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Bieber Fever in Canada!

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Justin At Never Say Never Premiere in Toronto

Justin Bieber was spotted at the premiere of his movie Never Say Never(above), Tuesday night in Toronto.

Biebs was joined by family, friends, and of course, thousands of fans to celebrate the premiere of his bio pic.

Look'n good bb! Can't wait to see the movie in the States!

[Image via WENN.]

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13 comments to “Bieber Fever in Canada!”

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    He is an adorable talented little kid. He's not very tall or big is he?

  3. 3

    Anyone have pics they've taken with Justin B? There are a couple cool photos up on www.papUrazzi.com that fans have taken with Bieber. You should check it out, and submit any pics you've taken with celebs.

  4. 4

    Wow. Bieber fans will totally crucify me for this….but this pic just screams to me he's gay. First, I am gay…so this a compliment…not negative. My proof: He is known for dating selena gomez recently; honestly one of those chaste, untouchable disney characters no virile young male would pursue if they had the sexual attraction, also he has publicly said he has liked many "unattainable" female celebrities:unattainable bc they were much older. I name this because I know that before I would admit I was gay I would throw names of girls I loved out there that I knew I didnt have a chance in hell with just to get gay haters off my back. How many straight guys do you know that have that "I'm smart and damn comfortable with it" look in their eyes? Im just bringing this up bc I feel he might be gay…but not comfortable with admitting it…and that is incredibly sad in this modern society of ours that even a kid would know to hide their simple attraction to the same sex bc they KNOW many people will hate them bc of that simple fact. Regardless of my or your opinions…we all know time will not lie…look at mr. Ricky Martin…you just get frikin tired of the work of hiding your identity…you get tired of the lies…seriously…Im a very open person:So you that may not agree with me, please say so…just include "proof" that you consider in your response. Please if you disagree with me…just respond…I love discussing mysterious topics such as these…LOL

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    Re: teambritneyspears – shut the fuck up you can't be accusing people of beeing gay. because he might not even be gay you bitch. so I don't want to here your comments about justin being gay or not if he is gay then he is gay if he not then let it go I know u probably masterbate to him everyday and i am sure in your fantasy you wish he was gay and here you are trolling and accusing him of being gay. just because you did shit doesn't mean ever gay guy is doing the same shit as you bitch. so I don't want to here your shitty comments about bieber being gay because he might not even be gay. it's like in real life someone keeps bashing you that your gay and that person might not even be gay yet people still harrass them about it. you have no right too accuss someone of being gay and there is no proof of him being gay I don't see him kissing a guy or acting a homosexual manner. usually you can tell when someone is gay or bi based on they way they speak and clearly justin does not speak on a gay manner. so enough already.

    ps he looks so hot in this picture. most of the time I think he looks so fugly in pics but this picture he looks amazing.

  6. 6

    Bieber is Canadian… so having fans there is no surprise.

  7. 7

    Whoa! He actually looks kinda hot in that picture. The rest of the photos he just looks cute, that's all.

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    wow…dude…man…person…that is sooo uncalled for. Why do you have to get so angry? I never said I was accusing him of anything…I thought I made it quite clear it was just an opinion upon things ive seen and nothing more. And, you say 'accuse' in terms of the gay question like being gay is disgusting and offending. I take huge offense to that. And you totally crossed the line with the 'masturbation' thing..I am no pedophile, I unquestionably am attracted to men: grown men. That is disgusting btw, pedophilia is disgusting, a crime, and definitely no laughing matter…you should not take such a thing so lightly. "Person" I only asked for a different opinion, not hatred. Take your negativity to the countless hell dimensions where it truly belongs. Period.

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    Lol Why did I even reply? I read your comment thoroughly now. You state towards the end that he looks 'hot'. I would have to disagree with that statement as well…the word 'hot' has a sexual connotation to it does it not? I would honestly say Bieber is 'cute'….like in the way I might say my best girlfriends hair is 'cute', or how my puppy looks really 'cute' when he tries to look bad as hell…but mos def not in any manner meaning sexual interest. This leads me to believe you are either some very pissed and polarized tween girl….or a very very creepy closeted southern/republican guy. That isnt really funny huh? kinda gave me chills to tell ya the truth

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    He's having his New York premiere today. Im so jealous cause he's having them only in New York and LA. I really wish He would have one here in Chicago. Justin has so many fans here and we would all come out to see him if he did a movie premiere here. I can't wait to see the movie already aaaargh

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    Re: teambritneyspears – HA HA HA HA….you totally made me LOL….. teambrit!