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What Do You Do With An MA In Beatles Studies?

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college degree in beatles studies

No, we didn't misspell beetles, and we're NOT talking about a degree in entomology.

Former Miss Canada finalist Mary-Lu Zahalan-Kennedy is officially the first person in the world to graduate with a Masters in Beatles Studies!

That's right! The Liverpool Hope University student received an advanced degree for her study of the legendary musical group.

Here's what she had to say about it:

"I am so proud of my achievement. The course was challenging, enjoyable and it provided a great insight into the impact the Beatles had and still have to this day across all aspects of life."

For those of you who are totally intrigued and want to know more, the course "looks at the studio sound and composition of the Beatles and how Liverpool helped to shape their music. The MA examines the significance of their music and how it helped to define identities, culture and society."

Here's what the founder/leader of the Beatles MA at Liverpool Hope University Mike Brocken had to say about his first grad's accomplishment:

"Mary-Lu now joins an internationally recognized group of scholars of Popular Music Studies who are able to offer fresh and thought-provoking insights into the discipline of musicology."

Congratulations, Mary-Lu! Looks like you're ready to make a name for yourself in the music industry…or be a REALLY knowledgeable associate in Best Buy's media department. LOLz.

Would U like to pursue an MA in Beatles Studies?

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13 comments to “What Do You Do With An MA In Beatles Studies?”

  1. 1

    wtf, this was on the news, FOUR days ago

  2. 2

    Dumbest thing ever. To quote the movie PCU, "That's the beauty of college these days, Tommy! You can major in Game Boy if you know how to bullshit."

  3. 3


  4. 4

    Wow, this would be just the thing for my family and I. My husband, father, brother-in-law and I are all way beyond obsessed with The Beatles. It goes beyond knowing all the trivia/facts/history…seriously..we joke that we love The Beatles more than what is healthy for any human beings. The Beatles are just ingrained in us now, lol. So yeah, I could go for that, if I didn't actually plan on getting a job with it. Already have a degree in music and found out after college it isn't the most practical degree to find jobs for.

  5. 5

    And you can get a job where with that degree? McDs. Pathetic. I love the Beatles but come on now. What does she know that the rest of the world doesn't about the Beatles… paaaleeeassseeee

  6. 6

    i am very grateful to personally know this woman. she is an incredible vocalist who has been nominated for a juno here in canada. she is also a well respected professor at a most reputable performing arts college. she works in tv, and commercials, and with her partner runs a recording studio from home. i'm sure she didn't take this course in order to GET a job. she is already very successful. learning about the impact that certain pop music had on society is a great tool in producing music for yourself…i wish her many congratulations!!

  7. k8yb says – reply to this


    I go to that university!! hahahaaha I do english literature though, thats a real course. :D

  8. 8

    …that is so Canadian.

  9. 9

    I love the Beatles and all but this is pathetic. This is more useless in the job world than a communications or english major.

  10. 10

    Oh Please. It's not an MA in music studies. It's an MA in musicology and her thesis is probably on the Beatles. This is a non-story. Also, you can't get an MA by taking one course. Anyone who has any higher education know this. Are we sure Perez is educated? What a tool.

  11. 11

    But everyone would love Perez to take an ESL class so he could compose English sentences correctly

  12. 12

    Re: Dave Letterman - staff fucker
    Look it up before you open your mouth. It's a Masters' Degree, in "The Beatles, Popular Music and Society" and it takes a year and 60-120 credit hours, just the same as any other post-graduate program. She didn't just "do her thesis" on The Beatles. It's also not something you take just to "get a job" with. Some people are highly interested in this type of thing, and if wanting to pursue a degree related to it is something they'd like to do, then why not??
    I've been considering the program myself, as I am of an age where I've been established in a career for over a decade and want to take some time off from what I'm doing to de-stress and do something for myself for a change. Plus, living abroad for a year or so is a good opportunity for my family as well. Why is everyone so hung up on whether or not a person can land a job with this particular degree?

  13. 13

    This sounds like it came right out of a Don DeLillo novel. (Actually, a dual major in Hitler Studies and Elvis Studies could get you any number of good jobs in cable news…)