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Jessica Simpson Gets Tipsy, Eats Fried Sushi After Cleanse

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To look good for when she walks down the aisle, Jessica Simpson went on a detox to shed a few pounds.

But soon after the cleanse was done, Jessica stepped out and dined at Hollywood's Katsuya - a big no-no!

Eating fried rock shrimp, creamy crab rolls, spicy tuna, and crispy rice, Jessica was spotted acting a bit tipsy after taking several sips of sake.

In fact, one eyewitness saw her staggering out and was holding on to her fiancé, Eric Johnson.

Was she drinking TY KU??

Probably would have been a much better choice for Jessica as doctors advice dieters to stay away from rich food and heavy alcohol when they're on a detox cleanse.

Looks like all that hard work went down the drain. Leave it to Jess!

[Image via WENN.]

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20 comments to “Jessica Simpson Gets Tipsy, Eats Fried Sushi After Cleanse”

  1. 1

    Some breaking news Perez, Jessica was tipsy. Wow.

  2. 2

    Whose this?

  3. 3

    A cleanse, that explains it. I was wondering how she was suddenly looking so much thinner in your post on her yesterday after looking so fat lately.

  4. 4

    You've cheapened the website even more (which seems almost impossible at this point) by placing that ever so subtle advertising punch in there. Disgusting.

  5. 5

    well thats kind of hypocritical because when someone is working hard to change they're body they should have some indulged meals. Live life to its fullest, don't judge her from 1 meal.

  6. 6

    NEXT, US will be writing that jessica was passed out drunk on sake because she is NOT OVER NICK AND NEVER WILL BE! OK mag. will be lying.., err writing that Jessica was passed out drunk on sake because She and Vanessa were VYING FOR THE SAME DESIGNER TO DO THEIR GOWNS, and (#q%(@ deciding that VM would do MORE JUSTICE to the 2 IDENTICAL gownS he/she designed, and did not look like a sausage in it(Ok mag says tubular to be nice). There will be an 'un named source ' who is jessica's BBF who reveals that Jessica, still not over Nick and upset about the gown, puts it on and walks up and down Sunset Blvd. (no explanation why she STILL HAS THE SAUAGE CASING). Crying and holding her sake bottle and roast chicken.

  7. 7

    Finally, in about a month, Jessica appears out, with her fiance, looking healthy, radiant and a size 4. A little hesitation before all rags put out, Jessica has her Dr. channel heidi montag's dead dr. to find out the secrets behind her 250 surgeries and proceeded to have them all. She plans to look better than Vanessa on her wedding day to m ake Nick, who she still loves, JEALOUS!. of course, one or two rags will have the headline Jessica is thin from PINNING FOR NICK, THE LOVE OF HER LIFE. yes, I am annoying, but THIS IS WHAT IS DONE TO SIMPSON ALL THE TIME. SHE DIVORCES NICK, so that must mean she STILL LOVES HIM, every sneeze has a motive, DISGUSTING. LEAVE HER ALONE FOR A MINUTE!

  8. 8

    Shut up, Mario.

    Just because you were once a fat f*$% and now you've lost some weight (still porky btw) doesn't mean you can go around telling people what they can and cannot eat.

    If she's want's to be fat and happy, she can. At least she's not you.

  9. 9

    I'm disappointed, Perez… I'm seriously one of the site's biggest fans and I can appreciate some sass, but I have to say that I've been loving your posts ever since you pledged to be nicer to celebrities, and it bums me out that you'd post this about Jessica in the midst of all these "Born This Way" lyrics–lyrics that speak to confidence in the face of bullying.

    You're better than this.

  10. 10

    Did she shart or something?

  11. 11

    You are falling right back in your bullying ways! A. cleanses are temporary - she's clearly off it - you don't sustain that type of unhealthy diet for more than 10 days to 2 weeks. B. ONE meal means all her hard work went down the drain???? Really? Wow I am a complete failure then, because despite being 105 lbs, running daily, and maintaining a nutritious diet…shhh..I had Ben and Jerry's last weekend! OH god, leave it to me to ruin everything!! I should be ashamed!! What a failure I am.

  12. 12

    Who cares. Haven't we all gotten tipsy at dinner? Who gives a shizzz….

  13. 13

    She had a photo shoot that day. There are pics. The girl went out & had a good time after a long day. It happens to the best of us. She's happy & getting married probably soon. Time to give a girl a break. NO big deal.

  14. 14

    umm, who cares. if she eats a shit sandwich it's her business, not yours. save the sanctimonious, i used to be fat crap for another lifetime. not pretty, p.

  15. 15

    Fried sushi?

  16. KatMG says – reply to this


    shut the hell up perez, who are YOU to judge eating habits. And were you even there?? Why are you so obsessed with Jessica simpson and her eating, go fix your own. If you want everyone's advice you still have some more pounds to lose so STFU

  17. Zopo says – reply to this


    Detox Cleansing is the biggest scam over the last decade. There is no proof that it does any good and to be honest your kidneys are the best detox tool out there.

    Also who cares if she is a bit tipsy, its not illegal to have a drink at dinner.

  18. 18

    lol obvs the girl needed something to eat after starving herself to look "thinner" on her wedding… this is lame news perez. No one cares that JS got drunk and ate sushi.

  19. 19

    Who cares if the fat moron eats???????

  20. 20

    Last time I checked, sushi couldn't be fried.