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See what inventing one piece of exercise equipment can do! You can stay young forever! Suzanne Somers was at The Grove yesterday filming a segment for ExRead more…

65 comments to “Chrissy Is Still Bangin'!”

  1. 1

    Yikes. Not a good photo.

  2. 2

    She looks TERRIBLE!
    Bad skin, remodeled lips, cheeks, nose!

  3. 3

    Uh… sorry. The plastic surgery makes her look strange at best.

  4. 4

    A vision of horror is more like it. :P

  5. 5

    It looks like she has had a chin implant. Why do Hollywood women think that looks good?

  6. 6

    You have got to be fucking kidding.
    She is a plastic surgery nightmare. The opposite of aging gracefully..and what is the deal with her skin?? Ew.

  7. 7

    Major surgery and fresh too!! Hope the puffiness goes down soon. I thought she looked fine before the surgery.

  8. 8

    Perez, even though you typed out that statement, it still seems totally sarcastic. People do age, and at least she hasn't gone plastic like 99% of these other morons in Hollywood.

  9. 9

    I think she looks aged and artificial. This si not so much about he exercising etc… as much as having the money to get face work etc… done. I think the hair style should change and she should cover up her neck. She stikres me as someone who has not accepting graceful aging very well. My mother is 74 and looks better than Suzanne. Her skin is smoothe and natural looking - not puffy and caked with makeup. Just saying. I like Suzanne though…

  10. 10

    wtf is up with her chin, and her skin underneath the makeup?

  11. 11

    what is going on with her face?

  12. 12

    wtf is up with her chin and her skin?

  13. 13

    The lower part of her face looks weird - especially the chin area.

  14. 14

    I detect sarcasm?

  15. 15

    Bangin? HER?!!?! The skin on her face is a MESS (elderly acne?) and the skin on her neck looks like turkey skin. I suppose, though, that if you're comparing her looks to yours, Perez, she does look hot. Because you're an ugly fuck.

  16. 16

    Well RR, the photo is really not to blame here, and in fact is not the worst one of her POST-SURGERY. She has, evendently, had some stem cell injections so that she can avoid her greatest fear, age. Fear and money just don't go together very well with this being the result. How anyone can call her involved in "wellness" when she is willing to do THAT to herself, is beyond me.

  17. 17


  18. 18

    What's wrong with her skin?
    She looks like she has teenage acne.
    I used to buy her jewelry on HSN, a long time ago.
    Then she started selling, everything, pots, pans, appliances, sugar free food and then the quality of her stuff went in the toilet. The only thing not being sold, with her name on it, was used tampons.
    Isaac Mizrahi is the new Suzanne, selling just about everything, but his quality is still doing pretty good, on QVC.

  19. 19

    Re: Q*bert – No sarcasm … not from Perez. He's just doing more ass licking. ;)

  20. 20

    She looks like Ellen Degeneres!

  21. 21

    Banging fillers.

  22. 22

    Why is her mouth and chin all bumpy??!! She's had too much plastic surgery, that's why she looks like that. It's not her excercise equipment. She looks like the blonde Muppet, Janice !

  23. 23

    I know you're trying to be positive, but she looks awful. Like what a turkey would look like if it got burned by botox acid.

  24. 24

    Love her denture. Where did she buy it? Best buy?

  25. 25

    She is 64 years old!!!!!!!!!! and still looks hot. I read her book when I was little. We had some similar up bringing. Have mad respect for her.

  26. 26

    This picture makes me sad. Our faces evolve as we age and match the rest of our bodies. I admire women growing older gracefully like Goldie Hahn and Anjelica Houston. They are beautiful and I am sure take great care of them selves. Suzanne was always beautiful but fighting time with this amount of cosmetic procedures always creates this puppet like effect. She never needed any of that to remain beautiful :(

  27. 27

    I thought that was Rocky Dennis from MASK (1985).

  28. 28

    omg NO!! She looks horrible with all the plastic surgery shes gotten. It's so obvious it doesn't even look like her anymore. When will people learn that no matter how much plastic surgery you still age!! I like susan summers but she needs to accept the fact that shes aging..some ppl age nicely with out surgery. I bet she would have looked better without it since she took care of herself. How sad.

  29. 29


  30. TCYB says – reply to this


    She looks terrible. Her face is awful and her neck looks like she has had way too much sun for too many years. Forget the body.

  31. 31

    From the nose down she looks horrible. What is going on there?!? I have noticed her skin/face the last few times she was on the Today Show. WOW!!!

  32. 32

    If that is young forever, make me old right fucking now. She looks terrible.

  33. 33

    I surely hope you were being sarcastic. Her entire face is plastic…and her skin looks worse than a 16 year old boy going through puberty.

  34. jaxma says – reply to this


    Obviously Suzanne's publicist handsomely rewarded Perez in order for this piece to even be written let alone posted. Irrelevant "celebrity" AND she looks god awful.

  35. 35

    O-M-G! look at her face.

    you report on cinyy lauper's face peel but dont make even a mention how fug susanne summers is, perez. wtf

  36. 36

    Ummmm… do you have eyes?

  37. 37

    She has the classic botox face stuffed with lots of fillers

  38. 38

    She looks like a burn victim. All those puffed up fish faced plastic surgery people look like burn victims.

  39. 39

    I have sandpaper in my garage smoother than her face!

  40. 40

    She looks terrible! Gross!

  41. 41

    Eye shadow like a raccoon.
    A Thanksgiving turkey neck.
    A wig.
    Yet lips that could still suck the chrome off a trailer hitch.

    Yeah… I'd still bang that!

  42. 42

    She looks like a fuckin muppet.

  43. 43

    She looks like she's storing gravel in her chin. yuck. NOT A PRETTY SIGHT!

  44. 44

    When you try too hard to look young it makes you look older. Funny. If she had age appropriate hair, makeup, clothing she would look younger. I'm not saying an old lady haircut. Just not teeny bopper hair.

  45. 45

    Use the last pic if you really mean what you say…..honestly as a women ages certain angles don't look so good…..and that pic does not look good…..she is beautiful and has been through so much and I wish that was not the pic you chose.

  46. 46

    A vision of gross. Her skin looks very very bumpy and plastic surgery, as usual, looks hideous like a clown mask.

  47. Glen says – reply to this


    lol seriously? the only thing chrissy is banging is a crack pipe and a ton of restaline and filler…hormones my ass…she has about 200k in plastic surgeory.

  48. 48

    She needs to throw away the Thighmaster and invent a Facemaster.

  49. 49

    Listen there is nothinbg left on this woman that is real….that is NOT the definition of taking good care of yourself. I do not know why a segment of our society is so darned afraid of aging!

  50. 50

    Dear Ignoramus Giantess,

    She did not invent the Thigh Master any more than you employ a Fact-Checker.

    A Hole in the Sky.

  51. 51

    Are you serious? How much did she pay you to say that? She looks absolutely horrendous. I've seen her in interviews, and it's sickening how self absorbed she is. There are women twice her age that look way better than her.

  52. 52

    What picture are you looking at?

  53. 53

    How much Hollywood ass can you kiss
    Wake up this hag is a train wreck loaded with botox
    ever wonder why she always covers her neck?

  54. 54

    @ FIBES - She does sell a product called the FACEMASTER. ha-ha!!!

  55. 55

    What on earth did she do to her face? Too much plastic surgery my dear…and all the pot marks on her face. Not a good picture. If all this "healthy" living is so good why did you have your face worked on? I feel bad for her. Plastic surgery gone wrong!

  56. 56

    Now I know why a chocolate star fish turns you on. Her mouth looks like and Arse hole

  57. 57

    This woman is a money-hungry monster. She's had EXTENSIVE plastic surgery and when she got caught she played the "cancer card." I'm willing to bet she never even had cancer. She had to cover herself and her empire…all in the name of selling bullshit to the masses! GOTCHA, Suzanne!

  58. 58

    She's starting to look like Charo. An 80s icon that refuses to believe that time has moved on.

  59. 59

    I'd suspect uranium was used for the chemical peel treatment.

    Seriously, VANITY = 'VAINITY' !

  60. 60

    Are you DRUNK, PEEPEE? She looks like shit. The worst I've ever seen her. Something funky is going on with her face. It's all bloated and weird looking.

  61. 61

    I saw her on the news the other day and she could hardly talk her face was so swollen and fake. She does NOT look young.

  62. 62

    did she fall victim to the same dude who shot motor oil into Priscilla Presley's face? she should sue her plastic surgeon. she looks awful. she's just over 60 years old but she looks 90! My mother is her age and doesn't nearly look that old. note to all the young starlets - stop with the surgery now or else you'll like this too!!!!

  63. 63

    my grandma could look that good with fillers, a pound of make up, a leather jacket and a wig too
    by the way nice chin skin

  64. 64

    Burn Victim Somers

  65. 65

    What? Gross! Why's she so bumpy?