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Jesse James' Ex Arrested For Making Harassing Phone Calls To Him

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Uh-oh. Someone's in trouble.

Jesse James' ex-wife Janine Lindemulder was arrested outside of Austin, TX Saturday morning on a warrant for making harassing phone calls to Jesse.

Janine had three warrants out for her arrest for a series of "abusive" phone messages that Jesse says she left for him.

Jesse claims that Janine placed "chronic harassing telephone calls to all hours of the day and night." Since he's moved to Texas, Jesse says she's made over 300 calls that were "so harassing, abusive, and bad," he had to turn them over to the police.

Janine's attorney says that she made the calls "out of frustration because Jesse did not let her see or speak to her daughter for months."

She'll remain behind bars until at least Sunday.


When will these two make decisions for the sake of their daughter and not for their own interests??

[Image via WENN.]

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14 comments to “Jesse James' Ex Arrested For Making Harassing Phone Calls To Him”

  1. 1

    ha ha ha it is really funny. the douchebag is playing a victim here. he's living in texas? hmmmmm…good for him last i know lots of nazi pow are texan.

  2. 2

    Don't people realize that badly placed tattoos often give the illusion of bizzare body proportions? Take a look at the once lovely looking Janine up there. Her neck looks weirdly long and wide and her head looks like a little ball stuck on top (the hairstyle doesn't help). Tattoos can be nice but they have to be in harmony with your form or they look ridiculous.

  3. 3

    Why is all your gossip late???? All the other sites have their stories up the day it happens. Your site is going downhill QUICKLY!!!

  4. 4

    She used to be so hot..

  5. DJay says – reply to this


    I just can't get past looking at all those ugly tattoos. Why would anyone tattoo almost their entire body? I just think that some of these people with head to toe tats are going to regret their decision one day! That's going to be big business some day - tattoo removal!

  6. 6

    Im just wondering what makes him a better parent than her ?
    His track record is NO BETTER than hers….

  7. 7

    Re: BELLA blue – that nazi gorilla is just doing this for pr image for sure.

  8. 8

    If what she says is true, I don't know why he isn't in trouble for violating the custody order.

  9. 9

    man Jesse James is a punk bitch seriously :) How come all his girlfriends are so trash looking, with the exception to Sandra?. So glad he kicked his ass to the curb

  10. 10

    Jesse the Pig Whore is loving it that these tatooed tarts are after him. He sees it as a means of popularity. I bet he terrorizes the heck out his nutjob ex-wife Janine. I am not condoning her behavior or lifestyle but you know he isn't playing by the rules.

  11. 11

    all of jesse james girlfriends and ex look like shit sandra was the only one who look amazing.

  12. 12

    I'd be very upset too if my ex wasn't allowing me to see my daughter… legally he is in contempt of court.

    Jesse (real name DOUG) and Sandra Bullock at least they had one thing in common, they were both nasty sons of bi@#hes.

  13. 13

    Wow, I thought that was Bombshell McGee! He most certainly has a type.

  14. 14

    Who would want to be with that??? Oh right, James and a whole slew of "bin" type creatures.