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So, Who Actually Is Running Ads During Skins?

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The answer: movies, Red Bull & stretch marks!

Last week, a whopping six major advertisers pulled their ads from airing during MTV's controversial new show, Skins. Deemed "child pornography" by the PTC, there didn't seem to be anyone left who was willing to let their product be associated with such scandal.

But indeed there was! Quite a few in fact!

Let's see…well, of course MTV promoted some of its own stuff. They also aired their public service campaign against digital bullying (kudos!) There were a ton of spots for upcoming movies, like Leighton Meester's The Roommate, Dianna Agron's I Am Number Four and Adam Sandler/Jennifer Aniston's comedy Just Go With It.

Red Bull stayed true to their word and ran a few ads during the broadcast as well and…oh yeah, there were multiple direct-response ads for Celtrixia. What, you don't know what Celltrixia is? Why, its the latest remedy to help remove stretch marks! You know how teens are plagued by those unsightly horrors!

The show's obviously fallen on hard times and they're only two episodes in. How much longer can they go on like this, we wonder?

If next week they air an erectile disfunction ad, consider this show OVER!

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14 comments to “So, Who Actually Is Running Ads During Skins?”

  1. 1

    Just for a comparison, SKINS is to 2011 that ABC's Love American Style (LAS) was to the 1970s.
    Except….LAS was marketed towards 21-34 yr olds while SKINS attracts 12-17 year old.
    BTW, MTV is and has been a MAJOR contributor to the MORAL DECAY of society.

  2. 2

    It's a good show. I hope it can stay on. We need more honest shows like this on Tv.

  3. 3

    Perez you're so stupid. Plenty of teenage girls have stretch marks! Especially girls that developed a considerable amount during puberty.

  4. 4

    I don't understand the comment about stretch marks. All (well, the vast majority) of us girls start getting them once we hit puberty. That's how it works - they form during body growth & development. Soooo….ages 12-18 approximately. Yeah. Same age as the target audience. I'm 17 and me and pretty much all my friends have a good number of them…… Very normal.

  5. 5

    it was made in toronto

  6. 6

    Yeah, a ton of teenagers, male AND female have stretch marks. It is definitely a product that is geared towards teens, and I'm sure, used by teens.

  7. 7

    I don't want the show to be over ! It's great I'm really starting to love Tea and I'm a Skins UK fan ! The start of the UK show gonna help them, I hope ! lol

  8. anaC says – reply to this


    SKINS is not an original MTV series, just for u know its an american REMAKE of the british hit with the same name ! , it was a total sucess all around the world, very original and honest!, i dont think this REMAKE is as good as the UK version, ill be a TOTAL FAIL .

  9. 9

    this is a good show the world can fuck themselves everything that the show is showing is true. a lot of the events that skins is doing is true what many teens in real life are doing. parents are just mad because there showing what there teen kids are actually doing. I am not saying every teen is doing what skins is showing on there show but a large poplulation of teens do all the stuff I did all that stuff like have sex with many people during my teens and even did drugs a lot of the stuff I did. I do regret and my friends also. but this show does show a example of what teens should not do. so I hope this show is not canceled on mtv.

  10. anaC says – reply to this


    I already watch the trailer and what i have to say its ,Fukin americans they totally ruined the show , i hope they cancel this CRAP soon!

  11. 11

    I love this show! I didn't watch the UK one cause it's so hard to stream and the quality is crap and I was so exited when they made a US version. I tought it was really good, i already love the caracters, love the music and love the feel of it. I also adore the way they dress. I just think that the fact that it's on monday makes that people don't really have time for it. BTW erectiles dysfunctions publicities are always on the super bowl and stuff doesn`t mean the show is bad.

  12. 12

    havent watched the show but people are stupid for throwing a fit. these "kids" are if fact ALL over 18. thank you janet jackson and you nasty fugly tit for screwwing up everything we see and hear in tv and radio.

  13. 13

    Ps- You all forgot Proactive.

  14. 14

    if they run an erectile dysfunction episode, it will be hilarious, because the next episode is chris'