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Yikes! Now GM Pulls Ads From Skins!

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Geez, imagine if they played reruns of the U.K. version. If people only knew how tame this show is in comparison, maybe they wouldn't be in such an uproar.

Following the lead of Taco Bell, General Motors has pulled their advertising from MTV's Skins, according to the Parents Television Council, who are single-handedly leading the crusade to get the show canceled for its overly-racy content.

According to GM, however, ads for their Chevy Volt were never supposed to air during the broadcast as they did. Company reps told the PTC that the commercials had aired in error and that the company has no intention of advertising on the show.

Aaaand that's two! How many more will pull out before the second episode airs in 48 hours? We shall soon see.

Kids, if you want to see this show stick around, you better make sure your tube is tuned in Monday night. The only thing that will save this show now is ratings. Advertisers might not love sex-glorifying teens, but they love to market to them!

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165 comments to “Yikes! Now GM Pulls Ads From Skins!”

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  1. 1

    why were those 2 guys in bed together at the very end? wtf?

  2. 2


  3. 3

    I loved the U.K. version so much better and the U.S. version is nowhere close to as bad as the original!

  4. 4

    Wrigley pulled their ads too.

  5. 5

    okay, i am from the uk and i started watching the uk version when i was 12, and i watched it WITH my mum and she loved it! i don't see the fuss over a show that is more tame than something i was allowed to watch when i was 12.

  6. 6

    whats up with you americans?! have seen the better original skins from the start… it wasnt shockingly graphic, worse things on UK tv. ive heard your version is watered down from the real thing…..so why cant you handle it?! are you all backwards?? do you assume your children are all angels and live with blinkers on? would explain a helluva lot about your "culture"

  7. 7

    If all the sponsors abandon ship maybe HBO or Showtime could purchase/show it without the bleeps.

  8. 8

    i have one thing to say: WHYYYY!!!!!!?????????? this is the worst idea ever!!!!!! the brit one was way too amazing!!!! and this is gonna be gossip girl 2 without all the clothing…

  9. 9

    WHY????????????? the original one was so amazing!!!!! because it was ORIGINAL!!!!! now it's gonna be a trashy remake and the whole idea it's gonna be lost, the thing was to show youth now not stereotypes one, we already have gossip girl!!!!

  10. 10

    I have no idea what the UK version of the show is like but the pilot for the US version was beyond awful. Bad acting all around. The sponsers know that this show will be cancelled in 6 episodes and would rather spend their money elsewhere.

  11. 11

    Maybe GM watched the show once and figured that the idiots who do watch the show have the collective IQ of a lab rat and can't hold a job that will allow them to buy a new car.

    Let Trojan and ramen noodles buy up the advertising time.

  12. 12

    Dinagyang Festival LIVE Streaming now on TFC!

  13. 13

    In comparing the world of 50 years ago to the world of today, for both the US and the UK, those who have that living memory and perspective are generally feeling alarm. Useless to explain why, since only living 6 or 7 decades could teach and explain. But two things are certain–a majority of the adults in this nation are very uneasy about blatant sensuality in the media, especially involving underage participants; and comments from the UK, often appearing here, harshly disrespecting and mocking Americans and American life, are at best unkind and uncomprehending.

  14. 14

    The promos for this show made it seem like teenagers are oversexed, easily influenced idiot druggies. I was a teenager once. I can say I wasn't a prude but I myself nor my friends went around acting like crazy sluts and crackheads and having sex so casually. I think the problem here is that the show is being targeted to teens who watch MTV and the show just seems to glorify these subjects and the sex and drugs scenes are gratuitous. If it was on say HBO or Showtime there wouldn't be so much hoopla. Plus the fact that the actors themselves are kids it just seems creepy and uncomfortable. I have a 12yr old and I do not allow her to watch that show. Sorry. Im not going to let her think I condone such behavior because I allow her to watch a show that glorifies it. People who don't have kids always say things like oh stop being a prude or whats the big deal. But in my experience, once they have kids, their attitudes change.

  15. 15

    This show is beyond redicoules. These "actors" look like young middle school children, I can't even let myself watch the commercials because I feel like it's child porn!

  16. 16

    Re: dontcallmeenglish – The version is the exact same. The only difference is bleeped out words once in a while, no frontal nudity, and the gay guy is now a cheerleader lesbian. Otherwise, it's word for word the same. You know nothing about American culture. TV is censored, but real life is full of things far worse than you see on Skins. There are only a few religious nutjobs that complain and shows like this are pulled from the air. The British need to get over their precious show. I've been in the UK for 8 years and am sick of your type of attitude towards Americans. You know shit. You probably went to Orlando once and watch American shows and now think you're an American expert.

  17. 17

    i dont intend to watch the us version, but the british one was amazing!

  18. 18

    As a matter of fact, I have a friend who was once known as a "man-whore" and is still a bit of a whore but now one with two daughters and even he thought that a show like that on a channel on MTV was extremely inappropriate to be marketed to kids when he saw the commercials.

  19. 19

    Re: Christina Polo

    Lol, U mean the same ones that look at Snookie, the Situation, Kendra and Kim Kardashian as role models and idols??? Yes I agree,

  20. 20

    Tthe uk version is unbelieveable, the first series.

    It's annoying that american audiences' are uptight about stuff that, let's face it, does go on.

    But, it is not my place, nor any other bloggers to say how a parent should parent, if those parents who want their child to grow up ignorant of what happens in some areas want to shelter them from this programme, they can.

    However, there is absolutely no need to stop other children from witnessing what actually goes on.

    Cos let's face it we all have sex young now, well at least we do in the uk and the hip us states, we stilll got some backward states though who should probably let loose a bit……cough cough alabama, mississppi?etcetc you get me.

  21. 21

    Re: harryintl

    Ah, you mean the era when media was literally banned in a failed attempt to force the puritan idea of "morality"? Feel free to live in Saudi Arabia if you're feeling nostalgic. I'd much rather see an ass than live in a theocracy.

  22. 22

    I watched some of the original and it wasnt that bad. I think the US version is way toned down from the UK version. I think if Parents don't want their kids to watch it, Do what my parents did…. BLOCK MTV… believe it or not, I actually thanked them for doing it. I have no interest in watching MTV and think most of the shows on there are dumb, but thats just me

  23. 23

    this is fucking idiotic! even in Mexico they have the UK version, I always tho americans were more open mind than this! tsk tsk!

  24. 24

    1. as much as i hate this "light" version of skins, i hate the parents television council and whoever the fuck censors tv content 1000 times more. it's rated MA for a reason. block your TV channels if it bothers you that much. i'd much rather see this show go down for poor ratings than having the PTC influence our lives.

    2. if you're british and talking shit about america like you know shit, shut the fuck up. what do you know? believe it or not, the US is a lot more than gossip girl and the jersey shore.

  25. 25

    i dont care if the uk version was better. this is the us…two totally different countries. parents have enough shit to worry about without having this shit on tv to glorify teen sex and drugs and whatever else. i heard the acting sucked anyway. i hope they cancel the shit.

  26. 26

    Would it be alright if it was teens slinging guns around and beating up gay people? What is with America making shows bleeping out swearing and sexy scenes but bludgening and men beating/killing women etc is ok?

  27. 27

    Four. Taco Bell, Wrigley, H&R Block and GM.

  28. 28

    Re: dontcallmeenglish – and the UK is so much better?

  29. 29

    Re: windbourne – I'd like to know what makes you think America is okay with beating gay people and women.

  30. 30

    I am so tired of British people acting like this show is beyond anything we've seen in America. It isn't, we just don't like it. Okay?

  31. 31

    I think maybe if the actor were all 18 or older and it was on MTV 2 like the hard times of R J Berger ( or how ever you spell it) this wouldn't even be an issue.

  32. 32

    Look Perez, your not young anymore yourself so you should know better. I bet 9 out of 10 of the people that are for this garbage are really young and have no children. Once you have children, if your aware enough, you realize how music, TV, Movies, internet, pop culture in general, etc., can effect young minds and values and you would be much more protective. I can't be with all my children 24/7 to police this trash so we do what we can. The decay of our moral civilization is rapid….you would not find the music lyrics, videos, movies and tv shows we have now 15-20 years ago and we are on a slippery slope where everthing thing is getting worse, that will SURELY affect this generation and generations to come. The generations of the future that will have to tell their parents that supported this decay, that they are pregnant or addicted at 15!!!

  33. 33

    Shows that glorify sexual deviance never show the real side of sex with multiple partners which can mean stds that later lead to cancers or other health problems.

  34. 34

    I've seen the commercials and the show looks really stupid. When is it normal to see kids fucking on TV like it's so cool? You have 16 pregnant and then Teen Mom and some stupid show called Skins all in the same network?! That doesn't make sense to teach kids not to get pregnant yet you make sex look normal as if it was nothing. This Skins series looks like soft porn with bad acting. I really hope they cancel the shit out of it.

  35. 35

    Re: dontcallmeenglish – Maybe we Americans prefer not to give our teens a handbook on how to be a whore by the time they are 12. And yes, our culture is different than yours. It's one of the reasons we left your damn country in the first place!

  36. 36

    Re: dontcallmeenglish – they ruined "queer as folk" and the office too. American censorship is so heavy, its ridiculous! They should stick to shows like Lassie and Seventh heaven.

  37. 37

    Re: Serena Loves Mario – Why are Americans offended by swear words and nudity? I personally prefer to watch my programs without bleeping. The English do it better every single time.

  38. 38


  39. JCPR says – reply to this


    I like the show and i'll be watching it as long it's on tv! so suck it!

  40. 40

    Re: jackalexandria – Please keep it in England!

  41. 41

    Re: JCPR – See what happened to you! MTV = moron tv

  42. 42

    i'm from the UK, and personally, after watching the American Skins trailer, i can already see that the UK are doing it better. Our new series starts Thursday, and is going to be more "wild and sexy than ever before" apparently. I can't understand why the American's are having a bitch fit over the fact a show, aimed at young adults, about sex, (i don't know about drugs, but is sure happens in the UK version) is being judged so awfully! YOU HAVE SHOWS LIKE "TEEN MOM" "16 AND PREGNANT" ..WTF HAVE THEY GOT ON SKINS!? If you're teens are having babies, then they are for sure having sex. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? Skins isn't glorifying sex, creating shows about having a baby at the age of 16 is showing that YOU CAN BECOME FAMOUS BY GETTING KNOCKED UP. Reality Check!

  43. 43

    U euros can have your stupid skins show. We have jersey shore which is a million times better!!!!!!!! Cabs are hereeeeeeee

  44. 44

    The problem is not (just) hypocritical advertisers - it's ego-centric Americans who feel the need to remake everything in their own image, instead of simply using the superior original (Coupling, Dear John Footballers' Wives, Life on Mars, The Office, Shameless…) They just better stay the hell away from Misfits, that's all I'm sayin' (and no, I'm not a Brit)

  45. 45

    This is the problem with America. We have dozens and dozens of these communities that prevent the youth from seeing the real world. I have yet to watch this show , but even still everyone went to high school and this is probably a realistic way of how it was. I understand why the PTC would want to eliminate this show but its just plain stupid because for most teens in suburbia ( which is basically the entire youth population) this show is probably a more similar and realistic as opposed to …i don;t know gossip girl. This only makes it worse for teens in the future, they will walk into the real world and not understand why theres drugs or sex because of all this stupid prevention in the media. Why is this the only country in which sex is such a effin taboo!! NEWS FLASH its everywhere and everyone is doing it!!! If people were more open about it this it probably would not create such a damn scandal..

  46. 46

    Pathetic, I would love to see the faces of these parents if they were to sit through a UK version. Im British and the programme is incredibly popular here. Sex and drugs are much less frowned upon because we are much more realistic!

  47. 47

    Re: Christina Polo – HAHA- Right on!!!

  48. 48

    The US version pretty much sucks. The acting and casting is wretched. But the complaints about it currently were certainly absent when the superior UK version was aired. Part of it is because the UK version was aired under the radar. The US version has been overhyped - and every glance and camera angle seems designed to heighten or glamorize the sexual angle. In contrast, the UK version just took it in stride as being plot driven. They should have just reaired the superior original.

  49. 49

    Re: DeeDee77 – Uh they ARE young middle schoolers and its RIDICULOUS! Not redicoules! HAHA, WTH!?! LMAO!

  50. 50

    Re: pradagirl7 – I totally agree with you!!! this isn't a question of prudish censorship vs. realistic depictions, or UK vs. US, or anything else…these actors are underage…why do you think the original 90210 and GG hire adult actors…come on….when did we become prudes for not wanting to see a 15 yr old o.d. for the sake of entertainment…i also agree with jayden james (love the name btw :) i'm over 30, i have two toddler sons, if this is on in 2011 what will the shows in 2025 be like… we'll call it BLOW- sm rich insecure "it girl" gives a blow job gangbang behind the schools auditorium after she does a line because, hey that happened at my high school…might as well prepare them for what they could see out there…its ok though cause we'll bleep it out when someone calls her a hoebag as she wipes her face…GTFOH

  51. 51

    it isn't that were prude its and it isn't that all of us are blind to what goes on i agree some parents are blind and stupid but the fact is that this show only shows kids (teens) partying doing drugs and sex. and if the UK want's to glorify being crack whores junkies then that's fine. but as for America laws we have rules here and just watching the stupid commercials it looked like a damn porno to me. Believe me we americans have seen a lot and we try to keep child pornography and child trafficking and drugs out of our system fully as we can and with shows like this well it isn't helping much is it. its like saying yeaaa go ahead and go out and do your drugs and whatever else.. thing is were already doing that we don't need a tv show telling our teens how fun it is. its all bullcrap.

  52. 52

    this is why america is stereotyped the way it is. like come on. your acting like teenagers dont know what sex is. trying to sue mtv for child porn, PATHETIC. & im from america -_-

  53. 53

    it really isnt up to the television to educate your children. Its up to a parent to teach the children right from wrong and to know the difference. If it really bothers you, get a parental lock. Simple.

  54. 54

    You know it and we know it. It's the gay characters in which all these puritan company's are taking umbrage with. Homophobia pure and simple.

  55. 55

    it isn't as simple as getting a parent lock i got kids under the age of 2 so it isn't a problem for me. but when we continue to let shows like this air then soon every channel will be doing it. there's more to life than sex and drugs. And i'd rather not watch some 17 yr old child porn on tv. if you want to see that then go online and watch your child porn.

  56. 56

    it isn't as simple as getting a parent lock i got kids under the age of 2 so it isn't a problem for me. but when we continue to let shows like this air then soon every channel will be doing it. there's more to life than sex and drugs. And i'd rather not watch some 17 yr old child porn on tv. if you want to see that then go online and watch your child porn. then you can go in jail and tell the rest of us how fun it was.

  57. 57

    Re: GimmeMoreBGirl – well said

  58. 58

    Interesting. i just went on the mtv website to check out the show, and you have to type in your bday as if its some porno website..

    uhm really just cancel the damn show. how much more proof u need to it to being a porn? LMFAO!

  59. 59

    Re: ameriie – Thanks but Im not into pornography, we adults were talking about censorship of a television drama. As you have two children under 2, I would imagine you also have sex? The fact of the matter is teenagers do and have for a long time engaged in sex. No point pretending it doesnt happen. But you can relax, I dont think there is any chance of american censorship lightening up any time soon. You probably think bum cracks should be pixilated too?

  60. 60

    WHY AMERICA WHY ARE YOU SO RETARDED?? dont get me wrong i love the uk skins and i have absolutely no problems for the us skins to be cancelled (they shouldnt remake one in the first place). but cmon that "parents television council" is just ridiculous, if they saw the uk version god knows. theres nothing wrong with showing sexual content cmon "drugs sex alcohol" a teenager who doenst know what it is, has a SERIOUS PROBLEM. the more u hide stuff the more curious they will be, let them see what ever they like cmon a good education is to be able to help your kid a good way to act and solve problems always be honest so that someday they can be on their own, hidind stuff isnt going to solve anything only generate more curious and we all know that "forbiden factor" is always more appealing. i dont smoke dont do drugs and have a boyfriend for almost 5 years, but guess what? I go out since i was 14 its legal here to drink and enter clubs at 16, since i remember i went to partys whenever i wanted and only come home on the next day, cuz i knew when it was needed to stop and study, i have friends who do drugs sex alcohol others that are big nerds that love to play videogames. its the reality ! america is fucked up because of this type of "councils" thats only contributes to the increase of fucked us teenagers

  61. 61

    It will never be as good at the UK version.
    I was iffy of it even being aired on US tv anyways. I cant imagine it being long before it's canceled all together.

    Wanna see this show? stick to the UK version.

  62. 62

    I don't blame them for pulling their ads, they should have watched the CRAP, YES, CRAP MARIO, BEFORE GIVING MTV MONEY. MTV used to be all about music, BUT, that didn't bring in the money, DID IT? So now, we have teens, drugs, sex and pregnancy. Go to the MTV casting site :
    MTV is casting again for our thought-provoking series: "16 and Pregnant" …… focuses on young women during their pregnancy. We realize that this is a sensitive subject that many of our young women are experiencing, so our goal is to show what pregnant women, from varying backgrounds, are experiencing in their everyday lives. (but hope to get them at their most immature, the most argumentative, and the most embarrassing… WE TRY!)
    From morning sickness to mood swings, and to even the day of the baby's arrival, we would like you to let us document this exciting, life changing event. This show will allow young women to share their story in their own voice.(As PROMPTED AND REWRITTEN BY OUR STAFF. RATINGS =$$$$$$)

  63. 63

    Re: Serena Loves Mario – HA, and Orlando is full of tourist too! LMFAO! :D

  64. 64

    Re: bbtaddpole – It wasn't really the quality of the acting that made the episode so bland. The British humor is completely lost in this show. The actors don't know how to make it work simply because it's not something they're used to. If you have Netflix, watch Skins online. The UK version is SO much better because it makes so much more sense! The oddest part is that the shows are almost identical in plot, dialogue, etc., but the tone of the show is much better in UK Skins. Another thing is that American audiences don't enjoy watching a tv show about everyday life! Sure dramatic things happen, but take that away and they're middle-class, suburban teens. We would rather watch shows like The OC and Gossip Girl which are about teens living extraordinary lives in luxury. We don't like watching anything that resembles ourselves on TV… it's just not exciting.
    Plus, all of these advertisers are idiots for not looking into the UK version. They had no excuse to not know what the show was really about. The premise is the same damn thing!

  65. 65

    Re: Godess115 – I'm sorry to shock you guys but this show is good because it's actually very accurate on teen issue and secret lives.

  66. 66

    I haven't been to this website in several months. One of the reasons is my antivirus software told me this website was not safe. Secondly, I was getting sick and tired of perez's BS. However, I decided to logon today just to see what's new and what do I see–this crap. Firstly, why should we care what the fuck UK is putting on their televisions? I don't care if their version of this show was so much worse and people let their small children watch that version. Secondly, why do we get called prudes if we don't want our kids watching what is pretty much porn? You can say that it's not all you want, but that just means you're a fucktard.

  67. 67

    Alright, Brits. I'll give you that, yes, (some) teenagers are going to have sex and (some) teenagers are going to do drugs so this show could, in fact, be depicting a reality. Sure, I'll give you that. That *might* be true. And "your" Skins may be soooo much edgier than the US version. Whatever. I don't think any of that really matters. The point is, who really WANTS to watch any of that? Teens OD'ing? Teens having sex? That's pretty disgusting. Just because something happens in real life doesn't mean I want to view it. I know my parents have sex but I won't be suggesting you all sign up for a season of that, either.

  68. 68

    I don't think we should take examples from the British. These are the people who think it's ok to leave small children alone in hotel rooms while they go out for dinner and drinks! I don't think they're exactly what I would call role models.

  69. 69

    I like the show and I will be really annoyed if it gets cancelled. However I don't think this show is real life at all. Well atleast not where I went to highschool. yeah there was occasion sex and some alcohol and pot but it certainly wasnt as crazy as the show lol.

  70. 70

    WTF ! You are right Perez they have seen nothing ! I'm so frustrated !

  71. 71

    Re: hellohellolalala – What are you talking about?? I live in the South. I'm in my mid-twenties, and my best friend has two sisters who are in their mid-teens. One of her sisters lost her virginity at 11, and the other at age 12. Most of their friends lost theirs at the exact same age (both boys and girls). Same went when I was growing up. We live in a middle-class neighborhood, set in a mid-sized city. Another friend of mine that lives in a different city is around the same thing- kids who lose their virginity's in their pre-teens. Like I said, we're middle class Southerners, and the kids here who keep their virginity's until 13 or 14 are basically considered prudes (sad, huh??). So it's not just the "hip" states where kids are losing their virginity's early. If anything, we lose them earlier because the kids have less to do around here, unless it involves getting high and screwing around w/ each other.

  72. 72

    The "child porn" accusations are outright ridiculous. Do people not realize there are actual victims of child porn and the claims related to this show are probably incredibly insulting to them? People need to do their research, for some of the sex scenes they hire body doubles; the girl that plays Eura said so herself. Secondly, the kids don't actually have sex, its *ACTING*.
    If you don't want your children to watch something that is YOUR responsibility to enforce that they don't. You can block the channel, talk to your child about why you don't want them to watch the program, or god forbid you actually watch your kid to make sure they don't watch it behind your back. It is not the world's responsibility to shelter your child; if you want that done do it yourself.

  73. 73

    Fun facts the show actually films in Toronto, Canada. The high school they shoot in is the same school as Degrassi. I thought the kids did a great job but the adult roles were cliche and totally ridiculous I mean whats with the teacher crying?

  74. 74

    Re: Nathiestx – You wish.

  75. 75

    Re: Chicley – You act as if the Parent's Television Council shares the same belief's as the rest of the whole damn country!!

  76. 76

    Trashy shit on tv. That's why I dont have it. If I want to watch ADULT shows with ADULTS in it, I either buy the dvd series or watch it on Netflix (stuff on HBO and Showtime). This show would be a totally different thing if it was on a channel like that, but on normal tv? That's terrible… so tell me why it's allowed on tv, yet people still have to be 17 to go to rated R movies in the theaters? And 18 to buy the rated R movies on dvd?

  77. 77

    Re: Godess115 – Well I'm proud to say that your 'man whore' friend happens to be a great father. It's great he's teaching his kids not to be like that!

  78. 78

    what is it pedophiles paradise how insane

  79. 79

    this shouldnt be a battle of cultures and who's better the uk or us. the us version, so far, just isnt good. it just wasnt adapted well with the slang and what not. yes, this show probably shoulda been left to the uk but its not fair to say that we ruin everything. i know the majority of our shows air in the uk and are quite successful but slim to none air here. plus the majority of the music on the uk charts and most movies you see are american. don't bash our culture just because THIS show isn't working. and as for the office its still on and the ratings are still pretty good. just sayin.

  80. 80

    What? I've watched the show and it didn't even get me hard or make we want to blow a load. So I guess it's not porn after all, innit?

  81. 81

    The US attitude to sex is dangerous. I spent a few years in Europe, where the attitude to sex is less censored, and not seen as such a bad thing, making the subject more open for teenagers to talk about with adults and among themselves. They also have a much lower rate of teenage pregnancies. The fact is, this show doesn't glamorize anything, we should be taking the opportunity to discuss these things with our kids.

  82. 82

    The US version isn't freakin' tame. I feel like everyone who says that its trying to be elitist or hasn't even seen the original. The first ep of this one combined the first two eps on the UK version. The US version was much more raunchy. Anyway the UK version wasn't all about sex and drugs and partying it was about friendships. If you look back they didn't even party that much.

  83. 83

    MTV has gone to the trash. Granted I will watch shows like Jersey Shore, but this one and the 16 and knocked up shows?

    I've got nieces that age…and I just hope that they have some kind of self respect.

    Hey, you think NAMBLA is one of their sponsers? If you don't know…look it up. They are equally as heartless…

    Enjoy your place in hell MTV producers!

  84. 84

    Typical INSANE libby thought process….well, it's not as bad as. Perez, you are a giant fart in a windstorm. Your just a mess and not even a hot one at that.

  85. 85

    Re: jayden james – Here, here. And I thought he cared so much…..misery really does love company

  86. 86

    Damn. Forgot Perez digs the kiddies. That explains it!

  87. 87

    Whos complaining? Less awful adverts to watch in between!

  88. 88

    I'm from the UK and I love the UK skins and I wasnt too thrilled to see the 1st ep of the US version which i do think is down to MTV. Yes the US is a bit tamer but I dont think there would be such a huge controversy if the show aired on channels such as Showtime or HBO. Channel 4 would be the HBO of the UK and some people might disagree with me but I think if the UK skins had been aired on a channel specifically targeted towards teenagers like MTV, there would also be issues. Even american advertisements have been banned in the uk or been seen to be too sexually explicit, so i dont think there is a good argument with the US being prudes that i have seen in some comments below. I think Showtime did a good job translating the US version of Shameless and in my opinion could do the same for the US skins.

  89. 89

    This show is garbage and way inappropriate for young people. Hollywood keeps pushing adult agendas on young kids. No wonder we have 90 young girls pregnant in one school right now. It really are becoming a sick society. Where are the good role models?

  90. 90

    Re: jackalexandria – They're not offended by it at all. You're just another person with no clue what America is like.. And, by the way, Queer as Folk was on Showtime and wasn't censored at all.
    Re: Sarahloverly91 – It's not Americans as a whole, it's the censors. There are a few conservative groups that get in an uproar over things like this - the majority of Americans can handle watching Skins. Brits are so obsessed with thinking they're cutting edge and scandalous, when their government has recently increased the penalty for possessing marijuana! At least many states in America have basically legalised it.
    Re: smiley010992 – The UK attitude towards sex is dangerous, too. Have a baby at 15 and the government will pay for everything! I see far more young girls having babies then becoming leeches on the state here than in the US.
    Re: Katikins2011 – I agree. Showtime did a fantastic job with Shameless and I think it's much better than the UK version. The acting is FAR better. The guy that plays Frank in the UK version is a complete joke. Showtime can do what other networks can't and they clearly have the money to get decent actors behind projects, which Channel 4 can't.

  91. 91

    The US version is hardly as controversial as the UK version, I'd love to see what the Parents Television Council would say about that. :) They should just move the show to HBO or something so they have less limits and all..

  92. 92

    Re: dontcallmeenglish – hahaha ignorant americans… :D

  93. 93

    Re: Serena Loves Mario – have another glass of shiraz!

  94. 94

    Re: Godess115 – Thank you! Im still a teen, but this show is so wrong and i will never watch it. They make teens seem like a**h****

  95. 95


  96. 96

    The part I like best is that you non-American assholes come to an American gossip site, managed by a girly-gay Cubano American and start trashing Americans. So if things are so good in that country you come from why don't you just keep your shit there instead of having to go "foreign" for a bit of excitement? From the spew I have read here from you folks, you really don't know shit about America or Americans.

  97. 97

    What is extremely interesting is this sort of behavior goes on under parents noses and they choose to turn a blind eye ! If they only knew what there children were doing !!!

  98. 98

    Re: jackalexandria – Go back to being in denial about how shite your culture is.

  99. 99

    I thought this was about pulling advertising, but since it's turned into "Americans are Prudes and Brits aren't" I googled US and UK teen pregnancies and got this:

    Altogether, 52 out of every 1000 girls aged between 15 and 19 in the United States gave birth, while the United Kingdom topped the list in Europe—and came second overall—with just over 30 births in 1000 teenagers. At the other end of the scale Korea, Japan, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Sweden had a rate of less than seven births per 1000 teenagers.

    So apparently both countries have something in common to be proud of: We top the world in little girls getting pregnant. Are shows like this responsible? Maybe not, but they don't help.

  100. 100

    I think LetttyB should be banned from this site for SHOUTING his/her/its entire comment! That's just plain rude and it's no surprise that he/she/it is so rude, given the idiotic content of his/her/its post.

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