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183 comments to “Exclusive! Glee Creator Ryan Murphy Responds To Kings Of Leon Drummer's Homophobic Twitter Comments!”

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  1. 101

    not homophobic! just telling him to man up and act his gender instead of being a whiny little girl.

  2. 102

    Ryan Murphy needs to LET IT GO. All he does is whine about how KOL won't let him use their music. Who cares? There's lot of other bands out there. It's not like KOL are the friggin Beatles or some shit. All Ryan's done is make me hate KOL AND him. Ryan's a pompous loud mouth bully. Does he think that if he keeps harping on it they'll just give in? Between Ryan and Princess Lea the Bitch I'm starting to hate Glee. And it was one of my favorite shows.

  3. 103

    I too am sick and tired of gays of all colors only sticking up for only being gay. My problem is the narcissistic way gays defend themselves like the whole world be damned if they make comments about them, PC or not PC. White males are now the leaders in the economic market. Two white men make more money than married couples w/or w/o kids, more than women and especially more than black men.

    I think gays should focus on how they can help equalize the economic market perhaps hire people of ALL races and sexes (I know some gays who are prejudiced against straight people believe it or not) Help to fix the economic market and perhaps people will take gays more seriously and be more attuned to their existence. My soap box moment.

    Now, as far as this insipid argument goes, to berate a man for picking on another man in public? STOOPID for Perez yet again. Who are you? That drummer owes no one an apology anymore than the Glee guy does. Duke it out online, but keep the generalization out of it. That is what gays should learn, stop blowing shit out of proportion and learn to live amongst everyone equally and perhaps we all will live with you equally.

  4. 104

    I don't think he was making a homophobic remark, I think he was just calling him out as a little whining bitch, cuz not everyone is creaming to be on his high school musical knockoff with gays and scissoring. Sorry, but from what I understand this show is not exactly for kids I think that's what the Leon guy meant.

  5. 105

    Re: hoochpit – You're clueless - implying all gay men get manicures and wear girls undergarments is EXACTLY the same thing. Rude and offensive. Wouldn't expect someone calling themselves "hoochpit" to be much of a class act or have more than the 3 brain cells it would take to grasp that statement is equally as offensive.

  6. 106

    Re: hoochpit – You just said everything i was thinking!!! I AGREE ONE HUNDRED PERCENT!!!!

  7. 107

    Re: Randy Christian Lee – um, yes i really do.

  8. 108

    Re: Monika_Wirkkanen – Just the opposite, he didn't attack Ryan how could he? He doesn't know Ryan. so he went after WHAT Ryan is not who. THERE'S NOTHIN FUNNY ABOUT BEING GAY. MOST gay people are not feminine those are just the ones that get the spot light.

  9. 109

    Re: Dee Wood – hahahahaha i'm sorry but that was the stupidest comment ever. i don't even know what to say to that besides, you're kind of a dumb ass.

  10. 110

    I love how you make things out to be soooo much worse than they are… That really wasn't bad at all.. I was expecting something big… you are so stupid perez…

  11. 111

    Glee is fucking horrible.

  12. 112

    I'm pretty sure he was just calling him a pu$$y, which he is for harping on it! This is in NO WAY homophobic!

  13. 113

    I'm team Team Followill! I strongly dislike glee, it's very overhyped. Also you left out what Ryan Murphy said, he started the whole fight. I also didn't see Nathan's tweet as homophobic. I saw it as Nathan calling Ryan a bitch/whiny little girl.

  14. 114

    gay people are a tiny bit too serious when it comes to humourus gay jokes.
    they need to chill a bit…

  15. 115

    Re: Dee Wood

    They DID say no thanks and then Ryan Murphy told them to eff off and called them self-centered a$$holes, this one is TOTALLY on Ryan Murphy and his $h!t show!

  16. 116

    I don't think this was meant in a homophobic way AT ALL! I think it was meant in a 'dont get you panties in a bunch' kind of way which I would say to a gay or straight man sarcastically, I think when people make issues of things like this it distracts from TRUE homophobia! Anyway i think what Ryan Murphy said about KOL was so much worse…

  17. 117

    Buy a bra? What an idiot.

  18. 118

    Re: MattRyanForever – Hahaha what the shit, because a 7-year-old is so close in age to creepy almost 30-year-olds playing high school students… Ryan Murphy is an idiot, lol.

  19. 119

    Yes, the same "upstanding gentlemen" who said F-You to KOL in his last response. What BS. Guy can't take NO for an answer & wants to make the band look bad.

  20. 120

    Perez.. you're actually pretty sensitive..which is strange because you used to say all kinds of crazy shit about people… don't you know you shouldn't dish out what you can't take back? Anyways.. I can't really tell if the guy was being Homophobic.. he could of just meant the glee guy is girly or something ..it's not like he said f*gg*T..

  21. YAMI says – reply to this


    Ryan is not an upstanding guy, or in your words 'gentlemanly' he is the one that started talking shit. If he can't take it then don't dish it out. Btw this is a far cry from homophobia, calm ur tits, you blow things way out of proportion, stop trying to make it all about ' it's because he is gay '

  22. 122

    Not cool the way the drummer had to tweet it all over the internet. A simple let it go would have worked better. Real surprised here.

  23. Low says – reply to this


    All the drama aside… I just don't like KOL's music at all. I like their hits but outside of that their other songs are just boring.

  24. 124

    As a gay man myself, Ryan Murphy created this controversy.

    To Ryan and Perez, man up!

    A group of musicians have the right to say NO to Glee. Deal with rejection!

  25. Zoom says – reply to this


    Ryan Murphy was the one who started the shit talk,so the drummer get's blasted for defending his group? Bullshit! Not everyone likes this shit show Ryan,get over it! And great point about teaching 7 yr olds on how to say fuck

  26. 126

    Team KOL!Funny that's all.Perez,stop stirring up drama where is none..

  27. 127

    Ryan Murphy… I don't like him.

    The KOL guy probably crossed the line to offensive by a hair, but it was a joke. He obviously wasn't being serious.

  28. 128

    it is so funny how perez gets the most comments when he posts something about gay issues or politicians. the two subjects everyone complains that he shouldn't post. it's also funny how many conservative, homophobic, crazy assholes frequent the site of a flamboyantly open gay man. must be a lot of hateful people with a hell of a lot of time on their hands. i know i wouldn't waste my energy trolling around on websites of people i find disgusting. as for the subject of the post ryan murphy was acting like a big baby. not all artists want to be associated with glee. to bad nathan followill didn't take the high road instead of responding like a child. get a manicure, buy a new bra. how silly.

  29. 129

    The gays are in an uproar. Ryan Murphy ego is getting a little to big. They KOL said no to using their music and it was their right and RM went on one of his gay tirades.
    He's utterly ridiculous not everyone loves Glee. He's a total ego maniac.

  30. 130

    Perez…I love you but I think this is a great example of how people just take things way to far in this day in age…he was referring to ryan murphy as a girl and he should basically grow a pair and grow up…in no way did i decipher this as a homophobic remark until i scrolled down and read what you wrote…people need to just calm down and have some fun

  31. 131

    Murphy is stirring up shit.

  32. 132

    k, both parties are at fault. ryan murphy shouldnt've dropped the f-bomb on them for refusing the show, however the drummers comments are completely innapropriate from a grown man. people that don't see that this is homophobic really only see what they want bcuz telling a gay man to go get a manicure and put his bra on is rlly disgusting and inappropriate. i think they both need to apologize to each other, its so highschool. i mean its bad to drop the f-bomb but at the same time, adults do that. what adults dont do is tease homosexual males.

  33. 133

    Trying to feminize a gay man with stereotypes IS homophobic. Crazy for those who don't see that. They were both being jerks but King of leon's took it too far.

  34. 134

    Ryan Murphy started this whole thing by giving his rude comments. Why didn't you post his comments Perez?? Ryans comments were mean spirited and he used the f word, and called them ass holes…. Nathans response was quite polite and funny compared to what Ryan said! I think Ryans ego is getting way too big and he should practice self restraint and maybe he should trying being humble. Please Please stop blaming every comment toward a gay on homophobia!!!

  35. 135

    Yeah.. maybe a misogynist comment from nathan, but def not homophobic. You would think it is if you don't know the whole picture, wich you, perez, didn't tell! that ryan guy probably has some anger issues, because you don't say fuck you and all that other stuff to someone just because they don't wan't their music to be on that gus show… it's not for him to decide!

  36. 136

    OH MY GOD!!!!!! does the gay community have the slightest idea what a sense of humor is? he's not making homophobic slurs, he's calling him a pansy-ass woman. which he's being. stop being so sensitive & plug it up!

  37. 137

    funny that alot of people can't tell the difference between an oh-so-common misogynist comment to a homophobic one. why couldn't you had stood up for women, wich would have been the appropriate way to do it, instead of making an unnecessary "post" about homophobes.

  38. 138

    OMG! Ryan Murphy needs to GET OVER IT! Who cares if they don't want you to use their music. KOL ROCKS! I am done with Glee. Ryan Murphy says "Fuck KOL"… I say Fuck you - Ryan Murphy!!!

  39. a3334 says – reply to this


    Re: misslibby – moron, since when do 2 gay men(ryan and perez) represent the entire gay community!? they don't, so shut the fuck up!!! if you took 2 minutes to read these comments you would see that most people who claim to be gay disagree with perez!

  40. 140

    HA HA Murphy…KOL won't bow down to your cult of Glee. SHows many of us fans they aren't willing to sell out for cheap pop culture

  41. 141

    I like Glee. But I like Kings of Leon more. And I dislike Perez for being so biased. In this post you intentionally excluded the first dig made by Ryan Murphy to the band. You then did NOT include KOL's very rational response in which they state they have no ill feeling toward Glee. Then you blow Nathan's tweet WAY out of proportion. Maybe it's time I stop giving so many hits to this website and go buy some more Kings of Leon albums. Everyone needs to stop giving a shit about this entertainment industry bullshit and go concentrate on something worth a damn.

  42. 142

    Re: Amy Wang – I completely agree with everything you said. It's ridiculous that Ryan Murphy doesn't have to apologize to them for saying, "Fuck them," and that they're self-centered assholes, yet KOL is supposed to apologize for a comment that wasn't intended to be homophobic. Mr. Murphy thinks his shit doesn't stink, so when a band doesn't want their songs on his crappy show, he goes apeshit crazy. He takes it as an insult. Some artists just want to maintain their integrity in regards to their music, and so they don't license it out for commercials, tv shows, etc. There's nothing wrong with that. Ryan Murphy needs to quit being such a damn crybaby and stop making himself out to be the victim.

  43. 143

    I'm, starting to like KOL more and more. This is America! KOL does not have to like glee or pretend to be into gay issues. I especially like the fact that this guy stood up to this gay mob that tries to ruin people if they hear something they dont like ( no matter how trivial it is). See the Carrie Prejean.

    The Gays have turned into Nazis , which is really sad

  44. 144

    Maybe Gay kids are killing themselves because they have bigger problems than being Gay, like being Mentally ill?

  45. 145

    Not homophobic at all… I watch RuPaul's Drag Race the other night and those gay men did wear bras… quite well actually! How do we know Ryan doesn't in his spare time… rude! In all seriousness… this is BS, once again. Stupid, yes! Homophobic… no! Overreaction!

  46. 146

    Perez, you really should post the comments made by Ryan Murphy that led to him getting such a reply from KOL's drummer. You're clearly picking Ryan's side because he's also gay, and he is the creator of a show you cream your pants to every time it's on. He brought all of this upon himself and caused the drama. He's not a saint that should be apologized to. He took the drummer's reply out of context and made it to be a homophobic insult (which it wasn't). He's adding more fuel to an already scorching hot fire. The dude needs to man up.

  47. 147

    #1.) Why I agree it's not homophobic, it is extremely stereotypical of gays. And thats messed up. Especially when they are people and deserve equal rights just as we do.
    #2.) Kings of Leon isn't wrong for refusing to work with Glee…but they are stupid for doing so. It's the biggest show on T.V now. Just won the Golden Globe for best comedy/musical. If they were smart, they would let Glee do it because its a groundbreaking show that reintroduces or introduces people to music…so their music would become more popular
    #3.) Kings of Leon is a horrible band anyway…I'm sorry but they are mediocre and thats me being nice. So I'm actually glad Glee is using their music.

  48. 148

    I am so sick of King's of Leon and their ridiculous sense of self worth. If not for there fans, they would be NOTHING.

  49. 149

    I am so sick of King's of Leon and their ridiculous sense of self worth. If not for their

  50. 150

    Glee has to understand KOL and others are not fans of the show. Why would they care if a 7 year old listens to their music? They are grown man ….Glee creator needs to take a chill pill. This is not his first or last turn down from a band. I use to like the show now I'm so over it.

  51. k-lee says – reply to this


    LOL but Followill's tweet was funny! He was only targeting Murphy, not the entire gay community.

  52. a3334 says – reply to this


    Re: misscheriamor – homosexual = being attracted to the same gender. those men weren't dressing as females because they are homosexual. they were dressing as females because are transvestites. learn the definitions before talking about it please.

  53. 153

    that's o k . In a couple of years they'll be opening for Hooboostank on the "One Hit Wonders Tour"

  54. 154

    Re: MattRyanForever – I was just about to mention this! Naturally, he took the one sided route and conveniently ignored that Ryan Murphy was technically the one starting this crap.

  55. AniaM says – reply to this


    Ryan started it, now suck it.

  56. 156

    Re: Icemochalatte – You're an idiot

  57. 157

    Re: Monika_Wirkkanen – bold words for someone hiding behind a computer screen

  58. 158

    Re: hoochpit – Yes, please. Stop coming on this site. It's run by a gay guy. And it's followed and supported by a lot of gay individuals. Go away

  59. 159

    Re: justagirl1101 – It was both homophobic and sexist. Why would he jump to insinuating that this guy Ryan is "girly" for any other reason but the fact that he's gay? Ryan didn't say anything in his tweet to come off as a girl. Would he have made that comment to a totally hetero guy like Vin Diesel or Gerard Butler

  60. 160

    Who the hell is Kings of Leon and why do they fucking matter in this world? Seriously… If you don't like Glee, don't watch it or listen to it. I never liked Glee either but at least I heard who they are… but Kings of Leon? With those comments? I don't think so… lost any minimal interest I could ever have… sorry

  61. 161

    You radical gays have NO sense of humor. if he had said "go suck a disk and the shove it up your ass" I could see you, well, no you'd probably be turned on… never mind…

  62. 162

    I think you're great Perez and I understand where you're coming from, but Ryan Murphy is completely wrong. He talked about 7 year olds and used F*** in the same message. How can you create a show with such a young audience and talk like that? Kings of Leon makes great music but is unfortunately only really known for their couple of radio hits. It's makes sense for them to want to be respected and step away from a commercial image. Plus, glee would ruin their music.

  63. 163

    honestly, it seems like an immature response to an equally immature rejection reaction, but I fail to see how it is homophobic.

  64. ClubM says – reply to this


    i did not find it homophobic…anyway who the hell is kings of lions???????

  65. 165

    Re: alixman – I believe that if Vin Diesel or Gerard Butler carried on like babies over a simple rejection, then yes, they would still make the same comments. This is not a gay issue people. Its Ryan Murphy crying like a bitch because a band doesn't want to hear their songs butchered by the talentless kids on Glee. Ryan Murphy, you need to man up and stop crying like a bitch. If you're offended by being compared to a woman, then stop acting like one. And for those of you about to call me a sexist, I am a woman so I don't care or want to hear it.

  66. 166

    I used to be a huge fan of KOL but all of their shit talking has made me not want to listen to their music anymore. Didn't the lead singer apologize about making rude comments about his fans? Blah blah. They need to stfu.

  67. 167

    Re: Icemochalatte – because it wasnt a joke between two friends, it was an insult aimed at this man for being gay. Im sure though as a straight guy your able to laugh when someone calls you an ugly close minded douche, right?

  68. 168

    Did he ever say a single thing about him being gay? No.
    End of story. Stop being a drama llama.

  69. 169

    i really don't know how this is considerd "Gay" i did not take it in any gay way at all.ryan murphy is at a 10 and im going to need him at a 2..CALM DOWN!!!

    team KOL!

  70. 170

    "Fuck you, Kings of Leon. They’re self-centered assholes, and they missed the big picture. They missed that a 7-year-old kid can see someone close to their age singing a Kings of Leon song, which will maybe make them want to join a glee club or pick up a musical instrument. It’s like, OK, hate on arts education. You can make fun of Glee all you want, but at its heart, what we really do is turn kids on to music.” That was Ryan Murphy's comment that started this whole thing with the Kings of Leon. Is that really how an upstanding gentleman handles his behavior? Sending F-Bombs to extremely accomplished bands just because they have denied him the ability to use one of their songs on a television show? Which they have the legal right to do you know. This whole thing is ridiculous. Nathan's comment was in no way homophobic. It was funny. Sorry you don't have a sense of humor. Get over it. KOL rocks.

  71. 171

    that was seriously harsh, all the guy did was ask if he could use their songs, there was no need to be so vicious about it. that made me like kol less.

  72. 172

    Anti-tranny, maybe, but homophobic? Really?
    This kind of insult is used by many people to both guys and girls, regardless of sexual orientation.
    The KoL are allowed to be annoyed about a show not taking no for an answer and accusing them of not caring about children simply because they don't want to be a part of show. Expressing disappointment is fine, but making an accusation like that isn't very fair. Nathan is right to be pissed, and although he could have been a lot more eloquent and mature about it, he has a point.
    BTW, does you over-reacting not enforce the stereotypes of gays being over-sensitive? Please just calm down and try to be objective.

  73. 173

    but you noticed ryan murphy didnt respond to the TRUE statement that he is teaching 7 year old how to say fuck…or that he is screwing his cast out of royalties from their single and album sales!!!

  74. 174

    Re: Dee Wood – they DID say "no thanks" and voted as a band to not have the shitty show Glee use their music (they've also turned down movie soundtracks etc) as is their right as musicians. so Ryan responded to them "fuck you" and then when that's taken badly, turns around and throws out the gay card.

  75. 175

    I used to like KOL. Now not so much…

  76. 176

    His comment was not homophobic. He was implying that Ryan is a whiny biotch and needs to get his nails done like a chick. Perez has never liked Kings of Leon and it shows in every post about them. Clearly, Nathan didn't mean to be homophobic, as he apologized 10min after.

  77. 177

    You wanna know what an upstanding gentleman does? He apologies when he realises that in the heat of things he said some things that came out wrong, like Nathan did. Where's Ryan Murphy's apology for calling KOL sel-centered assholes and telling them "Fuck you Kings of Leon"? All he can do is come crying and actually talk about young gay men killing themselves????!!! WTF??? Grow a pair, seriously. Or am I being a homophobe for saying that too?… By the way, that goes for Perez Hilton as well… after all the mean, rude, insulting down to hurtful things you've said about celebrities in the past?! You're shocked??? What a joke…

  78. 178

    I'm gay, and I get tired of the homophobe card being pulled everytime a gay or lesbian is insulted. There was nothing homophobic or hateful about Nathan's comment. He wrote it to get a rise out of Ryan and it worked.

  79. 179

    kol is a sad excuse for a real rock band

  80. 180

    His comment wasn't homophobic. He just wanted Ryan to stop acting like a little girl because KOL refused to put their music on his stupid show.

  81. 181

    They are all douches. Talented ones, but douches none of the less. And by all I mean KOL AND Ryan Murphy.

  82. 182

    As a gay man, please people, don't lump me in with Perez Hilton. He does not "represent" the gay community. He does not speak for me. He is an embarrassment.

  83. 183

    dear perez
    i found your article disgusting and misleading. are you implying the Ryan Murphy was just skipping around happily after KOL refused to let him have their music on Glee? As i recall he told them TO GO FUCK THEMSELVES. you asshole, did you really think people wouldn't know that?
    so first of all, bands refuse to have their music on shows all the time, so don't imply it's a first. and they refused before Glee was anything special so fuck off
    second, who the hell do you people think you are? you don't represent the gay people, you're nothing. in fact i think you're the people who are fueling the homophobia! telling gays to act like freaking girls, i don't remember that being gays had to mean being an overly emotional bitchy girl. hence the comment refers not to gays but the bitchy drama queens. and HOW DARE YOU USE THE DEATHS OF SOME CHILDREN TO AID YOUR LOST CAUSE? you are a sick evil manipulative drama queen and as someone one who has gay friends we all think you and Ryan should go fuck yourselves then see some therapist about this oversensitivity issue you have.

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