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Our Elders Need Our Help!

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A new study reveals that 1 in 6 seniors live in poverty!

At 16%, the proportion of seniors living in poverty is also higher than the proportion of all Americans in poverty. The plight of poor women is particularly striking: 43% of Hispanic women who live alone, and 34% of black women who live alone, live in poverty, according to Supplemental Poverty Measure Research, an alternative calculation from the U.S. Census Bureau. The Supplemental Poverty Measure is a U.S. Census research tool that considers previously overlooked costs like out-of-pocket medical expenses and taxes that can create economic stress for seniors on fixed incomes.

We must change that!!!

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7 comments to “Our Elders Need Our Help!”

  1. 1

    Senior citizens have not gotten a raise in Social Security in 2 years. Prices on everything have gone up astronomically. Look at gas prices. Prescription prices are out of control. Some can't afford to eat because they don't have enough $$ to have everyday things that we all take advantage of. The social security that they do collect is pennies because the wages back then were so low compared to what wages are now. My mom worked her entire life and was a single mom of 3 to boot and her SS was only 412.00 a month. Now that is poverty and in the same sentence a damn right crime that our government isn't helping these seniors in their time of need. Plus they have health problems to boot. We are all gonna be in that situation some day. Think about it next time you get angry at an old person or put them down. You will be them one day.

  2. 2

    betcha theyre thinking they should have had health care reform while they spend hundreds to stay alive and their canadian counterparts have covered meds, doc visits, surgery, rehab and in some cases, transportation to and from.

  3. 3

    welcome to the American Nightmare!

  4. 4

    Previous generations would have helped the elderly and often older relatives LIVED with their younger relatives, now the younger generations are so self centered and 'entitled' that the elderly are just a burden to them. Pathetic.

  5. 5

    People need to set up savings early in their life and not rely on the government. 401Ks are also an option. My parents did…their parents did…I'm doing it…and we're not loaded -we just learned to live within our means. Also - I assume you cannot get on Medicare or Medicaid if you are illegal…probably the reason for the high Hispanic percentage…So why should I pay for it?

  6. 6

    what is the chances that these women also don't have jobs, never had jobs and don't want jobs. some seniors need help, but some seniors who are struggling also never tried to save anything. also i have a feeling all the single hispanic women are illegal

  7. 7

    FYI–this doesn't just include seniors–the disabled also rely on Medicare/Social Security. Medicare recipients (seniors and disabled) haven't gotten a cost of living increase in two years, despite the costs of gas, medications and many other staples being astronomical–not to mention that the majority of doctors will not accept Medicare any more because the gov't cut doctors' pay by over 20%–the Dems tried to stop it from happening, but the Republicans blocked the Dems' action and allowed the huge cut to happen–thanks, idiot Republicans! So, the disabled are unable to get the therapy or medical care they need to get OFF disability–same for seniors that WANT to return to work if they could get their medical issues fixed! And now that the Republicans have more seats in Congress and are already trying to get the much-needed health reform overturned, things are sure to get much worse for anyone who is forced to rely on Medicare/ Social Security.

    I am a huge opponent of illegal immigration and any kind of amnesty for illegals, and I totally agree that the reason that Hispanic women lead the list is because the vast majority are illegals. I also think the ONLY reason Perez posted this at all is because it had a high percentage of Hispanics listed–note how he included statistics for Hispanics and blacks, but not whites…typical Perez