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Xtina For X-Factor?

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xtina vs chezza

A couple of weeks ago, we learned that Cheryl Cole had reportedly purchased a £2.2 million apartment in Beverly Hills, five minutes away from Fox TV Studios.

That seemed like a pretty major sign that Cole would be joining the U.S. X-Factor as a judge, but now it looks like she's got some competition…from Christina Aguilera!

According to reports, Xtina has joined Chezza as a top contender to judge the U.S. X-Factor.

Here's what a source had to say about it:

“Although Simon is desperate for Cheryl to join him on the judging panel, bosses just aren’t convinced. Both Rihanna and Katy Perry have been mentioned as possible candidates but neither would be able to take time out of their busy work schedule to be judges."

"Christina is the one all bosses are agreed on. She has it all; looks, talent and she isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She is a massive star globally and her voice is recognized as one of the best of all time so there really isn’t any competition especially where Cheryl is concerned.”

Poor Cheryl! We know how badly she wanted this position.

Who knows? Maybe the execs will have a change of heart. Come on, Simon! Back up your girl!

Team Xtina or Team Chezza?

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97 comments to “Xtina For X-Factor?”

  1. 1

    Terrible choice. Christina would cut down all the women and blow all the men. She HATES every other woman that is her competition (and no, Xtina stans, Sia and Linda Perry are not her competition).

  2. yvo84 says – reply to this


    I think this would be great for Christina to get back on track.

  3. 3

    Xtina is a great choice. Its about time there are singing shows where there is an artist that can actually SANG! Lets be real, Paula, Jlo judging an artist voice?

  4. 4

    Give it to Christina! She's TRUE pop, and she didn't just pop out of nowhere. Christina has been around for DECADES. Cheryl looks like a grade A bitch.

  5. 5

    Nicole Scherzinger!

  6. D-S says – reply to this


    team cheryl

  7. 7


  8. 8

    Re: wtfomgbbq – STFU! and u know all of this how?

  9. 9

    She (Christina Aguilera) is a massive star globally and her voice is recognized as one of the best of all time so there really isn’t any competition especially where Cheryl is concerned.”

    I think that pretty much sums it up don't you agree?

  10. 10

    cheryl for sure. sure christina has a better voice, but at least cheryl is likeable, and is fun to watch. i saw christina singing with rebecca on the uk version and it seemed like she thought the show was all about her, even though it was for rebecca. the best choice is still nicole scherzinger though

  11. 11

    X-Factor is a SINGING competition not a MIMING competition. There is no competition between Christina Aguilera and Cheryl Cole who cant sing for shit

  12. 12

    I agree with the dude who said Nicole S. :D

  13. 13

    TEAM XTINA!!!! no if's ands or buts. (also the world will be able to understand when she talks) ;)

  14. 14

    Go Xtina, she'd be perfect for this. I like Cheryl but she cannot sing and is very overrated and people are beginning to sick of her this side of the pond. Nicole S would be good as she was a brilliant guest judge on Xfactor UK.

  15. 15

    Both could be good. Xtina is a great singer, but Cheryl has been through a similar show an knows what its like. Like them both!

  16. 16

    I think this would do more for Christina's current career status, but I'm just more accustomed to seeing Cheryl. I've never had any problems understanding her accents and I think Americans would be a little more fascinated with her.
    Although Christina does have a much better voice and would actually be a competent judge with the talent to back the opinion.

  17. 17

    i love that idea. they are right
    and im just saying that cause im a xtina fan.
    but because christina is one of the greatest vocalist.
    she placed on the offical list.
    and she knows FAR more than cheryl.

  18. 18

    Both are REALLY strong choices!!! Xtina might be better just because she is known in America while Cheryl isnt

  19. 19

    I'd say Christina…cause whatever people wanna say about her, girl can sing her butt off, theres no denying that

  20. 20

    Wtf?.. being a judge for that show would be a down grade for her.. don't fuck up your career Christina more than you already have… and
    p.s. Perez i know it's your blog but no one gives a shit about that Chezza bitch but you.. stop promoting her cause no one wants her.. -_-

  21. 21

    lol Katy Perry and Rhianna? Why the two singers who cant sing a note?.

  22. 22

    Rihanna and Katy Perry nominated? Bahahaha, what a joke! I'd personally be insulted having to sit there hearing them of all people judging my voice.
    Xtina is a great choice. NOBODY today can out sing her. I'd respect her criticism. :)

  23. 23

    Go christina!!! She is amazing

  24. 24

    "her voice is recognized as one of the best of all time" … really? By whom? Seriously, I can think of 20 other female vocalists in THE ENTIRE SPAN OF TIME who have more talent in their pinky fingers than this ginch. LOL

  25. 25

    I love Cheryl Cole and I watch the UK's XFactor religiously. Infact ive been wanting to audition for it, except in Canadian. BUT… without a 2nd thought in my head, it HAS TO BE CHRISTINA! She is amazing. Her vocal ability defined her generation. Why not have an actual vocalist judge a singing competition for a change, im up for something new.

    #TEAM XTINA!!!!!!!

  26. 26

    Team Christina. All the way.

  27. 27

    Re: Athena Xena Stefanopoulos – LOL! :D Well said!

  28. 28

    CHRISTINA!! obviously i mean she is one of the most respected singers of all time who better to take criticism and advice from!! and shes also one of the most successful female artists of all time its clearly a no brainer.

  29. 29

    "Poor Cheryl"? :D
    That's funny.
    I doubt Christina Aguilera would say yes to this, but should that be the case it will be the first time in X Factor history where one of the judges actually has true vocal talent, making her credible to judge others more so than the talentless, arrogant, insignificant, little swag that Cheryl Cole always has been and always will be.

  30. 30

    U.S. X Factor — No brainer — hire an American citizen —why would you "out source" a position that could so easily be filled by an American for an American show???!!!!! I am so sick and tired of hosts and hostesses being filled in prime television and award shows by foreigners. Speaks volumes. Identity crisis or what?

  31. 31


  32. 32

    XTINA??? hasbeen! NOT PRETTY! yes she has a voice, but this is TV, i cannot possibly watch this woman on tv weekly. her time has gone. SHE HAS NOOO FASHION SENSE. ppl watch x factor for their favorite contestants and to see what the judges are wearing. cheryl is beyond gorgeous. NEW. charming. knows how to rock fashion. sexy body. she's a star. not christina a fat divorced, cheating, no-fashion sense butterface fuck. TEAM CHERYL!!!!!!!

  33. 33

    This would be great for Christina, hopefully she would be nurturing enough for the mentoring though

  34. 34

    Christina is TOO good of a vocalist to judge others. Whitney, Mariah, Celine, Christina, Beyonce and Leona are ridiculously good vocalists compared to all of their contemporaries. They simply blew the rest out of the water. I hope another radio friendly album puts her back on track and almost feel like this show would mean her recording career is basically over. She just needs the right material.

  35. 35

    I don't think either Christina Aguilera or Cheryl Cole are good choices. Cheryl has a very likable personality, but her vocal ability is mediocre at best and she is mostly unknown in the US. Christina is an amazing vocalist and extremely well known across the world, but she does not have a likable personality at all. Nicole Scherzinger is by far the best choice in my opinion. She has a great, very likable personality, she is well known in the US, and she is an excellent vocalist. She also seems like an intelligent girl that would be able to give contestants great advice. I think Nicole should be given the job.

  36. 36

    chezza u sexy bitch. u are NOW. anyone with eyes would choose cheryl

  37. 37

    I think Xtina will be a good judge! She's been in the business since she was a child. She can teach, mentor, and guide the upcoming stars!!!!

  38. 38

    Team. Chezza.

  39. 39

    as much as i think it could possibly be a good decision, i want/she needs to get back to music. there are rumors that shes been back in the studio since october and a new album could come out this year. i could see this really conflicting with her recording/possibly going on tour (eventually…i hope). i just want a new album from her!

  40. 40

    actually aguilera hosted alote of award shows before and she dont need this show to prove her talent she is all ready a singer and pop star and actress for long time now she proved her self without american idol or x factor all judges are wannabe but they dont have tallent even personality simon cowell is the leader for every thing isnt he? and aguilera proved her self without fashion or nice look only her talent so if they want cheryl it is ok aguilera still the star who mad him self by his talent and she is astar why she must appear in this show no need for these kind of jobs that will not do something to her career she must focus on her album only and movie career and let these small things but if she know it will help her why not it is a chance and she is talented she must talk her right place isnt she?

  41. 41

    for the UK x factor, rebecca (one of the finalists) idolized christina and did the duet with her. christina did NOT want to see rebecca or even meet her before and after the show. christina would not make a good mentor.

  42. 42

    X factor is an entertainment show with music, not a music show with entertainment. Christina would be down grading if she were to take this job. NME has nominated Cheryl's album WORST album of the year! nuff said, leaving Nicole Scherzinger the clear winner.

  43. 43

    xtina!! there's enough british judges on american reality tv

  44. 44

    If it's true that Christina treated Rebecca Ferguson like crap on X Factor then there is NO way they should hire her. I do NOT want someone who is stuck up.. They would have nothing positive to give the contestant… Now, if that was just a untrue rumor.. that's one thing, but I as an American, love Cheryl on X Factor, and I didn't watch her group before…

  45. 45

    Cheryl Cole is really not all that talented to be the judge of any one else's talent… But then neither was Paula Abdul…

  46. 46

    NEITHER! NO ONE in the US knows who the hell that British slag is (but YOU, Perez!)…and X-Tina is a FAT-ASS, has-been, who has NOT had a hit-CD since Stripped. Sorry. But true. Chrissy, you like Snooki w/a cheap ass blonde wig these days. Hell, I'd watch MaTRYiah Scarey over X-Tina.

  47. 47

    Re: XtinaLova – Blonde Snooki hasn't had a hit CD since Stripped. Sorry, but true. She's washed up. Hell, even Britney still has hit records and tours.

  48. 48

    i dont know but i think this is not true aguilera personality is different and i think tough enough and really i think she wants to foucs in her career she is already famous around the world bout she only need to focus on her music this programe will not do something to her only her music will help her and i think this is not true they may be want her to help in lunching the show for some months only and the producers are not confident about the judges they choosen may be! good luck for all

  49. 49

    Shittina is fugly :/

  50. 50

    Don't you have to have talent to judge a talent show to have any credibility? Why were Katy Perry and RiRi ever considerations to begin with??

  51. 51

  52. 52

    They are there to judge not to sing. Cheryl is gorgeous and has an endearing personality. Christina comes across as a sanctimonious bitch!

  53. 53

    Team Christina. But shes not going to do it an I'm glad just finish up using your boytoy and get your ass back in the studio girl so you can shut the haters up. (I'M TALKING ABOUT YOU PEREZ).

  54. 54

    Team Christina! She will tell it like it is.

  55. 55

    Xtina for sure. She CAN sing and sing very very well. She would be the perfect choice but I personally think that she should do it. It's kinda low for her.

  56. 56

    Yes Christina should do it!!1 would be great…and give AI some competiion

  57. 57

    Cheryl sucks ! She's pretty, but can't sing !

  58. 58


  59. 59

    Re: Chasenip – u said it perfectly!!!! WASHED UP!!!!!!!!!!! notttt interesting. SUCH TRASH!!!!! she has her man living under the same roof as her baby and soon to be ex husband…..WAW….why isnt she getting shit for that???or for bombing at th box office for burlesque.. orrrr for looking ridiculously ugly? :S

  60. 60

    Re: Lickey~Dickey~Bo~Bickey – THEY ARE NOT ASKING CHERYL TO SING ON X FACTOR! she's a judge and a mentor. christina would not even give a shit about the finalists. or cry, relate, or care about them. she's scorned to even hug her fans. cheryl walks in a room with her dancers for rehearsal and hugs every one of them.

  61. 61

    To be honest Cheryl is easy to work with. She have this sweetheart image but when it comes to talent I don't think you can compare her to Christina Aguilera. Christina is very talented and have one of the most powerful voice but can she get along with contestant???? She is terrible to work with. She have a bad attitude. She is not easy to work with. My concern is can she deliver as a mentor??? and can she give them a good advice??? I don't think so..She is a miserable bitch to work with. I remember when she yelled and screaming the whole entire production. Good Talent but Bad Bad Bad choice as a mentor.

  62. 62

    Re: buhwahdmoda – I agree with you. All about mentor not singing.

  63. 63

    Christina for gods sake! Why would Cheryl judge american singers? She can't sing! Lol, no one knows her, no one understand what she's saying, and her music is funny here. Should she judge american singers cause she's pretty? Really? Christina is the best singer in the world!

  64. 64

    gosh..above me if flooded with poor zero talent haters. First bitches even if its true, i doubt she will accept this. Christina Aguilera is very generous and helpful woman, what do these fave celebrity of urs done, be fake and get laid. so STFU!! jealous BITCHES!!!what an insult even chhosing her to that cheryl cole bitch!!!!PEREZ UR SUCH A PIG ….

  65. 65

    I feel like they could both be judges, why do we have to make "teams"?

  66. 66

    i agree it is only judge job no difference if aguilera took it or cheryl only they need someone to bring more audince to the show and will not effect any one career may be cheryl will be known in america but so what?what it will brings to her no one knows

  67. 67

    Re: buhwahdmodaRe: durka dur – Shittina is fugly …. fugly flop :'(

  68. 68

    I hate her fucking fans the're trying to diss Gaga !!! when i see shittina's face i get sad she looks so over :'( ( no joke ) ._.

  69. 69

    christina should get it obviously. who the hell is cheryl cole anyways? its US version, she can stay her butt wherever she came from.

  70. 70

    Well, she did make a Tv spot for the Greek X-factor, and there are rumors (yet unconfirmed) that she is going to be present in the Greek X-factor finale. So maybe already part of the franchise?

  71. 71

    Cheryl definitely! It's her time to shine in the U.S! I've been waiting for her to cross over for years, it wasn't with Girls Aloud so it might as well be with the X-Factor. She already has what it takes to be a judge on the show so why not? I feel like Christina will think she's too good to be a judge on the show anyway.

  72. 72

    It's a reality show, not radio.
    Aguilera not likable (and…gosh…she is ugly).
    And I am sure, she won't even try to remember contestant's names.

  73. 73

    She's the most talented and most professional singer of all time, she's already a legend!

  74. GG411 says – reply to this


    I think being a judge would be a great challenge for her. It would teach her a bit of humility and since she will be mentoring, it could bring out her motherly side. Do see the opportunity as a way of redeeming herself to her hater fans & the audience. Totally love her music and this could inspire her more to be better in her music. =D *Peace*

  75. GG411 says – reply to this



  76. 76


  77. 77

    this post is the funniest shiz I've read this week…..how can you compare newly born Cheryl and talentless Katy Perry to A list singer Christina Aguilera ???
    if Christina agrees to be a judge,the show will do really good….. how the hell can Katy Perry judge live singing? SHE CAN'T SING….

    Team Christina…

  78. 78

    Re: buhwahdmoda – X factor is a singing contest,dudes like you would like to see Katy Perry judge,just because her slutty look is in fashion….LAME

  79. 79

    Re: Chasenip – Christina has a hit cd Back to Basics,a Grammy winning song Ain't no other man and a hit movie Burlesque….that pretty good for 4 years…..check your info,before posting comments

  80. 80

    This is a horrible decision, and not just because they'd be blowing off Cheryl. Christina's career has been in the dumps for a few years, while Cheryl shows no signs of stopping. Christina appeared on countless lists these past weeks as a failure in the music business; why put that on a show?

    Seriously, stick to Cheryl. If she's doing great in the X Factor UK, she'll do great here.

  81. 81

    why would xtina do this. she is too good for a show liike that.This would be downgrade for her. Bionic didnt sell like it shouldve doesnt meanthat she will lower herself to this. Jennifer Lopez needs a comeback, xtina jsut needs to come up with another kickass album. Although i love bionic and feel ppl didnt give it a chance.

  82. 82

    I lovE love love XTINA !!! But she is a music megasuperstar!!! She needs to focus On her up coming album and more movies , world tours , she born to be a music superstar !!! NO FOR TV.

  83. 83

    Cheryl is a really likeable judge on the xfactor, but i'll never understand why she was chosen because her voice is average at best

  84. 84

    its a bad idea, christina doesnt need the distraction she should just concentrate on recording and getting her career back on track, doing a show like this takes up MONTHS of their time

  85. 85

    as usual

  86. 86

    chezza needs to get a nose enlargement job……she looks like a fekking lizert !

  87. 87

    Re: buhwahdmoda – Did you actually see some of the outfits Chavvy Cheryl wore for the latest UK series of the X Factor? In the style stakes Danni Minogue won hands down almost every time, and the fashion pundits agreed, Cheryl wore some really odd outfits and constantly broke the golden rule of showing either a lot of cleavage or a lot of leg, but never both, so tacky ;o)

  88. 88

    Re: Marco Antonio Jiménez Castellanos – do u kno…i cry myself to sleep thinking of how ugly shittina looks….n suchhh a whoreeeeeee. cmon. that video..jeez. i cant even fuckin remember. i just know it was fucked up. scary as shit.the one with chains and bondage and gags etc. jayzus wth! u have a kid for goodness sakes. i don't understand why the media doesnt give her shit for all of that behavior. but they hounded brit brit for the silliest slip ups.

    i'm sorry i still can't look past her face. waw. f-f-f-ucked up. NOT for tv.

  89. 89

    these type of show proved that they dont need a talented judge look to simon cowell (he cant not manage a singer or even sing but he is famous and all who pick them for his show are talentess because they will be more entertaining) cheryl cole is a good looking lady and she has some talent she depends only on her looking and sweet heart personality so she will be nice for the show(spears is more talented than her JLO is also hot beoncy rihanna but they break USA better than her and for a long time ) thier will be alote of tears (nation sweetheart) and they will make her the ( biggest pop star in UK that came to judge USA talent!!!) but i dont think they will depend on her totally for US x factor they will try to bring a super stars with her (even teenager stars) or it will be at the same level of American Idol nothing new and she will as usually do a good due with simon cowell so he will for sure try to bring her to US and if she is really has talent why she did not break USA for long time? how old is she now? where she were working and what?? i dont think that women even can act in a movie even in her country they slap her what america will say?!

  90. 90

    XTINA is TOOOO much for this show.. come one… go on World Tour please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. 91

    Re: ShelliGrrrl – Pathetic little hater.

  92. 92

    Re: Chasenip – Her album before that (Back To Basics) was a #1 album, and that tour was the highest grossing female tour of 2007. BOOYAH.

  93. 93


  94. 94

    Cherylalll the way i will only watch the american x factor if she is chosen.. AMAZING women maybe not the best singer ever but they say god loves a tryer and she certainly does that!

    Re: billiesays – and you she was chosen because she had to go through an xfactor style competition to get into the girl group that made her famous.. popstars the rivals so she knows first hand what its like to be the contestant on shows like this!!

    So for all you dumbass people out there slating cheryl get a grip.. she knows what it is like to be in these competitions unlike fatty xtina and "ri-ri" who probs shagged jay-z to get her record contract :)

  95. 95

    No Cheryl Cole is going to be a judge on X factor. Simon will have not have it any other way. She is THE MOST TALKED ABOUT WOMAN IN ENGLAND. She will be introduced here and will be BIG.

  96. 96

    Xtina was NOOO nominated for Razzies finally… Xtina did NOT buy a car to bf (officially confirmed)…. so maybe this is NOT true either…. PEGGY hilton is a terrrrible blogger… posts only shit

  97. 97

    Give it to the real true talent christina