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Pope Says Marriage Is Not A Right

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Pope Benedict XVI told priests in his annual speech on Saturday that they need to do a better job counseling couples who plan to marry.

Benedict added that no one has an absolute right to marriage and to ensure that marriages last longer, Catholic churches need to provide pre-marriage counseling to help avoid a "vicious circle" of invalid marriages.

According to records, the United States had more annulments in 2006 than than anywhere else worldwide.

"The church and society at large place too much importance on the good of marriage and the family founded on it to not make a profound commitment to it pastorally," Benedict said.


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103 comments to “Pope Says Marriage Is Not A Right”

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  1. 101

    The Pope is right!
    The marriage counseling from the Catholic Church is a joke!
    All they cared about when I had it was collecting a huge fee and telling us not to use birth control.
    If they had decent counseling I would not have married a sociopath! A real therapist would have recognized it. They totally let people who should not have gotten married get married. I knew people who went to counseling from other churches. The other churches had them postpone or cancel their wedding because they were not suited or ready for marriage.
    All the Catholic Church cares about is making money from the counseling you must prove you had and then the money they make from your annulment when you get divorced.
    It is real moneymaking racket for the church!!!!
    The church only cares about the money they make not the people!!!!!

  2. 102

    He's right! People don't take marriage seriously anymore. People do it on a whim these days, without really knowing the person properly. I have been with my man for 5 years and we havent even discussed engagement because we are not ready! Admittedly there are some people who can make it last after being together a short time and rushing into marriage, but they are a minority.

  3. 103

    Marriage should be between TWO people. Straight or gay. If my preacher told me that I could not marry someone whom I truly loved, and they loved me. I would go somewhere else to get married to this person. If a "catholic" preist/pope told me that during counseling he feels that the love of my life and I are not "fit" to be married to each other, I would laugh at him and ask him who in the hell does he think he is to say that "we" are not in love? He does not see how we are together, how we make each other smile when things are going badly, how we "connect" with each other on "all" aspects of our relationship. Why do people even listen to these child molesting "religious" leaders anyways? Thoughts?

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