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24 comments to “Poor Thing! Kelly Clarkson Gets Emergency Root Canal!”

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    Aww poor kelly! Get better.. i can't wait for your fifth album

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    she's so awesome.

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    And can we talk about how YOUNG she looks without makeup? I know she's only 28, but she looks like shes about 21!

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    hate to break it to you idiots, but root canal therapy is not the same thing as oral surgery.

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    Re: actuashley
    Actually, root canal treatment is done in "surgery", therefore, comes under dental surgery. Instruments are used, anaesthetic..etc..

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    Did not recognise her at first, just wish Kelly would be honest to her fans, she owes them that much, come out and admit who you are, i'm sure your fans would still love you!!! Stop being fake Kelly admit your gay.

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    Re: allykisskiss – just because anesthetics are used, does not make endodontics the same thing as oral surgery. instruments are used in diagnostic exams and periodontal cleanings, but they are not classified as oral surgical procedures.

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    i would be happy with oral anything at this age

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    Re: actuashley
    That's right! :) I'm a qualified dental nurse & Endodnotics isn't surgery, they are simply cleaning the canals & filling them, Oral Surgery is more along the lines of removing teeth under the gum & under bone, invasive stuff.

  11. 11

    Lesson: Brush and floss your teeth. lol.

  12. 12

    who cares if it's surgery or not. whatever you call it, it isn't fun. i hope it rids you of tooth pain Kelly and i can't wait for your new album.

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    Re: coffee – shes def isnt gay u freak.

    and cn i just say she looks adorable! wish i looked that good w no make-up =/

  14. 14

    Who you calling a freak you dead beat loser!!! get back to being deluded and took in by the media because it's idiots like you that feed into this crap and encourage it!!!!!!!JUSSAYIN sounds like your a fake yourself.

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    Re: DexterM – The root infections that lead to needing root canals can be caused by trauma (fist or soccer ball to the face, maybe) or even extensive tooth movement due to orthodontia.

  16. Aszt says – reply to this


    Am I the only one who thinks that her face looks really thin here? As in as thin as during the Breakaway era?

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    Re: MoreISay – oh that's true. :)

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    Re: coffee – Who cares if she's gay or not? If she is, she'll come out on her own terms. It's her life, leave her to it.

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    What the hell is an "Emergency Root Canal"? You eithe rhave the root canal or not .. you can be in pain come see your dentist and he we will give you antibiotics or just do the root canal. Also it's hardly oral surgery. You idiot. I do about five root canals a day and as much as they are boring they arn't surgery.

  20. 20

    Re: coffee – seek help. fucking wack job!

  21. 21

    Re: ambi 345 – Exactly. Glad to meet a fellow dental professional. :)

  22. 22

    Re: Sharada – Don't you just love endo? Haha.

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    JUSSAYIN sick of idiots like you who come on here with nothing interesting or informative to say. Stop jumping on others who leave a comment what's it got to do with you? Are you her family??? thought not so shut up and go back to being the loser you are. Go crawl under whatever you crawled out of. And catlover go join her!!!!!!!!DELUDED IDIOTS. Just because some of us know the real truth does not make us a freak or nut job, losers like you can't take the truth.

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    Re: actuashley – Yeah love them so much, my heart sinks whenever I see root canal on my list :(