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Egyptian President Vows He Will Not Run For Another Term!

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That's alright by us and we think a lot of Egyptians citizens would agree.

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak says he will not run for a new term this September. With so many looking to have him outed for his blatant disregard for his people's deserved freedoms, making the announcement is probably his attempt to defuse the tension and bring the country back to peace.

However, in his speech that aired last night, he insisted that it was never his intention to be a candidate for another term "regardless of the current circumstances."

Somehow we doubt that.

He added in his speech that he will work during "the final months of my current term" to carry out the "necessary steps for the peaceful transfer of power."

That we truly hope for. After 30 years of his reign, its time someone else took over, someone who takes the time to really listen to Egypt's amazing and unique people.

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21 comments to “Egyptian President Vows He Will Not Run For Another Term!”

  1. 1

    You're insufferable. One visit to Egypt and suddenly you act like you know everything about the world. Stick to Entertainment

  2. 2

    Gah Perez you should really learn about politics and stuff before you post your opinion on things, it's embarrassing. This douche might be saying he's not gonna run for another term, but he's been grooming his nutjob son to take over for him. And "elections" in Egypt have never been anything close to fair or transparent. This dude has been able to stay in power for so long b/c his term keeps getting extended via referendums in which nobody was allowed to run against him. He's only won one "election", in 2005, which was completely shady and everybody doubted the validity of the results. Educate yourself or STOP posting stupid shit about politics, Perez! It's so annoying! Just tell me the celebrity gossip!

  3. 3

    I totes SPY A BONG

  4. 4

    An orderly tranition by the Muslim Brotherhood?
    Folks, this is not the Teaparty, with a ground roots uprising in the USA.
    All you need to know, if Jimmy Carter is for it, it's bad for America and bad for the world at large.
    A weak response, like Obama's response, is exactly how we lost Iran.
    Now, Egypt.
    There's the rest of them, just like Tunisia…there's Libya, the whole middle east and throw in the oil factor and the unprotected Suez Canal, we're in the shitter.
    Reagan and Bush would have had an armada protecting the Suez Canal on Day 1 and every other conceivable weapon, as a show of force.
    BamBam had to stop playing basketball.
    Deep down, you know BamBam is smiling, about the
    Muslim Brotherhood inciting riots and taking over?
    A good crises never to go to waste.

  5. 5

    What does Madame Hillary do in this crises?
    She calls for a "really big meeting" with Ambassadors! lol lol
    Just like a Lib to convene a meeting, while Cairo burns!

  6. 6

    too little too late for Mubarak~ he's finished!

  7. 7

    The Obama Administration's reportedly misfiring response to this 'crisis' makes perfect sense as a Strategy if what they intend is to
    (a) assist in solidifying the Middle East as a unified radical Islamic presence,
    (b) get oil production out of the hands of those friendly to the West,
    (c) create moments of mass confusion in order to transfer weapons, technology and other necessary supplies to areas surrounding Israel and
    (d) install weak Arab leaders the Muslim Brotherhood can then cut out of the herd a little later as they consolidate power.
    All in all, I'd wager what we're seeing develop is the exact fulfillment of the hadith regarding Barry Sotero ne' Barack Hussein Obama.

  8. 8

    Good lord. Stop reporting on real news.

  9. 9

    leave the politics alone and focus on being rihanna's dog, that is all you'll ever be!

  10. 10

    Muhammad Ghannem , a leader of the Brotherhood, is already calling for Egypt to prepare for war with Israel.
    The professional Left and the Brotherhood are working hand-in-hand, in Egypt with Hussein's blessings.
    Ayers has been in Egypt recently.
    This is part of the Endgame, Hussein was placed into the WH for. We essentially have a "double agent" in the oval office. Game over.

  11. 11

    "The Obama team should be looking closely at Washington’s awful mismanagement of the Iranian revolution of 1978-79 to make sure they do not repeat the errors of the Carter administration." — The Daily Beast
    Too late.

  12. 12

    He better leave or he'll be shot like the president before him. I hope that doesn't happen but the protesters are getting anxious.

  13. 13

    people at Egypt don't want his shit anymore and he refuses to leave them alone !!!!
    fuck he should get the hell out of the country or else they are going to burn him alive
    just sayin' man
    he did horrible things to the people and he just should leave them alone

  14. 14

    you know fuck all about what's happening in egypt Mario. Shut up.

  15. 15

    is this who jason seagel says his dog looks like in i love u man?

  16. 16

    Damn! He only needed a couple of more years to complete his burial tomb. Now he'll have to keep eating tanis leaves and refinance the construction on his own.

  17. 17

    my friend went to a muslim guys house years ago he has a map of the world all green my friend said why is the world green he said thats what muslims will do is take over the whole world

    my friend was shocked..

    bascially we are all effed if we keep letting them get there way they all join in big groups and then play the victim

  18. 18

    Please stay out of politics. You will be screaming bloody murder in a couple of month when the gays and the women get slaughtered.

  19. 19

    Think about Israel. This is the only part of Europe they have a peace treaty with, and the current leader keeps it alive. One wrong choice, of choosing the wrong leader, could end it and ruin things for Israel. I thought you loved Israel.

  20. 20

    thank you perez for thinking of the egyptian people. sure the people posting here are right that you (like all of us) can be more educated in politics but at least you're not spinning the story the way many lobbyists in the states are: the whole islamic threat bullshit. the PEOPLE in egypt are tired of having no prospects. this has nothing to do with religion as many israeli lobbyists and neo-cons who beat the drums for iraq invasion will have people believe. just remember people that al qaeda popped up in iraq after the invasion. so at least let perez make a comment about egyptian people. at least he cares even if he only made one visit

  21. 21

    Re: weim013 – Europe? hahahahahhahaha

    Israel is in the middle east, honey.