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Another Lauryn Hill Show PANNED By Critics!

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It's so difficult to hear about so many disappointed fans, especially after they've been looking forward to this comeback for SO long!

Lauryn Hill gave another performance this past Saturday in Toronto - as part of her recent North American Tour - and unfortunately, it sounds as though its audience was once again baffled by her displays of what's being described as "arrogance" and "self-indulgence!"

While one critic revealed that she didn't keep her audience waiting nearly as late as she did as some recent shows - she began her performance only an hour late - and that she appeared "healthy, energetic, clear-eyed" as well as "flashing that brilliant smile, laughing and saying 'How you been?' and 'Long time no see,'" the singer had re-worked so many of her classics that they were unrecognizable, and ultimately ostracized her fans!

They explain:

Much loved tunes like “Lost Ones,” “Ex-Factor” and “When It Hurts So Bad” were so unrecognizable it didn’t feel like I’d listened to that record at least once a week for the last 13 years.

Between the screaming guitars and new basslines, the frenetic pace of the songs and your reconstructed phrasing, the tunes melded indistinctly into one another. As you said, you wrote these songs a when you were much younger. Perhaps the meanings have changed for you, but don’t you think you could’ve let us know you’d also adopted an alternative rock outlook?

It wouldn’t have been so bad if the DJ that preceded you onstage had not amped the attendees with reggae and hip-hop instead of, say, more suitable Coldplay and Rage Against the Machine.

I get that artists should be allowed to evolve.

However, they usually do that by making new music, hopefully garnering new listeners if the old ones don’t embrace it.

We’re too polite to boo you, like they did in Atlanta, but didn’t you notice after awhile that no one was grooving, how the cheers and applause had dwindled and that only a few camera phones were lit up? Could you see the perplexed looks?

Even ever-evolving Prince has never disrespected his fans with a nostalgia tour devoid of nostalgia.

I hope this tour is a way to prove to yourself or your record label that you can still draw a crowd; that it’s the prelude to an album of brand new songs — sonically constructed however you wish — that document those life-altering sacrifices.

Because the alternative, that this was a meaningless exercise or simple money grab, would be even more disappointing, a trick that fewer of us will fall for next time.


It sounds as though they weren't just disappointed by her new sound, but they were OFFENDED, and almost felt cheated by it - which we can personally understand!

Keep in mind that although this tour is about you, bb, it's also about your FANS, who have patiently waited for your return for a long time!

We're thrilled that your sound has evolved, but by showcasing that evolution in classic songs for an audience of expectant fans is almost kind of an "Eff You" to them!

It may not be how you meant it, but that's how it comes off!

We still have faith in you, bb! But you might want to re-think your next show!


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20 comments to “Another Lauryn Hill Show PANNED By Critics!”

  1. 1

    I saw Ms Lauryn Hill in St Louis on January 16th. She was late, the tickets were expensive and the show lasted about 90 minutes. All that considered, it was easily one of the best shows I've ever been to. I'm not sure what I expected; it felt like a treat to have her do songs from the Fugees and "Miseducation" regardless of the new arrangements. I never got to see her perform back in the day and I assumed I'd never get to see her do those songs again. And I appreciated that they sounded different; I have also been listening to that same album at least once a week for the last 13 years. While I'm sure I would have enjoyed the show just as much if she had basically recreated that same album on stage, it was thrilling to get to hear them re-imagined. She was also non-stop energy from the moment she stepped on stage and her band was really fun to watch. I might be in the minority but I actually think she IS worth it.

  2. 2

    It sounds as though she has mixed feelings about coming back.

  3. 3

    Perez this proves you are being paid to promote certain artist. Lauryn has paid 20 concerts. You have to search for something negative to post. What you posted is not a review. Lauryn has played close to 20 concerts. She just received rave reviews in St Louis, Minneapolis, and Chicago. The concerts in Toronto and Montreal were also well received. People go look at the videos
    of these performances and form your own opinion.

  4. 4

    Re: vandiesel – You were not alone. Perez could have just as easily posted the positive review, but he did not want to. He is to busy promoting his agenda.

  5. 5

    She's been tool full of her self since The Fugees disbanded in the late 90's.

  6. 6

    I was at that show and I have to say I completely disagree….although SOME of her songs were re-worked, they were well performed and her fans got the opportunity to see her showcase the beautiful singing and insane rapping we all love her for. She repeatedly thanked Toronto and interacted with the crowd more than a lot of other musicians I've seen in concert. She was eloquent, high energy and performed for almost two hours and her intensity grew and grew. Some people who didn't like the re-worked songs decided to leave which worked in my favour because I got to get up closer for the last portion of the show when she sang some Fugees songs and Miseducation songs as we all remember them and really took the show out with a big bang! I hope negative review by the person quoted in this post doesn't discourage Ms. Hill from coming back to Toronto because it was truly one of the best shows I've seen and for me, well worth waiting over a decade for. Welcome back Lauryn and who cares what the haters say, you're killing it!

  7. 7

    Re: realtime – I need to proofread, but bottom line is people should really question this guys motives. Why do you not post the actual performances to back up your post? Lauryn is amazing people to little research yourself.

  8. 8

    Why is she on this "speeding up her songs with guitars" kick now?

  9. 9

    she doesnt give a damn.
    dont say "we have faith in you bb"
    this bitch is washed up and has been.

    shes racist perez,
    she doesnt even like you.

  10. Chi79 says – reply to this


    Don't believe this this BS!! I was at the Chicago show on Thursday and it was one of the best concerts I've been to in a long time! She did 'rework' some of her old hits, but everyone still knew what they were. The songs were NOT "unrecognizable". Show time was supposed to be 11PM and her DJ/opening act came on then and got the crowd pumped and dancing with some classic hip-hop hits. Lauryn came on about 11:50PM and she killed it from the beginning! Show was fun and energetic and she played both her solo material and Fugees stuff. Tickets were a little expsensive ($80 with the Ticketbastard fees), but I felt it was worth it to see her perform in such a small venue. I even got to run into Lauryn after the show as she was leaving - she was super nice to me and my friend. She signed my album and our tickets and, me and my big unfiltered mouth(!), I even told her that "I had been hearing some bad things about this tour, so we were nervous about what to expect, but she KILLED IT". I loved the show. Don't believe crap written by people who would never even go to this show in the first place! True fans will LOVE this tour!!!!

  11. Chi79 says – reply to this


    And, about this "racist" BS too- my friend and I are both white. She was nothing but nice and gracious to us. My friend even choked up and started to get tears in her eyes while she got to tell Lauryn what a major inspiration she was for my friend to get into the music business herself. Lauryn even got a little choked up and reached out and hugged my friend and said some very nice things. Not exactly what I'd expect from someone truely 'racist'.

    I've also heard the same rumor about Erykah Badu. I've met her on three seperate times too and Erykah was nothing but kind and polite to me as well. Don't believe the lies you read! Make up your mind for yourselves.

  12. 12

    I'm so glad I was able to cancel and get my money back. I was impulsive when I purchased her tickets for my boyfriend's birthday. After reading the reviews about her I was turned off. After I received the ridcoulous time change, doors open at 930p, DJ comes on at 11pm which meant she comes on around 12-1230am to only sing like 6 songs. Bad enough the House of blues is standing and the drinks are a rip off. I wasn't going to risk a bad concert experience plus if I would of gone I would had to stand in line which was like -0 that night. Tickets were WAY over priced $76.00 each ticket. NO WAy!! She ain't sade! Shoot! The best concert at the HOB was $25.00 for common, kanye west, de la soul, black sheep and john legend with two free drink tickets two packs of smokes and free pics and two free CDS.

  13. 13

    Why does everyone say she's a racist?

  14. 14

    DISAGREE. Tons of artists rework their songs. That's part of the fun of going to see concerts. If you wanted to just hear the CD- stay at home and listen to it. Lauryn Hill was excellent, her band was amazing, and her reworked hits were still some of the best music I've ever heard. Excellent show. The opening DJ was amazing, her bassist could have entertained the crowd himself. Lauryn Hill is a beautiful, talented musician, with more soul than most. One of the best shows I've seen- don't be swayed- go see her.

  15. 15

    Perez you're an idiot. Go to one of her shows and tell me she isn't amazing. I saw her last tues in Minneapolis and by a fucking long shot the most amazing show I've seen ever. Yes her songs were remixed or whatever you want to call it, but they were still the same songs and its LAURYN HILL!!! When will you ever see her again?! I agree with everyone that posted good things about her concerts because they actually have ears and brains and realize that she is awesome and I dont give a fuck if her songs were different I can say I was five feet away from her and like everyone else we have been listening to the same cd atleast once a week for the last 13 years if that idiot in toronto is a true fan they would have appreciated it and not been such a whiney ass complaining mofo.

  16. 16

    So I went to her Charlotte show and it was wonderful. The show started two hours late but I thought her performance was great. I actually liked the new renditions of her songs. If you want to hear the same renditions listen to the cd. The only rendition I wasn’t a fan of was To Zion. I thought the original version was a masterpiece so any other version could come close….Also why don’t ya’ll talk about the good reviews. Always negative….why??? And just to let it be known, Lauryn is my favorite artist. Before ya’ll make judgements off of hearsay take sometime and look at videos of her performances on youtube.

  17. 17

    Again, i went to the Charlotte show and her performance was great despite her tardiness. The Bandwagon fans might leave her alone, but us “true fans” will stick with her. She is not your typical artist, musicianship is actually important to her. I’m kind of tired of people making articles off of hearsay, how about go to the concerts and experience Ms. Hill in person and then comment about it. Her voice is still on point and she can still rock the crowd. In Charlotte we were able to sing-along so I don’t know what the problem was for the other concert goers.

  18. 18

    I was at the show in Toronto on Saturday and I have to say I disagree with all the haters. It was a fantastic show .. No where on her website, on ticketmaster .. or the website for the venue did they give a time when the show would start .. The doors opened at 9 the DJ (who was awesome) came out around 11 and she showed up promptly at 12.
    The DJ started off by saying how great it was to see so many people of all different races coming together to the show .. and went on to talk about "one love" for all.
    Lauryn, although changing SOME of her songs still had some that sounded just like the albums. She sang everything wonderfully .. she stopped between most of the songs to talk to the audience .. and even signed a couple autographs for people in the front. The show ran almost 2 hours exactly. Perhaps other shows were shorter due to the rude "fans" in attendance.
    Who ever is the reposible for the quote in the original article couldn't be more wrong. EVERYONE was grooving and singing the entire show .. there were cameras and phones up the entire time .. and people were loving it.
    I've been to many concerts, but this was for sure one of my favorites. She is incredible live and I feel so fortunate that I was able to be there.

  19. 19

    Perez it shocks me everyday that you can just take other people published content, and then republish it with no credits. Isn't that copyright infringment?

  20. 20

    anyone who buys tickets to this dum kunt's show is a complete moron !