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Jeff Zucker To Start A New Talk Show With Katie Couric?

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jeff zucker and katie couric might collaborate on talk show

What does a person do after stepping down as CEO of NBC Universal?

According to multiple sources, Jeff Zucker wants to start a talk show with Katie Couric.

Here's what a source had to say about it:

"Whatever you want to say about Jeff, he's a really talented, creative guy. They've made magic before, there's no reason they couldn't do it again."

Here's what a spokesman for Couric had to say about the potential new gig:

"Katie has not made any decision about her future plans. Jeff has been a close friend and confidante of Katie's for years and they've enjoyed great success together, so it's natural that people would speculate about them collaborating again."

Could be an inneresting next project for Katie, now that her five year contract with CBS is coming to a close.

Would U like to see a new talk show with Katie Couric as the host?

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12 comments to “Jeff Zucker To Start A New Talk Show With Katie Couric?”

  1. 1

    She's a bore.

  2. 2

    get her off TV is all I can say

  3. 3

    She has her nose so far up the democratic party's ass she should run for election. She's vile.

  4. 4

    No way will I watch or support this overpaid no talent bore!!!!!!

  5. 5

    In a different time, Commie Katie and the other shills, would have annihilated Sarah Palin, a long time ago.
    The reason you people, have not been successful, is no one listens to your Marxist drivel. You have become irrelevant in the newsgame.
    Your news ratings, tells the real story, of what's going on.
    So, go ahead, Zuckerboy, produce another show, that no one will watch.
    Defy the will of the American people.
    Go talk to all those ex-Democrat Senators and Congressmen.
    Go ahead. Make our day!
    Go do another show on, "windmill power is the way of the future" and Muslims are our friends and should put a Mosque on Ground Zero.
    While we're doing that, we Teapartiers have a country to save from BamBam, Immelt, the Czars and useful idiots like AttFinch. Worthless. The lot of you.

  6. 6

    What is wrong with you Perez? Zucker did not step down, he was fired! And what great success are you referring to? Jeff Zucker took a # 1 network and helped it crash to the lowest of the four major networks. Once again we reward failure to the tune of 30 million dollars! Is he paying you?

  7. uyeah says – reply to this


    Why would anyone with a brain watch vicious, mean-faced Couric try her best to slam conservatives and fawn over liberals? She is not a journalist, just a pawn for looney dishonest liberalism.

  8. 8

    No I wouldn't watch anything with her in it and anything that Zucker produced. They both make me sick.

  9. 9

    No she's boring and I don't like him at all

  10. 10

    Would never watch anything with Katie hosting, starring, producing, having anything to do with any show. She is a no-talent hack, which unlike most other news objects, is not even nice to look at. But no, seriously, her face has aged badly. Closeups are scary. And she just has one of those grating personalities and big egos. I say, she should retire and never be heard from again.

  11. 11

    Zucker is a schmucker! Katie is a TWIT! ’nuff said!!!

  12. 12

    Jeff Zucker is a vision-less jerk.
    Katie Couric annoys me.