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Pakistan Bans Movie About Islamabad Youth!

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Can't say we're surprised by this!

The new Hammad Khan-directed film, Slackistan - which focuses on a group of bored, rich teens living in Islamabad, Pakistan - has been banned by the country's Central Board of Film Censors.

According to reports, they've informed the film's distrubutor, Mara Pictures, that significant cuts would have to be made to the flick - including removing all dialogue that references the Taliban, Osama Bin Laden, Islamic beards and attire, swears, and the word 'lesbian' - if they want the ban removed, and even then, it would STILL be slapped with an 18+ rating.

Khan revealed:

"The censor board's verdict is oppressive, arbitrary and steeped in denial about life outside their government offices. Maybe the establishment's view is that young Pakistanis saying words like Taliban and lesbian represent a more potent threat than the bullets and bombs that are, day by day, finding increasing legitimacy in the country."

Ouch! But he's right!

Not sure that there's anything anyone can do about it, though!

Such a shame that these censorship issues are still so prevalent in countries all over the world.

The US may still have a long way to go, but at least there's always hope that we have the capacity to change and learn and adapt! Lots for which to be thankful!


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5 comments to “Pakistan Bans Movie About Islamabad Youth!”

  1. 1

    first of all people have to respect that Pakistan is an islamic country and no one can force the people in pakistan to believe in anything else or other than Allah.
    No one can force ANYONE to believe in something. Is that how a democratic sociaty works? forcing people ?
    Second of all, u must be rellly naive if u think that the US soldiers are 'making peace' and spreading the democracy to the islamic world hahahah.
    We dont need THE US HELP.. maybe they should focus on the US only and focus on 'helping' their own people instead of spending of all the peoplesmoney on wars etc.
    look at how twisted the US is! thats not a democracy.. The people are not a part of anything. How come there are so many poor people in the us? so many people without a home, food or anything? yeah.. maybe they should just focus on the US only instead of killing innocent civilans in the islamic part of the world.
    i would really like if people stoped being so naive and start looking at the reality

  2. 2

    my mother went to islamabad for her yearly vacation normally she goes to some club med but why islamabad ! she said they seem very poor there and the other countries she chose for her vacation.like karakistan or some ex bosnia country . young people in any country want to make a difference and if they cant they rebell i think they should stop the youth glorifying the taliban…

    what do u expect my mother is a aquarian

  3. 3

    I live in Islambad and let me assure you it CANNOT be called poor. It is one of the coolest cities I know and I have been pretty much all over the world.
    I really wish they hadn't banned Slackistan. I was really looking forward to watching it.
    And I dont know why Perez is making it sound like Pakistan is a country with men with long beards and women in burkas only, by saying sth like: "Can't say we're surprised by this!"
    Because I, for one, am very surprised they banned it.
    I know the situtation here probably sounds wayyyy worse to you guys because of the way its shown on the news–but really we're not some taliban-oppressed nation. Thankfully.

  4. 4

    Religion is a beautiful part of our lives, but at the same time has created so much hate amongst nations and its people. Its not about not having respect for Pakistan as an Islamic Country, but more about what our generation is. Islam is a religion where they believe that the Quran is a way of life, but the way of life as of right now has changed. When a person such as director Hammad Khan wants to portray the combination of Pakistani society and our generation, the movie gets banned, in other words the truth about the lives of young member in Pakistani society has been ORDERED to be hidden.

    To Cenayy, the main concern here is addressing the truth, what the world has become, and how we can change it for the better, together. Just becuase Perez posted this up, does not mean you have to take it in a negative way and bring up all the bad events that has happened in the US or the US soilders are doing. Plus, Perez did say the right thing to sum it up,"The US may still have a long way to go, but at least there's always hope that we have the capacity to change and learn and adapt! Lots for which to be thankful!"

    Truth is all around you, learn to accept the current events in your society, for it helps to build someone you love or even you to become a better person.

  5. 5

    Perez, Pakistan is an unbelievably chill place. The fact that such a movie was even made shows that people there aren't exactly what the media's all made them up to be. They're extremely rich, highly educated people