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Inspiring High School Senior Comes Out To Her Peers During Assembly!

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Words cannot do justice to just how awesome this girl is.

Check out this truly inspirational speech from a High School senior named Kayla K., who bravely and articulately announced that she is a lesbian to her classmates during an assembly in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.

We cannot imagine how difficult this must have been for her, which is why her courage and conviction needs to not only be applauded, but also shared with as many people as possible!

These words not only need to be heard, but understood and ACCEPTED, because it's the fact-of-the-matter truth in every single way!

Bravo, bb! The LGBT community is lucky to have you.


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84 comments to “Inspiring High School Senior Comes Out To Her Peers During Assembly!”

  1. 1

    Go Kayla!!! Be proud of yourself! I'm proud of you!

  2. 2

    Glee has made it..acceptable to do this….BUT is it really important to know a persons sexual choice

  3. 3

    Im straight…. omg noooooooooo, noboy caressssssssss

  4. 4

    Jesus, what courage… And so beautiful and eloquent. Babe, you're gonna go somewhere and change lives, hell you already are. I raise my glass of wine to you hun.

  5. 5

    That was so moving an inspirational. I wish there was a way to contact her!

  6. 6one9 says – reply to this


    WOW ~~~~~~~~ I'm happy for her. Hope she gets through to at least 1 bully!!

  7. 7

    "Gay marriage is simply not a civil rights issue. It is not a struggle for freedom. It is a struggle of already free people for complete social acceptance and the sense of normalcy that follows thereof–a struggle for the eradication of the homosexual stigma. Marriage is a goal because, once open to gays, it would establish the fundamental innocuousness of homosexuality itself. Marriage can say like nothing else that sexual orientation is an utterly neutral human characteristic, like eye-color. Thus, it can go far in diffusing the homosexual stigma.”

    “The civil rights movement argued that it was precisely the utter innocuousness of racial difference that made segregation an injustice. Racism was evil because it projected a profound difference where there was none — white supremacy, black inferiority — for the sole purpose of exploiting blacks. But there is a profound difference between homosexuality and heterosexuality. In the former, sexual and romantic desire is focused on the same sex, in the latter on the opposite sex. Natural procreation is possible only for heterosexuals, a fact of nature that obligates their sexuality to no less a responsibility than the perpetuation of the species. Unlike racial difference, these two sexual orientations are profoundly–not innocuously–different. Racism projects a false difference in order to exploit. Homophobia is a reactive prejudice against a true and firm difference that already exists.”

  8. 8

    What a brave girl and a beautiful speech. No doubt, her words are now reaching not only the students of her school, but millions of people now and making a difference, providing hope for gay teens and encouraging understanding and compassion in everyone. Thank you for sharing this Perez, it brought tears to this straight girl's eyes!

  9. 9

    That was an unbelievably good speech, and I can't imagine what kind of courage you'd need to have to send out a message so powerful to a group of peers you've known your whole life. It'd probably be easier with strangers who wouldn't judge you so meticulously, like even friends do. I bet if every school had a strong LGBT role model like this girl, then a lot of the issues we've been having would stop completely.

  10. 10

    Love her!!!

  11. 11

    Inappropriate time and place — and you know what? I am sure the administration is going to have to now think twice about handing a mic to the students — which is unfortunate. It's no one's business what your attraction to women or men may be. And this girl will be remembered forever for this one moment in time. 30 years from now she might be regretting that her entire class has recalled this story 1000 times to their children…

  12. 12

    That was nice. And very brave of her.
    But I'm sure that side ponytail, no make up, man's shirt and general (somewhat) manliness gave her away before she said a word.

  13. 13

    It lacks sincerity. This sounds more like a monologue by a really bad actress than a coming out story. If I could offer her any advice… it would be to get an acting coach so it doesn't sound so rehearsed.

    BTW.. anyone could tell from the outfit she was a lesbian.

  14. 14

    Seems Perez needs to begin a new site as the largest part of his content revolves around the gay/lesbian/transgender subject at every opportunity……gets a bit tiring to be honest that his agenda isn't celebrity gossip but his own platform. I'm not saying this cause I have any issues with it……..equality for everyone but seriously Perez….sort out what kind of site you want to be cause I'm getting tired of you pushing this platform at every turn no different that I'd tire of the straight agenda too!

  15. 15

    That was really awkward for me. I kind of cringed a few times when she talked about how she felt seeing that girl up on stage. I was like "TMI TMI!" lol. But even if it were a guy talking about how he felt being attracted to a girl for the first time I would have felt the same awkwardness. But it was a really great speech but homosexuals can't expect to have 100% acceptance. No matter how much it is deserved. People of color are still stigmatized today. It might not be as blatant or as cruel but it happens every day. It could be when a little white lady sees a black man coming toward her she clings to her purse just a little tighter. As much as we wish for things to be equal for people being discriminated against it won't ever be. This Kayla girl should be really proud of herself for coming out like that. She has no idea how many people's lives she probably touched by doing that.

  16. 16

    WTH school is this? Assembly where kids are coming out of the closet? I mean good for her and all but… ?

  17. BusyB says – reply to this


    Re: bleahf – Yes, no one cares because you are allowed to marry whoever you would like and you will not get harassed or beat up just because of who you love.

  18. BusyB says – reply to this


    She did an amazing job. I wish her all the best. It is great that she is local to me as well. I guess it makes the story a little more real. Either way, she is very brave and she should be very proud of herself!

  19. 19

    Oh Fuck not another one…..now will you just please change the name of your site to something that fits your sick life style and be done with it. Earn your rights as everyone else does…and bleahf I care and congrats to you for being straight

  20. 20

    Almost every gay I personally know, puts their sexuality out front of everything that defines them as a person. I on the other hand firmly believe that a persons sexual orientation should not define them.

  21. 21

    Wow. I couldn't do what Kayla has done right there. Perez, you've picked a great video here. And as for you Kayla, you are beautiful, strong and very couragious for what you have done there. X

  22. 22

    How can you "not imagine" it? Aren't you gay?

  23. 23

    She seems really cool and smart and I like how she approached this. TOO BAD THE IDIOT WHO WAS FILMING WAS BREATHING LIKE A DOG IN HEAT, WTF, nearly ruined the video!

  24. 24

    She is awesome… Love it!!! Now THIS is a young girl with self esteem…

  25. 25

    very well said. some wld venture to say that racism has not been overcome. it is still a fight many are fighting to this day. i think she meant to say the word "slavery" instead.

    keep fighting the good fight.

    equal rights for all.


  26. 26


  27. 27

    Yeah, yeah…. and this is why people who actually agree with your agenda get turned off to you, Perez. She's totally obnoxious and preachy and the video was painful to watch. This girl seemed so rehearsed and not the least bit sincere. I just kept wanting her to stop talking.

  28. 28

    Bravo Kayla!
    I wish you the best.
    Live a long, proud & prosperous life.

  29. 29

    Good for you!

  30. 30

    Oh…because nobody had it figured out before this. A homely girl with a deep voice, a low-pony AND an active participant in RENT is GAY?!?! SCANDAL!! Get over yourself. You're gay! Ok…whatever…nobody cares.

  31. 31

    Re: The Audge – Completely agree with you. She has balls but somehow the speech feels too contrived and rehearsed. It didn't feel vulnerable. And why should her sexuality have to define her, especially at school? I think speaking out is an amazing thing but it's okay to not have to share ALL of your feelings. Martin Luther King got his message out in such a beautiful way, and this speech felt more about than her than anything else.

  32. 32

    *****STANDING OVATION*****

  33. 33

    wow - you go girl! what a bright, sensitive, young lady - after that, I have no doubt that she's got a terrific future ahead of her. everyone should be entitled to live free and to follow their heart without fear!

  34. 34

    Good for her. This speech was awesome!! Hopefully this video will help and inspire more gay teens to speak out, and get support from their peers. She is a great role model!!

  35. 35


  36. 36

    I'm sure nobody was surprised at all. She comes across as 100 percent lesbian. She seems to have wanted to make the whole graduation about her. Although I am 100 percent gay friendly (even though I'm Straight) something about this just rubs me the wrong way. She did it for attention, that much is clear. Like I said, there is no doubt that everyone knew already. Way Butch.

  37. 37

    that take so much courage and strength.
    def. respect her

  38. 38

    and why does the whole school need to know her personal life??

    when everyone graduates they will never see this girl again and it won't have made any difference.

    she only did it to make HERSELF feel good……just because you want to do something doesn't make it right…..I would have walked out.

  39. 39

    Re: mama sez whatevs – your and idiot….no one needs to know your personal life except your friends.

  40. 40

    Re: bleahf – totally agree!!!!

  41. 41

    @bleahf- yeah i'm straight too. it's really cool cause i can bring my boyfriend home to my friends and family and not be worried about how they'll react. i can also hold hands with him in public without getting a single weird look. and when he proposed to me, people in the area clapped and cheered for us. when we sent out our wedding invitations, no one had a bad thing to say about it. one of my best friends is gay. i couldn't care less that he is attracted to men but it breaks my heart, especially as i plan my wedding without a fucking stitch of opposition, that he can't experience that happiness the way you and i can. so if ever you have to work at something and deal constantly with ignorance, discrimation, prejudice and hate, and some asshole too self centered and lazy to actually think about the issue says "all that shit you're working for comes easy to me, so who really cares?", i really hope you're a better person that i am cause i really, really, would love nothing more than to punch you in the face. your parents must be proud.

  42. 42

    Good for her for having the courage to do that, but honestly….that's super awkward for the people listening. i felt that it was awkward, and seriously, anyone would have thought she was a lesbian just from looking at her! But i would never be able to do that in front of so many people so kudos to her!

  43. 43

    Incredible speech! Bravo Kayla… you WILL go far in this world!

  44. chiro says – reply to this


    I very seriously doubt that no one knew she was gay, she looks butch!!!! What does her coming out have to f=do with MLK. I'm so freakin' tired of people comparing the Civil Rights movement to wanting to marry your gay partner! IT'S NOT THE SAME, NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!! I've never seen dogs siked on gays or signs saying no gays aloud or gays not being able to vote!!!

  45. 45

    Now tats wat were all talkin bout, this is the best speach ever and i very inspired by her amazing courage… I may be all the way across the world (Angola,Africa) and straight but when i saw this clip i was like amazed and so happily proud of wat she has done, i've always loved gay people and they are the same as any other person, and as Kayla said they dont choose to be this way… YOU GO GIRL :D

  46. 46

    Re: windycitygirl
    it wasn't a graduation.

    Ridiculous comments about her demeanor also. Just stay in your little bubble and keep reading about Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga, the important things in life.

  47. 47

    Great! Another white person hijacking Martin Luther King day. What an inconsiderate jerk.

    You guys should just hold a coming out day every year so we can eb annoyed and ignore you all at one time. Seriously guys. Can't you be gay without coming out? I do not need to know that you are attacking another man's buttocks at night. Keep it to yourselves.

  48. 48

    OK. I am coming out IM STRAIGHT.

    All of you straight people. Go on every web site and come out as being straight. See how annoyed the LGBT community gets. They will get sick of hearing that another straight person came out of the closet just like most of us are sick of hearing them come out.

    It is no big deal any more. It happens every day.

  49. 49


  50. 50

    why is this necessary? Its none of anyone elses business, so dont make it theirs.

  51. Rohan says – reply to this


    Wow, such an awesome message that you actually put a commercial in front of it to make money! You fucking revenue whore!!!

  52. 52


  53. 53

    OK. I'm open mind. And I don't care if someone is gay, bisexual or straight.
    BUT YOU KNOW WHAT?? ACCEPT IT!!! AND GET OVER IT!! I'm not going to do the same this gurl did, and say that… I'M STRAIGHT. ¿who cares? Is Perez going to write a post about it?? Don't thinks so…

    this shows that there is still a long way to go to reach the naturalness of sexuality, This article is responsible for himself to make a difference between those who practice their sexuality. GET OVER IT if this gurl is lesbian…it's fucking AWESOME! it's not necessary to go there and tell everybody who you sleep with -.-'… or should every straight go out there and make the same?.

    Courage of what?! I hope one day people would say… ok you're lesbian, bisexual or straight… so what?

  54. 54

    She sounds like she's reciting poetry. But she sent a very good message, people need to speak about many different things that make us all different like she did.

  55. 55

    Re: sockie – I agree!

  56. 56

    Re: bleahf – hahah yeah! Nobody cares!

  57. 57

    I'm going to announce in an assembly that I'm straight.

    Can I get a pat on the back afterwards and a shout on your site then, Perez?

  58. 58


  59. 59

    Great message! Too bad she had to give it with that ANNOYING, spoken-word type lilt in her voice.

  60. 60

    Such an inspiring, articulate, and educational speech! Good for her to stand up in front of everyone and use her story to make a difference. I can't believe people are judging her "performance" - of course she wrote out and practiced her speech, she was getting up in front of her entire school, being videotaped, and sharing an extremely personal story. Instead of criticizing and judging her delivery, we should be commending her bravery, and listening to her message.
    Thank you for sharing this video Perez!

  61. 61

    very good public speaker, im very impressed.

  62. 62

    grosss! being gay should be illegal yo. that's just wrong.

  63. 63

    Dude I went to middle school with this girl, I shit you not we even have a few mutual friends, small world eh?

  64. 64

    Great speech. All of it was very true. Still, the girl's an attention whore. It's MLK day, not National Coming Out Day. Would have been nice to see her honor his progress in her speech.

  65. 65

    I think everyone probably knew she munched carpet. Just stated the obvious.

  66. 66

    whew. forget the state of the union speech, show this instead. i am not gay and do not have a gay agenda. she is such an inspirational person that everyone should hear her words. any kid struggling with any issue. her message of loving yourself must reach all those in crisis. unfortunately people still place far too much importance on others sexuality.

  67. 67

    OK all of you gay people. Give Martin Luther King Jr. Day back. You can have Kwanzaa for coming out. It is a whole frigging week and does not mark anything of significance. Take Columbus Day, no one wants that old stupid holiday. Maybe you could take January 8th. It is Bubble bath day. You gays like bubble baths right? Is that gay enough?

    You leave National Pie Day alone you mother f#*kers. That is a Holy day. You have been warned.

  68. 68

    Re: doritozzz – Is that a shirtless boy as your avitar? Figures.

  69. 69

    This chick has some SERRRRIOUS balls. Hats off to you Kayla, wherever you are. You may have saved lives with this one speech. Also, f*ck off to all the ignorant a**holes spouting their ridiculous right wing bullsh*t. This girl is courageous and epic as hell. Did anyone here have that much confidence in HIGHSCHOOL? Um, I don't think so. This girl is AMAZZZZZING! - END OF STORY.

  70. 70

    This girl is local! I live near the same area as Maria Carillo!
    I'm so proud of you, Kayla!
    You're fucking amazing!

  71. 71

    Re: AshleyTaylorCobb – She wishes that she has balls. Someone had to say it. Come on! That's funny. Come on!

    By the way. Courage is running into a burning building to save a life. You are not comparing her to a firefighter are you? That would be stupid. Are you stupid? I will give you the benefit of the doubt and say no.

    I am not right wing at all. In case you are referring to me. I am a hands off my sh@t kind of person. Our government has no right to control any of our lives (to simplify things here). I consider myself a libertarian as far as a political affiliation. Not that I owe you an explanation.

    If I think it and feel that it amuses me, I say it. No surprise that people think that I am a jerk huh?

  72. 72

    Kayla K: the story if your struggle brought me to tears. While I am not gay, I am an artist so I know many people who are and I know they applaud you as I applaud you for your courage. I wish there was more I could do… but the changes that need to be made come from within the heart; and you have touched so many hearts and I believe will continue to be an inspiration for many years to come.

  73. 73

    This kid should know that people will like you or hate you for who you are and not what you are. Judge me for the content of my character and not the color of my skin or sexual orientation. (loosly quoted from MLK)

    Gay people are fun to pick at because they are always whining about their rights. Marriage is not a right and do not compare your "civil rights" to those of the black community who struggled finding a bathroom that they could pee in, much less find a bathroom along the freeway to blow another man. There were no blacks allowed. Gay people could use the bathroom, but blacks could not. Get my point?

  74. 74

  75. 75

    w00t! My alma mater! Class of '01!

  76. 76

    Re: Calli33 – It's a high school in Santa Rosa, CA. I went to this high school, and the MLK is not about coming out. In the days following Kayla has gotten huge support from her peers and faculty.

  77. 77

    So so beautiful! Thank you sweet heart.

  78. 78

    To everyone saying she sounds rehearsed and insincere: Don't you think she was incredibly nervous, not only because she was coming out, but because she was doing it in the form of a speech in front of her whole school? Her way of combating that was to create a clear, concise speech & she sounded just like a LOT of other speech givers I have heard throughout my life. Sorry she doesn't cry and scream to make her point. Most people wouldn't even be able to give a speech like she did even if it wasn't about her sexuality.

  79. 79

    For everyone who says the situation is not appropriate-given that it was an MLK assembly- you cannot imagine how wrong you are. I graduated from her high school and the MLK assembly covers topics of social justice across the board. The whole idea is to commemorate Martin Luther King, Jr.'s teachings and apply them to current social inequalities. Kayla does this eloquently and beautifully.

  80. 80

    Noooo, not overly dramatic, rehearsed or conrtived at all. nope.

  81. 81

    Good on her. That was so fantastic.

  82. 82

    omg this girl amazinggg i hope one day i can be as brave as her!

  83. 83

    who fucking CARES

  84. 84

    I went to high school with this girl. She's very talented and well liked by all. Oh, and she's 17. Seriously, this girl just came out to her school (and I really don't think she was doing it for attention, that school was not the most gay-friendly and I wasn't openly bisexual until college partly because of it). Why are people talking shit? It's hard enough being a teenager and being true to who you are, we don't need people from across the country criticizing.