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Flagged! Rihanna's New Video TOO Hot For YouTube!

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Oh come on, YouTube!

Okay, so maybe the video is called S&M AND maybe people such as PEREZ are treated like animal slaves in it…but it's SO not inappropriate!


Guess YouTube doesn't agree with us, because Rihanna's new video has been flagged as "inappropriate," and users can't watch it without being signed in and confirming that they are 18+.

Fortunately, you can watch the video (above) and judge for yourself if you think Justin Bieber is too young to watch this!

Do U think the video deserves its "inappropriate" YouTube status?

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109 comments to “Flagged! Rihanna's New Video TOO Hot For YouTube!”

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  1. 1

    Good call by youtube. Its not appropriate for kids.

  2. 2

    is this all she ever comes up with?? Her and Kim K are absolutely abhorring. Cant they be creative? Its just "rude boy this" "show me your big cock that"
    fuck off rhianna. get creative. Stop fucking brainwashing young girls who stupidly, naiively look up to you!!!!!!! Idiot!

    BOTH her and Kim K are a waste of air. shitiful!!!! both of them! - There are lots of gorgeous, iconic sex symbols who are smart and beautiful. Those two only think about one thing: dick. AND … their 'fans' eat it up. At least Ri Ri can sing.. KINDA. its more like sexual moanings to music - fuck these lame broads tarnish girls' reputations everywhere.

    Thanks for being a whore!

  3. 3

    EWW WTF, of course it is flagged. It has you in it Perez. EWWWW I CANT BELIEVE I WATCHED THAT SHIT. Seeing you is much worse than watching Necro porn.

  4. 4

    LOL! Perez you are really selling this one!

  5. 5

    yes, not appropriate for children or young teens!

  6. 6

    Considering how many children have access to youtube, I'm glad they did this. It's not inappropriate for people who have the ability to understand what is going on, but I would not want a 10 or 11 year old to watch this and start trying to copy some of the behavior that is happening.

  7. 7

    ha i know what your trying to do. more and more views to rihanna's s&m but it wont work with me sweetie

  8. 8

    OOOOOOOOOO Pereziieeeeeeee is that u I see in the Videooo!!!! Loooking Ahhhhhmmmaaazzzballls BB!!! Keep on Smiling :D

  9. 9

    whatever happened to real talent ???
    how did it get replaced with shock value ???

  10. 10

    The video SUCKS!!!

  11. 11

    Completely inappropriate for kids and even better that they did 18 and under and you know what I DO NOT GET IT. WHY is she all about this stuff? Disgusting. That's fine if you want to get beaten up and get off on it for sex, but to sing about it and market yourself to teens and girls. Just not right.

  12. 12

    Having to be 18+ is a little extreme but yes, it should be flagged! I wouldn't want my 10 year old brother watching it!

  13. 13

    Funny how this video is no different from Christina's video for Not Myself Tonight, which Perez said was a total rip-off of Lady Gaga. Why aren't there rip-off allegations against Rihanna? Possibly because she was smart and cast him in her video. Aside from a fragrance plug in Christina's video, and a Carmen Miranda reference in Rihanna's, these video's are, essentially, not that different. Makes me wonder why Christina isn't playing the game better. But it also makes me sad that bad vocalists, who have great PR, are becoming more successful.

  14. 14

    all you people are a bunch of old cranky squares… THE ENTIRE WORLD IS INNAPROPRIATE!! you can hide kids from it, its everywhere. and this isnt even THAT bad…. and PEREZ, you were HOT in the video!! keep doing what you do BB, as long as people hate… you know you are doing something right!!

  15. 15

    Smart move on YouTubes part.

  16. 16

    I only got through a bit of it. The beginning is fine. I do not like the rest of it. And with bullying a problem and "Daddy Issues" flying across the screen, Yep not appropriate or necessary.

  17. 17

    this is just crap but beyond that fuck you tube. American is viering so far form our freedom track is disgusting. EVERYTHING IS CHILD SAFE NOW. so why grow up i dont want to live in a fuckign play place i want to enjoy adult fun if KIDS shouldn't see it think about that kids shouldn't be on the internet in the first place. problem is parenting not youtube.

  18. 18

    Video is ok. Song sucks. The Illuminati are losing their touch lol

  19. 19

    all these post are from ober christian soccor moms who dont know whats in the bible. HELLO CHURCH REFORM you know nudeity was in chapend and religious art untill man deciced to change it god didnt so keep your "morals" to yourself

  20. 20


  21. 21

    This vid is giving me Katy Perry but she gets cool points for leashing perez like a bitch

  22. 22

    makes sense, kind of a smart move

  23. 23

    Re: lacey1Re: theresalongoRe: SS_SavannahRe: kendalldrive

    Youtube should not be raising your kids. Shit should not have to be censored because fail parents fail at parenting.

    This is slowly becoming a communist country. In another decade or so we'll be like Asia

  24. 24



  25. 25

    Perez is excited about his video debut you did a great job. Stop Hating.

  26. 26

    haha let me put it this way. this video makes heidi montags music video for higher look so good. this is by far the worst music ever. heidi montag should be proud her video is 2nd worst. rihanna has definitely gone down hill. and perez just looks like the idiot that he is. retarted gay ass mother fucker. this is trash.

  27. 27

    Piggy boy is really whoring this one out….its garbage..its should be flagged.

  28. 28

    should be banned everywhere including here.

  29. 29

    OMG Mario was that you? Alright now. Kids are smart and with parents on the lookout the kids are alright.

  30. 30

    uhh what utter trash.. and it looks so cheap too.. can rihanna scrap the barrel anymore.

  31. 31

    Youtube made an excellent call - she is even more slutty than usual in this music video.

  32. 32

    Of course it deserves to be flagged and have a 18+ rating, do you not know what S & M means?? I love the song and video tho

  33. 33

    The whole album its self isnt appropriate for children.
    Will radio stations ban this song? No they will not. Yet parents will let their children listen to it.

    Same thing for the song.
    If you have a kid, monitor what he/she is watching.

    Rihanne CLEARLY didnt make this video for kids.

    Get over yourselves people.
    Britney, Christina, Madonna, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and company ALL HAVE "innapropriate music AND videos". Do we hear complaints about that? no.

    How about Will Smith's daughter? "whip my hair back and forth" That song has a double meaning and its a KID singing it.

    Rihanna's finally out of her depressed emo phase, let her have fun.

  34. 34

    You wouldn't even care if it wasn't for you being in the video.

  35. 35

    Lesbian trying to act straight, yawn.

  36. 36

    I love the video. Its incredible! sadly youtube is correct in flagging it, I read some of the comments and most of the kids dont even know what S&M is, I think it should be used to target an older audience for her. Its an amazing song AND video! but yes, a little too racy for atleast 13 and under.

  37. Laury says – reply to this


    Perez, if you had young children, you would understand why this video was flagged. And you're only pissed because you're in it, otherwise you wouldn't give a shit.

  38. meme says – reply to this


    That's a no brainer. Totally inappropriate for kids.

  39. 39

    WARNING - May cause sudden drowsiness, lowering of IQ, nausea, abdominal cramps, vomiting, vertigo, loss of bladder control, diarrhea, and intense revulsion would have sufficed.

  40. 40

    Re: theresalongo – did you REALLY just compare Rihanna to Kim Kardashian? are you mentally disabled? thats like comparing Caviar to dog shit. Kim Kardashian is not an artist, she is a fame whore, she does nothing but look pretty. Rihanna is an award winning, platinum selling artist. I love this video, its very David LaChappelle, its colorful and fun and FOR ONCE its a video that is actually what the song is about. I'm sick of videos that have nothing to do with the songs. Rihanna is amazing! I agree that its not appropriate for young children. but this is 2011! time to step up the game OR get out of it! LONG LIVE RIH RIH!

  41. 41


  42. 42

    Not appropriate, but I like it.

  43. 43

    Love it. Love it. Love it. Clever, satirical. Sassy. Uhm, whatevah if it isn't you flava.

  44. 44

    Love the song…don't care for the video, but she looks hot.

  45. 45

    This is BULLSHIT! You are such a fame whore Rihanna and Perez, Your only approving of this cause your in the video! Seriously i hope when you have kids especially a daughter you realise just how damaging these videos and songs are, seriously Rihanna you just got bashed by Chris Brown and you were all like violence against women is wrong and then you release a video and song like this about chain and whips excite you and you love the smell of sex, Putting this false image out there that women a just sex objects and we like this demeaning treatment. you guys disgust me and anyone who supports it needs their head read! Dont even get me started on Wynter Gordon's Dirty Talk Either.

  46. 46

    Re: Roxie-c – I thought I was the only one who picked up on "whip my hair" I hate that song BECAUSE it is a kid singing about something she should NEVER know anything about. I'm glad someone else agree's with me. when I stated that fact, I was attacked by everyone for "slaming a kid" I guess everyone fails to realize that she's a 9 year old singing about sex and whipping her hair.. and no one seems to find that ODD? Its kinda fucked up!

  47. 47

    Re: theresalongo – This coming form someone who has a profile pic of a chick in lingerie on a bed…Really?

  48. 48

    Honestly people, if you're kids are 13 and under, would it really matter if they saw this? They probably don't even know what S&M means, or what's going on in the video. Nevertheless, it's inappropriate and Youtube should have it flagged.

    P.S. Perez, the part where she's got you on a leash like a dog really made me LOL.

  49. 49

    The song bored me to sleep and the video is just trying too hard. I agree with youtube. But i wouldn't even bother signing in watch it.

  50. 50

    Re: Brandon HiltonRe: Roxie-c – How is it a double meaning?

  51. 51

    Personally I dont AT ALL think that this is inappropriate. I think it Rihanna and she has something new every other music video and thats why she is so popular. I think this song will be a big hit with the younger crowed.

    You ROCK Rihanna! Also Perez you are workin it!

  52. 52

    LOOOOOOOVE it!! This is one of my favorite songs on this CD and the video is perfect for the lyrics! Very hot!

  53. 53

    That was the stupidest music video I've seen in a while.

  54. 54

    Definitely not something children should watch, or listen to. This song and video is of course for a more mature audience, I don't know why this is so shocking.

  55. 55

    I don't like really like this song or video. I wonder why lady gagas videos aren't flagged when they're actually worse than this. I agree that this video is innapropriate for kids.

  56. 56

    Since when has Youtube gave a fuck about inappropriate music videos? There's still a lot more inappropriate music videos unflagged that make this shit look tame (Lady Gaga anyone)?
    Either way, this video still looks retarded and unoriginal. Just like what I expected from her. :P

  57. 57

    if you weren't in it you'd call it too much, you fucking dick.

  58. 58

    That was awesome! Good for Rihanna for not toning it down. I have seen things on youtube that are MUCH worse than this that were not flagged for 18+! They have people snorting drugs, tying a noose, and doing WAY worse things on there. I think Rihanna did this video perfect justice to go along with the song!

  59. 59

    ive seen worse than this

    there are some dirtier videos on youtube.

    this isnt that bad at all.

  60. 60

    I think she was trying to make a fool out of you Perez…

  61. Megz3 says – reply to this


    Loved It!

  62. 62

    Should Youtube have flagged this video for +18, HELL YES!
    Is it a fun song/video meant for Adults, HELL YES!

    Now quit complaining and bitching! Simple solution if you don't like it don't watch it or listen to it!!

    All the BS about Chris Brown beating her, what the hell does that have to do with her sexual preferences?!?!? She is a consenting adult which is a lot different from being beaten unwillingly.

  63. 63

    Should Youtube have flagged this video for +18, HELL YES!
    Is it a fun song/video meant for Adults, HELL YES!

    Now quit complaining and bitching! Simple solution if you don't like it don't watch it or listen to it!!

    All the BS about Chris Brown beating her, what the hell does that have to do with her sexual preferences?!?!? She is a consenting adult which is a lot different from being beaten unwillingly. GEESH!

  64. 64

    First off it's a music video, it's fake so who cares? It's not any worse than MANY video games kids play or tv shows/movies they watch. Better yet there is worse stuff I am sure on YouTube and the internet in general. So one video is flagged…there are many more out there. If you are worried what your children may see better cover their eyes and ears because there are much worse things than a music video. Oh and for the Perez haters out there, if you don't like him get off the site no one is keeping you here..better yet no one cares about your negative comments.

  65. rcs says – reply to this


    Um isn't all someone has to do is flag it for any reason? Who's to say YOU didn't flag it yourself…

  66. 66

    It's not even the sexual content that would bother me for kids (well it does, but not the -most-), it's the whole thing with her being put behind plastic that concerns me. That's the kind of thing kids will imitate in a heartbeat and then we wind up with a bunch of suffocated kids. That said, I just don't like this song. It reminds me of something Madonna would have done years ago (I don't like Madonna either, but it seemed more original back then)

  67. 67

    A cheap Version Of Not Myself Tonight sorry Rhianna ur time is limted!

  68. 68

    uhhhh its the fucking internet.. do not censor the internet. oooh America… queen of censorship.
    –its not a big deal if you make it a big deal, its not like I haven't seen this before and didn't know what she was talking about in her lyrics..

  69. 69

    Re: theresalongo – Jesus, get your head out of your ass. Yes this is tasteless, but sometimes you just want to sing along to raunchy lyrics and dance to a sick beat. If you don't like it, turn away. Some of us like it.

    Also, Youtube made the right call… sometimes we're so desensitized that we forget how to be shocked, but this is not appropriate for kids.

  70. 70

    It may not be innapropriate for adults but it definitly is for kids!
    I wouldnt want my 10yo youtubing that then wanting to play rihanna by being tied up and singing whips and chains excite me!
    boo rihanna yucky

  71. 71

    She's gorgeous and I sincerely do like her, but I'm sorry, she's such a try hard.

  72. 72

    It's not appropriate for kids. Let them have a few years more of not knowing about ball gags and shibari.

  73. Stepy says – reply to this


    The song is hella catchy, but I do agree is shouldve been flagged on YouTube. Kinda disappointed that Rihanna would have a vid thats obviously just for shock value and to get talked about…

    The banana? Really?? Have you stooped that low that youre doing such obvious and overdone sexual innuendos?

    Sad Sad Sad.

  74. 74

    Loved the video super sexy!! If people don't want theyre kids to see it they shouldn't let them get on the computer by themselves duh!~! They show worse shit than that on tv people need to grow the fuck up!!!

  75. 75

    This has been done before…nothing original. I don't know why, but I can't get into her. I think she tries too hard to be "HAWT". Perez, you were cute in it, btw. Loved seeing you crawl like the dog you are, LOL…Just playing P.H.

  76. 76

    Wow, people that comment on here are so brain washed. Funny how this is inappropriate but violence on TV is perfectly fine for kids to watch right? But sex, oh no, we can't show that because it's bad right?

  77. 77

    i've seen worse in video's. but yea good move. the daddys issues stuff was just going a bit too far. what was the point of that. and where did her talent go? it seemed like they went more for the shock value than showing her talents in this video. could of been way better .. she's already heading in the wrong direction. she a great talent. and she's kind of selling out. after all that's happen to her you would think she would have a better head on her shoulders. eh.
    i always thought of her as a strong minded person.

  78. 78

    Was this video filmed in europe in the 90's or something? Anyway it's really rubbish!

  79. 7tizz says – reply to this


    It should also be flagged for terrible.

  80. 80

    what the hell was that I just watched! Way to waste 3 Minuets of my life!

  81. 81

    First off let me just say i totally "LOVE, LOVE the song. I think Riri has another #1 hit on her hands. As far as the video, take out the banana and i think it should be okay. It's a fun video and definitely a catchy song. Also i have seen worst from Ciara's ride video to Beyonce humping video. And let's not even talking about what some of the men do in their video to those girls. So yeah, it can be tone down a little … but i dont think its as bad as people are making it out to be. Awesome song Riri..

  82. 82

    YAWN. All the hate that has been posted makes me so tired. You can all coment bitch and complain all you like, but unfortunantly for you, you're not a critic and your opinion only counts to you. Enbrace the song for what it is. It might be called S&M, but is it really any worse than anything lady gaga (god love her) has come out with, or anything marilyn manson has done? All of their songs are still posted on youtube. If you dont want your children to watch such things then block youtube from them, And yes that can be done. Ultimately your children will find away to see it weather u forbid them or not. If u hate it fine, if you love it thats fine too.

  83. 83

    OMG!!!! YouTube made the right choice!!! I wouuld be extremely upset if my child was to see this! Rhianna, WE GET IT ALREADY!!! You have proven your point and yes you are a "good girl, gone bad." Stop trying so hard now!

  84. 84

    cant see much wrong to be honest i think its how you interpet it lol.not wearing much that gaga dont wear already. x

  85. 85

    She's trying to hard.
    Madan Xtina owns the throne.

  86. 86

    Oh my gosh she is so gross. Anyone having any sort of sex with her is bordering on beastiality. (Mmmmooooooo)

  87. 87

    I have no idea what the problem with this is, other than it shows the words "whore" and "slut" flash across the screen. For an s&m themed video this seems pretty innocent and candy-coated to me. Rihanna's wearing more clothes in this video than Miley Cyrus would on the street, so I have no issues with this video.

  88. 88

    yeah, and the "Alejandro" video is waaay more appropriate for kids
    that's why it wasn't flagged

  89. 89

    Video is kinda raunchy but I don't think that it is inappropriate.

    by the way Perez, you look HOT in this vidoe!!! Way to go!!!!!

  90. 90

    The song is horrible, and sex fetishs should be left for the bedroom, there is no positive reason we have to be saturated with sex and sexual perversions for whatever reason.

  91. 91

    Ugh. Did it remind anyone else of a cheap crappy 90's pop music video?

  92. 92

    thanks youtube its not too hot just too lame

  93. 93

    at 3:21 the notebook says Rhianna princess of the illuminati ..wtf

  94. 94

    Rihanna is a cheap black whore. There, I said it.

  95. 95

    A banana? How cliche. Garbage.

  96. 96

    Re: MooMooMario – Also this video has been banned in 11 countries already and there will be more. MTV had approved it and now they are talking something different now they look like fools.

  97. 97

    I just watched the video (I hadn't this morning) and while it's kinda crazy, you can find stuff like Madonna's Erotica on youtube (it's an old video, but it's horribly sleazy, not to mention stupid). I mean, dumb children in the US will simply think it's about candy and lotsa cute colors. Maybe Rihanna PAID youtube to have the video censored?

  98. 98

    Re: thepurplebunni – Agreed, I have more than a passing familiarity with the S&M scene and this video is definitely on the tame side. I do however agree that its not suitable for young children. Think about it people, she has more clothes on in this video than both her and others such as Gaga and Perry normally wear, its only the adult theme that is inappropriate. Great song and great video, I'd have liked it to be more extreme but we can't have everything can we?

  99. 99

    Whether it should be banned or not, idk, but there has been worse, i think.
    btw, this song isn't her best. I was excited for more of her, but this one let me down a little :( If this is her as a 'good girl gone bad' plz change back :(

  100. 100

    She's clearly trying to hard she's says she doesn't want to be "as generic" as Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, but clearly she is desperate for the most attention.

    This video is filth and exactly what I expect from Rhianna, garbage.

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