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New Nicki Minaj!!!

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Check out Minajesty's just-released music video for Moment 4 Life, featuring Drake, above!

We love a happy ending!

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32 comments to “New Nicki Minaj!!!”

  1. 1

    cool song

  2. 2

    Nicki Minaj seriously sucks. Worst rapper ever.

  3. 3

    OMGGG….like always, Nicki Minaj is so beautiful and animated in this video. Check out more of her on www.stalkertown.com

  4. 4

    Jimmy Brooks acting badass always kills me!

  5. 5

    I gotta admit, the beginning WAS cute. =]
    I liked it.

  6. 7tizz says – reply to this


    100% terrible and whatever street cred Drake had (I know, not much…but still) she managed to suck it out of him and do him major harm in the long run. Who is buying her music? Teenage girls, gays, or tweens? Those are the only markets I can see who'd buy this crap (note: all three are not known for having any decent music taste - this is why Britney Spears is so popular). I can't see anyone being a fan of hip hop taking her seriously.

  7. 7

    So fetch.

  8. 8

    Nicki haters are deaf, dumb and blind..Drake is fucking HOTNESS in this video. Rock on Nicki…you killed it!

  9. 9

    Awww Looks cool Good video …
    check more on everythingthatsnews.com

  10. 10

    the song and the video are ok but the music sucks!

  11. 11

    I think it's funny how Ke$ha and Nicki Minaj are the most hated and unpopular artists in America, but they are on the radio because of CD sales. Only the lowest common denominator still buy CDs. Men haven't bought CDs in 3 years. Preteens and brain dead celebhags set the market for radio. Ridiculous.

  12. 12

    Yeah, whatevah….. Nicki is talented as hell. In my opinion she is the best female rapper ever and she is better than a good portion of the males. Every time she does a group rap she slays alla dem. And yeah, she has a corny side. That makes her even cooler. Fantasy. LOVE HER TAH RASS.

  13. 13

    the intro is the best part

  14. 14

    Nicki is crazy lol but i love it :)

  15. 15

    WOW… that's on a budget.

  16. 16

    love the song, love the video!!!! TeamMinaj!!!

  17. 17

    Man that's one ugly bitch in drag. And to the one who thinks she's so beautiful, you must be gay or blind cuz your judgement on female beauty is terrible.

  18. 18

    Re: 7tizz – street cred??! the dude played on degrassi what street cred! lol and theres nothing wrong with not having any, people shouldnt be pround of living in the hood or the ghetto.

  19. 19

    I love her music but I do not like her. Sorry to say but I think she is FUGLY and I do not know what a beautiful man like Drake sees in her. She is so fake with all the different wigs and all that make up plastered on her face. Drake needs to find himself a natural beauty. I just do not see the attraction to her.

  20. 20

    The skit in the beginning was hilarious, and the whole video/song is good. I love her, and Drake looks good in it. I'm also pretty sure that this is the same house that Paparazzi, by Gaga, was filmed in.

  21. 21

    Re: raed – you must be preety hideous yourself, you obviously don't understand beauty. she is beautiful, so dont try to raise your low self esteem by hating on her!

  22. 22

    i loveddd the video!

  23. 23

    does she have actual hair? she always wears a wig

  24. 24

    This is my favorite song by Nicki Minaj :)

  25. 25

    love the song. video is wack. drake needs to cut that hair. but nicki is doin it big.. and she is good at it despite the haters. but i think its time to let go of the alter egos. its getting old now

  26. 26

    She is beautiful! You obviously make yourself feel better by putting others down. She is beautiful and anybody who doesn't think so has low self esteem. And yes she has hair… REAL hair! The video is AMAZING! They're cute together. They have chemistry. I hate how people seem to think that because he's a rapper he needs to have street cred, be a thug, have tattoos and have fucked up speech. They're both talented. Haters NEVER have anything positive to say about these two. You're mad because they're running the game. Haters gonna hate.

  27. 27

    Love this song.

  28. 28

    she's beautiful, and i hear she's funny but i', sorry in MY opinion, she's irritating and i don't appreciate her music. She's a wicked rapper but it's just not my thing! sorry!!

  29. 29

    Re: kateketh – and you can do better?

  30. 30

    i LOOOOOOVE this song and Nicki really is a badass chick…….BUT WHAT THE F*CK WAS THAT?!? i didnt even watch the hole thing ’cause it was SO BORING :D like this is what u came up with? :::::DDDDD this isnt the girl that i thought Nicki was….. =/

  31. 31

    That song is sooooo fucking corny….lmao

  32. 32

    This is my favorite song of hers but I hated this video. It was so literal and boring, and that first part was unnecessary.