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Boo! Elton & David Magazine Cover Gets Censored!

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elton and david magazine cover gets censored

Absolutely disgraceful!

Arkansas Grocery store chain Harps has censored Elton John's US Weekly magazine cover featuring the singer with husband David Furnish and baby Zachary.

We would NEVER shop at an establishment that would make such an ignorant and offensive move like this.

So disappointing!

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280 comments to “Boo! Elton & David Magazine Cover Gets Censored!”

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  1. 101

    Re: PrincessPinkPony – what stores would you be referring to, Princess ????

  2. Wrenn says – reply to this


    If some people think it's offensive…that's their right as an American. I am a Christian and believe that homosexuality is a sin…therefore I wouldn't want my children to think this lifestyle is acceptable. In our religion, it is not.

  3. EMJ3 says – reply to this


    Don't jump to conclusions, just because you have ONE picture with the shield up doesn't mean it was supposed to go there. Someone could easily move it from one rack to the other.

  4. 104

    Re: rldh88
    Thats must be how parents of white children must have felt when they refused to sit next to, worship or use the same water fountains as black people.

    As long as parents "are ok with gay people" but still teach their children it is something to be shielded from or is not normal, we will never get to a place of equality in our society.

    My children have been taught equality and acceptance from birth, it is innate to their nature.

    If you were really okay with gay people why is it so risky to let your child see a picture of new parents who are proudly holding their baby? Seems pretty harmless for someone who isnt homophobic.

  5. 105

    Having internet problems. My comment was a response to OneLove5

  6. 106

    Re: rldh88 – Tell them that it's NORMAL, like my parents did! I was curious at the age of 5 when I saw two men holding hands and my mother explained that sometimes men fall in love with other men. She didn't need to get into pornographic details for me to understand the concept. If you let your children's schoolmates tell them about homosexuality, they will be told it's wrong! Tell them the truth, since you claim you have no problem with gay people.

  7. 107

    I want to know what else they censor at this store. Do they censor US Weekly when Lindsay Lohan is on the cover, bombed out of her mind? Do they censor celebrity sex scandals? (Jesse James, Tiger Woods.) Or are magazine covers like this okay because the word "GAY" is not in the title?

  8. 108

    Re: UhYeah
    ugh! You people who speak out of both sides of your mouth! Censoring a picture of new parents with their baby because they both are men IS HOMOPHOBIC!

    Saying a store has a right to do that, fine. But, does that make it right?

  9. 109

    Re: honeylove021 – what a moron ! guess your relationship with your doesn't teach you to spell or speak properly. what school you went "honey love" ? nice name for a hypocrite.

  10. 110

    Re: OneLove5 – So the over 2000 species in which homosexuality has been observed are simply copying human behaviour, since it's not natural and people are only gay because they're following some kind of fad?

  11. 111

    Did they cover up Maxim too? How about any cover with the Kardashians? Paris Hilton? Snooki? Just exactly what are they "protecting" young shoppers from? So it's not okay to see a committed mature couple who are married and been together for a long time with their child but it's okay to see young people who are not married and are on the internet on sex tapes with partners they are no longer with? Oh Arkansas….

  12. 112

    Re: jaymay
    Protecting them from what exactly?

    Gay is not contracted from seeing two men with their new baby on a magazine cover. If children see this, they may develope an open mind that not all families look like their own and maybe, just maybe they will grow up to be adults who are not judging everyone by their own choices.
    They may even believe everyone should share the same rights and be equal. Oh, the horror, God forbid such travesty.

  13. 113

    Re: PacDan

  14. 114

    Re: honeylove021 – Homosexuals do not have EXTRA rights.

  15. 115

    I think this is a little funny and certainly ironic. Magazines like FHM, Maxim and Cosmo for its headlines like "How to have as many orgasms as possible", are not censored but THIS is?! It's definitely weird and shows why the US has a reputation for being hypocretical when it comes to sexuality.

  16. 116

    Re: Hesnotintou

    I believe it IS the IDEAL NORM for many gay couples who look forward to a family. Who are you or anyone else to decide what is normal???

  17. 117

    If they wanted to be disrespectful they wouldnt sell it at all….even tho ur offended someone else woulda been just as offended if they saw the cover.

  18. LeenB says – reply to this


    So they censor magazine covers with two dads and a kid and not prono magazines? Seriously?

  19. 119

    Seriously! Thats horrible! They are in love, happy and will make GREAT parents! They will be better then the idiots the "shielded" this cover of a happy Family. Go ahead you Arkansas freaks shield your kids from the real world because your going to have some rebellious ass kids then what are you gonna do!

  20. 120

    Its Arkansas i wouldnt expect anything less,

  21. 121

    They do the same thing at Wal-Mart sometimes with Cosmopolitan..It's just a magazine for goodness sakes. Why don't you focus your attention on real problems, like the gay teen suicides, child abuse, and poverty..And if you don't like something, then try to change it instead of just bitching about it your little blog.

  22. 122

    Re: jaymay – Gay is not being shoved down anyone throat through a cover of a magazie.. What if one of the magazines had a famous christian preacher and the store owner decided to cover it, do you know how up in arms some people would be about that?

  23. 123

    if this were a piece on inbreeding, you know it would be proudly displayed at newsstands right as you walk in the door.

  24. 124

    It's not there because they're gay… it's cause they're f$%# ugly!

  25. 125

    Re: OneLove5
    Again, your beliefs are respected and you have a right to them. Just as mine are. But, we do not believe the same thing.
    How would you feel if it was unacceptable to be Christian in this country and your rights were not respected and it was acceptable to censor Christian families because believing in Jesus is wrong and a sin??
    Would you just accept that and hide in a hole and hope your town doesnt find out or they may beat or kill you??
    And, do you think its okay that this happens to both Christians and Gays all over the world?

  26. 126

    I'd like them to do that every time a Kardashian is on a cover from now on.

  27. 127

    Yeah? And a lot of stores put one of those in front of Cosmo too. So what? Am I suppose to be offended because I'm a woman?

  28. 128

    Re: newfiechic
    very well said

  29. 129

    Re: rldh88 – So what you're saying is, your kids are going to turn into closed-minded bigots? Awesome.

  30. 130

    Re: OneLove5 – False. Not a choice.

  31. 131

    I am speechless and so sad. I am not gay, but I don't see anything wrong with two people (regardless of their sex) being being happy together and sharing a family that will make open citizens in our society.

  32. 132

    thats Arkansas for you. lol

  33. 133

    America has actually become the STUPIDEST country!!!

  34. 134

    Re: honeylove021
    Oh Dear Jesus, you are a funny one!

    "extra rights"????????
    are you fucking kidding me??

    and discrimination is discrimination. The paths do not have to be exact. Gays may have not been targeted as slaves but they have been both legally and illegally executed for who they are all over the world for a very very long time.
    Read a newspaper or something

  35. 135


  36. SF90 says – reply to this


    Have you thought about that it might be a customer who did it for fun? Or the person who took the photo, just to start some drama?

  37. 137

    this is pathetic!

  38. 138

    Like that is the ONLY magazine covered up….give me a BREAK!!! There are 5 other ones covered up as well. This whole GAy this, Gay that is getting on my freaking nerves. We're sick of the GAY story….you're GAy, congrat u fucking lations!!!

  39. 139

    man. fuck that store!
    that just got me so boiled!

    equal rights damn it!
    thats discrimination!
    i swear america hits a new low everyday
    and goes against everything its supposed to stand for.

  40. 140

    I usually think you exaggerate what is homophobic and offensive but this right here is completely messed up. It's 2011. Two men holding a baby is not inappropriate in the least. This is such a disgrace to America

  41. 141

    Sad, just sad…

  42. 142

    Re: PacDan
    I love you for this comment.

  43. 143

    Re: Markie – It was a general statement about the overall movement to force society to accept gays, most notably through gay marriage. Every time gay marriage is put to a popular vote, it is shot down. Then the courts or legislators step in and overturn what the majority want.

  44. 144

    is this for real?

  45. 145

    Re: fdfdff – It was a general statement about the overall movement to force society to accept gays, most notably through gay marriage. Every time gay marriage is put to a popular vote, it is shot down. Then the courts or legislators step in and overturn what the majority want.

  46. 146

    Re: UhYeah
    its the opposite,the store is forcing shields on the cover and doesnt allow me to see 2 men with a baby.
    now,fuck off.

  47. 147

    Love it!!!! Now they just have to take all that homo shit off the TV!!!

  48. 148

    Re: mystic pizza – im not tryin to be funny im just stating my opinion last time i checked that was still legal in the US??
    I believe marriage is between a man and a woman, as it has always been legally, so when someone wants to marry someone of the same gender, thats an extra right. that my personal opinion.
    As for P.S. comment I was responding to the magazine "the Advocate" that branded the quote "Gay is the new Black" ( this was done last year, but its sticks to me til this very moment) I wasnt belittling the gay civil rights movment, i was just making the point NOT TO COMPARE the two. Both have ther own distinct history. Its NEVER OKAY to discriminate against a person becuz race, gender, sexuality,nationality or religion.

    I may not be afforded the chance to read the newspaper everyday but im aware of whats going, and not just in the united states, gays here should consider themselves lucky, in some areas its way worse, even worse for christians too (but most pple tend to 4get that n let it go…).

  49. 149

    how horrible….i showed this to all my friends and everyone thinks the same. Seriously, people need to get with the times. They are a family, let it be and stop hating. There is already enough hate in the world, dont need more of it.

  50. Bytch says – reply to this


    I dont blame them…thats a fucking horrifying picture of Elton John nobody should be subjected to it.

    PS: You seem to attack all kinds of countries for things, why not say "UNITED STATES: THIS SUCKS" like you do for everyone else??

  51. 151

    Re: BeeLahhve – And wherever you live has officially become land of the stupidest person on Earth!

  52. 152

    ok, i made a screen name to comment on this. for one thing, "gay" isnt being shoved down peoples throats. the reason why it is such a big deal is because people are saying that it shouldnt happen. there is nothing wrong for two people to be happy. i am straight and realize that it doesnt hurt anyone. second, no child is going to know what is going on on that magazine cover. stop sheltering your kids because all they see is two guys holding a baby. get with the times, if your child wants to be gay, its not because they are seeing a magazine.

  53. 153

    This is just hilarious.. I'm so equal rights just as much as the next guy, but honestly, they have these everywhere in the US, including the North. They cover Cosmo every week because they write "vagina" or some dumb shit like that. What's so funny to me is not the cover, but the writing on it. LOL. I can't even take it seriously.

  54. Laury says – reply to this


    Wow. Just wow. Two men holding a baby. Oh yeah, that's very offensive. Fucking homophobes. *rolls eyes*

  55. 155

    To protect? Lmaoo what a joke.

  56. 156

    Re: Wrenn – um yea, it is also their right as an american to be gay. so it doesnt matter what your religion is because not everyone believes that or not many people are diehard fans of what you believe. its a sin to keep your children in the dark. im pretty sure you would rather have your child be gay than to hate or kill themselves because their mom or dad doesnt accept them.

  57. 157

    I highly doubt any kids would look at that magazine cover and think twice about it. It's not like they're FUCKING on the cover! How stuuuuuuupid.

  58. 158

    Re: PacDan – LOL Very funny!!!

  59. 159

    Re: pinkyandshmoo – this is how i decide to parent my children and honestly i dont want them to be confused because if my oldest 5 year old child would see this she would ask wheres the mommy and ask why is there 2 dads i dont want her to think that is normal because its not i want her to grow up that normal is a man and a woman having children and later in life when she is old enough to understand that there are some people born different then i will explain to her …Like i said im not against gay people but this is how i choose to parent my children and these are my opinions if you dont like it i dont give a crap

  60. 160

    I'd like to see the entire magazine rack before I make any assumptions. Where I shop, multiple magazines (Cosmo, Glamour, etc.) are always shielded, and sometimes in different aisles, ALL of them are shielded. A lot of it just has to do with how many people have been picking up the magazines and not putting them back properly, or if kids have been playing with them, etc.

    Who's to say that the person who took this picture didn't cover the magazine themselves? We aren't getting the full story here.

    IF this was blatantly covered by the store owner, that is something to take issue with. But if it was just covered by chance/happenstance or the photographer covered it, then we are all jumping to conclusions. I think the only way to know for sure would be to hear the store owner's side of the story and see a pic of the full rack.

  61. 161

    Re: mplsboywonder – Um, no it's not. And is that the best you could come up with? I can take a picture of my checkout aisle if you'd like just to show how dumb you are. What's your e-mail? And I'll send it to you.

  62. 162

    Re: Mad Dog – that has nothing to do with perez's post though. this magazine cover isn't forcing you to accept anything or shoving anything down your throat.

  63. 163

    Re: bleahfRe: Mim_miRe: Branin – what i teach my children is what they would understand but gay in my mind is not something i would like to teach children 5 and under like i said they will get confused how y'all choose to raise your children is fine but what i do teach my children is the way i think is right ..i was raised the same way and i don't hate gay people and i don't judge them i just accept some people are born a different way

  64. 164

    Re: Markie – and you im not a biggot or ignorant my closes cousin is gay who see my children everyday just because i just choose to raise my children the way i think is right and for you to judge me on what i think is right , my opinions ,it seems your the ignorant one so kiss my ass

  65. 165

    Re: rldh88 – poor parenting if you cant take 5 minutes to explain that some people are different. its not going to damage a kid and they will forget about it.

    and also, i live in a town that doesnt cover any magazines besides playboy, and i am sure that many other towns dont either. if a magazine can have nearly naked people on it, then they should allow this

  66. 166

    Re: Mad Dog – I was being tongue in cheek. I am not gay and I am white an I love having things my way, but I will explain something to you. A majority can vote we no longer educate people whose name begins with M, that can be voted on and pass a thousand times. That is agaisn't our constitution ,it is UNFAIR, it isn't equal, it is againsn't the law. even if the majority wants it, so it is the courts job to stike it down. So the M named people are protected by the courts from the majority……just a civics lesson. What you're getting "shoved down your throat" is what this country promised every citizen gay is the new black.

  67. 167

    Re: MaxIzKing17 – like i said im not against gay people hell i think they are brave for what they go through but i dont want my children to be exposed to things they would not understand.. i understand you raise your kid in your own way but i decide to raise them my way

  68. 168

    "to protect young harps shoppers."


    You have got to be kidding me. Why do they think they have to "protect" children from homosexuality? Do they realize how stupid this is?!

  69. 169

    Well, it IS Arkansas after all. Ground zero for inbred white trash. I would love to see this applied to all Sarah Palin covers so I don't lose my lunch.

  70. 170

    Ok to be fair I live 2 miles from Harps Home Office and went to the Harps close to my home and bought this Mag and it was not blocked or censored at all.Im not sure which Harps had the cover blocked but Im guessing it was the Manager who did that and not the Store policy.Harps is a very progressive company that is owned by its employees,some of which I might add are gay.Just a little first hand info for the masses.

  71. 171

    wow i don't know what to say about this. its good and bad in many dirrernet ways.

  72. 172


  73. 173

    Re: Serena Loves Mario – Thats your opinion on what you think is right but i have different way of parenting it does not mean im against gay people its just the way I think is right

  74. 174

    Re: PacDan – hahhahha YES!

  75. 175

    Re: caitlin1013 – no they are going to be rasied to respect everyone and not judge them for being or thinking different the total opposite of you? you ignorant ass

  76. 176

    Re: yeaman – Poor parenting really? how ignorant of you for judging me for what i think is right to raise my children?

  77. 177

    Whoa…..you are about to spark a war. Being a Christian myself, this is not the way to preach someone. It comes across very hateful and who would want to join into that. Jesus loves us all, regardless of sexual orientation. He may not agree with our choices, but who are we to judge?? I say we leave that up to him and just continue to pray, love and serve others.

  78. 178

    Re: OneLove5 – Honey not everyone agrees with you. Yes, you have the right to believe what you want but maybe others don't. Stop trying to force your religion on everyone else. If I may say so myself, you believe this is wrong according to your beliefs and religion but I don't. Many others may not agree either. I think you are very close minded and need to realize that everyone has different opinions than you. As far as raising my kids I have two uncles that are gay and play a big role in my kids life. Yes, they are still under two, but when they get old enough to notice and ask I will teach my children that some people are different than others and will teach them how to respect peoples rights to be different.

  79. 179

    WHATTTT?!! lol this would never happen in the UK! This is disgraceful! I don't see the issue here, seeing 2 men holding a baby doesn't harm young children! sorry but some parts of America need to start getting educated with what's around them, when I have kids I hope their generation will finally fully accept the gay community! none of this anti-gay ignornace!

  80. 180

    Re: rldh88 – I ok w/ you telling me whatever, you say your cousins are gay but you don't want your daughter to see two men together in a family portrait, with that kind of mixed message maybe your conflicted and confused and are simply ignorant. Tell me whatever but you perpetuating ignorance to your poor children will make them less successful and probably confused like you. Bring your ass over hear doll and if you wont take it in a gay way….I'll kiss it lol. Maybe If your kids get older and see how hypocritical you are on the subject they have a loving person in their life that isn't as misguided.

  81. 181

    I don't buy the whole "my religion is against homosexuality so I am too" nonsense. It is fairly obvious from the lack of censoring of people who have committed adultery that it is simply an excuse for their bigotry. Especially when considering that the rule against adultery is an actual commandment while the prohibition against homosexuality is an an obscure portion of the Old Testament that also prohibits wearing mixed fabrics and eating shellfish.

  82. 182


  83. 183

    Re: rldh88 – WOW! Watching gay couples kiss or be affectionate on TV and being uncomfortable with explaining that to your child because you are a homophobe is one thing, censoring a cover that shows two men holding their child and smiling is another. Are you that petrified of explaining to your child that this is a happy family? You and people like you are what is wrong with America. If YOU want to be a homophobe that is your business but to raise your child to think something is wrong with two men who are happy about raising a child they love is DISGUSTING

  84. 184

    This was not the case at all Harps stores and they already issued a statement from their home office to remove the shields. It was unclear whether it was intentional or left over from a previous issue.

  85. 185

    Re: Heggoo – Wrong, when my kids were small I did not want them seeing the covers of Playboy, Hustler etc.

  86. 186

    Re: PacDan – LMAO, that's so funny.

  87. 187

    Re: PacDan – Right on, love your response. :) I went ahead and sent a so eloquently written email to the corporation- hope someone actually reads it.

  88. 188

    Re: rldh88 – Okay so by that logic if your child sees a heterosexual couple together you can't explain that either because they can't understand "adult" topics? Come on! I bet if they saw a couple on a magazine with their baby they wouldn't ask what that was all about just because the couple were both men. It's all well and good to say "I will teach them about these things when I think they are ready", but the reality is that a child's attitudes about things come from their parents and start forming at a young age. You can't completely ignore it for years then all of a sudden start telling your child that some people are gay and that's okay. That's like your whole life not saying anything to you child when they hear the n word from others, like going years without telling them when people use that word it's wrong. Then all of a sudden when they are older suddenly telling them it is wrong. Trust me sending mixed messages is WAY more confusing to children than a simple honest explanation the first time they ask about something.

  89. 189

    I do not say not to love, only that it is not acceptable. The person is a person just like anyone and deserves to be treated as anyone would want to be treated and deserves to be loved. I am not one who thinks we should hate or be mean with our words but the truth is the truth and the way the world is has all been written out for us and if you know the word then you know Jesus and then you know what is not acceptable. It does not mean we are all perfect, far from it. We are all born sinners. Grace be to God that he gave Jesus to us to die for us, and to bring us peace and forgiveness.

  90. 190

    Re: PacDan – i think they mean it is a choice as in you can choose to not act…some people see gay acts right up there with child abuse, bestiality, etc…in that if you have desires to do something bad or odd, you should choose to just not act on the desires….and some that are so religious just dont understand how gay people dont see their desires as so wrong…they have been brought up to believe that and they have suppressed any desires they have and just wonder why others dont also. some people arr so close to the gay lifestyle they cant see or understand how others could disagree with it or understand why they think it is bad for the individual or society as a whole… good point you made..just ask any straight homophobe to get erect over a guys pic…it is not a choice…they just think you should choose to not act…

  91. 191

    I work in a grocery store and those censor things are put onto a bunch of the racks. A lot of time customers will pick one up and just put it back in a random place. For some reason i don't think this is a malicious, homophobic act. At least I hope not.

  92. 192

    Re: PacDan

    It has become so normal now to people, so acceptable that people do develop feelings. We as a people have become unlearned christians so to speak. Now is the time of Satan. It is his reign to come and steal, kill and destroy. He does that with our minds, with some of our technology and his only goal is to get us to sin against God. In the end though, he will be alone and not sitting higher than God on a throne and everyone who does not choose the word, or accept Jesus Christ in their lives will parish. There will be much suffering. Satan has brought these feelings to us and we who are not in strong spirit fall into the trap.

  93. 193

    Re: ms trudy
    By no means I do not beleive that. Right and wrong. Read the word, it is all written there for you if you choose to see it. You can choose Jesus and accept Jesus or you do not have to. I choose Jesus.

  94. 194

    Re: Serena Loves Mario

    Human species.. no it is not acceptable. I am not referring to any other species.

  95. 195

    Re: mystic pizza

    The government is not working with Jesus. They are about as corrupt as they come. I accept the word of god, the trinity. I accept people. Not gay peopel or hetrosexual people. People. As far as whether you are christian or not, that only you know the truth, you and Jesus. I am just saying that it is not accepted by Jesus and it is not accepted by me. I choose not to be Gay then. I still sin though, I still make my own mistakes. I ask for forgiveness and keep trying to live through the word of God.

  96. 196

    This whole thing makes me sick to my stomach. And no not simply because a magazine was covered up.

    Here's the thing. Love is love no matter who it is, or who they love. It's an emotion that should be spread. But yet all it seems to do is create the opposite.

    Whether you are gay or straight. Love your neighbor, no matter what. Gay, straight, bi, lesbian, democrat, republican, black, white, asian, anti-gay, christian, muslim, we are all people that were put on this earth, and we all have feelings. Sure you don't have to agree with other peoples views, you don't even have to like their views. But to wish them dead or wish them harm (as I've seen in numerous comments on this site), is absolutely disgusting. And this goes for both sides. Whether you are anti-gay or gay, spreading hate and harm on someone else can really affect someone, no matter how 'tough' their online persona may be. Kill people with KINDNESS…and that is all. Otherwise, how different are you from online bullies?

    Spread love. Not hate. Respect peoples beliefs even if they are not to your liking. You are entitled to your own, just as they are entitled to theirs. Even as someone who is gay, I can still respect the opposing side.

  97. 197

    Re: jaymay – Protect children from what, exactly? A picture of a family, seriously? Like it is really better to pretend that gay people don't exist or something. There is nothing wrong with that picture that a child needs to be protected from. And saying that "GAY" doesn't need to be shoved down people's throats is really stupid. It is just a picture, no one has to do anything with it or even pay any attention if they choose not to. What if some gay people don't want to see straight people all the time, should we cover that up as well? I bet you wouldn't justify that.

  98. 198

    Re: mystic pizza
    I do not care if anyone or everyone tells me that believing in Jesus is wrong, because I know the word of God and I know Jesus. I do not believe in hurting others, condemning others or anything like that just because I do not accept their behavior.

  99. 199

    "We"? You and your mutt?

  100. 200

    People are entitled to their own opinions but they are not entitled to their own facts. The fact of the matter is that there is no evidence to support the ridiculous notion that people choose their sexuality and currently a great deal of evidence supporting the idea that sexuality is determined in the womb. You can quote scripture and make ridiculous comparisons all you like but that does not change the facts.

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