthday With 9 to 5!”

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    9 to 5, uh? Is that a hint? Oh I got it. The woman just turned 95!!! Just kidding, just kidding: we know you just made it to 59. And looking 20 years younger at that. Dolly, you are a lovely woman and a TERRIFIC writer at that.

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    Alright, everybody has to hear this. The other day I was picking up some medicine at Rite-Aid, and then I walked over to wait in line. As I was standing there, I happened to hear a conversation between a store associate and a random customer (they were both black). The customer was looking at a piccture of Dolly Parton on the enquirer, and she turned to the associate and said "Wow, how old do you think Dolly Parton is now, anyway??" And the associate kinda looked blank for a minute, until the customer said "You know who Dolly is, right?" And the associate was all "Yeah, I think so. Wasn't she that chick from the Golden Girls??” Yeah, I about lost it there. Who the fuck is this associate, and what planet did she come from?? And before people start making excuses for her, I want to let y'all in on 2 facts. 1-I live in the South (so she should REALLY know who Dolly is) 2- Dolly "being white" has nothing to do with it. I'm white, and I know a gajillion black music icons, of many different genres at that.