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Anarchists Plan To Ambush The Royal Wedding!

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You'd think that if they truly wanted to be effective, then they wouldn't openly discuss such STOOPID plans!

A group of UK anarchists have reportedly banned together in an attempt to collectively ambush and ruin Prince William and Kate Middleton's upcoming royal wedding at Westminster Abbey next month!

Led by former professor Chris Knight, the group hopes to cause enough of a scene around the building to exhaust police forces, and ultimately force the couple to switch the ceremony's location to St. Paul's Cathedral!

Knight reveals:

"The plan is to mingle with well-wishers in large numbers, hold anarchist street parties, reoccupy Parliament Square, stage a carnival orgy and drive up security costs to the point when the whole wedding has to be relocated to St Paul's. This would be hugely embarrassing to the monarchy. The Police Federation, in dispute with the Government over spending cuts, may thank us for this. The first phase is called Operation Dual Power. Around ten anarchist groups will take over key buildings including a barracks, a police station and local government buildings in Westminster. The second phase is on the day of the wedding. Overall, the plan is to cause as much trouble as possible so it becomes so prohibitively expensive for the police to control that they've either got to cancel the wedding or move it."

"Bring it on. We mean business. The royal wedding is a disgrace and if we stop it I will be laughing. If the police press their nuclear button, I will press mine. We're prepared for trouble - we've got hard hats, big shields, battering rams. We're going to take over a TV station and a radio channel and try and take over power at key centres. We will concentrating on places in Westminster because if we can occupy them for a month there's no way they can hold the wedding there. Network X is a joint command revolutionary organisation. It consists of the Whitechapel Anarchists Group, the NMLA, Democracy Village, the Direction Action Group, Class War and many environmental and feminist anarchists. What is the Army going to do, fire on us?"

Yeah, that's a whole bunch of crazy all over an effing wedding, no? Who does this guy think he is, V for Vendetta?

Luckily, authorities are about 16 steps ahead of these nutjobs, and have revealed:

"Any attempt to disrupt the royal cortege will be dealt with robustly. An appropriate policing plan will be in place."

Phew! Again - NOT entirely sure why they think drawing attention to this bull shiz is the best way to achieve their ridiculous goal, but we imagine that ultimately, this just some ridiculous ploy to get press for themselves.

At least we hope so! We'll be pissed if they complicate William and Kate's big day!

Fingers crossed that the authorities will take care of this nuisance!


[Image via AP Images.]

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21 comments to “Anarchists Plan To Ambush The Royal Wedding!”

  1. 1

    GOD sAVE THE QUEEN! It's the fascist regime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lots of people suport him Perez…

  2. 2

    Let's the fornicating couple get married … peace !

  3. 3

    They have the nerve to overlook inviting me so I hope the Westboro Baptist Church, the KKK, and the Colored People for Obama go over there and show them how it's done. Pip, pip and cheerio!

  4. 4

    Re: President Sarah – KKK originated in England, and was brought here and started in the USA by evil freemason, Albert Pike. There is a monument to this piece of shit on Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles as well as Washington DC.

  5. 5


    1. Rothschild family of London and New York
    2. Warburg Family of Germany and New York
    3. Oppenheimer Family of London, Germany and New York
    4. Kuhn & Loeb of Germany and New York
    5. Lehman Brothers of New York
    6. Goldman Sachs of New York
    7. Rockefeller Family of New York
    8. JP Morgan Chase of New York (Queen of England is the largest shareholder)
    9. Lazard Brothers of Paris and New York
    10. Israel Seif and Moses of Italy (Bank of Italy -> became Bank of America)

    The QUEEN of ENGLAND is the largest class A shareholder in JP Morgan Chase. JP Morgan Chase is the largest shareholder of the 12 major banks in the Federal Reserve in the United States. This would mean that the QUEEN is truly the one who decides our monetary decisions and printing of bailouts while ensuring the chinese buy our debt to back up the bailouts. Prince William and Harry will inherit the Queens power.

    Does anybody fucking understand what is going on here? Go Go opposition anarchists!

  6. 6

    they're everywhere these days there were a load when i went out protesting about tuition fees on Saturday

  7. 7

  8. 8

    Wedding is in april, not next month.

  9. 9

    Whats the point? someone needs to gain some perspective.. ruining someones wedding day. ew.

  10. 10

    It's not next month, it's in April (it's February now), dumbass.
    I realise it's a huge event and they'll gain a great deal of press by protesting, but can't they show some respect - it is a woman's wedding day they're trying to ruin. Protest outside of Parliament if you want to make a point. Go sleep with the other homeless slobs on Parliament Square.

  11. 11

    Ya, they and you should probably get their dates correct, since the wedding isn't until the middle of April and not next month.

  12. 12

    Bloomin' eck! How horrible is that! Ruining someones wedding.. So are they not allowed to get married? they've been together for years.. even if they hadn't been together for too long, it's still their wedding. I can't imagine how distraught I'd be if someone ruined my big day. Nevermind one everyone's going to be watching. Poor Will and Kate! Hope they get those nutjobs out of the country.

  13. 13

    Even though this is England i think anyone posing a threat to the Royal family would be shot, When Prince Charles and Camilla were attacked in their car by so called University fees protesters ther body guards had their weapons drawn.In a way i hope they try it, let the scum get what they deserve.

  14. Jen83 says – reply to this


    Do they not see this as a form of treason? They will be brutally forced down… and so they should be.

  15. 15

    Sounds like a bunch of people that need to grow up.

  16. 16

    I think, to be able to have an opinion about this, you really need to understand Britain, and unfortunately, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish have been affected hugely by the monarchy.
    I myself am Welsh, and have been brought up to have little or no respect for the Monarchy. They are English bloodlines, and still have the indecency to suddenly become Prince of Wales, or Dutchess of Cornwall, places that where once their own Kingdoms with their own languages and flags and parliments.
    They do little to nothing at all for Britain, besides Buckingham Palace being a tourist attraction.
    I really don't get why so many people care for the royals, they're just a bunch of stiff, money grabbing arseholes at the end of the day.
    They can still get married though. No problem there.

  17. 17

    you know what if you want to be a gossip columnist then BE a gossip columnist but this is waaaaayyyy out of your remit. don't start insulting the people of another country in this way. you have no idea what is going on over here or why people are protesting. there are protests going on outside retail outlets who have dodging taxes, parliament and yes there will be a protest against the royal wedding and the public funds being used for it at a time of great hardship for the british people. we are not 'stoopid' for protesting against what we see as wrong in our country. we are standing up against a government that allows people to freeze to death in their homes, closes hospital wards and shuts down care for vulnerable people. the uk is in trouble and the people are taking every chance we can to say how we feel about it.

  18. 18

    Re: glamourextra – You are leaving out a great many facts as to why, but I would AGREE WITH YOU!!!!!

  19. 19

    Re: President Sarah – I see what your doing there libby.

  20. 20

    Re: caravaggio the terrible – yeah there are a LOT of reasons the UK has taken to the streets in recent months (myself being one of them) but i didnt even want to try to give a comprehensive list here.
    my point is that its really inappropriate to misrepresent us to the primarily american readers of this site in this way. This is so much bigger than a wedding, this is our country and we have the right to protest peacefully when WE think its appropriate - not when an american gossip columnist deems it convenient.

  21. 21

    Re: glamourextra – Your bloodline leaders are murderers. They have been for centuries. But what makes me laugh about your allegiance to these killers of continents is that…..they are actually GERMAN!!!! LMAO.