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Taco Bell Pulls Ads From Skins Due To Controversy!

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Wow. The most offensive part of the show to us was how mediocre it was, but either way, we suppose this was to be expected!

Now that the less-than-stellar US remake of the controversial UK series Skins has premiered on MTV, it's been receiving quite a bit of backlash from the Parents Television Council, which has urged such an intense boycott - for its frank depiction of teenage sexuality and drug use - that Taco Bell has already pulled its advertisements off the teen drama!

The PTC writes in a letter:

"In addition to the sexual content on the show involving cast members as young as 15, PTC counted 42 depictions and references to drugs and alcohol in the premiere episode. It is clear that Viacom has knowingly produced material that may well be in violation of [several anti-child pornography laws]. Skins is the most dangerous program ever for children."

Soon afterward, Taco Bell spokesperson Rob Poetsch announced:

"We advertise on a variety of MTV programs that reach our core demographic of 18 to 34 year olds, which included the premiere episode of Skins. Upon further review, we’ve decided that the show is not a fit for our brand and have moved our advertising to other MTV programming."

Geesh! Maybe it wasn't as shocking to us because we'd seen the material before - and done much more explicitly - on the UK version, but we think this is a little blown out of porportion!

Can't say we're shocked, though!

Which is why we think that this show has no business on cable. If they want it to be as frank, gritty, and realistic as the original, it should be done on a network like HBO or Showtime!

That way, no one can complain and it can be done as Skins deserves to be!

What do U think?? Did Skins cross the line??

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77 comments to “Taco Bell Pulls Ads From Skins Due To Controversy!”

  1. 1

    woooow. i'm not surprised either but people need to fucking relax. its a damn television show. i guess reality shows that depict teen sex and drug use are okay though! cause those exist.

  2. 2

    the Parents Control Counsel is a JOKE!! are there really so many prudes in the world that they are completely oblivious to the dramatic world of teenagers? SO EFFIN FUNNY!!! so who cares about a stupid show that's obviously toned down in america because america is full of prudes who have never had sex or done drugs or been situations of the like. because, well, lets face it no teenagers are supposed to have sex or do drugs… get real people. learn to face reality with a brave face. and move forward. this show isn't supposed to be life changing its a stupid show on mtv… not a call for changing the world

  3. 3

    i'm pretty sure Taco Bell's core demographic are people who are drunk and high. This is the perfect show to advertise during!

  4. 4

    MTV is fake and full of plastic. Taco Bell is better off not advertising on that horse shit channel altogether. In the words of the Dead Kennedys "MTV get off the air MTV get off the air! GET OFF THE AIR! GET OFF THE AIR!"

  5. 5

    Re: JuIcYjEsS24 – hahahahahahahahahahahaha sooo very true.

  6. 6

    I agree, the US show is way too weird and mediocre compared to the UK Skins I love. I mean, the first episode starts with Tony under a spider bedsheet as oppose to the UK Tony's bedsheet of naked bodies.

    I guess it does seem really racy on its own. I just wish they started off in their own way because US teens, as wild and crazy as they can be, are so much different than wild crazy British teens.

    Also, before the US show ever came along, I always envisioned Kristin Stewart as Effy. Boo on casting, and boo on having a CHEERLEADER replace the gay Maxxie.

  7. 7

    I actually enjoyed the US version…yeah .. i said it! Im from the UK but only watched the odd ep of skins so i cant really comment on comparisons.

    I think its ridiculous how uptight some americans are, as long as its on after the watershed in the UK no one really cares lol.

  8. 8

    mtv really has some trashy shows. this one is way too much. get rid of it.
    if perez had kids i think he'd realize how damaging it could be.

  9. 9

    I'm an adult and frankly if I had kids under 18 I wouldnt let them watch this. I saw previews for months and I knew it was over the top. Im not offended at all.. I am over 30. However I can see if a 13 yr old watched this they "may" want to copy the sex and drug selling ect… Kids already do have sex and sex and buy drugs.. but this just puts it in your face. Id perfer to see it on hbo or sho. Where they can really let loose and curse ect… not for mtv.

  10. 10

    MTV Has got to realize that a majority of there watchers are teenagers and YOUNG adults.
    Now I know that SEX & drugs seems to be your biggest sellers but FUCK people, MUST you sell it to our kids???
    I have two teenage boys who watched that CRAP the night it started and even they were surprised at how straight forward that SHIT was…
    Have some RESPECT for your own people…
    When you start SELLING YOUR SOAL to make even more money then what your greedy asses already have that's when GOD steps it and THROWS a little KARMA your way..

  11. 11

    uh compared to UK the US is so lame stop bleeping it out why create a show just to limit it and bleep the words its just dumb!!! but omg UK is so much better even the actors and they don't care about how society views it they just do it, & i really wish the US would put it on a network like HBO so every-thing's not so monitored!!!!

  12. 12

    I am again amazed that a show from England, a notoriously "repressed & stuffy" society and a country where ALL their stations are owned and run by the government has more of open mind then …the "land of the free & free speech"

  13. 13

    Ive watched skins in the UK and even then didnt think it was bad,
    People have got to realize its just a tv programme and all the teenagers watching it aint stupid to think its real life.
    I didnt watch it then think okay lets go and have sex and do drugs,
    its a fake tv programme!!

  14. 14

    Re: JuIcYjEsS24

    LOL!!! So true!

  15. 15

    Anyone who says this show is ok for children, needs to seek a therapist.

  16. 16

    This is not about comparing the UK and the US…. this is about children watching shows that are inappropriate. I'm glad some of you can realize that this is jst a show, but unfortunately a lot of children watching are not smart enough to know the difference.

  17. 17

    Lots of kids use drugs and have sex, this is actually a reality we don't want most kids knowing.

  18. 18

    All of the humor in the UK version is completely lost in the US version. I was bored out of my mind in the first 20 minutes and decided to just turn it off. Here in the States we love to see people living fabulous and rich lives. The premise of the teens on Skins is they are middle class, fairly normal teens who party all the time. I like to watch shows that are about extraordinary lives, not ordinary ones. That is why Skins will fail in the US.

  19. 19

    it is no wonder you don't think it is that controversial because 1) you think it is okay to post pictures of underage Miley's cooch and 2) you don't have any children to raise and be worried about.

  20. 20

    People need to re-fucking-lax! This show was great! I love the UK version but I also loved watching this! And as far as the Parent Council…dont let your kids watch the fucking show! DUH! If you care so much to strike out against this show and MTV then just turn the damn channel. Your kids are going to be exposed to all this and more in school and the real world! HELLO! Stop being so prude and watch the entertaining show… for fuck sakes Americans are such prudes. We got bigger problems then a tv show people. The parent council is nothing but a bunch or tight pantied bunch of mothers who have nothing else to do with their time! GO SKINS!

  21. 21

    Re: BELLA blue – Soul is spelled with a U and you need to just chill. If you have a problem with the show then dont let your beloved teenagers watch it.

  22. 22

    Re: BlondieCat – easy solution… dont let your kids watch it. Block MTV if its such trash.

  23. 23

    Ya'll are missing the whole point. It is not a question of whether or not you would let your child watch it. Of course you wouldn't, however, children shouldn't be watching MTV in the first place. I happen to like the show. It comes on at 10 pm for a reason. Is your child even up that late? This show is for adults and adults should have enough common sense to monitor what their child watches in the first place.

  24. 24

    im from england and the original skins is just the best, I mean yes its got drugs use, sex scenes, swearing etc etc, but its mean to represent real life, and if real life to this parents control counsel means that people of this age are not having sex, taking drugs, smoking, partying etc then they must not be out in the real word. Thats why skins is so good over here, because it represents that public, thats why its won so many awards, I think they need to get over everyone and stop worrying about whats in the show, if there so bothered they should just make sure they bring up there kids to not do the things in the show. simple

  25. 25

    I knew that US Skins would be a horrible idea and I agree with the fact that if it was on HBO or Showtime they may have been able to do it justice. (Not that I agree with a remake in the first place.) The kids can't act and they are just awkward, the new characters and random sex changes are just pathetic, they are butchering the original story line, they talk in a frustrating monotone and the swear words are bleeped out. Just to name a few issues I have with it. I think MTV should just cut their losses and cancel the show before they embarrass themselves further.

  26. 26

    after hearing about all the hype around skins coming to the US i was intrigued (never saw the UK vers), however i wasn't too keen on the first epi…i'm not a prude by any shape form or fashion, and i did what most of those kids did in h.s. but this doesnt need to be on mtv at 9pm…though i know there are teens out there that are smart enough to know its just a show, i could totally see a click of outcast students at sm affluent h.s. trying to become these kids from skins…you have a gay, a mixed girl, a slut, a gleek, and now we've put our money together to buy drugs and sell it to the rich kids so that we can be accepted and cool..smh sorry i think it'd be much better suited on HBO or SHO…btw LMAO @JuIcYjEsS and totally agree with lalanyc

  27. 27

    after seeing the british version(which is beyond superior to the watered down lame mtv version) i could see if they were airing the UK series on mtv and it was getting all this backlash but the US version was so tame in comparison. its called a v-chip and parent controls on ur television, if u dont want ur kids to watch the show, block it! there is always gonna be programming on that is offensive to someone, and if skins offends you, change the channel or block it! its not that hard. the way this show is getting a reaction, you would think it was airing on Nickelodeon or something! and honestly, what they aired on skins US isnt any different than an episode of Undressed that mtv used to air over 10 years ago!!! get over it!

  28. 28

    Then thats the PARENTS fault for not monitoring their children. A show should not have to be fucking censored because parents fail at parenting and can't control what their kids watch.

    Most parents these days are actually quite terrible at parenting. It's easier to blame other people for their fuck ups.

    The funniest thing is, How uppity parents get, the Parents Council gets all uppity..All thats doing is giving more attention to it. I mean clearly their "CENSOR THIS MY KID IS WATCHING SEX/DRUGS SHOULDN'T BE ON TV" isn't working. Teen STD is on the rise, Teen pregnancy is on the rise. People think its cool to be promiscuous. No girls have class these days, they are all just sluts. Society is doomed.

    Like this parent that spelled "soul" "soal" on the comments..Yeah, A little less time worrying about sex on TV..and worry about your probably fail semi-retarded kids.

  29. 29

    I just think people have their panties in the bunch I watched the original and I'm not even offended by that. Anyway does anyone else think it's ironic that a company that promotes the "4th Meal" mainly to drunks and druggies is pulling this ad? Just saying Taco Bell isn't exactly the most upstanding of food joints, but damn it sure does taste good after a night of getting totally wasted in the bars with friends…I miss college.

  30. 30

    the people running America need to grow some balls, don't attempt to remake it and softening it and butcher the original in the process. Learn to tell the difference as well between acting and reality.

  31. 31

    They think the shit that was shown from the US Skins was "risque"? Go watch the UK version and see what you think. Anyway, the UK version was a zillion times better… no need to remake it. And MTV probably loves the controversy over this for ratings.

  32. 32

    Re: redsonja1313 – all our of tv stations are not owned by the government, i dunno where you heard that?! the only station thats influenced by the government is the bbc because thats paid for by the taxpayer

  33. 33

    Re: redsonja1313 – actually only the BBC is run by the government
    channel 4 (where skins is shown) is not government owned as far as im aware - all of its shows are too "controversial" to be run by the government lol
    but seriously - american peole need to calm down - its what teenagers do! lol

  34. 34

    They SHOULD be showing this stuff. If they think that this kind off thing doesn't really go on, then they need to get their heads out of their ass and smell their "perfect little daughter's" secret abortion.


  35. 35

    I think it is pretty sad when we as a society think that teenagers having sex,doing drugs,getting drunk, etc as "normal". Why do we accept such immoral behavior as something that all teenagers just do? Just looking at the ads for "Skins" made me cringe.

  36. 36

    Hmmm I think the original show is on netflix right now… Maybe I'll jump on it and see what the big deal is :)

  37. 37

    People say its a tv show but… HOW MANY TEENS copied what they watched on Jackass and injured/hurt themselves just cause in the show it "seemed funny"?. Truth is teens copy by trend everything they see, overall if their freinds do, THATS the reality. I wouldnt let my kids watch that show. It should exist a limit on everything.

  38. 38

    Re: JuIcYjEsS24 – Thank you! That's what 4th meal is all about. When all the bars are closed and you are wasted late at night, its time for some Taco Bell. lol

  39. 39

    Re: Cassie_Nova – Education for your children starts AT HOME. You set the example to follow and when they go to school they can chose between the RIGHT AND WRONG and if its OK to do what their "friends" do or re-think their friendship.

  40. 40

    Re: Blossom1348 – Any "adult" watching MTV is wasting his/her life. Period. No real adult would watch something so stupid as MTV.

  41. 41

    Re: Andrew Crossland – Definitely… we all want to watch a show where women get raped, people being used as "mules" and dying on trying to pass it, why not show more young adults killing kittens on tv!?. Oh, afterall is REAL LIFE and is part of what that public do…. isnt?… your logic is stupid.

  42. 42

    Re: NookiesWA – Pitifuly you cannot be on top/monitoring your children the 24 hs .

  43. 43

    LOL i wonder how "american mothers" would react if MTV showed the REAL skins, us was shitty bad acting and wasnt that scandoulous cmon comparing with the UK , the us can be showed to 5 y old kids

  44. 44

    This is so dumb. The US reallllly needs to calm down about sex and drug refrences on TV. Its freakin TV. Maybe if teens were exposed to it more, they wouldnt feel the need to hide it, do it unsafely, or begin to do it at all. From what I have heard, this version is NOTHING compared to the UK version. And im pretty sure that between teen pregnancy, drug addictions, and porn rates the US is still higher then the UK. I think the contraversy around this show is dumb. And people are anive to think that teenagers dont hear this stuff at school or do it themselves. Seeing it on TV may actually LOWER those rates (look at teen mom, the teen pregnancy rate went down). We make sex obscure in this country and wonder why there are issues.

  45. 45

    "Which is why we think that this show has no business on cable. If they want it to be as frank, gritty, and realistic as the original, it should be done on a network like HBO or Showtime!"

    ^^^^^ Man you are dumb Perez. HBO and Showtime ARE cable. Idiot. Some "Hollywood Reporter" you are.

  46. 46

    Also, just because kids watch MTV doesnt mean they have to. If you really have a problem with it, then block the channel. Its easy to do it i promise! I have a son, and if he is mature enough when he is older he will be allowed to watch shows like this. Only immature kids who arnt taught the correct way to interpret real from TV take shows like this seriously and try to do what do they do. The parents of those kids should not allow their children to watch the shows. But why should younger adults (ages 17 and up or whatever age you see acceptable) be punished because you let your 11 year old watch it simply because the show is on?

  47. 47

    first off this show sucks regardless. i bet the brit version was better. 2nd off 18-34 yr olds watching this? i highly doubt it. its so cheesy and just over the top. 3rd off, however, pretty disgusting that these kids are under 18. isnt it a rule that most actors in high school shows are OVER 18 for this reason. i dont blame them and i DONT think its over the top, these kids are TOO young. this is PORN!! think of all the creepy 50 yr old guys watching MTV Skins jerking off!!!

  48. 48

    I have seen all four seasons of UK Skins and have no interest in watching the US version especially after I heard that they basically copied the entire thing. Totally stupid. Anyways, if it is anything like the UK version then I can't see kids younger than 16 watching this show. It's a little too much exposure I think. I'd never thought I'd care about that but being in my twenties now I can appreciate what kids should and shouldn't see when they're at the super impressionable ages: 11-15.

  49. 49

    Re: BELLA blue – I am just wondering what a SOAL is.. and how do i sell one.. I need some cash!

  50. 50

    idgaf what the show is about, how bad it is, HELLO does anyone realize MTV is breaking child porn laws? no one cares? HELLO!!!

  51. 51

    Am I the only one that doesn't get the point of Skins? A bunch of teenagers having sex, partying, getting pregnant? Ok? We've all seen that before, who cares! Also, this isn't the UK, what works in that country will not necessarly work here, I do NOT get the point of seeing a bunch of underaged actors do things that have already been done, how original

  52. 52

    fuck mtv for putting out all these garbage shows.

  53. 53

    these parents are fucking morons.. seriously wtf? they bitch about everything i swear.. WATCH YOUR OWN FUCKING KIDS! You don't want them watching that.. well you dumb bitches change the mother fuckin channel.. i don't know maybe even try watching them considering they came out of your dicks and vagina's and not the people who make this shit or anything else on t.v…

  54. 54

    The London grime just doesn't translate to America. Cancelled!

  55. 55

    I just heard that Oscar Meyer has picked up the sponsorship on the condition that the title be changed to "Skinless Frank". If all goes well, it promises to be a real wiener.

  56. 56

    Re: lala nyc

    Good post. The content seems better suited for HBO or Showtime. True that many kids in high school drink, have sex, and do drugs. I did (only weed for the drugs).

  57. 57

    fuck no it didnt!!

    when i first watched UK skins the first thing i thought was you would NEVER see this kind of thing on american tv. when MTV bought the rights i knew it would be watered down. the first episode was so tame.

    such a shame this country was founded by puritans lol

  58. 58

    Do we CONSTANTLY have to advertise and promote bad teen behavior? I don't give a shit if kids are actually behaving like this…you know why they behave like this? What the fuck else do they have to emulate? There are no fictional tv shows on anymore for teenagers to positively emulate, like the Cosby Show or Fresh Prince or Growing Pains, etc…tv shows that are on Nick and Disney are suited to a much younger demographic, I don't care how old Selena Gomez really is. Which leaves shit like this, DeGrassi and although not fictional, 16 and Pregnant. WTF…

  59. 59

    Re: redsonja1313
    ermm the uk is not repressed you crank!! and its the BBC that is goverment owned. Skins was aired on channel 4 which got its license to air on the premise that it shows controversial shows. you say the US is the land of free speech but look at your shows and say that it represents life. the one time you kinda have a go at it you get complaints mayhem haha what a stupid fucking slogan to describe your country.

  60. 60

    Omg thats exactly what i was thinking about they should have put it on HBO and made it as good as the original since it involves so much "sex,drugs, etc" people need to calm down like they've never experienced any of this shit hypocrites.

  61. 61

    apparently it was a watered down carbon copy of the original. i wont be watching it it will ruin the real skins for me.

  62. 62

    Re: redsonja1313 – only the bbc is run by the government and the 'stuffy' stereotype is from the victorian era i.e. almost 200 years ago

  63. 63

    Re: kmgossip – Only the BBC is owned by the government. Season 5 (the third group) starts next thursday!!!!! hope it's not a let down. The only thing people were a bit pissed about that came out of skins was 'skins parties' but they got over that.

  64. 64

    this show fucking SUCKS.

    1. NO teenagers act this slutt, bitchy, and dumb.
    2. it's a horrible influence on our nations youth and needs to switch fucking networks.
    3. its taking up PRECIOUS time that jersey shore could be on.
    4. its not even well written, produced, or well acted. it needs to end.

    dumb waste of time and money.


    5. the UK version ROCKS the US version's fucking socks off.

  65. 65

    people are slutty sometimes and do drugs but this show makes it seem like its cool to do all of that in excess. sure, it's cool to do it every once and a while or have fun with your boyfriend, but this shitty "tv show" is waaaaay too fucked up. awesome job america, keep ruining your own future.

  66. tt66 says – reply to this


    REALLY? considering taco bell serves drunk and high teenagers all hours of the night, that is ridiculous. If they lost all the teens like the ones in Skins they'd loose ALOT of business. BS

  67. 67

    Re: redsonja1313 – The BBC is owned by the British Government, Not all channels. UK Skins is shown on E4 which is indpendent. :)
    In general TV stations all over Europe are pretty open minded, They know that kids can go out and see worse stuff actually happening. Oh well heh

    Another thing is we have fewer ad breaks and they are shorter :D joys of british tv

  68. 68

    Re: Heather3 – But in reality, In the UK we see more terrible things on the News .. Hash/weed isnt as frowned on over here. Its actually less dangerous than alcohol tbh so i dont see why its such a big deal? You have adverts for guns in the states yet everyone is in uproar over teens having sex/ using some drugs . You guys are going the wrong way about this!

  69. 69

    There's a news story today about 2 second graders taking off their clothes and performing oral sex in class. Our culture is diseased with pornography and "entertainment" that makes us more vulgur. Vomit.

  70. 70

    Taco Bell pulls there ads from everything.

  71. 71

    Do yourselves a favour & check out the original British version of the show.

    It's totally fucked now. The humour is lost; the casting is awful. That's what people should be complaining about, not the shows content. If you think teens aren't out there doing HALF of that shit; you've obviously had a lobotomy.

    Same thing happened with the American adaptation of "Queer as Folk" and more recently; "Shameless". Killed amazing TV because you just don't 'get it'.

  72. KCala says – reply to this


    The target market is kids to young adults and pedophiles(if they can sit through the bad acting)

  73. 73

    ugh who cares, if you think the content in this show is cool and must be copied you are obviously too young to be watching it. its just another unnecessary remake to me of a british show, because americans dont have enough to worry about.. whatever they show i'm sure i've seen it on degrassi. I used to watch the uk version because well….tv sucked at the time. At first i was intrigued but then the sexual manipulation of one of the supposed gay characters turned me off from the show. might have to do a side by side comparison to see who's being silly. btw mtv thrives off of controversy, wtf.

  74. 74

    what a sleazy show

  75. 75

    I watched MTV at 12 with my friends, so I would say that this isn't appropriate programming. This is demoralization at the peak, why expose your young children to something like this and make it look glamorous and cool? A lot of kids and teens emulate behavior– monkey see, monkey do. Look at Miley Cyrus… just emulating "Lady" Gaga. I suppose everyone wants their teens to be liars, druggies, strippers and pregnant at 16. Everyone can tell just looking at some of BBC's shows the trash they put on air, and it seems the young women in Europe are exceptionally risque just by reading their fashion magazines that are imported here which speak of casual encounters, sex clubs, etc. It's already been in History that a government controls their people with sex and drugs. It's actually a very good diversion… Everyone is too busy getting busy to notice that they're becoming slaves to politicians- by making everyone unable to work or provide for themselves, thus they become they become reliant on the government to help them out. I don't feel that respectful gay people are harming the community- I have had gay friends who are working individuals and kind people. It's the detrimental things like over-exposure to taking drugs, drinking, & sex (this goes for gay and straight people) are really the leading cause of a failing economy. But… History repeats itself as they say… You can't even turn on basic cable without trash like this on it. tsk tsk.

  76. 76

    To all the British people freaking out, your show does not depict 15 year olds, they are at least 17-19, which is around the age of consent in many states in the US. I hate how you judge us when really your show portrays people at a different age and point in their life. It is ignorant of all of you to compare and call us prudes. The show should have approached the subject by portraying college freshman in the US, which is 17-19. I do not see how all you people are too stupid to see that they did not transfer the age group over correctly.

  77. 77

    Oh and the UK freaked out about Katy and Rihanna's grinding on X Factor, so Brits should stfu. The Northeast of the US is not prudish or religious so stop your annoying stereotyping, it's all I find now that I live in England, you guys stereotype EVERYTHING and still don't understand that the US is diverse and everyone has different beliefs.