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Paramore's Josh Farro Returns With New Band

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After quite a bit of controversy surrounding brothers Josh and Zac Farro's exit from Paramore, it looks like at least one of the Farro Bros is ready to move on!

Here's what Josh Farro had to say about his new band, Novel American:

"Basically, I met these guys in high school — they're a little older than me, and that's a big deal when you're in high school, they were always in the cool crowd — but we connected after high school, and we got together after the whole Paramore thing, and I was like, 'I don't know if I want to be in another band, but I called the guys, we got together, we wrote and we jammed, and it was great, so we decided, 'Let's do another band.' And, honestly, I had some ideas that just didn't fit with Paramore, and I said, 'Guys, we can try these,' and they just loved them, and so that's really how it all started."

Farro's new band members are Van Beasley, Tyler Ward, and Ryan Clark. Farro will play guitar for Novel American.

More from Farro:

"My wife came up with the band name, because we were going through quite a long list — it got to the point where it was consuming our minds, because it was exciting — and she was like, 'What about Novel American?' … Because the definition means 'Of a new kind, or something that hasn't been seen or heard before.' And I think that kind of describes us. We want to be a new breath of fresh air to the music scene. We all love Jimmy Eat World, so it's hard not to sound like them, but there's a little of everything in there. We're huge fans of Radiohead, Sigur Rós, Explosions in the Sky … there's everything in there, really."

And more from Farro:

"[Paramore fans] just don't want this to be some dragged-out drama-fest. They just want to move on. I watched [MTV News' 'Paramore: The Last Word' interview], and, you know, I think we just disagree on a lot of things, and that's OK. I don't think it's wrong to disagree with someone, so, um, yeah, I just wish them the best in the future, and I really don't want to make it this huge drama thing, because then it becomes this huge war, and I don't want to dwell on that. I'm more excited about the future and this new band and that sort of thing."

AND more:

"I think 'liberating' is a great description of how I've felt over the past month. Coming from Paramore, I didn't think that I would want to be in a band or want to have anything to do with it, and so, when I actually found that passion and love for music again, I was like, 'Wow, this is great. We felt like we were in high school, we were all so giddy, and we still are, because everything is falling in place perfectly, and that first practice was great, and from then on, we've just been on cloud nine."

We're happy for you, Josh. Sounds like this is a really great move for you! We want to hear some new music from you guys ASAP!

Are U excited to hear Josh Farro's new band Novel American?

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20 comments to “Paramore's Josh Farro Returns With New Band”

  1. 1

    you have Taylor York pictured aboved…

  2. 2

    just letting you know, that isn't a picture of Josh, that's a picture of Taylor.

  3. 3

    Taylor looks great in that picture. :)

  4. 4

    that picture is not even josh farro.

  5. 5

    wrong picture Perez!

  6. 6

    perez that not josh in the picture it's one of remaining members of paramore josh is a jerk with his whole i don't want to getting to war of words crap he started the whole name calling crap

  7. 7

    wrong pic…

  8. Blunt says – reply to this


    Good for him, hayley is on a ego trip.

  9. 9

    um, wow perez, pretty sure thats why josh quit… cuz its their band and noone even knows which picture is of him. nice.

  10. 10

    "You and meeee… we used to be together… every day, together… "

    Oh, wait. Eh, whatever.

  11. 11

    That's TAYLOR YORK from Paramore
    not JOSH FARRO. Dumbass..

  12. 12

    Oh who cares? He's a nobody and made a big mistake leaving Paramore. Get over it, every lead singer gets the most attention in a band… wah wah wah

  13. 13

    Ha! I had no idea the Perez People got the photo wrong, either.

    That's kinda perfect.

  14. 14

    I hope you know that the picture included is of Taylor York, not Josh Farro. Kaythanks.

  15. 15

    Thats just perfect. Goes to show that people don't know who he is outside of Hayley->You don't even know which one he is.

  16. 16

    first of all not josh second of all tyler ward is amazing! check him out on youtube

  17. 17

    no…he is using social media that he never used when he was in Paramore to take even more $$ from fans and not showing them any respect! If he cared this much about his career maybe he shouldn't have made a mockery of everything that got him to where he is!

  18. 18

    Funny how he starts the whole mess with his *manufactured band* blog, and turns around not wanting a *drama fest.* He still has a lot of growing up to do. I hope their record label gives him a large sharpie for the contract, so he can frame it. And stare at it. Then blog about it.

  19. 19

    That's not Josh. That's Taylor.

  20. 20

    Glad the pic was updated. So excited for the new band…can't wait to hear the music.