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The First Born This Way Lyrics Leak!!!

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Well, okay, they didn't exactly "leak" - our wifey gave us permission!!!!

We are pleased to share with the world these opening lyrics from Lady GaGa's epic new song, Born This Way, to be released in two weeks!!!

And they are….

"Don't Be A Drag
Just Be A Queen

Get ready world!!!!

Here she comes!!!!

We've heard the song and - it MORE than lives up to the hype!!!

We've been holding a big secret from you all, which is we've heard the whole album. We've been there every step of the way and….

This album is going to change culture!

When we can say more, we will!

For now…. Don't be a drag, just be a queen!!!

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135 comments to “The First Born This Way Lyrics Leak!!!”

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  1. 101

    Honestly cant stomach this talentless tw@t, what makes you like her Mario?? - Oh yeah sorry i forgot, she has a tallywacker

  2. 102

    I am so tired of these post about gaga and how epic her new CD is going to be…i am seriously hoping it fails just so I can laugh at all the HYPE that has been put into it…I liked her when she first came out and now I am just so over it…i can't stand her…I understand the love for gays ( I support them as well) but I feel at the same time she is neglecting her hetrosexual fans she has been directing some much of her work lately (i.e. Alejandro video) towards gays it's like hello what about your other fans…and I feel that her next album is going to be the same hence the title BORN THIS WAY i get the message…just don't over do it…like you perez your making me not like the album before it comes out because you post about it so much…if you say something about britney you have to counteract it with a gaga post…it's like your afraid people are going to lose interest in her but it's more annoying when you try to shove her down our throats…JUST STOP!!

  3. 103

    So insanely excited for the song/album! :D

  4. 104

    Seriously release this damn song already! Wtf. I have never heard of an artist that finishes a lead single in july august and waits til Feb of the next year to let anyone hear it!!

  5. 105

    SO gay. LOL I'm surprised you didn't find it offensive. Drag Queen? Isn't that not politically correct? I mean, none of the other "terms" are.

  6. 106

    Some of these comments are hilerious!..I actually like some of Gaga's songs, but purely for the beats, cause let's face it, they are catchy…but original? No…dance, electro, pop music has been around for years…as for life changing lyrics, I can't be too hopeful when the majority of the songs on her last albums are either about sex, touching herself, sex, dancing in a club, sex, being gay, and errr…sex. If you think the lyrics above are life changing, then accoriding to you, you have to be a member of mensa to come up with such profound lyrics like "lets have fun some fun, this beat is sick, I wanna take a ride on your disco stick"

  7. 107

    …as a reference for an exceptional example of songwriting, maybe you should read the lyrics to 'breakdown', 'butterfly', 'fourth of july', 'the roof' or 'close my eyes' - to name a few - from Mariah's butterfly album..but then I'm guessing you would would rather report about her 'diva' antics rather then her songwriting abilities

  8. 108

    Hmm, horrible lyrics. You're not gonna call his out on being offensive? I guess if someone else had said it you would.

  9. kahlo says – reply to this


    Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, and John Lennon are culture changing icons. This is a hand in the wallet of every mindless teenage drone out there.

  10. 110

    OMG please tell me this entire albumn is not just about gays, and all that cant it just be good pop music with out a label or for a specific culture..Im for her trying to reach out to the gay community and be a positive influence bc it is sad w/ all the suicides but i also want to hear good music , im not gay/lebsian/bi… so this music wouldnt apply to me and like most music sometimes as a listener i want to relate. I get most of her support is the gay community but she has straight fans to.

  11. 111

    Pssss…. All these Perez readers are fucking lame…
    Clearly evident that those who hates on GaGa are the same old usual who hates on every GaGa article on this website! Haters are always gonna hate!
    How can you judge the lyrics, if you haven't even heard the song yet?
    GaGa's taking a stand on Gay people, because in our society… Gay/lesbian are more discriminated than straight people! So its only normal!
    GaGa's fucking amazing! Can't wait for Feb 13!

  12. 112

    If you don't like it, GO THE FUCK HOME!

  13. 113

    Re: MadonnaIive – "why are you so obsessed" .. lmfao asks the idiot with the gaga christ icon.

  14. 114

    Gross… not my anthem.. and not life changing.. lmfao.. seriously.. some of ya are delusional… how sad and pathetic.. she is using half of you "queens" to sell… hope she makes all your lil dumb fuck monsters jump of a bridge…

  15. 115

    Perez stop with the "we" its like you are belittling us, saying that we are beneath you…
    and "wifey" really? geez. change culture i highly doubt it. not everyone kisses lady gagas ass like you.

  16. 116

    you really need to get your head out of her ass! and you've got some brown stuff on your nose…

  17. 117

    If those lyrics change our American culture I'm buying a plane ticket and getting the hell out of here while I still can…

  18. 118

    EPIC !!! Hold it against what ?

  19. IVIV says – reply to this


    Re: MadonnaIive – says the person with the gaga christ icon who copied the poster MadonnaLive's username to make a fake one and comments to everyone on every post who doesnt like gaga lol just as you are sticking up for her, we are sticking up for the artists "little monsters" constantly attack in the name of your beloved "mother monster" lol you dont even have to reply to this, I already know your response will be something along the lines of "stay pressed, bb" "u mad?" or calling some other artist some dumb nickname with the word "flop" thrown in there somewhere (flopdonna, floptina, flopney…etc) little monsters are too predictable you guys should hold an emergency monster meeting over on some gaga msg board to come up with new insults, something new and fresh and legendary just like your queen gaga

  20. 120

    Hater you mad ? :D

  21. 121

    Funny, I figured a few days ago you heard the song… Next thing we know your in the video… But I am looking forward to new music from her

  22. 122

    LMao thats the "big leak" wowwwwww smh. If that was supposed to hype the song… it failed drastically. dont be a drag just be a queen…. smh…. that doesn't even really make any sense.. seems like shes trying to do a version of Christina Aguilera's Beautiful… but for the GLBT community.. ugh so over her. I liked her a lot back before she became over hyped and boring.

  23. 123

    ugh and as a side note.. this entire blog seems to be turning into more of a "Gay messaging board" then a celebrity news blog.. I am all for equality.. but cmon lets get back on topic….!

  24. 124

    gaga is digging her own grave. she thinks she´s the best thing that ever happened in music so she vomits everything she can. In 1 year the world will be sick of her. A ton of people, including myself, are sick of her being everywhere already.

  25. 125

    Re: MadonnaIive – Lmao @ your avatar. Looks like the weave I urinated on. Floptastic

  26. 126

    what is epic??
    :s :S :S a drag???

  27. 127

    come off it. This is not gonna change ANYTHING, it's just a GAY dedicated ALBUM, drag queens? I don't want my childs to go that way just because they hear that song. What about writing a song about being STRAIGHT???? OMG! that's homophobia… right? COME OFF IT. Put a feet on the ground.
    This album is gonna be the biggest FLOP FAIL ever seen…

    ps: Gay comunity being used to sell?? what a pity. Can't believe the blindness. YOU-WERE-MANUFACTURATED-THAT-WAY

  28. 128

    This album is going to change culture!

    Perez…. I don't think so…. More people can't stand this talentless piece of shit! S/he is certainly no Rolling Stone or Beatles who DID change culture!

  29. 129

    can't wait until her album comes out and it is really good and all these haters will just shut their traps. If you don't like Lady Gaga then just scroll past her articles. you don't even have to read them since there's always a big picture of her before the article. I do think she forgets a lot of her die hard fans aren't gay. And kind of makes me feel like I can't be her biggest fan because I'm straight. In a line up, she would instantly dismiss me if I was standing next to a gay couple. And it is nothing against gay people. But I buy all her music. I bought the fame monster on itunes and a couple copies on cd that I gave as gifts. I have a tee shirt from her concert I went to last December and I'm going to the next one in March. I hope she remembers fans like me.

  30. adt says – reply to this


    You do know that the only one giving this album hype is you. No one expects it to be good, especially since none of her music is. She's a horrible, horrible songwriter and her voice isn't any better. There's no way this album is going to do anything for culture, especially not "change it." No one gives a shit about Lady Gaga anymore except for you because they have all realized that she's shit. Because she's fucking horrible. Both of you are just fucking horrible.

  31. 131

    Re: MadonnaIive – Shut up.

  32. 132

    whatever. her songs are boring.

  33. 133

    To the people who think this is a really simple lyric, why should that be a bad thing? Simple generally translates into memorable, which, I think, is something most writers want to be. Like The Killers' "I got soul/but I'm not a soldier", simple, almost nonsenical, but I don't know many people who don't know that line and remember it. IMO, it's a perfect example of a song that's gonna leave a great legacy. With luck, GaGa can do it too. Who cares whether you like her, or her clothes, or even her vioce, when she has the potential to give the world some great lyrics?
    It's only a snippet too, so maybe the rest of the song is more complex. We just don't know until it gets released. High hopes though :)

  34. 134

    Re: Bytch – she's more intelligent than you, bimbo. xoxo.

  35. 135

    This Christina Aguilera wannabe needs to disappear. Isn't she embarrassed that Born This Way is Beautiful 2.0? Doing runs and screaming at all her concerts. I swear, this bitch wants to be Christina.

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