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45 comments to “Did Bristol Change Tripp's Last Name To Palin?”

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    Yeah, always a good idea when some stupid kunt decides the father can no longer be in the childs life because the woman is bitter. I wonder if she'll have the same attitude when it comes to child support. Oh, wait, probably not, because then it will be about tripp, or dipp, or clipp, or whatever the fuck it's name is. What a joke. This is why men tend not to fully respect women. And you wonder why so many single mom's exist, because men can't tolerate their dumb asses without wanting to kill them.

  2. chiro says – reply to this


    She's a bitter Biatch!!!! That's okay, when the child grows up and realizes the pathetic family he's from, he'll be changing his name back!!!!

  3. 3

    that's pretty fucked up.

  4. 4

    Theres enough people out there that dont know the daddys name to pass it along, why in the hell would you do that when you do know. She's no better then him so why give the boy her last name either?

  5. 5

    It really isn't a big deal. They arent married so when the kid was born she could have put either last name. Honestly, being single and the primary caretaker, it will be easier for her and the kid, especially at school. He wont be confused as to why his name is different than mommys. And just because he has his mom's last name does not mean his dad doesn't have to pay child support. And just because she changed the name does not necessarily mean she did it to take Levi out of the picture. I don't know if you realize this but, he has rights as a parent. A name change does not automatically take him out of his son's life.

  6. Nesa says – reply to this


    The Palin's are some mean spitful people so I would not be surprise.

  7. 7

    Re: debsydo – agree 100%!!

  8. 8

    can she legally do that

  9. 9

    Rumor has it Levi had a DNA test done and Tripp isn't his son. Another rumor is that Keith Johnson, Levi's father, is the father. Strange, he now lives in Arizona and Bristol bought a house there. The best news is the end of Sarah Palin in U.S. politics.

  10. 10

    I'm surprised that other people besides you actually care enough to post about it. Who gives a flying "F"?

    Slow day?

  11. 11

    omg! the little skank is not even civilized enough to respect the son's own right to have parents, specially if the dad is around? what comes after that: denying dad's visitation, make the kid suffer… well, who cares, it's all about her republican way of thinking, right ( fuck everything, i'm gonna do whatever i feel like it even it goes totally against common sense, including mine)! where is her " enlighten" mother in order to give her some of her precious phd in world dominance and corruption advice?

  12. TCYB says – reply to this


    Of course the kid should keep his father's name. I do not hink Levi is the problem keeping his problems aside. Bristol has vengance like her mother.

  13. TCYB says – reply to this


    Re: debsydo – If he is paying child support, she cannot change his name.

  14. 14

    Yeah, whatever skank. That kid's gonna be changing his name to anything else in about 16 years.

  15. Mimsi says – reply to this


    The FAMILY name IS important. Sarah can pretend that her words have no power and Britol can pretend that levi dosn't exist. I have a child who is almost 21 and she has a different last mane than me or he 7 yr old sister and it has never caused nany issues @ school, so to say "it makes it easier" think it is a non-issue. Im betting that a large % of kids have different last names than their mom…..Therer A LOT of single moms out there. She is a BITH for ROBBING her son of his name.

  16. 16

    How the hell can she do that?
    He needs to man up and take this fat bitch to court.
    He is the father and this is his son and she has no right to change his name.

  17. 17

    if I were her,I'd stick to Levi and have sex with him every day,ha ha

  18. 18


  19. 19

    I would be surprised if Levi let her do this. It would require his permissiong to do so. You can't just change a child's last name especially if there is another known parent. Just like she can't move to Arizona if she doesn't have sole physical custody. It is probably more wishful thinking on her part than an actual reality.

  20. 20

    Poor little Tripp is screwed either way. My advice to the littlle tyke would be to run for the hills and hope a pack of wolves will take you in.

  21. 21

    she shouldn't have given him johnston as his last name in the first place; this is the kind of dumb shit that happens when you get knocked up in high school. and as a side note i don't know if the palins are anymore pathethic than levi's chances of becoming mayor

  22. 22

    Does she have to announce everything she fuckin does? Why post it? Do people really give a fuck about her that much? I don't see why she is so proud.. her last name doesn't have the best reputation.. and no matter what his dad is still the dad.. get over it..grow up too while you're at it..

  23. 23

    She thinks she doesn't need him because her MOM is famous..
    Your Mom is famous because she's one of the most hated people in the country AND
    When they're fifteen minutes of fame is OVER she will be demanding a paternity test so she can file for child support for her broke ass…

  24. 24

    This comment from someone who changed his own name????????

  25. 25

    and Perez, you along with the liberal Democrats, suffer from Palin Derangement Syndrome.

  26. 26

    If she where smart,and shes not,she would change her name to anything but Palin….

  27. 27

    She shouldn't have posted that online. Not a smart idea.

  28. 28

    If Levi is on the birth certificate I am pretty certain he would have to consent to the legal name change. Bristol would not have the legal right to just change the name unless Levi agreed to the change. Of course unless the Palin's just did something shady, which would not shock me. Otherwise it is lie, and that is status quo for the pathetic Palins.

  29. 29

    Here in Kansas/Missouri, you can't legally change a baby's name without the father's consent.

  30. 30

    She's such a cun*t.

  31. 31

    Yet 20% of Americans think this family has good values????

  32. 32

    Hold on! She couldn't have legally done that without Levi's permission! Dig a little deeper, perv!

  33. 33

    First , let me say I'm not sticking up for the Palin's. I'm commenting on the situation itself. For one thing I'm pretty sure that you have to have written consent from the father to legally change the child's name. So if she really did change it, that's on Levi too. Also, this carrying on the fathers name is really outdated in this day and age. Who cares? In their situation maybe it is a good thing….it doesn't sound like Levi is around for that child anyway.

  34. 34

    Re: No One Particular – Um, dumbass, I don't think the Palin's, being in the spotlight they are, would do something illegal like That! Again, I think the douchebag "father" consented, if the kid's name was changed at all! You retards need to settle your worn-out asses down!

  35. 35

    Bristol looks beautiful.

  36. 36

    A child carrying the name of the woman who birthed him and gave him life?? The horror! A child is half mom and half dad. There's no reason a child can't have their mother's surname instead of the father's just because that isn't standard American tradition.

  37. 37

    Super shallow and self serving. To deny that Levi has a role in his sons life and denying his birth right and legal name stinks of entitlement which is what her mother wreaks of. Super sad that this young girl can not find a way to grow up and have a civil relationship with Tripp's father.

  38. 38

    I'm a D and don't care for the Palin family at all, but she wasn't married to Levi and usually the child takes the mother's last name. Plus, the father hasn't been paying child support so legally, there isn't anything he can do. His family isn't full of upstanding citizens either. The poor kid, Trapper-Keeper, is going to need therapy some day…

  39. 39

    You can use ANY last name in the world you want for your child. Anybody can go change their name to ANYTHING at any time, for any reason. Who is this "Reille Hunter" witch anyway? That is NOT real her name. Who is this "Nadya Shuleman" person anyway? That is NOT her real name. Who is this "Ralph Lauren" person anyway? That is NOT his real name.

    Big deal.

  40. 40

    Bristol = venemous triple-chinned wh-re

  41. 41

    If I were her I would definitely do the same thing. If Levi wanted to be a real father, he would have stopped the nonsense and concentrated on the child. As my mother always said, "never marry a man that grooms himself more than you do." Levi is self-absorbed and really does not mean more than a sperm bank donor. Go Bristol. Parenthood is a gift not a right. If he has not earned the right to be called DAD, THAN FIND HIM A NEW ONE THAT WANTS TO BE REAL!

  42. 42

    I heard she named the kid cocksucker dickface to reflect both families and their lengthy heritage in DNA and beyond.

  43. 43

    Libs are afraid that Sarah Palin will derail the welfare state so they attack the Palins at every turn. What's the big deal about a name change? BO's changed his name several times. All the above complaints must apply to BO also.

  44. 44

    I thought you couldn't change your childs last name without consent from the father….. or is that just in my state NC…… unless her mother has helped her get around all that…. something to think about….. SHADY….

  45. 45

    She never should have given him Levi's last name in the first place. Women are the primary caregivers fro children yet them give them the dad's last name which is a European thing anyway, not a global thing. And child support is for dead beat dads who has sex without a condom and then runs out on his responsibilities. He doesn't have anything to do with his kid so he shouldn't have his name passed down.