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Taylor Swift & Jake Gyllenhaal Back Together!!!

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What game are you two playing at?!

Last night, sources spotted Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal having dinner at a restaurant near Swift's Nashville condo. A patron reveals they were led back to a private table for two and seemed "cordial to one another, but not affectionate."

Hmm. Wonder what this is all about. Maybe Swifty wanted to give him a piece of her mind about possibly dating Camille Belle…or Mila Kunis…or Jenny Lewis.

Girl, he's gotten AROUND since you two broke up. Don't get back together with him! Just write a song about it and moooove on!

[Image via WENN.]

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37 comments to “Taylor Swift & Jake Gyllenhaal Back Together!!!”

  1. 1

    Date someone your own age Jake…….perv……

    any guy that likes little girls has control issues..

  2. 2

    He finger-fucked her under the table.

  3. 3

    Maybe he just wanted a face to face meeting with her since everybody is saying he "blindsided her" and he broke it off over the phone. Maybe he wants to set things right before she goes on tour, so they can be friends. Maybe she is so depressed and emotional he wanted to tell her they would still be friends. Because the other message he is sending to her is that he is definitely going to date other people and be seen talking to other girls. And she should find other guys and move on. I sincerely hope this is the reason. I just do not see any chemistry here. I cannot picture him kissing her! It makes me nauseated.

  4. 4

    shes kinda an idiot when it comes to love, otherwise i really like her lol

  5. 5

    I love both of them individually but not sure how I feel about them together. Keep the split happening Taylor. Such good material!

  6. Mauly says – reply to this


    Jenny Lewis? They dated years ago. Being sloppy seconds from Jenny Lewis is an honor in my book.

  7. 7

    Re: brookevvv
    she's NO GOOD at picking out guys…
    oh well thats why they love her i suppose

  8. 8

    who freakin cares. they both have absolutely no talent at all. he can't act whatsoever and taylor is like a little girl who when someone breaks her heart she's all crying over it and writes songs about the same damn thing. like, seriously is that all you got taylor. all her songs are just about love and heartbreaks. move on and write about something else. although, she's no demi lovato. demi has an amazing voice. taylor swift, not so much.it's like she can't hit the high notes at all. lol on the other hand demi lovato. beautiful talented girl. im a big demi lovato fan.

  9. 9

    No picture? Where's the proof?

  10. 10

    She missed the anal sex.

  11. 11

    TAYLOR TAYLOR TAYLOR—– NO NO NO! No matter how good looking a guy is he is still a jerk. Dump his ass write a song and move on. Keep the good relationship with gwen though;)

  12. 12

    Re: YRUFATT – Hey shut-in. Old enough to walk… old enough for cock (didn't your dad instill that lesson 'into you' during bed time?).

  13. 13

    LOL Taylor is problably like what i said a FATAL ATTRACTION. Geesh she sooo reminds me of Glenn Close. Memba the part Micheal Douglas tried to end the relationship and Glenn tried to do herself in. I BET TAYLOR IS TELLING GAKE "IF YOU LEAVE ME I SWEAR I CANT MAKE IT, I CANT BE SEEN AS A RIDICULE, HECK I ALREADY AM. I CANT SEEM TO HOLD A GUY. JAKE PLEASE PLEASE DONT LEAVE ME, JUST GIVE ME 3 MONTHS YOU DONT HAVE TO TALK TO ME, BUT PLEASE DONT START DATING ANYONE ELSE. PLEASE IT WILL KILL ME. I WILL GIVE YOU 3 MILLIONS DOLLARS IF YOU PRETEND WERE STILL TOGETHER. PLEASE JAKE I CANT BE ALONE." After much beging Jake said heck he will take the 3 million dollars and Buy Camilla Belle a ring. NOW THAT WOULD BE FUCKED UP…….. BUT HEY you never know…… lolololol.

  14. 14


  15. 15

    and shes like 15 right?

  16. 16

    Taylor Swift is 21 so she's not a little kid

  17. 17

    I predict that she's pregnant.

  18. 18

    he dated jenny lewis years ago. get your facts straight ugly

  19. 19

    oh please, he's gay. "cordial but not affectionate"? how many guys stay friends with so many of their ex's unless they broke up because he admitted his sexuality? why has reece witherspoon got engaged so quickly to jim toth when she was with jake for so long? don't get me wrong, i'm a jake fan but he needs to quite this act.

  20. 20


  21. 21

    Awesome I can't wait till the song about him comes out. I wonder what it's going to be about.He has dated three different girls since they broke up. This is going to be one hell of a song :D

  22. 22

    can't they just eat together as friends without everybody speculating its something else. shes about to leave the country to go on tour. maybe its just a goodbye slap and tickle…

  23. 23

    There`s a thought idiots. Maybe they are just good friends?

  24. 24

    Oh, boy! What now?Re: lemonbird – Love your post!

  25. 25

    Re: Rubber Rat – That's disgusting. Gain some damn class.

  26. 26

    You'd think they'd try and hide it a bit better if they didn't want it flashed on the front page of every stupid magazine and crappy website. He probably wants his presents back.

  27. 27

    I could care less about these two! & Especially together, gross.

  28. 28

    She's only 20- that is why they are always drinking coffee. He is old enough to be her father. What could they POSSIBLY talk about?? Yuck.

  29. 29

    he's just covering his butt so he doesn't look like the dick who just blew off taylor swift ( and she won't write a heinous song about him)

  30. 30

    maybe he's trying to get her to sign a contract so she won't write a song about it. why is she dating these celeb guys anyway? what a waste of time!

  31. 31

    I bet the only reason they were together was to give Taylor closure. Jake doesn't want a song written about him.

  32. 32

    Well she obviously doesn't care about STDs, she probably has the most of all the Hollywood Ho's.

  33. 33


  34. 34

    LOL at you commenting on Jake getting around. There's no proof that he has dated ANY of those girls. He's been seen talking to them, that's it!

    Taylor gets around more than anyone in Hollywood, really.

  35. 35

    Re: MRSMOMOA – I agree. And I bet he will let HER be the one to say it's over. Time to move on. After all his flirting, this is a face saving meeting. I hope this will be the last of it. Gahhh!

  36. 36

    that dudes spreading his chirpes like wildfire ! its a canaryal disease…virtually un-tweetable

  37. 37

    tired of them