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Kevin Smith's COMPLETE Sundance Rant

| Filed under: Film Flickers

By now, you all know all about Kevin Smith's stunt at Sundance this past weekend. You know he bought his own film, Red State, for $20, even though he told people he was going to hold an "auction" for the rights to it.

But now, you can see the whole mess go down yourself! Someone who was in the audience had the foresight to tape Kevin's rather interesting rant.

Check out the video (above) to hear Kevin explain, in his own words, what buying this film for himself actually means.

We won't lie, it's loooooooong. Still, its worth the view to see how Kevin is trying to challenge the industry into a new wave of making and selling movies.

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17 comments to “Kevin Smith's COMPLETE Sundance Rant”

  1. 1

    He has become completely insufferable.

  2. 2

    Thanks for taking the time to quest-blog on here, Kevin Smith.

    Yes, yes, he bought his own film to "challenge" the industry… or because it sucks and no one thinks they can make money off it.

  3. 3

    I don't see why he needs to swear every sentence.

  4. 4

    I wouldn't call it a "rant", although your arrogance is a shocker.

    He makes a lot of sense. For a stoner. Then again, so does wearing socks.

    He's becoming a cliche' - Or has he been one for awhile now? Don't follow him anymore.

  5. 5

    good speech, truth.

  6. 6

    I like this idea. The amount of money required to bombard us with commercials for crap like "Just Go With It," to plaster billboards and posters across the globe, to pay bloggers like Perez for good press and to put internet ads on every major website is obscene; $20million actually seems like a low estimate. Still, my cynical side says that if Smith succeeds, it will be because he already has international name recognition thanks to the $10-20million studio promotions that he says filmmakers don't need. On the other hand, I've seen local filmmakers with no name recognition sell out theaters in their area. For filmmakers who aren't international celebs, making movies of local interest, getting local buzz and branching out from there seems the way to go

  7. 7

    Rebel without a pause. Boring.

  8. 8

    Centralization is a bad thing, in the movie industry, the food industry, retail, music etc etc. The people who work the hardest make the least money. The funny part is everyone says they have no power to change it. Where do you think all these rich cocksuckers in the world get their money from? You and me, and we keep on giving until it hurts. Kev is on to something. Be where the puck is going to be people.

  9. 9

    I am really digging the daily Kevin Smith promotion, uh…I mean "gossip".

    Keep it up, Mario!

  10. 10

    The last of the dying breed.

  11. 11

    Kevin Smith is totally right.

  12. 12

    I think he feels strongly about this, and is standing up for what he believes in. Is it world Peace. No. But, he has a point.

  13. 13

    Perez, you call this a Rant?? Do you use that heading so more people will watch it? This is not a rant. I love and understand what he had to say. Maybe your not a sports fan so you don't get it…but what he said resonates with many people. Its quite a well known saying what Walter told his son Wayne. Its also rather fitting because Kevin must of known this week was Gretzky's 50th Birthday!!! It seems that Kevin spoke from his heart and you should be tolerant of peoples feelings. If this had been a gay man speaking and someone else said this….you would be crying Homophobic.

  14. 14

    Perez, there's an art and media revolution against the suits in music, writing, film, tv, art, media, stage, and all the rest.
    Now people are getting an alternative to the bad art and media that's out now. Don't be the last to talk about it.

  15. 15

    He's setting up an indie distribution system outside corporate film. Well done!
    Smith is also setting up opposition to corporate advertising media. Well done!
    The peaceful art and media revolution is coming everyone.

  16. Xenu says – reply to this


    Kevin Simth's method would work if He had something worst selling, face is Red State flat out sucks, majority of the critics savaged this mess of a film.

  17. 17

    Re: Xenu – the real mess is your spelling , Honey .Did you fall into a mall fountain recently ?