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Students In Second Grade Class Room Had Oral Sex!

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This is so unbelievably shocking, messed up, and wrong that we feel physically ill.

A second-grade teacher in an Oakland elementary school has been placed on administrative leave after it was discovered that two of his students had engaged in oral sex DURING class last week, and he failed to notice.

Students have also come forward to admit that on a second, separate occasion, he once again didn't realize that various children were taking off articles of clothing in front of him.

The school district, which only just discovered the incidents Wednesday, has begun conducting interviews with his students to verify the report, and while details remain vague, school spokesperson Tony Flint revealed:

"We believe the substance of the story is true."

This is one case where we truly hope that it's not.

Check out a news report on the matter (above).

Too young. Something like this should have NEVER happened, and will probably effect those poor children in ways that they can't even understand yet.

That teacher should never be allowed near kids again, and we hope that this incident is a kick below the belt for everyone in school systems everywhere to PAY ATTENTION. Their influence has the potential to change the lives of young people they guide every day.

Let's hope that it's for the better.


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111 comments to “Students In Second Grade Class Room Had Oral Sex!”

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  1. 1

    Why the fuck are you posting this bullshit?

  2. 2

    I would like to know HOW children that young even know how to participate in something like that, let alone even know what it is. i think they also need to talk to the childrens parents who obviously arent doing their jobs. I can even begin to imagine how a child that young would even get that idea in there head. thats disgutsing and so wrong on may levels. fire the teacher.

  3. 3

    I have no words…

  4. 4

    I live in the Bay Area and I blame the parents - the kids had to have seen it at home!! The teacher is on leave WITH pay - that wouldn't be if the teacher had anything to do with it. We do not know the full story yet - so do not judge Perez and YOU DO NOT LIVE HERE. It is the parents fault for sucking eachother while they thought the kids were asleep LOCK THE DOORS.

  5. 5

    A HORRIBLE story, but Perez, the teacher shouldn't be allowed near children again? You don't know the FULL story. Its being investigated. We don't know if he stepped out of the classroom for some reason - which happens btw I had teachers walk out of the classroom to get something or to go next door to ask another teacher a question or whatever. We don't know if he was in the middle of helping another student and the other students were in another part of the classroom behind the bookshelf doing whatever. There could be a number of scenarios. If the teacher encouraged the action or particapted or whatever, then yes he should definitely be fired and prosecuted, but it doesn't sound like the case. Again, you're over reacting, but what else is new.

  6. 6


  7. 7

    We know you're turned on by this Mario. No need to hide it.

  8. 8

    Well, kids have sexual urges at that age. In fact, I believe that kids start masturbating around that age or even younger. And masturbation is NORMAL as is the fact that kids have sexual urges at that age (and younger) — COMPLETELY NORMAL. Masturbating at that age is normal and most child psychologists say should not be discouraged…but maybe explained and suggested to do it in private or whatever.
    However, having oral sex is not normal at that age AT ALL and is probably due to all the sexually overactive adults and programming like Jersey Shore and Perez' beloved "snooki snickers" (what an idiotic name for an adult woman). And that Kim KarTRASHian person. It is SO SAD that kids are having sex (and STIs) earlier and earlier these days but it doesn't surprise me in the least. What surprises me is IDIOTS LIKE PEREZ who promote SLUTS & WHORES like Kim KarTRASHian and Snooki etc and then are "shocked" that little kids are having oral sex at such an early age. EVERYONE WAS SAYING THESE HO'S ARE ROLE MODELS FOR LITTLE GIRLS. Geezus. Wake the fuck up.

  9. 9

    I was wondering that too. How in the world did the kids know how to perform oral sex. My hunch is that this is an exaggeration and that the kids were probably touching each other's privates and at the most "kissed" it but I doubt a 7 or 8 yr old girl was full on blowing some lil boy or visa versa. There's no way they would know how to do that unless their PARENTS taught them that in which the PARENTS would need to be prosecuted for child molestation and rape and NOT the teacher.

  10. 10

    Umm if any student in the second grade knows about oral sex and/or how to perform it, I sure as hell hope that CPS gets involved because that is a definite red flag for sexual abuse.

  11. 11

    How do children this young know about oral sex? That is super young I can understand maybe a 10 year old but It's either the parents fault or the teacher encouraged it..I don't really get the whole story here. In second grade I didn't think of that stuff..yes little kids like to get naked but oral sex?!?!?!?! WTF. There has to be more to this story but I don't think I want to know more at this point.

  12. 12

    The teacher is a SCAPEGOAT. Stop blaming him and look around you, people.

  13. dtm83 says – reply to this


    i just dont get how the teacher didnt notice. but if he truly didnt notice thank godddddd he wasnt doing anything with this kids like some other teachers.

    never hear stories like this in canada, states got some sick people!!!

  14. 14

    If I was a second grade teacher I wouldn't even think try to notice if my second graders were having sexual contact in class. Second graders usually don't even know what that is. Obviously you should be mad at the students parents. Obviously these children have been exposed to sexual material or worse molested outside of the class room. The blame is totally not the teachers fault. Maybe you read the article with a biased eye. You missed the ball here Perez and quite possible making the focus on a teacher who was maybe to innocent to even think second graders were capable of this, and not on the goings on outside of the classroom that caused the second graders to do that in the first place. DUH!!

  15. 15

    wow seriously?!!!!!!? i don't know what to say. I'm going to be an elementary teacher and hope to god something like this never happens. People are becoming sexual younger and younger these days. Heck i only graduated high school 2 yrs ago and i still remember the stories about students getting caught in the restroom having sex. i guess i was lucky that most of them did it in the restroom, and not the class room. Notice i said most. I remember some people doing stuff in the room.

  16. 16

    I feel bad for the poor teacher. Has anyone here ever taken care of 30 plus kids without help? What if the teacher's back was turned because he was giving a presentation? What if the kids were at recess? Second graders are old enough to try and hide something that adults wouldn't approve of. I highly doubt that they were doing this in full view. I blame the parents-obviously the teacher didn't teach these kids what oral sex is.

  17. 17

    I think the bigger concern is where in the world did these children learn to engage in such sexual activities??? I suspect sexual abuse, if not at school then at home…which is even more sickening.

  18. 18

    This is disturbing.

  19. 19

    Ever been to Oakland?

  20. 20

    I believe that this MAY be the beginning of somethign big in that classroom. im sorry but 7 year olds dont know anything about suckin off UNLESS THEY LEARN IT from SOMEBODY ELSE!!..either A) one of the kids in that classroom is gettin molested and bringin it back to the classroom or B) one of tthose guys trully are perverted and know to much for their age. but im goin to go more with option A

  21. 21

    CELEBRITY NEWS??????????

  22. 22

    I'm sure that this story gave Mario a boner.

  23. 23

    well, you promote trash tv…snooki crap is a bad influence, parents of course are the biggest idiots nowadays!

  24. 24

    well atleast it wasn't oral sex on the teacher…….

  25. 25

  26. 26

    Re: DexterM – u can understand a 10 y.o.??? that's what u ve been doing at this age?? u must have proud parents!!

  27. 27

    This is disturbing! I AM a teacher…. I currently teach second grade. There is no possible way that a GOOD teacher… or even halfway DECENT teacher would EVER allow this. That teacher was not actively supervising the students. The teacher SHOULD be let go!!!
    The parents are definitely to blame for the children even having CLUE as to what oral sex is!!!!
    Second graders know better than to take off their clothes in public, look at anyone else's private areas, etc. They are not dumb. Sure, 4 year olds…. they would be interested…. NOT 7-8 year olds!!!! This is NOT typical of second grade behavior NOR what happens in classrooms!!!!
    Not every person in the school system is a bad person. It's the one or two that come out of no where that give us all a bad rap!!!

  28. 28

    How is this even remotely the teachers fault? I mean yea he should have been paying attention but its not lie he showed them blow job how-to videos.

  29. 29

    Most the time when children participate in acts like this it is because there is some type of abuse either at home or else where..

  30. 30

    Sponsored by Paris Hilton and Kim K's sex tape

  31. 31

    its a normal thing that children experiment, ask a a doctor

  32. 32

    I grew up in Oakland, and when I was that age we used to play, "I'll show you mine, if you show me yours." Lol. But we never touched each other! To me, that shows signs of sexual abuse at home.

  33. 33

    dude…the teacher didn't teach them that stuff! sure he should be suspended for not paying close enough attention but not allowed around kids again? it's not like he was encouraging them! If a young kid does something sexual at home and the parents don't notice does that make them unfit to be around their kids? get a grip!
    this story is absolutely nuts though, I knew nothing of sex until middle school and probably not about oral sex until high school! granted i grew up in a small town but i don't think i was too sheltered!

  34. 34

    seriously perez why shouldnt the teacher not be allowed around teacher?? ok in his mind or he they dont expect SECOND GRADERS to be fucking.. not his fault u idiot.!

  35. 35

    Your such a hipocrit!!!

  36. 36

    Why are you blaming the teacher? Are you a teacher? Have you ever taught a grade 2 class? Class size is pushing 40 these days, especially in a lot of places where school boards are closing then amalgamating schools. Class size used to be like 15 to 20 about two decades ago, now it is all teachers today can do to keep an eye on everyone when the class size is so large, never mind when there's students with disabilities that need extra help and a lack of education assistants.

    It is very possible this teacher had such a large class, and was doing something like writing on the blackboard or reading from a book or whatever they didn't notice what the kids were doing. It sounds like it is the parents to blame. For one thing, how would seven-year old children know what to do sexually? I checked out other news reports and they do not say it was the teacher encouraging or teaching the kids to do those sexual acts.

    Besides, haven't you hidden things from your teacher in class, knowing it was naughty and you did not want to be sent to the principal's office? That's likely what those kids were doing. I used to sneak candy and comic books in my desk and read/eat during class. My teachers never knew until some doofus tattled me out because I wouldn't share with them!

  37. 37

    How do 2nd graders even know about that? So sad and disgusting!

  38. 38

    They learn this behavior online and from watching TV and adults around them. I wonder if it was boy-girl, boy-boy, or girl-girl? Did they learn this behavior from porn websites or shows like the L Word, Jersey Shore, etc…? Should their parents have been monitoring what they are surfing to or watching on TV?

  39. 39

    when i was in 2nd grade i couldnt even say "kiss" without erupting into giggles. i remember after school a friend pulled me aside and said "babies come from a man putting his thingy into a girls vagina." i was absolutely shocked, and i didnt believe it. obviously, if they know what oral sex is at that young an age theres a bit of sexual abuse going on in their lives, since even pondering the idea (because yes, most second graders know OF it) made me feel icky. get those parents!

  40. 40

    Sexuality is being shoved down our kids throats. Parents need to be responsible. Parents allow their kids to watch everything on tv and don't check whats on. That's why I am so against Skins- it makes it seem like that is the "norm" - its not the norm. I love raunchy shows- but I'm an adult. And they are promoting this to young teens!

  41. 41

    i remember kids exposing themselves during class and the teacher not noticing, when I was a kid….how is this the teachers fault? kids get away with a lot…and always have.

  42. 42

    I don't believe those kids knew what they were doing without direction. I don't believe the teacher didn't "notice." I don't care if you are in a room with 100 kids. You are going to "notice" if two SEVEN year olds are having oral sex and taking off their clothes. I think something freaky deaky is up with that teacher. I think the teacher was telling them what to do.

  43. 43

    Perez you are just another one of those people who does not notice/understand the amount of work teachers do. There are so any things the teacher could have been doing not to see this act. He could have been at the chalk board, helping a student at his or her desk, doing WORK at his or her desk. Tecahers work our butts off and still cant do everything assigned to us. SCREW you for thinking the teacher is to blame, what about parents who let the children come home from school and park them in front of the television?

  44. 44

    When my daughter was in kindergarten (6 years ago) she told me that during nap time a little boy was putting his hands down her pants and it happened to another girl. Come to find out the sub teacher was sleeping and my daughter and the other girl were treated like they did something wrong. I had the sub and the principal fired! Children learn from their parents by watching and listening to what they do. That is what is wrong with parents these days, they don't want to be parents!!!

  45. 45

    Right. Blame the teacher for TEACHING class. Makes no sense to me. They should expell the kids and fine their parents. Teaching is a thankless job now a days. Not only are they expected to teach unruly kids now they have to report drug use, child abuse, bullying etc… and HOPE they are being PC enough to keep their low paying job.

  46. 46

    Ps you can thank programs like the cast of GLEE and SKINS for inspiring / corrupting the youth of today.

  47. 47

    They give out condoms and teach sex ed at an earlier and earlier age, then they're all surprised when kids have sex at a younger age. Who could have seen that coming? The moral degradation of America continues.

  48. 48

    i have a friend who taught for years at an alternative school in the LA public school system. She says that this crap happens ALL THE TIME… 2nd grade, she's seen it. She finally quit because it got to the point where she couldn't even view them as children anymore.

  49. 49

    Oh please!!! teachers are not parents!! where are the parents??? come on!!! and this is Oakland CA please ghetto!!! this is not a black/white issue it's a respect yourself issue, and education issue this begins at the home!!! teachers don't raise kids, parents raise kids, teachers teach kids!! stop having babies without fathers, stop making kids you can't afford, love yourself before you bring kids into this world!!! can I get an AMEN

  50. 50

    Re: eternalcanadian – Or, what could have happened was that the teacher could have had all of the students on the rug (if they use that type of teaching technique in Cali- on the rug for group lessons, seats for individual work), and the class was so large that the teacher simply did not notice that those students were not there.

  51. 51

    Re: Snookietoes – i agree with you about the first post- but DO NOT blame the tv, which yes does have inappropriate shows, but blame the parents for ALLOWING their children to be babysat by the television instead of parents actually spending time with their children. It is a parents job to raise their child, not the televisions.

  52. 52

    Shit. I got my first bj when I was 5.

  53. 53

    You act like he set the situations sup! He is guilty of being near sighted, at best. The real issue is where did these 2nd graders (what age is that? 7?) learn to suck each other off?? Who is responsible for that? The find their parents porn stash?? "Naughty Schoolgirls"?? And decided to live out the film?? The teacher ogf course being in charge takes the blame; but he is not the sex offender as you make him out to be.

  54. 54

    Re: Dave Letterman - staff fucker – you need to be put away, i believe you are a sexual predator, like are you serious? what SEVEN YEAR OLD LITTLE CHILD should know ANYTHING about sex? its natural?? WHERE?? that is DISGUTSING.

  55. 55

    I love how you feel you can judge anybody!

  56. 56

    Yes children are curious, but the fact that these students KNEW what these acts are and performed them, tell me that they we're either abused or exposed. Children do not do this kind of thing unless they have view sexually explicit material or have had such acts performed or in front of them. This is sick and very alarming. WFT is going on in this world????

  57. 57

    That would be a good start.

  58. 58

    If these kids were really doing oral sex then they have probably been abused in some way and there needs to be further investigation.

  59. 59

    Re: Snookietoes – They can put whatever they want on TV and it's the parent's responsibility to monitor what their kids watch. A 2nd grader shouldn't be watching Jersey Shore or Skins. I'm sick of parent's acting like it is someone else's responsibility to raise their kids.

  60. 60

    I call BS on this.

  61. 61

    Trust me, this henous incident had NOTHING to with the teacher. I've taught Kinder, 1st, 2nd, & 3rd grades (in the inner city) and I've heard of this more than once. Children are exposed in person or thru explicit videos. Yes, it's a pitiful commentary, but the damndest things happen when a teacher "looks the other way" for merely a minute! —– Let's focus on what happens at home!

  62. 62

    Re: LagunaBarbie44 – I know about sex since I was seven years old because, my mother bought me an encyclopedia that contained a little about that. :) .

  63. 63

    i knew that older people did that when i was that age i remember.. and i remember thinking it was iiickkky!!!

  64. 64

    I quit your site. This is a bullshit story which you publicize in an outlandish and misleading way. Fuck off! If I see you in a New York club, I'm going to not hold back on my opinion, so stay away.

  65. 65

    omg that is awful, where on earth would they learned that? the parents need to be investigated.

  66. 66

    Yu know, now, everybody, that this is a made up story by the parents?
    Ok now, you're intelligent, now?
    You know that this is fake?

  67. 67

    Or very possible some kid is getting molested at home and just acting out.

  68. 68

    Mario, you idiot; it is AFFECT, not effect. That aside, as many pointed out, this is a learned behavior from the home. Kids may be curious, and even masturbate at that age, but a consensual sex act between two children is not normal.

  69. 69

    First off they need to investigate the people that take care of those kids. Whether it's the parents, baby sitters, grand parents… whatever. They learned that from somewhere or (heaven forbid) were taught it by someone.

    We need to know the full story on this one before we can even pass judgement on the teacher.

  70. 70

    I live in a neighborhood filled with kids, my 5 year old was taught how to say 'suck my D' by one of the older boys and how to flip people off. I've tried so hard to shelter him but I also don't want to isolate him from his peers. Kids are losing their innocence so much faster these days, I blame the media and hormones in the food we eat.

  71. 71

    how horrible. and how stupid is that teacher. I understand you can take your eyes off children for a couple seconds and things happen but how could you miss something like that. I seriously hope the school is going to be paying for whatever therapy these kids will need. Because this is exactly what they need this will effect them for the rest of their lifes. such an horrible incident. and for the person who posted, "wtf r u posting this" well this is what goes on in U.S. and if its hidden and we don't hear it then nothing will be done about it.

  72. 72

    I would like to know HOW children that young even know how to participate in something like that, let alone even know what it is.

    Because whores nowadays are rewarded with shows like Skins, Jersey Shore and The Kardashians. I'm honestly surprised that this stuff doesn't happen more often.

  73. 73

    Oh, and don't forget Single Mom. Noting like paying a young teen a quarter million dollars for getting pregnant. There's a great example for the kids of today. Yeah, I wonder where they pick this shit up from.

  74. 74


  75. 75

    Yeah let's blame the overworked teachers who have to watch 30 little brats and not the little twats' parents. Kids have to learn it from somewhere.

  76. 76


  77. 77

    It's sooooo sad that a teacher would even HAVE to be on the lookout for this. Taxes pay public school teachers to teach academics, not how to behave sexually. When did parents stop having to be parents??. Then again, it IS Oakland…nuff said. I can only imagine family dynamics in that area of the country.

  78. 78

    the world is so sick that a teacher needs to be on alert for this behavior while teaching 6 and 7 year olds

  79. 79

    It was not the teacher's fault. Probably some seriously disturbed kid started it all. The parents should be blamed, because those kids have obviously been watching porn.

  80. 80

    I am sorry but you are NOT a teacher, you cannot comment. This is not the fault of the teacher, it is the parents who are at fault. Of children are sexualised at a young age it is the fault of the parent and THE MEDIA. YOU. I am sure that the "act" took place and it was for a short period of time. It does not make it acceptable, however the pupils got the idea and understood how to perform the act from someone and I am sure it was not the teacher. You are a moron, stick to commenting on "celebs".

  81. 81

    That's pretty gross. However, how is this the teacher's fault? Unles he was there egging them on, telling them to do it, then I don't see how he should be held responsible just b/c he didn't notice. Maybe he wasn't in the classroom when it happened.
    What they should be investigating are the PARENTS. The kids had to have learned it from somewhere and you better believe it was probably at home.

  82. 82

    I don't know many TV programs that explicitly talk about oral sex or show it, so I don't think you can blame TV on this one, as you like to all do.

    I think somebody got into something else inappropriate at home or something was already inappropriately done to them.

  83. 83

    I second the matter of these kids' parents!! The teacher is beyond wrong for not being smart enough to pay attention to what his children are doing…but irresponsible parents are a major blame as well!! Sex is much more viewable today than it has ever been, but it's not up to anyone but these childrens parents and teachers to make sure they don't come into contact with these things until the appropriate age!

  84. 84

    Second grade, OMG. I didn't get head from a classmate until third grade. Children have become so precocious. I blame Governor Moonbeam.

  85. 85

    Re: natpetra – no you idiot. I meant I can understand a 10yr old knowing what oral sex is..I'm 25 and I didn't know about that when I was 10 but some kids now do..and its sick the age range is getting younger and younger..

  86. 86

    Are we talking second grade in primary school, six year olds??

  87. 87

    Re: Dave Letterman - staff fucker – I don't believe children this young have sexual urges. This was surely a rare occurrance? I hope so.

  88. 88

    There needs to be more information to this story. You know, being a teacher and paying attention to every single action is hard, especially when schools these days are not getting the funding they need and the class sizes are growing and growing. There are too many students in each class for just one teacher. This should not be blamed on the teacher, but the information these students are picking up outside of the classroom. Why did they do that? Who allowed them to even see anything like this? This is disgusting and should be investigated outside of the classroom.

  89. 89

    Blame the parents.
    The teacher has 20 other kids to watch out for, the 2 year old horndogs should get in trouble not the teacher.

  90. 90

    If the teacher KNEW and said/did nothing, then yes, action against teacher needs to eb done. But if he did NOT know anything, how the HECK is it his fault??????? Geez!!

  91. 91

    My mother taught at this school 20 plus years. It is in one of the worst neighborhoods in Oakland. That second graders even knew what oral sex was, says more about the circumstances of their living situation than anything. The majority of the children in my mother's classes were being raised by their grandmothers. Maybe a handful of parents would show up to "Back to School" nights. Once, my mom and I were watching the news and the story was about two children who were stabbed to death by their mother's boyfriend. My mom realized that one of the boys was her student. I do not know the circumstances as to why the teacher did not notice what the students were doing in that situation. I do know at that school, discipline was the main concern. It makes it very difficult for teachers to actually teach.

  92. 92

    Not the teacher's fault. Like mentioned before, OBVIOUSLY the parents aren't doing something right if the children are engaging in something like that at such a young age. Saying the teacher shouldn't be allowed near children again is a tad preemptive. There is obviously a back story to all of this as to why the teacher did not notice this.

  93. 93

    Hey Perez…how about sticking to what you know best, Celebrity Gossip, and leave this crap to the journalists. Plus, Oakland doesn't need any more bad rap then it already gets, I live in Oakland, I love Oakland, lets not judge Oakland because of loser parents who don't give a crap about raising their kids right! I'm hear to read about what is happening in Tinseltown!!

  94. 94

    Im confused are you saying its his fault that they were haveing sex? From what is described it sounds like he was never saw anything sexual happening. And failure to notise a child taking off there clothes is ridiculous, is it possible that they were just taking off a jacket or something like that. Children having sex is wrong and should not be happening but I think its wrong to place blame on someone before we know the full story. I think they should figure out how these children know about sex and what prompted them to have sex and undress in class.

  95. 95

    When I was in 2nd grade, I remember convincing a classmate to show me his "thing" right in class. As far as oral sex…I had no idea about that sort of thing.

  96. 96

    This makes me incredibly sad. Children shouldn't be losing their innocence at such a young age.

  97. 97

    This is disgusting…I had no idea what sex or oral sex was until 7th or 8th grade. AH. Also, fuck you for blaming the teacher

  98. 98

    When I was in second grade I thought the only thing different between girls and boys were clothes and hairstyles. It is awful that these children knew anything about oral sex. These children obviously have horrible parents to let them be exposed to something like that.

  99. 99

    How is this the teacher's fault??? He has an insane amount of children to watch at once. It is very easy for two kids to get away with something. In my first grade classroom I have 2 students who are constantly talking about sex (and constantly being sent to the guidance counselor).
    Instead of firing the teach why not send social workers to the homes of those kids and see what their home situation is??? I'm sure the teacher isn't giving a mini-lesson on blow jobs. That is learned at home!!!

  100. 100

    That teacher shouldn't have been reprimanded. I remember in 1st grade, there were kids (mostly boys) playing "show and tell" in class when the teacher turned her back.

    It doesn't necessarily mean that a child is being abused when they "know"of sexual acts at that age. I had cousins who were much older. When I heard them talking about sex, I asked, and they told me.

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