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Good Luck With This One! Madonna's Estranged Brother Wants To Reunite!

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Yeah! Fat chance, buddy!

You burned those bridges a loooong time ago!

Madonna's brother, Christopher Ciccone, has decided today that despite his very public critiscims of her in the media - and penning a tell-all about her - he still wants to reunite - but is afraid that it won't happen until their grandmother, Elsie Fortin, passes away!

He explains:

"The only contact I have had with my Madonna is via e-mail when I try to keep her updated about our family, but often she does not respond, and if she does it is through somebody else. It could take my grandmother's passing for us to meet again, but one way or another I know it will happen. I'm praying that my grandmother makes it to 100, but I know she is frail now…she is a remarkable person who raised my brothers and sisters and is very important to our family. Look, I no longer get invited to all the same parties, and there are certain agents in Hollywood that won't touch me, but I have no regrets and don't really care about that stuff anyway. After I wrote Life With My Sister Madonna, the famous late Hollywood agent Ed Limato told me 'I understand you now' while I also think it has given my family a better understanding of me too. I'm not totally black-listed, and there are still plenty of people who will work with me still though. I've just formed The Ciccone Factory and I'm mentoring a number of exciting new artists including Erika Anderson and Ashe Wednesday. I'm energized again and just like 'a gay Simon Cowell' I intend to mentor these performers and use what I learned working with my sister to help get their careers established. I also have an erotic photography book coming-out in the summer called Fucking Polaroids which I'm looking forward to promoting. Life has come full circle for me now and I certainly don't have any regrets about writing my book - it help me with my own identity and to truly understand the relationship I had with my sister Madonna too."

Ah-ha! It all makes sense!

He has projects he wants to endorse, so he's using his sister's fame to get media attention in order to plug them!

We're sure she's going to LOVE that, bb!


[Images via WENN.]

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20 comments to “Good Luck With This One! Madonna's Estranged Brother Wants To Reunite!”

  1. 1

    what a coattail rider

  2. 2

    Madonna is not only the richest and most successful female artist in music history she's also considered to be the most influential. I highly doubt she gives a fuck what this fat loser brother of hers had to say. She cut him off after he didn't get help for substance abuse problems and he's just bitter.

  3. 3

    What a manipulative fuck.

  4. 4

    Man, he has really aged. I think the best thing he could do is apologize for being a smuck and shut up.

  5. 5

    yeah her brother is a leecher but madonna's a bitch let's not pretend she's some nice girl.

  6. 6

    Wow her and her brother look alike haha, But of course Madonna is looks way better :)

  7. 7

    My thoughts? That maybe you should mind your own business and stop acting like you know what's best for these two. Just because you're a devoted and rather biased fan, that doesn't give you any special insight to their relationship, no matter how much of it has been aired to the public. If he wants to reach out to her, it's his right. If she forgives him, that says a lot about her. If she doesn't, it says a lot about him.

  8. 8

    You are dead to her now, fat boy.

  9. 9

    I read his book and she has used him for years. I love her music but I would never want to met her shes a user. Who the fuck uses there dead mothers grave site as a location for there movie yet alone there dead mother as an extra? My thouhgts she owes him. she made him go to new york to live with her because she couldn't pay the rent then said to him sorry chris you can't live here, He got a job as a dancer in a show in canada and she asked him to go back to new york to be her dancer then said sorry I don't need you any more. I saw the video lucky star watched the both of them together an thought hes pretty good a little better than her then I realized she didn't want him to do well for himself with out her, so she held him back because god forbid she share the spotlight with anyone else. Madonna a grade A bitch

  10. 10

    he doesnt need her fame to promote his projects.
    you just did it for him yourself… retardo!!!!!

  11. 11

    He is a loser who coat tails his sister and from all accounts is Bitchy and full of himself. He really should get his own identity and move on in life.

  12. 12

    PS saw his book selling at dime store J & Rs in NC for a whopping $1.98. LOLzzzzz
    There was like an entire table of them for sale and they had dust. No one was buying them even at that deep discount price.

  13. 13

    don't think she's gonna let him near her at grannies funeral. she'll be surrounded by young hot bodyguards and afterwards whisted off to a waiting private jet containing a young hispanic stud.

  14. 14

    Poor guy… he sounds so pathetic.

    The "artists" who signed with him just committed career suicide.

  15. 15

    i feel bad for him and any of her family.

    she treats him like a scab she picked after he helped her.

    she talk bad about her mom and dad all the time .

    and she mistreats her kids all the time she promote kids having sex and disobeying parents but she wont let her kids watch tv at all. she wont allow tv's in her house . i think its because she doesnot want her kids to know she was and is a filthy slut. but she pushes it as ok

  16. 16

    his sister is the most powerful singer ever in this planet. shes madonna of course he wants to reunite for money. madonna already agve him lots of money. she was stabbed in the back cause of him. a brother doesnt say what he said. she never said a bad word about anyone. she told her father about it and he was mad. she is like a papa girl. he should shut up. madonna is #1 in the world he was a dumbass before and he loose her. im sure he is hurt and sad cause M loved him so much

  17. 17

    he is a huge friend of janice dickinson thats says it all. madonan run from them

  18. 18

    Why doesn't this despicable a**hole go away????

  19. 19

    What the hell does being the most successful and so-called most influential female artist have to with her family relationships? Of course she gives a shit what he has to say. Despite her fame, to her family, she's still their sister. Like the rest of world, they could care less how much she's sold.

  20. 20

    madonna has a lot of money but no grace.
    what use is it if you use everybody madonna ?
    what use, is the desire to be spiritual and kabbalistic if you cannot admit that you did some hell shitty things to your family?ie be normal. the feeling of resolution will never arrive whilst being such a graceless man. yes man not woman.