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148 comments to “Another Teen Mom Is Pissed At Kim Kardashian”

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    I am not a fan of Teen Mom or of any of the Kardashians (cringe), but I think you need to pull yourself out of Kim's twat. I think that your sister may need to go back to school, too, since there are always tons of spelling and grammatical errors on this site.

  2. 2

    They're both a mess. But Kim is a hypocrite.

  3. 3

    LOL! Perez mentioning other people's spelling errors!!!!

  4. 4

    Kim is an idiot, but at least she isn't a teenaged mom. This bitch is ignorant as they come, and her new titties look like two mounds of hard cement. Dumb twat

  5. 5

    While I do not think Kim was wrong in what she meant, she really has no room to point fingers at anyone let alone a "teen mom". She is famous ONLY because she made a sex tape and leaked it. Her actions are no more respectable than being a teen mom, so she better be prepared to have 5 more fingers being pointed back at her. While she is a grown women, she influences teen girls and her actions are emulated by these teen fans she has. Posing for Playboy is what she is causing these girls to aspire to, not getting a college degree.

  6. 6

    Damn you teenaged whore, take your dumb, non spelling, illiterate ass back to school. Moron.

  7. 7

    Neither one of them are role models, but Kim is way out of line criticizing this young mother. You are an idiot to put so much energy into supporting such a superficial personality. She's not even really a person, she's just been manufactured for tv. Like her plastic face and body.

  8. 8

    kim is no role model but the teen mom is delusional if she thinks she is a role model.

  9. 9

    I'm not a fan of either, but honestly, where does Kim get off knocking on these girls?!?!?! She's famous due to selling her p*ssy peddling porn piss tape!!! Since when did she become a moral compass? Bitch please.

  10. 10

    No proof readers available?

  11. 11

    Kim is too slutty to be a real role model for young girls. Granted, she is pretty but definitely a slutty woman.

  12. 12

    Farrah thinks she's a role model?!?! That's like saying Lindsay Lohan is a role model. Farrah is as dumb as a pile of bricks. She got scammed out of money simply because she's too dumb to realise she's being scammed.

  13. 13

    grooooannn, Thanks Ray-J -_-

  14. 14

    Kim shouldn't be saying something about Teen Mom in the first place. She is or was never a teen mom, let alone a mother.
    And yeah, she isn't a great role model anyway for teenagers (Kim).

  15. 15

    Teen moms are NEVER a positive example to anyone.

    what are they teaching….I got knocked up so I am a good role model because I didn't have it sucked into a sink….and I hope not to get knocked up again….

    oh pleease.

  16. 16

    listen i dont like teen mom and i really dont care for that girl but i do know that she graduated highschool and graduated culinary school so your fucking stupid for repeatedly saying stay in school. shes doing well for a girl of her circumstance.

  17. 17

    Kim is a grown woman. And every teen should be responsible looking out for their own intrests. Role model?? when I was growing up who was MY role model? Certainly not celebrities! Shes a teen mom because she couldnt keep her legs closed. Kim was an adult when she made the sex tape. NOR does she have children running all over the place. The teens on this show = white trash. Get an education. And while you're at it learn to spell or at least check your work! Jackass.

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    God…Kim Kardashian may be a grown woman but she has a huge influence over teens…thats why she gets paid the big bucks to hawk/promote products…and to imply that she is a better influence than the teen moms is such bull…if you ask me they're all a bunch of naugties….but let's face it….as long as the public finds the lot of them interesting…they will be around…it all about the paper baby!

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    We knew you couldnt be civil and be a good journalist instead of being bias to your friends, you will never understand Perez because YOU ARE NOT a woman…This 2nd teen mom is right…who the hell is KIm to sound off on anything..LIKE YOU, she is famous for nothing, teen girls WILL think they will make it as a "REALITY CELEB" by screwing and having it released, NEWSFLASH: THERE ARE YOUNGER AND HOTTER GIRLS thank Kim Camel Face! ALso KK ALLOWED her tape to be sold for profit and fame, yeah some role model for WHORES! This chic said it right with her last tweet! these teens at least put their life, which is far from perfect out there so YOUNG GIRLS, not a tablid wanna be who isnt a female and can never get pregnant to look at and learn from

  22. 22

    I think your head is so far up KK's mahoosive behind that you fail to see the bigger picture. I so agree with @catlover! KK IS NOT a role model I would want my children to be like. She sold her 'sex' to become 'famous' and continues to pawn herself and her family out to make a quick $. However, the girls on Teen Mom DO NOT glorify teen pregnancy. It shows how hard they have it now because of one mistake they made. Saint. If you bothered to watch it before you criticise you would know. For someone against prejudice, you really are ver ignorant at times.

  23. 23

    the difference is, Kim isnt 16 with a kid.
    Kim may not be the best role model, but she doesnt have little kids running around at a young age. shes a grown woman.
    a teen mom is in no way a role model in any form.

  24. 24

    I have to side with the teen mom…with out knowing her or how sexual active she was or how many partners she might have had….I always say its the ones that pop up pregnant that get the bad rap. You have girls sleeping around like crazy and they are on BCPs or they get abortions and no one knows…then you have someone that had maybe 1 boyfriend or a minimal amout of partners and bam they get pregnant and they are the S's of the world.. I think someone like Kim that has a new BF every few weeks regardless of what she is doing or not doing with them should not even comment on teen pregnancy. Maybe she goes to church with all her BFs but the public will not see it that way and that is not setting a good example.

  25. 25

    Kim is a plastic whore

  26. 26

    In this case, good for Farrah for standing up to that B's Kim! Kim is such a hypocrite…whether she's an adult or not, she sell's "sex". She makes a living off of people thinking she's sexy!! Teenagers and children of all ages look up to her, since she's constantly on television, in magazines, commercials and radio. You can't help but know who she is…she doesn't exactly portray someone I would want my child to idolize, so she needs to keep her mouth shut!

  27. 27

    kim married when she was young, leaked her own sex tape, is a slut, is always with different guys, throws her little sisters into trashy photo shoots AND THEY TOO SAY KIM IS A ROLE MODEL! lmao yeah just like Montana Fishburne looked at Kim as a role model! All you did was encourage girls to make sex tapes.. Kim needs to stick what she knows best and thats just putting her Cellulite ASS in front of EVERY paparazzi lens.. and that Teen Mom isnt a role model either.. she needs to grow up and stop putting herself in the spot light if she doesnt want to be apart of any negativity!

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  30. 30

    Re: lala nyc – i love you

  31. 31

    i may be wrong but i don't think im k drinks or parties much.

  32. 32

    Who's to say plastic Kim hasn't been knocked up. With all the guys shes fucked she could have very easily had an abortion or miscarriage.

  33. 33

    i dont think that kim is that much of a role model, but somebody who goes on tv and publishes their life as a teen mom DEFIANTLY is not a role model either. theres not question that kim has made some bad decisions, but that farrah girl is an irresponsible slut.

  34. 34

    Wow Perez, so much for not bullying. I love this site and have been reading it for years, but your blatant favoritism is getting ridiculous. Kim and Kourtney Kardashian (along with Madonna, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, etc) can do no wrong in your book. But the second someone else calls them on their bullshit, you go on the attack. Keep in mind that the girl you're making fun of has one of the tamest storylines on Teen Mom and is also a single mother because her boyfriend was killed in a car accident. Kim Kardashian, on the other hand, is famous for having a sex tape and for posing in Playboy. As far as role models go, Kim Kardashian isn't someone I'd want my daughter (or any other young girl) to look up to. I think someone needs to come down from their high horse and start practicing the EQUALITY FOR ALL stuff that you constantly preach.

  35. 35

    DENAIL…in DECOFFIN !!! ur so right about the logic not lining up.

  36. 36

    A true example of the pot calling the kettle black. This would be hilarious if it weren't so pathetic.

  37. 37

    Kim Kardashian is a WHORE. Maybe aspiring pornstars look up to her. Im sorry but there is NOTHING glamorizing about Teen Mom the show is fucking depressing as hell. Young girls who have had children at a young age or even ADULTS who have had children at a young age can most likely relate to Farrah. Farrah had to go through HARDSHIP and STRUGGLES and LEARN from her mistakes. Unlike Kim Kardashian who made a sex tape and had everything passed down to her fat ass.

  38. 38

    Perez, its obvious you have some deal with the Kardashians, because we all know she's a relentless famewhore (someone that you would have called out back in the day) and encourages kids to use their sexuality to get ahead in life. Not cool. Why the hell do i read your bullshit website anyway?

  39. 39

    So Farrah IS as dumb as she looks. She's right though, Kim needs to shut the hell up, because she's a far worse role model than a teen mom who stepped up to her responsibility as a parent. She fucked a guy on camera and got famous for it. Oookaaayyyy.

  40. 40

    Teen mom is soo stupid and i think it promotes teens being sluts as ok!!! and as for kim i hate her!!! I hate all of them especially the sister that looks like a man!!! kim and that teen mom both love black guys so they sould get along really well dont see why they are fihgting

  41. 41

    BTW if Kim is such a "grown" woman maybe its time her slutty ass starts acting like it . Why the fuck does she always talk with a annoying BABY voice? its not "Sexy" its CREEPY.

  42. 42

    To be honest, I always get a little offended when people make blanket statements about teen parents. My mom was 16 when she got pregnant and 17 when I was born. She graduated midterm, and the day she got out of the hospital with me she had her own place and was working 2 jobs. My mom has always supported me and my brother 100% on her own even after our dad left when I was 4. I think that is pretty impressive all on it's own, even if she did make a mistake when she was younger. Her mistake could have been anyone's and you are all delusional to think the same mistakes could never happen to you. Do I think MTV's show is preventing pregnancies? Not at all. Do I think those Teen Moms are role models based on that show? Not at all. I really think to make blanket statements about teen mothers based on that show is really absurd though. Get off your high horses and realize not everyone is so perfect as you seem to think you are. You have all made mistakes as well. Kim Kardashian sells sex, that is it. She is no role model either.

  43. 43

    farrah do me a favor,learn how to take care of your child first then but ur nose in your the freaking poster child of why teen girls shouldn't get preggos leavin ur damn daughter outside by herself,who does that

  44. 44

    I'm not a big fan of Kim or teen mom either. Kim is hypocrite and teen mom blame it to your parents. At least Kim is smart enough not to get pregnant and she's an adult.she can bone any guys she wants. Teen moms you need to be a role model to your children and let them know that what you'd been through. Don't forget to tell you children in the future used protection.

  45. 45

    Re: MooMooMario – kourtney has a child. kourtney is older than kim. not to mention she was 29 or 30 when she had him. now how is that funny or ironic?

  46. 46

    takes a whore to know a whore

  47. 47

    KK has NO business beaking off about ANYONE. She "spreads" on a regular basis and gets paid for it, I think they call that a prostitute. Her mom is no better, straight from dead husbands bed to the present walking wallet that she totally controls so girls can laze around getting pregnant and then married, in THAT order. Kim has never really worked a DAY in her little life. IF she had the life (and not the money) of any of these girls, it would be a nice little wake up call.

  48. 48

    Re: chels468 – WELL SAID! completely agree. And Perez hunny you aren't the best speller in the world too. You're site is FILLED with grammatical errors.

  49. 49

    You so fucking stupid Mario, keep sucking Fatassian's dick. The teenage tramp is right, kim is a skank. And before you go all "she's a grown woman" bullshit, she markets to teenage girls. Her show's on "E" and MTV and all the shit she does is focused on teenage girl. No grown woman with any respect would follow Kim. Get your head out of your fat ass.

  50. 50

    "Teen Mom is for preventing teen pregnancy. Ignorence=Denail" hahahahahhahahahahahahah. and THAT'S why i like teen mom so much. you couldn't write this stuff if you wanted to. everything writes itself and it's all brilliant.

  51. YUCK says – reply to this


    oh God, Its clear you are on kim ks payroll. shes an idiot and a loser and that one teen mom already put kim ks fat ass in her place, a ho with a sex tape has no business telling anyone else what to do with their kooter unless she is giving sex lessons.

  52. YUCK says – reply to this


    btw kim k has clearly had too much work done. its like I know cher is armenian like kim kooter but kim clearly looks like a younger cher in this pic and trust me, its not genetic its knifestyles baby!!!

  53. 53

    hmmmm……is she going to teach her kids how to spell?

  54. 54

    you are NO role model. your a teen mom. Courtney Love would be my role model before you or any another teen mom would be.
    yah kim made a sex tape, and yah it wasnt morally right. but the difference is
    that your a little girl and kim is a grown ass woman. she wasnt a mom at 15
    and doesnt have little kids running around her house.
    kim was right.
    farrah needs to learn how to take care of her child, and stop acting like a the idoit she is.
    end of the story

  55. YUCK says – reply to this


    and btw I totally agree with teen mom kim k needs to stfu she is just a major fucking attention whore that always needs to fucking say something or be the first ho to send a fucking tweet, its like just stfu already you're not famous for splitting atoms or even giving sage financial advise like a rockerfeller, you're known for getting banged out ho so stfu. REALLY STFU!!!!

  56. 56

    I dont watch Teen Mom but I agree w her. Kim is a hypocrite.

  57. 57

    Dear Perez, You're being a bully AGAIN. Team teen Mom!

    At least this girl isn't running a blog with those kind of spelling Errors. Pot meet kettle.

    Kim K made her sex tape at the ripe old age of 18. This whore needs to sit the fuck down and perhaps take a closer look at how she's been living her life before she opens her massive trap about role models.

  58. mae11 says – reply to this


    Since when has Kim been drunk in the public eye? NEVER!! And shes 30!! not a teen…
    take care of your daughter and stop worryin bout what other ppl say..as i recall YOU are still a Teen!

  59. 59

    well, English is not my mother tongue and even I know how to spell those words (correctly). What else can I say? WHOHOO for ignorant, illiterate people that appear on TV. I wonder if they would ever make a reality tv show or something about a prodigy kid.

  60. 60

    Honestly I'm glad Kim spoke up against Teen Mom. She might not be the best role model, but finally someone else realizes how ridiculous that show is. They get paid $280,00 a year for being a knocked up teenager! Seriously? There is the wrong message being sent to young girls- get pregnant and you could get paid more than most people, don't worry about getting an education or working hard. The National Center for Health Statistics announced in 2009 that 40% of births were from unwed mothers! A 25% increase from the previous year! So when Kim commented on teen mom and the rest news from a Memphis High School, she did make a valid point on a issue that needs negative attention, not glorification into celebrity status.

  61. 61

    Weather I like it or not - both of these women are a role model to someone. Both have done very questionable things, but to me getting pregnant that young is something to be prevented and am somewhat happy that these messages get out in the media. I am a high school teacher and there are many 15 year old girls out there that think that having a baby is 'fun' and glorify the idea.

  62. 62

    They're both NOT role models. I would NEVER aspire to be like any of them. One became famous for her sex tape and the other became famous for having sex as a teen and became a teen mom.

  63. 63

    It's really funny perez, how you said back in October that you were going to stop bullying but look at what you are doing. You are look down on these girls that decided to show everyone how HARD it is to be a Teen mom. You said "stay in school/go back to school" and make fun of her grammar ( base on her tweets) but, if you did an fact check you would have seen that she went to college and graduated. Yes, Farrah and the other girls are not perfect but your wonderful Kim Kardashian isn’t either. Your kissing her ass and a lot of other celebrities is starting to get real ridiculous.

  64. 64

    WOW OKAY i dont like farrah and i love the kardashians but isnt kim being a hypocrite? because she definatley made some mistakes in her time, wasnt she married at like 18? didnt she have a SEX TAPE? wasnt she in PLAYBOY? hasnt she been a serial dater? like i mean she was never a teen mother, that we know of yet, but she isnt a perfect role model either. Teen mom is supposed to show how HARD it is to be a teenaged mother, not promote it. its not there faults that society is SO FUCKED UP that all these dumbass little girls are going out getting knocked up because they see people on tv doing it and think it will make them famous? how idiotic is that? Kim is not a teen but alot of teenagers watch her show and want to be like her, so how different is that perez?? now i completely disagree that farrah of all people is a role model bc that dumb bitch cant even take care of her kid but kim doesnt have room to talk either.

  65. 65

    Kim Kardashian is a fugly bitch who needs to stick to her own world. A world of sucking cock, drinking heavily, and pretending people care what she does with her day. Some teen moms had no choice in having a baby and if you're ignorant enough to believe they did then you are one sad pathetic whore who just needs to go suck another dick which is what she's used to anyway. Some teen moms made a bad choice to have unprotected sex and its not like they can shove the baby back where it came from. Kim is a crazy dumb bitch

  66. 66

    Re: mae11 – actually she is 20 years old now get your facts straight. also she is an idiot i agree and NO role model but she isnt sitting there saying HEY KIDS GO OUT AND GET PREGNANT BECAUSE ITS SOOO FUN TO TAKE CARE OF A BABY AND TRY TO GO TO SCHOOL AND WORK AND HAVE A TEENAGED LIFE. no she isnt, but kim is out saying HEY I SELL THINGS NOW IM RICH AND HAVE A HUGE ASS AND IM EVERY GUYS FANTASY SO IF YOU WANT TO BE LIKE ME YOU NEED TO LOOK PERFECT AND PROMOTE YOUR LIFE TO WHORING YOURSELF TO MEDIA 24/7. dont get me wrong i like teen mom and i like kim but shes wrong on this one!

  67. 67

    First I want to address the notion you have that Teen Mom glorifies teen pregnancy. How does having your mom attack you while while the baby is in full view, facing homelessness unless you abide by your baby's fathers parents uncalled for restrictions, going to jail for beating up your baby's father in front of your child, having a mother that is so domineering that she pushes you away from your own child and becoming so depressed that you willingly give up custody of your own child because you start believing your mother that you are incapable of becoming a good mother, and finding out one of your babies might never walk again glorify being a teen mom. These are children, they didn't make the decision to get pregnant, to quote Janelle "shit happens" . These girls aren't famous because they made a sex tape with Brandy's douchey brother (who ever heard of her before that), they are famous because they deal with things that no girl should ever have to, they look forward and still have dreams. They don't want to be famous, they want to show girls, to be sure you don't get pregnant, but if you do, go for what you want in life. They don't do publicity stunts, pin up shoots, or pose naked like Kim. Yes Kim is a grown woman, but her fan base is the same fan base that watches teen mom. She is biting the hand that feeds, and so are you.

  68. 68

    lol kim is a hypocrite? shes a slut ye but ived never saw her once saying "im a role model" but this teen mom is delusional shes the one who "encorages teens to become pregnant" like hey guys i got pregant but its okay just sign up with mtv and make money out of it no problem please just shut up and grow up role model my ass

  69. 69

    Okay first of all, you are in no position to talk about grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, your site is full of them! Secondly, this show does not glorify teen pregnancy in the least. If you actually watched it you'd see that they are all hot messes in at least one aspect of life, be it in their relationships with their partners, their relationships with family, or their education. I don't think watching a girl scream at her boyfriend and beat the crap out of him, or watching someone wait for their father to get out of jail, or seeing someone be the only person actively parenting makes anyone want to have a baby. If anything it shows girls that the guys rarely stick around, and that finishing school is extremely hard and that they should wait to find someone who is mature and responsible, AKA waiting until they are fully ready to support that child and part with being a teen. You can be a teen, and you can be a mom, but you cannot be a teen mom…it doesn't work. You want to go out and party, go ahead but the baby doesn't care if you're hungover-it's a full time job and I think they're all learning that lesson.

  70. 70

    Team Farrah all the way! I like Kim but … Team Farrah.

  71. 71

    That girl should really consider going back to school! Learn how to write f*ck!! As if for Kim, I don't think she really drinks, it would make her look "ugly".

  72. 72

    ummm yeah, really perez–complaining about spelling errors!?!? thats your specialty! i love you, dont get me wrong, but you spell something wrong in EACH post!!

  73. 73

    perez i usually agree with you, but you're wring on this one. teens all over watch her show, and she is role model for them. she has no right to criticize the girls at teen mom.

  74. 74

    Are you honestly siding with that piece of trash. omfg perez. you are ubelievable. i am soooo happy that someone has FINALLY called it as it is. Kartrashian is a golden-shower taking, cock up her butt whooooore. ahhaaha delighted. you fucking go girl. and take the fucking Ktrassssh out while you're on your way.

  75. 75

    I disagree witht the statement you made perez! She does have a point. Most teenagers look up to Kim before they would look up to Farrah! Yes Kim is older but all kids want to do is grow up before their time! Think back. I know I did. I had friends with kids when I was in the tenth grade. Believe you me I was not inspired by their decisions! I was busy trying to find out what the girls on SATC were up to! Bottom line is that no one can pick the role models for youth. That's a personal choice. THey both should shut up and stick to being famous in my opinion. Neither is in a place to have their social commentary taken seriously… Her spelling does suck though!

  76. 76

    ps skank. Farrah is 100,000,000x prettier, nicer, more care, more geniune, more hard working, more intelligent, skinner than you're used and abused ass will ever be. haha ronaldo chewed ya up and spat ya out and than found a real lady to make his gf. thats your role in life kim. to stick you're ginormous butt in the air and go "ah ah ah" and let men do what they want. fucking sychophant. and what the FUUUUUCK as teenage pregnancy got to do with you're fat ass? isn't it about time you had one you 30 year old brain-of-a-toddlered buffoon?

  77. 77

    Hmmm.. I believe it was the wonderful role model Lady Kardashian that so famously shouted, "… f*ck that p*ssy Ray J" while on her back on camera (yes I've see the tape) and made her family so famous and paid for that Bentley.

    I used to like these people, now they just get on my nerves. I hope they lose their lawsuit. Then Lady Kardashian will be back to using SEX to sell her family name again just like her brother Rob is about to do. Oh, how her father would be so proud… Just Saying Dolls…

  78. 78

    Re: rircsoad – yeah what the fuck does "teen Mom is for preventing teen pregnancy"? are you saying she should have got an abortion. everyone has sex in their teens and she stepped up and dealt with it. kim you are the most ignorant haterufl c*&t to say what you have said. please crawl under a rock. your ignorance and catty comments are mind-blowing you fucker hater. what, you're better than her because the condom never broke when you were fucking the thousand guys you've fucked in ur life? you dirty slut.

  79. 79

    First of all Perez.. STFU! Who the fuck are you to talk shit about others grammar errors?? All's you do is make mistakes.. And you have never watched Teen Mom so how can you even give a opinion? Asshole.. and stfu with this "stay in school" shit.. if you had actually watched the show you would know that she actually did complete high school, got a college degree and had to deal being a single mother because her baby's father is dead.. you're such a great person huh?

  80. 80

    And As for Kim K. who the fuck is she to tell anyone not to have sex..YES that IS what she is famous for.. Have you even heard of the shit she has done when she was a teen? She is no one to talk..I doubt she even watches the show.. and for those of you giving her the excuse that she is a "grown" woman.. her fucking fan base is mostly teens.. and a "grown" woman shouldn't act like that.. i find it worse that she is "grown" acting like a slut.. that goes for Perez and all the people agreeing with her.. I don't see her turning down endorsements or mad when people take her photos and interviews all due to her sex tape fame.. so just because some teen moms took some interviews to get a little money due to their shows high ratings, doesn't mean they should be ashamed of themselves..i think anybody would..and they can't help that the papz go and take their pictures either.. that skank sure wasn't ashamed.. that's why she released the damn tape.. she's copying everything her old pal Paris Hilton's already done.. because she's a fucking fame whore like her too..not to mention she recently said she wants to have her new BF's baby already that she's been only dating for a month.. She really does need to stfu and stick to what she's good at.. stick a dick back in your huge fame-whoring self-loving stuck up mouth -_-

  81. 81

    Honestly, Teen Mom is a great show. I'm not a teen, I'm 23, but this show has made me think twice about procreating early. No one should have children unless they are fully able to sacrifice their life at that moment. There's always going to be moments when your baby has diarrhea all over him or herself, and you still can't be late to work. You can't take a responsibility like that until you're management level in your company, because no one gives a shit if the managers take off work to go see their child or are late because they had to change a dirty diaper, but a bottom rung employee? Yeah, right. You're fucked. No one can have kids in corporate America unless they're "up there" and by then, you can probably afford a nanny anyway.

  82. 82

    Re: Anca Radulescu – Farrah graducated you fucking buttwipe. actually look up info before spewing shit.

  83. 83

    I dont think either are right, neither of them are amazing role models froma n outside perspective, but when you really look at it, i would actually say Farrah is more of a role model. Ok she got pregnant at 16 or 17 (maybe 18 the show isnt all the on about their age and hello people being on 16 and pregnant doesnt mean your 16 forever)but she graduated high school, went to culinary school and graduated. While Kim K got her job because she made a sex tape when she was 18 that was released and she made profit on, and Kim's own sister Kourtney was in a rut a couple years ago when nude pictures of her as a teen were released. Nobody is perfect, peope make mistakes and shit happens. The people that pick themselves back up again and move forward no matter how hard it is are the people you should look up to. You cant define a person y their mistakes or the down turns in their life. Neither Kim K or Farrah are amazing role models and both need to drop it and just shut up about it.

    Also I BET half the people the rag on teen mom saying it glorfies teen pregnancy havnt watched the show. There are things wrong with the show (lets talk about why they dont need to make money for their pockets, it should be put it in a trust for the babies) but i would say the end result is not gloficiation. None of them live really happy amazing lives where everything goes amazing. It shows the hard ships.

    I think everyone has said their peace and should just shut up now :)

  84. 84

    Oh man, this is like the war of the hypocrites. And no one wins! They're both still stupid fame whores!

  85. 85

    wow perez…you just lost a fan. such blatant ass kissing.you're pathetic.

  86. 86

    Re: nicky45 – agree completely. and she is such a sycophant she would happily lie and come out with something like this. evil bitch

  87. 87

    Actually, yeah, her logic does line up. Kim is shoving herself down America's throat with her pathetic attempts to be relevant, and teen girls do watch her show and look up to her (unfortunately). Granted, that Farrah girl is no role model either, but Kim was out of line and should expect to take the heat.

  88. 88

    and WHY on EARTH does everyone call the teen mom girls sluts? cause they had sex?? so anyone under 20 who has sex is a slut now? if you watched the show you would know that EVERY SINGLE GIRL on the show got pregnant with her BOYFRIEND. its not like they were all having sex with tons of guys and have no idea who the father is.

  89. 89

    Im with catlover.. get your head out of kim K's twat!! Why would you support her ignorant comment? Im not taking any advice off of some big ass whose celebrity originated from a sex tape.

  90. 90

    never watch kardashians. am a media professional, to me they are toxic waste. interestingly, recently, i learned of the perspective of many in an unwed mom help group: kardashians inspire. GO FIG!!! Domestic abuse is rampant among Caribbean women, Khloe inspires not to take it. Well, hell, if she”s reaching 'em = empowerment. YES!! Re the pregnancy thing, while Kim's age is vastly different than that of teen mom, the INFLUENCE is still there. Correlative age = irrelevant. If by some stroke of luck that waste of air space can have an influence, well, HALLELUJAH, she SHOULD take responsibility for her message. Kardashians should jump on that and YES, everything they do DOES have an impact on their audience, many of whom are underage - because the older we get the more we realize there's better crap to watch!

  91. 91

    Neither of them are role models. I absolutely understand what Kim meant and personally these shows that glorify teen pregnancy are getting out of control. A simple documentary about the subject would be fine. MTV's idea about entertainment has gone to the toilet. Bring back music videos.

  92. 92

    Regardless of age, Farrah's typo's, whatever…the point is that if anyone is going to be speaking about proper role models, it should be someone who is a role model theirself. Kim is a grown adult, yes. And she is definitely entitled to date and have fun. But she's in the public eye more than any of these "teen moms" and there are plenty of teenagers who look up to her as someone they'd like to be like. So the sex tape, playboy, constant hookups? Not exactly role model material. Just saying. That aside, she is beautiful and entitled to do whatever she wants. Just don't think she should be preaching about role models.

  93. 93

    Neither of these women are role models. I think its funny that Farrah thinks she's a role model. Oh hey maybe she is. maybe thats why theres so many pregnant teenagers.

  94. 94

    I think it's ridiculous for Kim to think that there would not be a backlash; She obviously knew that what she was saying would fuel reactions on both spectrums. If Kim thinks that teens should wait, that's on her and for her to teach to her skank-acting little sisters. The teen moms all admitted they made their mistakes, but this show is a job and they're making damn good money whining and crying for our entertainment. Kim's celebrity and the teen mothers' are no different. They all had to fuck to get the spotlight.

  95. 95

    This is more or less a repeat of what everyone else has posted on here. But honestly Kim has no right to say these chicks are getting paid too much for nothing. I'd rather give a teen mom who made a mistake and is clearly struggling my money and viewership than this plastic bitch who walks around with her fake ass indulging in her bag addiction because really misinformed teenagers think she's what they should strive to be. If anything the youth of today are more corrupted by her, thinking if they sell sex and promote falsity they will succeed and be idolized by both men and women, not looking at teen mom, it's not like any of them are living a glamorous life carrying around gucci bags and driving cars that cost more than an average person's house. Until that happens, the Teen Moms have my vote.

  96. 96

    What does being a grown woman have to do with this? I mean I totally agree that Kim has every right to do as she pleases. But, I think the point Farrah was trying to make was that Kim, of all people, should not be pointing fingers at "inappropriate" role models. Regardless of her age, there are plenty of teenage girls who follow Kim's every move and want to be just like her. She is in the public eye way more than any of these "teen moms." So, with the sex tape, posing for playboy, dating a lot of different men…she doesn't exactly fit the profile for "role model" to young girls. So, she doesn't really have much of a right to say someone else is unfit. That aside, I think Kim is beautiful and entitled to live her life however she pleases as long as she isn't hurting/bothering anyone else. But maybe she just shouldn't comment on these subjects.

  97. 97

    for those saying "at least Kim doesn't have a bunch of kinds running around"
    or "at least Kim wasn't pregnant at 16"
    you do realize this skank has probably had at least half a dozen abortions throughout her life, right?
    seeing as her "values" revolve around fame and money, i wouldn't put it past her.
    she can afford it. these girls never had that option.

  98. 98

    Sugar coated Bullying is still bullying Perez. If I remember correctly you were quite active in the whole breaking the news about Fantasias married lover that may or may no have caused her to attempt suicide. Fantasia was a teen mother, there are a lot of teen moms and former teen moms who read your site. You are being a bully again. Bully! Bully! Bully!

  99. 99

    kim is retarded for even making any comments on this i am on the teen moms side. Like it probably sucks having a baby as a teen shit happens i bet kim had tons of unprotected sex as a teen but was lucky enough not to get pregnant. Kim should also stop getting tons of plastic surgery shes starting to look like micheal jackson lol

  100. 100

    This can change someones life….

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