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Harry Potter Actress' Brother Goes To Jail For Assault Against Her!

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This is such an unbelievably sad situation.

Earlier this past year, it was reported that actress Afshan Azad, who portrays Padma Patil in the Harry Potter films, had her life threatened by her father and brother, who are Muslim, in what was suspected to be an attempted honor killing, and during her brother's trial in the Manchester Crown Court, the details of the horrific ordeal the poor girl went through were revealed!

According to Prosecutor Richard Vardon, on the night of May 21st, 2010, Azad was in her bedroom and on her cell phone with her Hindu boyfriend, when her brother, Ashraf, broke down the door and launched a "prolonged and nasty" attack on the actress!

He explained:

"He then grabbed her hair and threw her across the room. She began crying and asked him to stop. The defendant began punching her with clenched fists to her back and head area. She struggled to breathe and was scared for her life”

Ashraf's wife, Sonia, apparently attempted to intervene, but he then dragged her into her parents' bedroom, threw her on the bed, and according to Vardron, said:

"'Sort your daughter out! She's a slag!' She struggled to breathe and was scared for her life. She was told she had to marry a Muslim or you die."

She was then told to go to bed, and the following day, she fled her family's home.

Just shocking. And so unbelievably disturbing.

Azad earlier pled guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm, and although his sister was said to have begged the court to not jail - many suspect out of her fear for her life - Judge Roger Thomas sentenced him to six months behind bars.

He explained:

"This persistent attack was accompanied by serious and very hurtful abuse and threats. It must have been a miserable and frightening experience for your sister which, she suggested, lasted for about three hours or so. The background to this offense lies in the concern that you, and perhaps other family members, had about Afshan's relationship with a young man who was not of the Islamic faith. This is a sentence that is designed to punish you for what you did and also to send out a clear message to others that domestic violence involving circumstances such as have arisen here cannot be tolerated."

Wonderful! In no way, shape or form should this man get ANY lenience with his sentence!

It makes us SICK to think that violence like this is tolerated in families because of religion!

We just truly hope that this girl realizes that this is exactly what needs to happen, and if her family can't see that, then she needs to be brave and stay away from them.

These are the people who are supposed to love you and be there for you no matter what, bb. Stay strong.

You're in our thoughts.

[Image via WENN.]

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46 comments to “Harry Potter Actress' Brother Goes To Jail For Assault Against Her!”

  1. 1

    I'm noticing most of the posts today contain a lot of errors and typos. Sentences are just ending abruptly, and sometimes words are missing from the middle of a sentence. What's going on?

  2. 2

    stop being a dolt and insinuating that honor killings are largely a muslim tradition. it's not. learn to differentiate between culture and religion. get your facts right.

  3. 3

    Re: sllghtl – It's called cut and paste, this sites favorite practice. They're just not that good at it.

  4. 4

    Some of these extreme Muslims are psychopaths.
    This exact thing happened to one of my friends.
    Her brother and father beat her because she wanted to date a non Arab boy.

  5. 5

    WHat the hell is so shocking about this. Your shocked that the loving religion of Islam would do something like this??? Wow, how amazingly shocking. Oh yeah, it's a religion of peace, it's just the bigots that call it otherwise. Just like EVERYWHERE in this world, this young lady is lucky to be alive. Welcome to the 14th century religion called Islam. Wake the fuck up.

  6. 6

    She's as good as dead. Sadly. Only a new name, bleach blond hair and relocation can save her.

  7. 7

    He needs the shit beat out of him….repeatedly

  8. 8

    Hello Perez, First I have been reading your site since 2007. I love you and I feel like you are apart of my life. I am a young muslim girl. There is no way to justify her families violence. Not even Islam, The Hadith, Or the Qur'an can tell you what they did was right. I think every religion or lifestyle you will have a group of people who will interpret their religion the wrong way. Islamcan.com That is where you can get a brief understanding of the religion. Peace be upon you and God bless you Perez. I hope one day I can meet you and be invited to your wedding :P

  9. 9

    Re: ananya – Yeah, it just seems that we don't see any Christian or Jewish "Honor Killings". Get a fucking clue, and read the Koran, like I have. Honor Killings, the phrase, is not islamic, but killing in the name of honor, the act, is written about throughout the Koran. Nice try though. New you may return to the 14th Century.

  10. 10

    SIX MONTHS????

    He tried to kill his sister! That should warrant YEARS in prison!

  11. 11


  12. 12

    Re: hoochpit – Can you give me a link to exactly what chapter and verse it talks about honor killings? thank you

  13. 13

    Goodness gracious that's disgusting. As a Muslim I SERIOUSLY oppose this! God has BANNED domestic violence and has said women are more precious than diamonds. So how is beating a girl up Islamic? And no I'm not one of those apparently non practicing Muslim, I study Islam and I can say for a fact that this behaviour is NOT acceptable Islamically.

  14. 14

    I don't think muslims agree to appear in blockbuster movies but while she was making them rich they didn't care, I hate religion fanatics they are so stupid,

  15. 15

    More typical behavior of the adherents to the Dark Ages Death CULT started by a megalomanaical child molestor bent on world domination.

    What could go wrong?

  16. 16

    Poor girl, it is a shame but some religions will do anything to control what people are going to do. I dont know why they have to resort to violence

  17. 17

    Re: ananya – Please post links to articles about honor killings that aren't Muslim related. I can't find any. I believe it IS a Muslim cultutre thing.

  18. 18

    i understand the fact that there are different religions and all of them have flaws but how come its always the same religion that gets involved in this kinds of situations, something must be wrong then.

  19. 19

    Re: ISlander88 – Actually I cannot due to the fact that islamic law forbids man from translating the meaning of Muhammed's(sp) teachings. And since I do not understand that language, I would we willfully helping you break the rules of Islam, which i just could not due in good concience. Since I am not muslim, i can break the rules and read an english translated version. And before you shoot back with some nonsense, you should study your religion better, not the wester watered down version, but true Islam, and the muslim holy book. Next you tell me that no where in the Koran does it say it is alright to use corporal punishment on women, which by the way, it says it throughout. Or that women are unclean and men must wash themselves after comming into physical contact with a woman. This is fact, and to deny it proves you do not know your own holy book. The fact that you appear to have become like most christians, picking and chosing your own interpretations of their holy text, is a joke. This is man's bastardization of religion, where we do things against it, and claim it is our interpretation. Nice try though. Again, back to the 15th century with you.

  20. 20

    Re: ISlander88 – But just to play along, specifically, the many parts where it states that the rejection of the profits teaching is punishable by death. To dishonor Alah, one must meet their death. This is an honor killing, and as I said, the phrase is not used, but the description of killing for honor is, throughout the text.

  21. 21

    Thats so sick. Thoughts are prays go to her and I hope that she'll be able to live her life without violence. No one has the right to hit anyone regardless of religion or different point of view. It's inexcusable.

  22. 22

    Regardless of religion, you live in America, it's different. Different rules different laws get with the program. THere is NO honor killings here, it's called MURDER. Yes Woman have a right here. Get with it or go back. He should have gotten years NOT months. I hope he becomes someones bitch in prison and will know what it feels like to be made helpless.

  23. 23

    Wow! It disturbs me to see people here blaming it on religion and not culture. Saying all Muslim people are violent is like saying everyone Irish is in the IRA. Rubbish.

  24. 24

    Honor killings are cultural you idiot, not religious.

  25. 25

    That is sad! I feel really bad for her! I hope everyone in the world will realize one day that race, gender, and religion shouldnt matter in love! We need to thrive for equality! No racism No sexism! God bless her. I hope she remains strong and moves far away from her family and finds true love

  26. 26

    Re: hoochpit – Qu'ran. prophets. Allah.
    learn to spell.

  27. 27

    Re: hoochpit – if you would have read it, as you claim to have done, you would know that it's called the QURAN, and not the KORAN you f*cking ignorant american piece of sh*t. get cancer and die.

  28. 28

    Re: FayeRiffic – lol, yes sweetheart.. because MANCHESTER is in AMERICA. get a clue you dumb sh*t. …americans.

  29. 29


  30. 30

    6 months? seriously? what kin of message is this?!

  31. 31

    This is not about religion, it's about culture. Educate yourself please!

  32. 32

    One may argue the Quran does not say clearly about honor killing. Fact is there are plenty of things Muslims practice that are also not mentioned in the Quran. Stoning death also not said in the Quran. Yet Iranian Islamic government does practice stoning death by the decree of Islamic court. Afghan Taliban government did routinely practice stoning and flogging of adulterers. Most importantly, Quran did not create any scriptural instruction to ban the so called Arab tribal practice of “honor killing”. If the honor killing were simply a tribal practice—then it would have prevailed amongst the Arabs of all religions. There is no evidence that a Christians or Jews of Jordan or Palestine practices honor killing.

  33. 33

    "She was told she had to marry a Muslim".

  34. LeenB says – reply to this


    Re: hoochpit

    I know EXACTLY which sunnah verse you are talking about.

    Abu Hurayra reported it and said that women are unclean and dirty and your woodo' can go. But then Aisha heard this nonesense and asked Abu Hurayra where on earth did he get this bullshit. Then he said, I heard the Prophet say it, and then she was like you're quite wrong, I was with the prophet, what he said was that some pagans and pre-Islamic arabs believe that women are unclean and dirty however these are jahiliyeh beliefs. Then Abu Hurayra sort of mumbled and was like well I did come in in the middle of the speech.

    So, the message? Never trust the Sunnah verses 100%, there's always more ot it. I know for sure Abu Hurayra tend to be quite sexist.

    Plus, whatever you said contradicts with what Aisha used to say. When she had her period, she used to sometimes wash her feet, and the Prophet would use the same water so he can purify himself before prayer. Now how could he do that if women are so 'unclean'? …

  35. LeenB says – reply to this


    Re: Lickey~Dickey~Bo~Bickey
    I dunno if its allowed to post links, but if you google pre islamic honor killings, you'd find its generall agreed that its been around before Islam. And that's not new because before Islam, they used to bury baby girls alive, and that was banned in Islam. There's a good article about how honor killings is against Islam and uses verses in the Quran to emphasize that.
    “Whoever chooses to follow the right path follows it but for his own good; and
    whoever goes astray, goes but astray to his own hurt; and no bearer of burdens shall
    be made to bear another’s burden.” (17:15)

    In that verse, it's clearly that if someone commits a sin, it's his own problem and no one should carry out his punishment.

  36. LeenB says – reply to this


    Re: hoochpit
    It's a bit funny cause Islam was way liberal for a 5th century religion. Women could vote, inherit, consent to marriage, enjoy sex, discussing military procedures and all that stuff (Aisha herself lead the battle of the camel).. ya know all that stuff that even Victorian women didn't have.

  37. 37

    @LeenB :
    Islam, liberal, really? Stop talking.

    And honor killings are very prevalent among Muslims everywhere. It is a religion incredibly prone to orthodox beliefs held in place by extremists. I wish some liberal Muslim would come forward and say, "THIS is what Islam is about, and it doesn't condone a/b/c". But no, you're all fearful cowards.

  38. 38

    It's not the religion that condones this, it's the society that the parents grew up in. I saw W5 report on this and it's sad and scary. One girl refuses to even talk to her father or visit family in pakistan just because she knows they'll keep her there or do an honor killing on her. The reason, she wanted to get a higher education.

    It's sad, you'd be surprised on how many girls actually have to go through this.

  39. 39

    honour killings is not a religious this, its cultural, learn your fucking shit perez. I know people who are muslim and their parents would disown them if they married someone who isn't muslim, but i also know christians whose parents are the same. Ive studied Islam for quite sometime and its a very peaceful religion. This poor girls parent and brother aren't normal muslims, they have no idea what islam is, they are just psychopathic extremists just like the 911 terrorist attackers. I think its sad and pathetic that a whole religion is being put to shit because of a few disgusting people. If everyone would just stop watching the fucking news, they are brainwashing everyone to think muslim people are horrible. I don't see Judaism being put to shit for the stuff they are doing to muslims in gaza, my father was a cameraman for Aljazeera and RT and he has been to gaza several times and the shit he has seen is disgusting and horrible, he has seen familys being shot to death for no reason, but because they are muslims is fucking okay? fuck i honestly suggest that you guys start watching real news so you can see whats really going on!!

  40. LeenB says – reply to this


    Re: nehaneha – Yup, I've studied Islam for, oh I dunno, 14 years now? I'm majoring in Middle Eastern Studies as well, so yes I know what the f*** I am talking about. Unlike you, I actually picked up the Quran for once in my life and read it. If you want to know what Islam has done to liberate women, read the Veil and the Male Elite by Fatima Menrissi, it's an excellent book about how Islam has advanced women's rights and argues quite convincingly that the Hijab is not even an Islamic thing.

    No you see, because if any liberal muslim comes out and says Islam is violent, then they have obviously been listening to the fucking Taliban. Jesus christ, does anyone even READ anything scholarly on this site? Or is everyone a fucking moron who just reads celeb colums and listens to what exteremists says INSTEAD OF exploring the complexities and the different sects of Islam? Sufism, is for instance such a peaceful and beautiful sect of Islam.
    I suggest everyone actually fucking educate themselves for once, then come and bullshit about Islam. And no, going on anti-Islamic sites where they post bullshit verses taken out of contexts and inaccurately translated doesn't count. I'm talking about picking up a bloody fucking scholarly book for once in your life.

  41. 41

    as soon as the discussion discusses anyone as anything other than a human- it just goes down hill from there.

    in my opinion there are only two reasons for violence- fear, and hate. As a culture, even now, here; we must take responsibility for tone and ultimately direction of the social discussion.

  42. 42

    It's bad enough that a guy would hit a girl, but his sister?! And all because of her taste in men?

    How many people are going to die in the name of God or religion before people get a fucking clue?

  43. 43

    Thank God I'm a Christian!

  44. 44

    Re: LeenB – Tell that to the women beaten and killed by the Taliban. I'm sure all the women who have been stoned in the name of Islam agree with your BS. The women who can't drive in Saudi Arabia agree too, right? I have read the Quran. It's full of hate. Islam is not a religion of peace. My father was nearly killed in Libya for trying to enter a Jewish owned store. You can shove your 14 years where the sun doesn't shine.

  45. LeenB says – reply to this


    Re: bbtaddpole

    Actually, if you ask the women who left Afghanistan, they know what the Taliban are doing is very far from Islam. Even the Iranians know the extremists government is far from Islam. Even other Islamic countries have the brains to know that the Taliban isnt following islam. Unfortunately, it's people like you who are uneducated about Islam and its history who are under the impression that the Taliban is islami.

    Yes, but women in Syria, Lebanon, Kuwait, Egypt, Palestine, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc can drive. No? You do know that Saudi Arabia follows Wahabism which is an extreme sect of Islam that almost has no relation to Quranic verses?
    Really? Care to illustrate a couple of verses? I dunno the Quran I read is all about acceptance and whatnot. Even the verse I posted, it clearly says that people shouldnt drag their business if someone has committed a sin (it's sort of between them and God).
    Dude, that's not Islam, that's Libya being a dictatorship. Islam doesn't have anything against Jews, they included alot of stories from the Torah and even included the whole promised land stuff in the Quran as well. I fail to see how that is anything related to Islam.

  46. 46

    Id like to point out one thing. You say,

    "We just truly hope that this girl realizes that this is exactly what needs to happen, and if her family can't see that, then she needs to be brave and stay away from them."

    And then you say,

    "These are the people who are supposed to love you and be there for you NO MATTER WHAT."

    You say that this theory of family should apply exclusively to the sister, but not to the brother?

    Please make better arguments to improve your writing.