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Howard Stern Turns On Piers Morgan!

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And he was as relentless as ever!

According to Howard Stern, Piers Morgan made him an offer last week in a chance meeting to "save his career." Howard did not take too kindly to this proposition and decided the best way to decline the offer was to rant on his radio show.

Got to love it when someone super pissed off has an outlet to reach millions! It's always a good time!

Check out yesterday morning's broadcast as Howard tears into Piers for his comments and offers some choice advice of his.

As Howard himself says, "Welcome to the war," Piers!

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18 comments to “Howard Stern Turns On Piers Morgan!”

  1. M: says – reply to this


    piers morgan is an asshole

  2. 2

    Piers is soo full of himself.This is the man thats supposed to be taking Larry Kings place , and on the first week of his show he has the Kardashian skanks ?. What a joke. Does he Think people will actually take him seriously ?. Also i think its pretty douchey of him kissing Lady Gaga's ass and bashing Madonna in every interview he does, he even asked a Pastor "Lady Gaga or Madonna ?" he is such a weirdo.Btw didn't Larry say he wanted Ryan Seacrest to take his place ? where the fuck did they find this douche ?.

  3. 3


  4. 4

    Millions of listeners….right

  5. 5

    Howard Stern is a douchebag. That is all.

  6. Zoom says – reply to this


    Piers Morgan needs to go back home or stick to his dumb judging job.Nobody in America will ever see him as a serious journalist.Pretty funny how Larry King even got better ratings.I like how he tweeted Hannity after his first show and told him he's going to over-take him next..Hasn't happened yet and never will

  7. fiera says – reply to this


    I honestly think that Piers knows his ratings suck and he is too much of an egomaniac to admit it. By saying that to Howard was an indirect way of saying " save my show"

  8. 8

    I cannot stand that Piers Morgan. Will never watch anything with him in it. What an as**** !

  9. 9

    Totally a plea for help. Howard would gold plate his ratings because Howard has actually proved himself as someone listeners/viewers are loyal to.

  10. 10

    Howard probabily has one of the biggest egos on the planet. Smartass. Who knows whats the truth. And man I cannot stand Robin, shes almost as annoying as Shaffer on Letterman, who is the definition of utter annoyance.

  11. 11

    I'm not a huge Howard Stern fan and I don't get why anybody would pay him $500 million over a mere 5 years just to spout off at the mouth and I'd never pay Sirius just for that "pleasure", HOWEVER, occasionally the man is correct and this is one of those times. Piers Morgan came into this situation with the wrong persona and really overblown expectations. That egotistical promotional ad he did where he adjusted his cuffs and talked about how he'd really get to the bottom of anything and everything- really lame. I think what made Larry King so successful was not his hard-hitting journalism or willingness to ask the tough questions, etc. It was the fact that Larry King was this dude who was willing to sit in a chair and ask a bunch of questions in a format a little more high end than a daytime talk show. Period. Larry King didn't care who he was going to interview and forgot about the interview by the time he got home at night because he understood what his job was about. Piers Morgan needs to get his head out of his ass.

  12. 12

    Love it. Down with Piers… he's such a slag

  13. 13

    I wasn't a huge fan of Larry King, however, compared to this Piers twit I would gladly have him back. I'm Canadian and I wish that CNN had picked an American interviewer. CNN has an American tone and point of view which is now missing with this British jackass.

  14. 14

    Do Piers' followers know that while an editor for a newspaper in the UK, he OK'd fake pictures of British and American troops abusing prisoners! He is personally responsible for the death and endangerment of US and UK Soliders. Piers is drenched in the blood of these kids. Now he has a TV show and bitches about Madonna. This prick needs to be in jail, not paid shed loads of cash to self promote.

  15. 15

    Re: Hassen Ben-Soba – On regular radio, dude had 20 million a day. Every day. That was the average. People have to buy a subscription to listen to him now and he still averages 5 million a day. With the new sirius phone app, in 6 months it'll be up to 10 million, easy. Howard Stern IS the king of all media. What Piers Morgan did was so arrogant that he deserved the blast. Piers has been nothing but arrogant. He announces he won't talk to Madonna(which I agree with) but then he brings in the Kardashians who are so irrelevant that it made his whole Madonna stand looked kinda soggy. He started out with this attitude like "I'm going to get to the bottom of everything, I'll expose secrets, I'll change the face of television journalism" but his bravado has produced weak tea.

  16. 16

    A double helping of douchiness! One is an ass the other ditches his family.

  17. 17

    @It'sASecretBitch - And no one gives a fuck what you think. Fuck off bitch.

  18. 18

    I agree that Piers Morgan is an asshole but how can Howard backstab him by meeting him face to face and say "oh your show is great" and then go on his radio show and say all this … what does that say about Howard???