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New Music From Lady GaGa!!!!

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Our first taste of music from the Born This Way album!!!!!!!!

And she's left us hungry for more!!!!

Check out this special remix of Scheiße that Lady GaGa did for the Mugler fashion show in Paris.

It should be noted that this version of the song is missing the chorus - on purpose.

Our wifey is such a tease!!!!

We LOVE it!!!!

Mother monster, Mugler and Scheiße!!!!

Check it out (above)!!!!

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218 comments to “New Music From Lady GaGa!!!!”

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  1. 1

    one word: MAGICAL

  2. 2


  3. 3

    Wow this is a great remix! Can't wait for the real thing

  4. 4

    seriously perez? you call this music? LOL but u hate "on the floor" by jlo then u tweet that your obsessed with it? it clearly proves that u just kiss gaga's ass with everything she does… lady gaga is not the only artist in the world ur such a fucking idiot. i swear if i see i'll body slam your fat ass!

  5. 5

    i DON'T like it :(

  6. 6

    Love it!

  7. 7

    LOVE IT!!! I was literally shaking with excitement when I first heard it. I know a lot of people on here are going to be negative but I'm not going to judge then because all in all it doesn't really matter what they think right? I can't wait for Born this way!

  8. 8

    sucks once again tired of her. shes so unpro. tired of wannabes

  9. 9

    This is Lady Gaga? I thought this was some crappy Euro-pop song! Oh my god. Horrible. OH THIS IS REMIX. Well, it still sounds bad.

  10. 10

    this is terrible. this sounds like some trashy euro-pop garbage. nothing original about it

  11. 11

    Song is flawless…..cant wait to hear the official version!!!

  12. 12

    gaga sucks. it isnt new. sounds like madonna remixes. gaga is really a wannabe. not feeling it at all. nothing new. she really cant produce huge hits. its all the same darling. she cant produce huge things like madonna or MJ or bowie or queens. shes boring. prefer britney new songs to this

  13. 13

    @ladygaga ✝✝ Mother Monster ✝✝ IT'S NOW CLEAR, 2011: IT'S GONNA BE MOTHER MONSTER! Wow with that remix you can take me out tonight

  14. 14

    damn!! she gets better and better!!

  15. 15


  16. 16

    Uhm why does it sound like she has a British accent in this song? Trying to sound like Madonna, Gaga? Sorry but Madona's accent isn't real either.. this remix/song is kind of BARF for me.

  17. 17

    prefer britney new song to this madonna wannabe remixes. nothing new nothi ng huge she cant produce huge hits like madonna or MJ or bowie or queens. ehos gonna remember this songs in 20 years? noone BORING SWEETY MADONNA ALREADY DID MANY SONGS LIKE THIS.NVER RELEASED BUT SOME OF THEM ARE REMIXES.

  18. 18

    This remix is SO damn GREAT!
    even as a REMIX it's so much better than most of the songs out there!

  19. 19

    "Our wifey is such taste"??? You are one illiterate AIDS case Mario. Please do the world a favor and let the disease take over…

  20. 20

    Perez really you tag QUEEN OF POP under this madonna wannabe. There is only 1 madonna and 1 queen of pop………..

  21. 21


  22. 22

    Also this sounds like a madonna song from the late 80's or early 90's.

  23. 23

    this aint new. madonna remixes. lol gaga buy ur own personalty. brit new song is way hotter than this. ur 5 min are over

  24. 24

    It's just like the tittle. Shit music. :P

  25. 25

    WOW!!! Lady Gaga is amazing!! I've had this on repeat for the past hour!!!!

  26. 26

    here comes the queen of repeat.

  27. 27

    What the fuck is this? Ugh, I'm so disappointed!!! Why can't she just make good music without trying to be all unique and shit …. FAIL!

  28. 28

    I LOVE it! I can't wait for the album!! This remix is already better than HIAM. Even though I do love Britney and her music

  29. 29


  30. 30

    Some of it sounds too much like "Supermodel" by Ru Paul, so I don't know.

  31. 31

    Re: MCiccone – U REAL MAD, HUH?

  32. 32

    That is the album that is going to change the life of us all…?? LOL that was AWFUL. ICK.

  33. 33

    Re: FiddyC – The only fail I see is you, bb. Stay irrelevant.

  34. 34

    She is kinda copying Madonna.Not that exciting.

  35. 35

    seriously stop worshiping her!!!!!!! she's overrated

    wait a couple of years and she will be nothing .. she's another bubble

  36. 36

    Re: MCiccone – Everyone remixes get the fuck over it. You're pretty obsessed with Gaga for a Madonna fan.

  37. 37


  38. 38

    It's sad that some people don't know what a remix is and think this is the final version

  39. 39

    I'm thrilled that she is incorporating a German industrial flare. It's hard to pull off a remix that is actually interesting and she's done it. What I loved more were the clothes. Huge Mugler fan.


  40. 40

    nd more this cover album looks like madonna pic from sexbook. again copycat.this song sucks. nothing new.BORING ITS ALL U CAN DO??? in 20 years noone will remember this poor little pop song

  41. 41

    This is horrible. So over her.

  42. 42

    IT'S SO GOOD, and it's only a remix.

  43. 43

    If this is any indication of how her album is going to sound then she is in big trouble. This song sucks dick

  44. 44

    Face it haters/britney fans/madonna fans
    lady gaga is BIG
    you have to accept that
    i mean :D you say HIAM is great and this is shit…this is absolutely embarrassing (for you)

  45. 45

    This suck like the rest of her shit. She is a product people, put together by people in the industry and you gobble it up like justin bieber. Although they both can sing, they don't write shit.

  46. 46

    I see the illiterate AIDS case edited his post to cover up his mistake.

  47. 47

    this really is scheisse

  48. 48

    Re: jeffrh16 – shit music. boring .madonna remixes.gaga cant produce great music. actually she does it with other producers not alone like she said. redone and more it suks

  49. 49

    She sounds french …..

  50. 50

    Its so catchy!! All you haters will be skanking to this in a club when the time comes. Keep up the amazing work Gaga, doing us proud

  51. 51

    Gagas song sound like another rip off of Madonna's Express yourself
    andmore was madonna that started with this floor music.baci in 200 with music album.then confessions of a dancefloor and celçebration copycat

  52. 52



  53. 53

    Re: MichelleInWonderland – LOL that's because it was remixed for a European fashion show! Dumb asses! lawd jesus

  54. 54

    I totally agree with Jonathan Nunez ! You call this music ? It really hurts my ears. You just kiss Gaga's ass & pretend to like what she's doing. Oh, wait, that's what you did with Xtina years ago and now, you're totally bitchy towards her. Frankly, get a life !

  55. 55

    Re: Jonathan Nunez – You were definitely not born this way #MonstersDoNotAttackIgnorants

  56. Dawo says – reply to this


    Hot Hot Hot So Fucking Hottttttt Oh Scheisse ist das gut :)

  57. 57

    this song is more than bad

  58. 58

    It sounds like Madonna!!! That too impressed by the vocals!! Love the Beat and bass and madah monstare!! other than dat its…okay!

  59. 59

    Re: Master Baiter
    Um..I believe the accent she's trying to imitate would be a German accent. For the life of me I don't know how you got an English accent out of that.

  60. 60

    I think it sucks actually. And I don't just throw that word around!

  61. 61

    mama like

  62. 62


  63. 63

    I LOVE Lady G but I'm not a fan of this. My roommate is like the BIGGEST Lady G fan and she doesn't like it either. She said it was crap and hopes the regular version is better. I am hoping for the same, because right now this sounds like a person trying WAY too hard to be unique when that is already Lady Gaga's style. I just hope all the hype for this album wasn't for nothing.

  64. 64


  65. 65

    well, looks like 2011 will be britney's year.

  66. 66

    what the fuck is she saying? and where are her pants???? at least underwear………holy shit………..

  67. 67

    @perez; the one day you adore britney spears and theother day you are talking about gaga like she is the queen. you are a good person perez but make a choice!!! and think good!!! britney is the best ;-) — (number 1 billboard (gaga not)

  68. 68

    Re: Perez.is.a.Bitch. – please spare us you're whack

  69. 69

    Euro pop is not going to work in the United States… maybe in the clubs but… not on mainstream radio. I love Gaga but I hope this song doesn't reflect the whole album….

  70. 70

    this isnt great or new.its ok. not epic at all. and well sice madonna started with dance music now all the ppl go for dance music. its amazing how everybody look up 4 madonna. gaga ur the queen of wannabes. never saw anything lke that.u should be proccessed for plagium. u ripp off interviews. madonna shows. even crace kelly said that.


  71. 71

    She really loves us germans :)

    But Britney's song will beat this song up HAHAHAHAHA !!! TEAM BRIT

  72. 72

    i dont know what madonna song haters think this sounds like but im sooooooo excited for born this way!!!

  73. 73

    Im a lady gaga fan im a britney fan im a madonna fan….im not impressed with this remix snippet of this song i hope for better on the original….i think it could go in a good direction….im ready for born this way….and im ready for britneys album….the problem w gaga fans is that they all spew this venom…..isnt gaga about love and equality…..i think behind closed doors she's prob disappointed in most of her fans behavior towards other artists….but u keep her pocket growing so why would she say n e thing….so sad you are all so hateful….LOVE FOR ALL ARTISTS!

  74. 74

    Re: Jonathan Nunez
    "i swear if i see i'll body slam your fat ass!"
    Not only do you not look tough or threatening, but you're an idiot as well for making threats via your FB account.

  75. 75

    Re: MCiccone – ok. i really feel bad for you. you get so angry over some person that you probably have never even met. it's pretty comical. she will go on and you will remain a nobody. but thanks for your useless opinion :D

  76. 76

    this is not a single.. its ANY remix version ANY DJ could make of ANY song.
    Hold it Against Me is 100000 better

  77. 77

    Really? This song is boring, sounds like bad cheeply produced house music. What ever happend to The Fitness? They made fun of all of this shit.

  78. 78

    you are all clearly forgetting there is no chorus, i.e. there is no hook. no song will sound great without a hook. *rolls eyes*

  79. 79

    At 2:10 it gets so good! Gonna be a hit!!!

  80. 80

    Song simply just dont say very much, like the beat. But its a remix!

  81. 81

    Re: MCiccone – OK Bubba, we get it. You hate Gaga. You never miss an opportunity to trash-talk her. "She really can't produce big hits"???? Sure, that's why she's won almost 6 dozen awards, many of them by the music industry itself, not the fans, for her big hits. That's why she's broken almost everyone's records for awards, # hits from debut album, # digital downloads, etc. So by all means, darling, go listen to Britney ’til you puke. Go sing your Madonna one note comparisons. Gaga will be crying all the way to the Grammys where your darling Britney is nominated for absolutely NOTHING!

  82. 82

    How can you call a song "shit"? stupid….. plus the remix sucks…what a "world-changing" album….

  83. 83

    I can't even understand half the shit shes saying…But the beat is sick and her ass is nice in that picture! lol

  84. 84

    Re: robert26101 – Madonna has never done even one-third of the artistic work that Gaga has and Madonna has been around for three decades; Gaga has only been in the public eye for three and she's already kicking everyone's asses. Madonna was the Queen of Pop in her prime. BUT NO QUEEN REIGNS FOREVER, not even Madonna. And you're strictly a one-note critic, Madonna Madonna Madonna. As if there was never any other pop icon before her or after her. Grow up, it's the 21st century and Madonna is NOT the Queen anymore.

  85. 85

    Re: robert26101 – No it doesn't sound like any Madonna song I've heard. Why don't you name the Madonna song it sounds like. Otherwise STFU, you're just bitching to hear yourself talk.

  86. 86


  87. 87

    I don't know why you people are bitching so much about the remix?
    It's a REMIX for heaven's sake! the original will always sound better than the remix!, I love the remix! "I'll take you out tonight to whatever you like" GaGa you sick bitch! I'm going to listen to this song until February 13! and to be frank. This sounds way better than Britney's heavily auto-tuned "Hold it Against Me" GaGa will dominate 2011!! She doesn't need to be afraid of Britney, cuz GaGa's going to dominate!

  88. 88

    I like Gaga. She makes pretty good music. I'm really disappointed with this. It actually sucks so badly. It doesn't matter if its a remix, it's just bad.
    2011 is so Britney's year.

  89. 89

    Re: MCiccone – Yeah that's why Gaga won two dozen awards last year and Britney won….NONE! And Madonna won…NONE! Go listen to Britney til you puke!

  90. 90

    Complete and utter dogshit…can't wait to hear, "the best album of the decade", if it sounds like this, and people agree with it's level ingenuity, then I might as well start digging my own grave.

  91. 91

    I absolutely LOVE this, I though Born This Way would collapse under the hype, but if this is anything to go by, it's gonna be INSANE.

  92. 92

    It sounds like songs on the "Run Lola Run" soundtrack from 1998.

  93. 93

    Dont like it

  94. 94

    Haters gonna hate.

    It's a remix that lacks a chorus and was only meant for Formicheti's fashion show. It sounds perfect for a fashion show. Having said that, it sounds amazing for only being a remx.

  95. 95

    Re: YoungTaurus

    I love your avatar! Kate Bush is wonderful!

  96. 96

    AMAZING! Gaga is untouchable right now. She's become the biggest artist in the world and she's gonna keep that place for a long time. GO GAGA

  97. 97

    Flopping all over.

  98. 98

    this fucking sucks.

  99. 99

    fucking awesome!!!!!! ::in oprah voice::

  100. 100

    why is it every time I read comments on here people are dumb as fuck? do they not see the word REMIX?! it was mixed for a fashion show, so this mix is fitting. it's not the final version and barely any of the lyrics were included. hater's always stay pressed. Gaga isn't going anywhere. also, if you have a problem with Perez writing about Gaga then don't visit HIS website, he can write whatever the fuck he wants. pathetic people equate good music to sales (which Gaga excels in anyway). keep hating, she will be on top again this year.

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