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Students In Second Grade Class Room Had Oral Sex!

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This is so unbelievably shocking, messed up, and wrong that we feel physically ill.

A second-grade teacher in an Oakland elementary school has been placed on administrative leave after it was discovered that two of his students had engaged in oral sex DURING class last week, and he failed to notice.

Students have also come forward to admit that on a second, separate occasion, he once again didn't realize that various children were taking off articles of clothing in front of him.

The school district, which only just discovered the incidents Wednesday, has begun conducting interviews with his students to verify the report, and while details remain vague, school spokesperson Tony Flint revealed:

"We believe the substance of the story is true."

This is one case where we truly hope that it's not.

Check out a news report on the matter (above).

Too young. Something like this should have NEVER happened, and will probably effect those poor children in ways that they can't even understand yet.

That teacher should never be allowed near kids again, and we hope that this incident is a kick below the belt for everyone in school systems everywhere to PAY ATTENTION. Their influence has the potential to change the lives of young people they guide every day.

Let's hope that it's for the better.


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111 comments to “Students In Second Grade Class Room Had Oral Sex!”

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  1. 101

    blame the teacher? really? uhm, maybe the teacher didn't notice but i say blame the parents and sick fucks of america aka porn. These kids are not "poor or innocent" anymore. The parents were probably irresponsible and allowed them to be exposed to porn and the kids mimicked it. How can you say it will affect these poor children cuz they had oral sex? Uh no, it affects these kids because they are only in 2nd grade and no longer innocent becuase they witnessed disgusting sex acts. they will forever believe that sex is supposed to be violent and disgusting. SO BLAME THE PARENTS AND PORN INDUSTRY. God this makes me sick.

  2. lolli says – reply to this


    umm i didnt even understand the concept of sex in the 8th grade let alone the 2nd fucking grade! so horrific. i doubt this teacher just 'let it happen' , i remember boys and girls making out in the back of the classrooms and the teacher was teaching/grading work. 1 teacher can not keep eye on 35+ kids, but if he knew this whole time and did nothing then he should be sent to jail. HOW CAN A CHILD KNOW WHAT ORAL SEX IS IN THE 2ND GRADE UNLESS THEY HAVE SICK IRRESPONSIBLE PARENTS ? Lord i've read some stories but this is wild.

  3. 103

    SMALLER. CLASS. SIZES. That is all.

  4. 104

    This is the fault of "parenting" by black ghetto parents in ghetto Oakland. These poor kids no doubt see all sorts of inapropriate things every day & listen to all sorts of inappropriate hip hop music/videos full of hoes, playas, pimps, etc. I am a teacher & the black ghetto kids are totally more inappropriately "sexual" at an early age than the white kids. Even other blacks say that kids have sex in the hallways of all-black schools.

    The teacher is not to blame, his classroom no doubt was overcrowded as it is, & it is incredibly difficult to TEACH children who are not given a proper foundation in which to learn by their parents.

  5. 105

    the teacher isnt to blame. sex is everywhere now a days. it started even when i was in second grade ut thankfully i hadnt lost my innocent. i didnt even know what sex was lol nd i dont think parents r to blame or teachers for that matter, its the media. even on children programs there are sexual things. its really sad. nd im just hsocked at thing like really…!? i didnt know what oral sex was till the 8th grade.. im not kidding…

  6. 106

    I usually enjoy reading your blog Perez, but such a harsh judgment of teachers, a profession you should be supportive of is distressing. As others have mentioned you have no idea exactly how this happened. Teachers are given 30-40 kids and are completely overextended. I have a hard time believing a teacher would knowingly let students engage in this behavior, but we don't know either way. I am a teacher that is completely supportive of equal rights, I know this open acceptance has been a positive influence on my students. Too bad educators like me don't have the support of influential people like yourself.

  7. 107

    Re: Quichie – OMG i so agree, i had an older cousin living with our family who was 16 at the time i was 8…everday afterschool i came home to him watchin porn and smoking weed in my parents basement lol…he never molested or was inappropriate in anyway to me but my parents NEVER KNEW A THING ABOUT it…he did his thing in the basement and i went upstairs to watch cartoons and eat my pb & j lol…now im in my 30s;i taught for the past ten years (pre-kinder) and please don't get me started on the things you see in a classroom of students…you would not believe the stories i've witnessed or heard; i should write a tell all NY times bestseller of all the tales of , children, parents , sex, neglect, CPS, custody and court battles i've seen…I SAY DONT BLAME THE PARENTS OR TEACHER…. send the family to counseling to teach them to better handle this situation, send the child to a seperate counseling to learn where the behaivor started, and send the teacher to a training on better classroom mngmt..

  8. 108

    Ohh Perez seriously?? Why blame the teacher. It's the parents fault.

  9. 109

    Re: LagunaBarbie44 – You're an idiot! Pick up a book on child development and you will learn that sex is a primal reaction and has nothing to do with age. It's not uncommon for even BABIES to touch themselves for stimulation. In fact, there's a pretty good chance you did this yourself when you were a baby or a young child. However, I don't think it's ok for 7 year olds to perform oral sex on each other…and shouldn't even know what oral sex is….and while this is definitely NOT the teachers fault…the kids' parents need to be looked at a little more closely because they OBVIOUSLY engaged in sexual behavior around their child, and that's fucked up. But it is Oakland…enough said about that.

  10. 110

    Ok so I get that the teacher should have noticed it and he shouldn't be in charge of children if he cant keep an eye on them but the more important question should be how the hell 2nd graders know about oral sex and why they are doing it. And why the hell are they taking off their clothes? The parents of these kids need to absolutely beat the shit out of them. This is what is wrong with this country the kids do something wrong and you say blame the teacher…no blame the parents for not instilling morals and values in their children and allowing them to watch filth where they learned how to do that. DISGUSTING

  11. 111

    Re: LagunaBarbie44 – it's actually a Freudian theory "Barbie". do you know Freud is, "Barbie"?

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