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Does Kelsey's Fiancee Call Herself Mrs. Grammer?

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kayte walsh calls herself mrs grammer

Looks like Camille Grammer has got yet another reason to be pissed at Kelsey's fiancee, Kayte Walsh.

According to Camille on last night's finale of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she first learned about Kayte Walsh when she arrived at her apartment and was stopped by a doorman, who said the following:

"You're not Mrs. Grammer."

Apparently, the doorman was SO used to seeing Kayte Walsh, that he assumed SHE was Mrs. Grammer.

Camille was forced to show ID to PROVE that she was the real Mrs. Grammer.


Do U think it was all a misunderstanding? Or has Kayte Walsh been calling herself Mrs. Grammer for a while now?

[Image via WENN.]

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22 comments to “Does Kelsey's Fiancee Call Herself Mrs. Grammer?”

  1. 1

    It does not say she called herself that, the doorman just assumed!!! Trying to make a story out of nothing again I see!

  2. 2

    Kayte is a dumb, golddigging bitch. That's fucked up.

  3. 3


    CAMILLE acts like she's God ALMIGHTY
    Normally I would feel sorry for someone getting cheated on BUT I think anyone that is in a relationship with her will end up cheating on her or leaving her because she is so FULL of herself and thinks soooo much of herself…
    That wears on people, nobody can handle the company of someone like that forever, shit 13 years must of felt like forever to Kelsey Grammer..

  4. 4

    Careful new Mrs Grammer…if he'll cheat on Camille…he'll cheat on YOU. ALSO Camille said on Howard Stern that she and Kelsey only had sex about 17 times in the entire time they were married. She also said he was very controlling of what she did, where she went and who she could hang out with …Kelsey wouldn't even let her have a vibrator..even though they weren't fucking..WTF? ***People forget how big of a mess Kelsey Grammer really is. He was a big boozer/druggie in the 80's/90's and has never been one for commitment. I believe he really does like the dress like a lady during sex and take it in the ass……..remember back in the day Kelsey once opened the door when the police came to his house and he was dressed like a woman. Camille might be crazy BUT I bet being in a horrible controlling sexless marriage for 10+ years would do that to you…she's not a happy person and I can't blame her.

  5. Suze says – reply to this


    I smell bullshit. I would imagine that Kelsey lives in a high-price building….and no good doorman would say that….he'd just call up and announce her visit. Plus….Wasn't she there with her kids earlier in the season?

  6. 6

    Typical doorman. I doubt Kayte is calling herself Mrs. at this point. I would have paid to see Camille's reaction.

  7. 7

    Why is no one highlight the fact that this man is a cheater?! A very crass, heartless boldfaced cheater. This Kayte woman is a fucking homewrecker. How can you call yourself by this man's last name when you're his mistress and he's still married to the woman he was cheating on? That's just low. Camille might be a bitch, but Karma I guarentee is a bigger bitch than anyone and anything else and both Kelsy and Kayte will get their's.

  8. 8

    kelsey got alimony & a pretty classy flight attendant, camille got that sexy tennis coach nick mmm… i think she'll get over it

  9. 9

    Something is very wrong with this chick!
    1/ He was a married man with a daughter her age. = HOMEWRECKER
    2/ He is like 50 year's older than her.
    3/ He is a cross dresser and acts so close to Gay it's scary!

    "Keep your legs closed to Married Men!!!" NeNe Leakes

  10. 10

    Karma.. I have no sympathy for Camille.. If she wasn’t such a nasty person in every way I would have felt sorry for her.. her ego and arrogance came back to bite her.. to think that she was above and better then everyone else because her husband was Kelsey was a joke.. and now she was stopped by a doorman and put in her place.. hahhaha.. that is what Karma is all about..

  11. 11

    Camille is just upset that Kelsey traded her in for a newer model .

  12. Dia22 says – reply to this


    It's ok, because once she will be Mrs Grammer then the shitstorm will begin… I think that she will find her life as his wife more miserable than she could ever imagine. Just look at how fragile Camille is after being married to this douche for 15 years. It will serve Kayte right anyways - she's a homewrecking gold digger.

  13. 13

    Kelsey is vile. Even though Camille seems a bit unstable, it is horrible how he has publicly humiliated and abandoned his children and their mother. No one deserves that.

    Take him to the cleaners, Camille. God knows she's got proof of and grounds for alienation of affection. And sue the home-wrecker while you're at it - willful and malicious interference. The Grammer's own homes in Hawaii, where this law is still on the books.

  14. 14

    I think Camille should stall on the divorce a little longer make the both of them sweat until she gets some more money and property. Then she should write a tell all book about her life and miserable controlling marriage to Kelsey and make some more money off of that. If I were married to my husband for 13+ years and he only had sex with me a dozen and half times I would exploit him if I could.

  15. 15

    Cheating is wrong but if I was married to Camille I'd have cheated and don't blame Kelsey for his cold attitude towards her. She's a bi**h! Karma. Kayte will get a taste as well, hopefully the job as his wife pays her well. Camille got what she dished out and will end up with millions. I won't shed a tear 4 her. As far as the kids..god be w/them. Their mom can't take care of them nor could she be bothered to even give birth, she paid some other women to do it! She's awful! Poor kids.

  16. 16

    This is annoying when you have millions of gay men and women waiting to get married. I know they havn't really been anti gay or anything, but marriage is a big deal… such a big deal that gay people are now denied it for no reason. He's too fresh off his marriage to Camille, his settlement isn't done and she's not comfortable moving forward. Sit down Kelsey.

  17. 17

    Every woman should keep her own name. Here in Quebec, when we marry, we keep our name. I never understood why Portia de Rossi changed her name to DeGeneres…why drop your own identity ? Is it that you are not important enough on your own ?

  18. 18

    She should call herself "Ugly Homewrecker."

  19. 19

    Re: bulwergirl

    Oddly enough under Sharia law and Communist China women are not allowed to change their names to their husband's name when they marry or hypen them. When your kids are born you can give them 1. Your husband's name 2. The wife's name 3. The boys take the husband's and the girls take their mother's name.

  20. 20

    I think in a few years she'll be right where Camille is now..he'll leave her too. I've lost any repect I might have had for him. Why in such a hurry?? Gotta get married right now. Women can be sooo stupid. If he cheated with you..chances are pretty good he'll cheat ON you. He better hang on to that Frasier money he is gonna need it.

  21. 21

    as nutty as the Quaids

  22. 22

    Oh, puleeeze! I call B.S.! This is a scene right out of "While you were Sleeping". Ridiculous.