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The King’s Speech May Be Recut And Re-Released With PG-13 Rating

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The King’s Speech May Be Re-Released With PG-13 Rating

The King’s Speech has gotten stellar reviews and multiple Oscar nominations, and yet executive producer Harvey Weinstein wants to re-cut the movie to make it a PG-13 flick instead of R.

Says Weinstein:

“The British numbers are huge because the rating lets families see the movie together. Tom and I are trying to find a unique way to do this that keeps his vision of the movie.”

Most of the cuts would entail removing the “F-word,” which plays a prominent role in certain scenes.

We think this is a BIG mistake!! The movie is so successful as it is! Changing it could ruin it!!

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11 comments to “The King’s Speech May Be Recut And Re-Released With PG-13 Rating”

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    You know, in Canada, it only has a PG rating. The original version. What makes it so bad that it's been rated R in the U.S?

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    Re: Kalli McKay – because most americans have a giant stick up their ass. sometimes i wish i never left europe.

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    Other than the 'f' word, there is nothing to even give the movie a PG 13 rating - it could be even PG. It's unfortunate that our rating system is based upon the number of times the 'f' word is used.

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    Didn't even realize it had an R rating when I saw it in the theater. It should already be a PG-13 US ratings board is a joke .

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    thats the dumbest shit ive ever heard

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    That's because the MPAA is are stupid people who are afraid of naughty words and sex (Blue Valentine anyone?) but bring on the violence against women and that's cool. We really need to adapt the British rating system. It's so much better. Everyone should watch 'This film is not yet rated' it's really good!

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    with the f word I wont let my kids watch it. Taken out, I will. There's no need for "entertainment" to be drenched with vulgarity.

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    just proves harvey weinstein is a money hungry whore. he needs to keep it as is. i dont think young kids would flock to see it in america even if it was g rated. young kids here are sex and action hungry, which this movie has neither.

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    changing it would make it accessible to my 2 children, whom i'd like to see the movie — i happen to be a big fan and user of the "f-word," but not in front of the kids –