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Is The Projectionist To Blame For Sundance's First BOMB?

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update on sundances first bomb

Earlier today, we learned that A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints director Dito Montiel's new film The Son Of No One absolutely bombed at Sundance, despite having a pretty big cast that includes Al Pacino, Katie Holmes, and Channing Tatum.

Now, the man in charge of selling distribution rights to the film, Cassian Elwes, is blaming the projectionist for the film's "bomb" status.

The projectionist? Somehow that seems like a cop out to us. Here's what he had to say about it:

"About a month ago, Dito decided to add a card, two scenes before the end of the film, that says, 'Based on the book, Story of Milk.' That is the character's name in the film. Yesterday, the projectionist thought that meant the movie was over, and he turned the lights on. That's when people got up. They thought movie had ended. Some left, but most stayed. This nasty little piece didn't mention any of this.

It's not true that the movie is a bomb. We're got three offers, but I feel some buyers pushing their own agenda with spin to bring the price down. Meanwhile, none of the reviews have come out. Before the press rushes to judgment, why not wait to see what real reviewers think, or at least get the story right?"

We're not sure if we're buying it. Don't people usually stay through the credits at these types of screenings? And why wouldn't that card go at the end of the film? All seems a bit weird to us.

Guess we'll see if the film ends up getting distribution.

Do U think the projectionist is to blame here? Or is the film itself to blame?

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9 comments to “Is The Projectionist To Blame For Sundance's First BOMB?”

  1. 1

    Yeah, sure. The "projectionist!" Maybe it has less to do with that and more to do with the shitty actors?!?
    Pacino~Past his prime, hang it up old man.
    Katie Holmes~Fine if you're into chicks who can't act and are dead on the inside.
    Channing Tatum~Never heard of him, but his movie list isn't that impressive.

  2. 2

    Katie Holmes hasn't made anything good… Most of her movies actually SUCK. Pacino is awesome and Channing Tatum isnt that impressive. So maybe its the cast. But let's blame something totally random

  3. 3

    I never heard of a projectionist just stopping a film because what he thought was a credit rolled. If there were more film on the reel, then you keep it running.

  4. 4

    Ha, like Casian didn't read The Wrap's review that posted at 3am ("Dito Montiel's 'Son of No One' Impresses No One at Sundance").

  5. 5

    maybe they should have had Katie Holmes pour hot wax all over her body while dancing in a strip club, like jessica biel.

    that movie was horrible, yet strangely popular.

  6. 6

    Re: Christina Polo – This is absolutely correct. Even a few short scenes before the credits begin would leave several hundred feet of film on the reel. Literally hundreds of feet. I don't know any projectionist with half a brain that would have cued the lights up with that much film left.

  7. 7

    projectionist was having a wank

  8. 8

    Oh HELLS NO! I've been around projection booths since I was a kid, and the only person to blame here's the filmmaker (and possibly editor). While I don't know what sort of system(s) they use at Sundance, any setup I've seen after 1970s or so has an automated system that brings up the lights. Yes, the projectionist puts the cue in, but if the film's digital, then the movie's shipped with documentation that specifies at what time the lights need to come up. If it's a 35mm print, the projectionist drops the cue in when they see the actual credits rolling (and trust me- it's pretty easy to tell when it's at the end of the film or if there's still another 20 minutes of scenes)…and that's if there's no documentation giving lights-up cue info included with the print.

    Sorry, on a minirampage here…just sick of hearing projectionists getting blamed for others' errors lol.

  9. Xenu says – reply to this


    I say blame it on that name KATIE HOLMES. She tends to wind up in suck films. Dump the Scientology and Tom with it.