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Sad! People Of Color Shut Out Of All Major Oscar Nominations!

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This is very unfortunate and disappointing.

Despite some very talented individuals receiving well-deserved nominations this year for Academy Awards, ZERO people of color were recognized in any of the major categories - including acting, writing, and directing!

Such a shame!

We sincerely hope that filmmakers keep this in mind during upcoming projects this year, because this should have never happened, and there will be no excuse if it happens again next year.

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244 comments to “Sad! People Of Color Shut Out Of All Major Oscar Nominations!”

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  1. 201

    Bringing this up is racist Perez. We are all supposed to be equal, and our color should be invisible. People of color should not be "quota-ad" for nominations. They should be treated like everyone else, which the Academy has done. Next year, whether there are 10 or zero noms for people of color, it should not matter.

  2. 202

    Why the hell did you capitalize the first letter of every word in the title? What a tard!

  3. 203

    Are you kidding me? Last I checked President of the United States of America is half "people of color". I think the "people of color" are doing just fine. Perhaps, you should just focus on celebrity gossip and less on posting your ridiculous racist agenda. How about just congratulating the "people" who were nominated and leaving it at that……..

  4. 204

    if it was all people of color it wouldn't be a big deal. if it's all people who are white then it's an issue. I understand the issue of racism in this country, but Mo'Nique, Jennifer Hudson, Halle Berry, Morgan Freeman, Sidney Poitier, Denzel Washington (the list does go on), are ALL Academy Award winners. People are just people and shouldn't be defined by race, mainly because it doesn't really exist. Some years PEOPLE make bad movies and other PEOPLE make good movies.

  5. 205


  6. Dia22 says – reply to this


    Nominations are handed out based on merit, not color. If there weren't any worthy performances from a colored actor/actress this year, then there shouldn't be any nominations for them.

  7. 207

    Perez, I dare u to admit u were wrong about this post. Take responsibility and admit that maybe you got a little worked up over nothing. I'm more offended about the omission of certain actors and movies that I thought were Oscar worthy. Man up perez. You are pathetic.

  8. 208

    u r soo stupid!!

  9. 209

    i really doubt that this was some deliberate racist shut out cosidering all the fantastic performances that have been nominated and won by people of colour in the past. Name a director or actor of colour who actually deserves a nom or a win this year?? your're just causing trouble posting shit like this…i thought you'd 'changed'

  10. 210

    Re: hoochpit – Thank you!!!

  11. 211

    Re: LiQuIDCouRAge – Oh I know, I once went to a school with about 90% black people. I remember this girl that was grades above me chasing me down after school one day, threatening to kill me. When the police got her, she said it was because I was white and I deserved to burn in hell. LITERALLY! I was in SECOND grade!
    I've never held anything against black people, and still don't. That was one ignorant and poorly raised little girl.
    I'll never forget that though… I've always been raised to respect people and treat people equally, all shapes, forms, colors, and genders. I've never, ever discriminated against someone… that happened, but life goes the fuck on right?
    And this isn't me being racist or making a stereotypical statement… but it seems like majority of the racism comes from black people in this country. I've seen it so much out in public and it's truly sad.
    It's not hard to be an adult about things and respect people, if they don't respect you back OH WELL life goes on and they're the ones with the problems, not you!

  12. 212

    SO WHAT ? This is SO ridiculous ! I think u got a serious problem talking about racism and homophobia every 5 minutes.

  13. 213

    The issue of the Oscars not nominating people of color is a moot point every year. We can't look to them to nominate, much less award, actors of color for performances that we deem they are worthy of. That’s why there are the specific award shows that are geared toward Black, Hispanic, etc. entertainment community to award their own. Even though ‘For Colored Girls’ wasn’t a great film, there were performances amongst the ensemble cast that are worthy of recognition, and I’m sure they will be recognized at the BET and NAACP awards. The Oscars are a joke anyway, because they can't even award the worthy white nominees because the Oscars can be brought for a price. I’m not surprised that The King’s Speech was awarded a dozen nominations and I won't be surprised if the film walks away with every Oscar in their category this year because the film was made under the Weinsteins.

  14. 214

    Who cares, better luck next time to our people of color. What I hate is being labeled as "Colored people" last time I checked we are all the people of color *Checks Crayola box* Yup I see White, Black, Red, Green, Blue etc etc.. Maybe if Hollywood put Black/Mexican/Asian people in leading roles of these predominantly "White movies" maybe we can get some Oscars nshit! I'm just saying..

  15. 215

    hello white people are the new black! all the same

  16. 216

    So it's automatically racism? Oh of course, it's not like there haven't been any outstanding black actors/directors this year… oh wait. There haven't.

  17. 217

    So now the Oscars must have a race quota? God you are a communist

  18. 218

    You're such an idiot, Mario. Doesn't anyone realize that all Mario does is troll for responses. That's what makes him popular. He could care less about what the truth is. Seriously. His close to 2 million a month has bullshit written all over it.

    But Mario's right. That last Wayans brother flick that made it straight to DVD last year should have been nominated in EVERY category.

  19. 219

    Actually, after reading it again, Mario's right. He's being very careful with his wording however. What he's telling the people of "color" (is that the new pc term?) is to start writing better shit. But keep it up Mario. Keep posting articles that further divide racial boundaries.

  20. Went says – reply to this


    If you are going to do this story, you need to come up with someone who should have been nominated. I can't think of any major role played by a person of color this year that deserved a nomination. For Colored Girls was DREADFUL in every aspect of the word and that was the only major motion picture I can think of that featured people of color. So who, Perez, are you putting forward?

  21. 221

    Gotta agree with most of the comments. Talent has nothing to do with the color of your skin. If there were no 'people of color' that deserved to be nominated for the major categories than there weren't. No need to pull the racism card (which is used way too easily nowadays.)

  22. 222

    Oscars affirmative action?!?!?! GIVE ME A FUCKIN BREAK.

  23. 223

    sounds like most people missed the point here. I'm pretty sure he's saying that no person of color was given a role worthy of an oscar nod, not that they purposely didn't nominate anyone. However, there are only 5 spots in each category meaning that 15 people were nominated in those categories alone…that ratio isn't all that bad that no people of colour were nominated. Also, doesn't anyone remember last year was the first year a female director won the award??…pretty clear that the academy awards aren't the most liberal of awards' shows…just saying

  24. 224

    knock off the race bullshit already!!!

  25. 225

    This maybe random, but I just found out Hailee Steinfeld is part black on her mother's side.

  26. 226

    That is like complaining that white folks werent drafted in the nba, or asian folks werent drafted in the nhl, or spanish folks werent drafted in nfl. Its talent that wins (or bribes in the case of oscars).

  27. 227

    Perez, I love you dude, but today you are utterly wrong. This is sensationalistic journalism at its finest. I am a lover of all races and people, but this is WRONG. You always want people to grow up; right here is your own chance. I agree with all those before me. Just name one or two persons of color who DESERVE to be nominated this season? Grow up. We have evolved as a human race, and we are better than this. We have all seen that people of all colors and places of origin have the same chance as everybody else. Stop making excuses, excuses are worth nothing. FOR FUCKS SAKE..WE HAVE A BLACK PRESIDENT PPL!!!! This is proof we have grown as a nation past our racist origins. The only people perpetuating and continuing needless racism and bigotry are people that say things like this. I know you are a better man than this Perez! I know because I love ya, and sorry your just wrong when it comes to this buddy:( Awards ceremonies matter because it is people that DESERVE commendation being awarded publicly. Its as simple as that. Period.

  28. 228

    i hear you - not one singe alien was nominated either.
    you have no argument, stop trying to cause trouble.

  29. 229


  30. 230

    i am not a racist, but nobody is really to blame for this. hollywood is about making money, and black themed movies don't make it. and the black themed movies they did make were either silly comedies, dramas with BAD acting, or tyler perry, who's movies are not oscar material. first the complaint is women can't get good roles. that complaint was squashed this year. this year is blacks. next year will be, what, asians?

  31. 231


  32. 232

    Re: wwefan01 – he is a white spanish man

  33. 233

    Perez, please shut the hell up. You are trying to cause a stir when there is NOTHING to complain about.
    I'm a HUGE film fan, and I can tell you with CERTAINTY that no black actor,writer, and director did any good film THIS YEAR.
    That is not to there aren't good black actors, writers, directors (last year and the years before).
    So please, do NOT try to make a big deal out of nothing.
    It is truly pathetic and honestly made me think LESS of you, when I truly thought you had changed.

  34. 234

    I understand diversity and everything, but I don't think that black people should be nominated just because they're black. Thats just stupid. No movies, or actors come to mind that would get nominated anyways…

  35. 235


  36. 236

    why the fuck are you starting trouble perez?you starting a race war
    maybe they weren't oscar worthy?
    Race is not a qualification.
    you earn your spot by your performance NOT the color of your skin.
    why should someone be nominated to fill the spot of a colored person and take the spot away from someone who is more deserving of it?
    white people dont win shit at the soul trains, or bet awards,
    or NAACP awards. and dont complain about it all.
    this country has so many race problems. and people bring it up where it isnt needed at ALL! i highly doubt this was intentional.

    this post was so unnecessary perez, SO uncalled for.

  37. 237

    What 'Hoochpit' said.

  38. 238

    Oh, can it Perez. So what, less deserving performances should get nominated just so we have a 'mix' of races as nominees? Next, we're going to have to have equal men and women in all categories. Please… I think that is pretty disrespectful to those people who were nominated. Talent is talent, and may the best win - regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation.

  39. 239


  40. 240

    Honestly, Perez saying that its racist to not have people of color nominated just causes a mess and gets everyone angry…. you just love to fuel the fire and piss people off.. You are causing more harm for even talking about it. How about just report the information….no one comes on your website to hear your opinions…we DON'T CARE. Plus, I find it amazing over 240 people have commented on this post…it just proves that you have annoyed people so much that we would even bother to comment and log on here.

  41. 241

    You DON'T get nominated for having a certain skin colour, you get nominated for doing an outstanding job at a given category! If no one of colour deserves a nom, you DON'T nominate a person of colour! Get real.

  42. 242

    Perez I know ur trying to be Politically Correct and racial sensitive but SERIOUSLY "people of color" is a very racially offensive term so brush up on ur terminology before u post shit!

  43. 243

    WTF!!! Why does it have to be because they are "OF COLOR" that they didn't get nominated…maybe their stuff SUCKED!!! I am SO SICK of poor pitiful "people of color"…what the fuck ever!!! GET OVER IT!!!! Things in the past were bad, but that is OVER!!!! I know shit still goes on, but it's not always THE WHITE MAN's fault!!! SHIT!!!!!

  44. 244

    its all rigged, bribes are given. if a "person of color" wants to win they better haul ass to the bank.

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