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New Details On KStew's K-11 Movie - It's Raunchy & Terrifying!

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We're not that easily shocked, but this sounds DARK! Twilighters, this is not the movie for you.

For a long time, Kristen Stewart's mother has been trying to get her movie, K-11, off the ground. The problem, we assume, is that though Hollywood lives for the scandolous, this movie may venture way too far off the beaten path for most studios to be comfortable with.

The film is about a specialized sector of the L.A. prison system called K-11, where gay and transgender criminals are sent in fear that they won't survive in normal lock-up. A source has gotten a first hand look at the script and has shared some of the more gruesome parts of the story.

As her mother is taking the helm on this, KStew is poised to take the lead as Birdy "19-year-old sweet, red-headed girl (naturally a boy)" who befriends a new member of the cell block and tries to take care of him. She's a very damaged character, to say the least, having been raped by a convicted child molester, who she later murders in retaliation.

But KStew isn't alone. There is a gaggle of characters just like her in this movie. All of them engage in sexual exploits, both consensual and not so much. All of them love them some drugs from cocaine to meth to pills, KStew's character's recreation of choice. All of them are violent, vulgar and indecent characters, with only one set goal - to overthrow the guard who's been abusing them and escape.

Sounds like something the whole family can enjoy, right?

Okay, maybe not, but it does sound like the kind of movie Kristen is probably eager to do to overthrow her Bella Swan alter-ego. Gritty, dirty, dark material - it's just what KStew is after!

The movie's supposedly going into production fairly soon, but how will audiences respond to it?

Think this might be something U'd want to see or no?

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30 comments to “New Details On KStew's K-11 Movie - It's Raunchy & Terrifying!”

  1. 1

    Doesn't sound half bad to me - at least it's original………I don't see how something like this would be different from say, Monster with Charlize Theron. I haven't seen it but I heard there are some horrible things that happened to the woman she plays, all played out in the movie.
    on the other hand, I'm at work and there's an ad with a girl with a cucumber in her mouth being very suggestive……..is that really a necessary ad? I can do the shirtless guy with the "this is me raw" typing but that girl is triflin and disgusting…….

  2. 2

    Well to me Twilight is the first movie I seen her in that was for children lol. Good for her though. She's so much more than just twilight.

  3. 3

    stop trying too hard Kristen
    you will be the same dumb airy bitter akward brat in this movie too…
    you arent that great an actress, so stick to your Twilight shittles

  4. 4

    It sounds strong but it can be really good for her career. People like to get shocked. For sure it will get a lot of press. I will def watch it.

  5. T~ says – reply to this


    What possible motivation is there to make something like this? I dont understand we have enough violence sadness hurt and ugly in the world right now. Why do we need more? This is not entertainment this is about a dollar on shock value.

  6. 6

    uuhh i think this sounds awesome!!

  7. 7


  8. 8

    I'd see it. Sounds interesting enough to watch

  9. 9

    Re: MyReligionIsYou – @ 2 - totally agreed - twilight just put her in the limelight I don't believe she really wants to be in to begin with.

  10. 10

    Sounds like an 80s Linda Blair pic. The plot description sounds like a cool movie. Gotta agree April 20th, sounds kind of original.

  11. 11

    UMMMM…this movie has been a billion times, usually as soft core porn. The best and cheesiest that comes to mind is "Reform school girls" from the eighties starting the "lovely" Wendy O Williams.
    Way to ruin your already tanking career K Stew.

  12. 12

    I want her to blow me whilst she massages my balls (seriously).

  13. 13

    Im looking forward to this movie. I hope that they don't have to cut to much out of it when it comes time to rate it.

  14. 14

    Is it just me or does she always look like she is tore up on herion or some kind of opiate. She has no pupils at all in every picture. I think she has a severe opiate addiction.

  15. 15

    I think I found a copy of this script online like, a year ago or something. It was horrendous, lol. Hilarious.

  16. 16

    Sounds like HBO's Oz….if its anything like Oz it'll be AMAZING

  17. 17

    hey, there=you're like 2 years behind. This project is all but dead in the water.

  18. 18

    Oooo - i'm so shocked! (yawnnn…zzzz). Can you say "trying too hard)??? She should do a movie about becoming a Ph.D in astrophysics or something. Or that girl who stole IDs to attend Columbia University.

  19. 19

    She's the CLASSIC middle class white girl, who lacks education, and tries to sound smarter than she is, with street cred that she does not have. It's easy to be the tough girl, in your mind, when you've never really had to be tough.

  20. 20

    Re: sugamonkey – we used to watch "reform school girls" as a comedy back in the day. we had many laughs at that one. wendy o'williams had skin of leather.

  21. 21

    HELL YEAH! this sounds great!

  22. 22

    Sounds like the same plot as Sucker Punch.

  23. 23

    sounds like it could be good, interesting at worst! i hope it happens. i think, these more indie movies, are where she excels at. twilight wasn't her, but it got her foot in the door and now she can do these types of roles she wouldn't have been able to do before. still she should be greatful to the twilight franchise + she got to meet her boyfriend. lol anyways, she's young and i expect good things from her.

  24. 24


  25. 25

    I REALLY want to see this. And KStew would be perfect for the role. I am into these kind of dark movies. I know the majority of people aren't though…..

  26. 26

    she looks highly fuckable in this picture

  27. 27

    No wonder Hollywood doesn't want it - it's not a remake. It would be nice to finally see a movie about things that are actually happening in this world, even if they make you uncomfortable. This plot sounds fascinating, I would for sure go see the movie. Maybe they could make it for adults instead of trying to dumb it down for the tweens.

  28. 28

    Re: sugamonkey
    my friend Darcy was in that movie
    RIP wendy

  29. 29

    Really want to see it, have been wanting to see it for a while now.

    Re: Ghostly – Brat? She aint no brat, have you meet her? Because people that work with her have good things to say about her.
    She is an fantastic actress, Twilight isn't the best but she is one of few that carries that movie and makes it better. She gets amazing critics from Roger Ebert to name one, you do know who he is right???
    You may not like her but that doesn't mean she aint good because she is plenty of good, try to watch her movies, any movie that isn't Twilight because almost everyone is bad in that one. It's just a plot with "hot" guys and not a real movie.
    She is one fanatic actress. She aint dumb; akward, well, everyone is awkward, it depend on what you used to on people, everyone thinks different about that. People may think you are awkward. Awkward isn't a bad thing, it means different but it ain't bad. Brat?, the only brat here seems to be you. Ones again, she is one fanatic actress. Watch her movies and you will see.

    Fail on everything you said.

  30. 30

    I think this is something Kristen would like to do- not because it's her mothers movie but because it's a big chance to do something differend. She always do the same type of role- the incecure girl. I think she will do a great job, concidering she did an awesome job in The Runaways as Joan Jett- i thought i should see it and was really suprised, we got to see different side of her in that movie so i can't wait to see this.