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Madonna's Brother Is Talking Smack - Again!

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Hey, Piers Morgan! We think we found your next guest!

Madonna's brother, Christopher Ciccone, doesn't know how to leave well enough alone. You see, he hasn't spoken to his famous sissie in three years, which was right around the time his tell-all book about her was released.

Still, the dude can't take a hint and now he is chatting up sources about how his sister creeps him out with her love of younger men. He explained:

"I guess if she continues to date all these much younger guys, it could start to look creepy. But I think that a lot of Madonna's emotional needs are met by taking care of her children; these boyfriends must really be like a kind of distraction for her. She certainly isn't following societal values, but then again my sister never has and probably never will either."

How's the view from that high horse you've put yourself on, BB?

We could argue every statement in that paragraph, but we won't waste our breath. We just have two words for Chris in closing:

Jealous much?

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36 comments to “Madonna's Brother Is Talking Smack - Again!”

  1. 1

    NEWSFLASH! It ALREADY looks creepy that she is dating BOYTOYS. Sad.

  2. 2

    Breath. The word is breath. You can't waste your "breathe." And it is creepy to see her with these children. When she was their age, they weren't even born yet.

  3. 3

    She must be late with those "payments" again…

  4. Blunt says – reply to this


    umm hes right perez stop being bias, EVERYTHING he just stated is true. And why would he be jelous? of her manly arms, yes maybe

  5. 5

    All he said was true tho.

  6. 6

    Not sure if you can consider stating the obvious "talking smack".

  7. 7

    madonna always defended gay ppl. now that she does something unnusual too (dating young ppl) ppl turn against her? the same ppl that suffer bullying for being gay are now doing the same with madonna
    her brother is an asshole. he keeps going to her show. madonna was very down and sad when he reelased his album just 4 money. madonna gave him work. did everything and thats how he pays?? we all know he hated guy ritchie but come on… trash trash leave the drugs. ur is doesnt deserve it at all

    and more one thing that i admire is that madonna even when she is bashed never says a bad word about those little ppl liek her brother or piers

  8. 8

    Big deal! I'm sure he didn't call a press conference to voice his opinion. Some pap probably came at him with the old "what do you think about Madonna and her younger men…..blah blah blah?" He kept it short…he could have said a hell of a lot more than that. Madonna is nasty.

  9. 9

    get a life chris.ur sis wont give u any money. ur hurting her kisd too

  10. 10

    i think he needs emotional care not madonna at all. madonna knows exactly what she wants. and date young ppl isnt a crime.like being homossexual.its a question of taste

  11. 11

    piers morgan? i would suggest jerry springer for this trailer trash family.

  12. 12

    Ungrateful bastard!

  13. 13

    I agree with him.

  14. 14

    it's complicated. everyone wants madonna for different reasons. for the public being close to here would be the dream come true. for the boytoys, being close to her might mean security, cause the lady is rich as hell. for the family, it might bother that even if they're related by blood, let's say, if madonna were a God, the family wouldn't even be semigods, they'd be just regular people. for madonna, she can never trust anyone cause all people want is to takle advantage of her… it fucking sucks!!! at leas she has her billions so she can pay a shrink in order to vent the frustration… people with an agenda will never, never be happy.

  15. 15

    umm…i agree with her bro. why would hot young guys want her? why would ANYONE wanna date her?? SHE'S FUCKING UGLY!!!

  16. 16

    Her brother is RIGHT ON with what he says. BUT…he should be saying it from the heart, not from the wallet.

  17. 17

    I agree with him. I don't see any sense of jealously in his statement. Learn how to read Mario.

  18. 18

    What did he say that could be construed as jealousy or talking smack? I would think a sibling (who was once very tight to his sister) who's known her for forty-something years would have a better understanding of her character than some weirdo Stans who THINK they know her and have no clue. Yeah, MCiccone, I'm talking about YOU.

  19. 19

    Why is what he said talking smack when everything he said is what EVERYONE thinks about her. I know for sure I've lost all respect for her. To pretend she's all together and mrs kabala, yet all her insecurities and shortcoming are manifested in the fact that she dates guys 30 YEARS her junior…ANY THERAPIST with even a $1 degree from a community college would tell you that she's not all there mentally and instead of dating children, she should pay for some good advice from a professional and get her act together. I'd turn str8 in a heartbeat if madonna showed interest in me and milk it for all it was, so the stupidity once again lies on her for allowing it to happen!

  20. 20

    What Mr. Ciccone said was quite mild, actually. Most normal people came to the conclusion that Mad Donna is a creepy old whore long ago. It's true!

  21. 21

    I totally agree with him. It is strange and sorta sick that she is dating men THIRTY years younger than her. I don't find anything wrong with his statement. It was short and to the point and really didn't say anything that was disrespectful or jealous.

  22. 22

    Shut the fuck up gayboy Mario. He didn't say a thing that was disparaging. You should just find Madge the Vadge and suck her dick and get it over with. She is nasty, has no musical talent, and only claim to fame is being able to sell tickets to gay men. Way to go, what an artist.

  23. 23

    Re: MCiccone – Well, newsflash genius, defending gay people is great and all but lets face it, those are the only ones that like this snatch. So, it was like a business investment, pander to the gays so i can still get the cash when everyone else is tired of me(20 years ago). Secondly, what is unusual in dating younger people. The creepy part is a 50 something year old woman(i use the term loosely) banging a dude barely out of high school. If it was a 50 year old guy with a 22 year old chick, you'd call him a perv and say that's nasty. But not madge the vadge, no, she's a saint…in hooker boots.

  24. 24

    You are ALWAYS kissing up to her, Perez — get over her already and see her for the FAKE PERSON she is…this accent, that accent; this lover, that lover. Now that she's had all that plastic surgery and CHEEK IMPLANTS, she is starting to look a little pathetic…and her PANTS, i.e. TROUSERS, are always too long. She should definitely give up the track suit look — makes her look like an old man at a flea market!

  25. 25

    Chris is nothing but a drug-infested maniac. If the situation was reversed and it was a man dating much younger women, nobody would care. Oh, and your readers need to stop logging into your site under different user names to make comments.

  26. uyeah says – reply to this


    Are you in the third grade Perez? He made some true statements. You sound like the libtard that you are, if you don't agree with someone, call it something it isn't. i don't think he is 'jealous'.

  27. 27

    Re: phillymonster
    The double standards argument is bullshit. Do you think people are not disgusted that Hugh Hefner is getting all these young chicks? The big difference is Hugh acts like the old man he is. Second of all, no one really cares if she dates younger men. It's just funny watching her do so.

  28. 28

    She can't even get along with her own family, that says a lot about this rude kunt ! She thinks she is way more impotant than she ever will be !!! Lip synching, song stealing kunt !!!

  29. 29

    LOL. Now these creepy & sexist men know how WOMEN feel when they date little girls at a ripe old age.
    The ONLY good think about Madonna is that she doesn't follow societal misogyny….I mean "societal values".
    BRAVO MADONNA!! Keep doing what you do. These old men are so jealous and hate you for it. (And some women too!)

  30. 30

    Re: MCiccone – Isn't that hilarious though? Hating on a woman who dates younger men. Hello Larry King? Rupert-whatever who is married to the whore Julie Chen? AND EVERY FUCKING DIRTY OLD MAN WHO IS MARRIED OR DATING OR FUCKING A MUCH YOUNGER WOMAN. Hello to you all. And BURN :)

  31. 31

    that jealous old freak. he would do a 22yo if he would get the offer! but i guess nobody would do that…look at him. he is a bitter fat old queen

  32. 32

    He didn't say she looked creepy..he said it COULD look creepy. You also left out half of the interview, where he praised Madonna's parenting skills and work ethic.

  33. 33

    I don't need to dish Madonna, family knows best.

  34. 34

    doesn't seem to be on his "high horse", at least from the context you have the quote in. Just pointing out the obvious…

  35. 35

    Is Madonna dating a minor? No, all her "young" boyfriends are over 18. In fact, they are all over 21 (by all, I mean Jesus Luz and the supposed new boyfriend, Brahim Zaibas). It's not against the law, and it is not creepy. I don't see all these jealous eople bashing Hugh Hefner. Is that because he is a man? Or because he publicizes his relationships with younger women? Madonna, at least, tries to keep her private life PRIVATE, and all we know about her relationships come from tabloids and gossip people (like Perez). She's never come out explaining or justifying her private life.

  36. 36

    Everytime I read a story like this it actually depresses me how many misogynistic, sexist, ageist, nasty people there are out there. Madonna is a legend, and I for one intend to date 24 year old guys and where sexy gear (and look damn hot in it, just like la Madge) when I am 50. Hell, why restrict myself to keep a world full of judgmental bigots happy? You're all idiots.