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Pal Of Gabriel Defends Baby Daddy From Halle's Nasty Accusations

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And the war rages on and gets more brutal with each passing story. So much for no more trash talk!

Halle Berry is in the middle of a bitter and nasty custody battle with her ex, Gabriel Aubry. Since this whole thing began, each side has made awful accusations about the other. The latest developments have sprung up from Halle's camp, claiming that Gabriel's relationship with their 2-year-old daughter is "unhealthy." Now, a source close to Gabriel has come forward to defend him, but also throw Halle under the bus a bit more.

Because that always helps.

According to this insider, Halle holds a lot of the blame for the failure of their relationship as she constantly was trying to control Gabriel and was prone to arguing with him about anything and everything. In regards to the accusation that Gabriel called her the "N" word, the source insists that he would never do that, though they have heard him say some not so friendly things to her in the past. He explains:

"It's just not something that would come out of Gabriel's mouth," the source said. "I'll confess that I've heard him call her "a f***ing b**ch" before — when he's been provoked, but I am talking serious provocation. And it's very, very rare… usually when she would call him and go crazy at him he would go silent and let her rant and rave then just ask her 'are you finished now?'. I think that used to wind her up more than if he lost his cool with her, which, admittedly I know he did on a couple of occasions. But there's no way he was ever abusive to her. It's completely the other way around if anything!"

Doesn't sound like either one of them deserves a pat on the back, if you ask us. Sounds like they both are hot-heated.

Regardless, the insider's insistent on proving Gabriel's innocence and provided sources with a scathing email to prove just how mean Halle was to him. In the alleged message, she wrote to him, "You were only good for one thing… Thanks for the donation."

Woo! That's a little below the belt - in more ways than one!

Along with this, the insider told sources that people should call into question why exactly all this slander is surfacing right now. The source says:

"Halle's timing in these 'revelations' speaks volumes. It's amazing how she's only now chosen to come forward about all this 'abuse' and Gabriel's 'bad parenting', basically after he went to court to legally establish his parental rights…All Gabriel wanted was to ensure his legal entitled access to his daughter, and to not have to be at the mercy of Halle's moods as to when and how he could see Nahla. Unlike Halle Berry Gabriel is not concerned with the public believing he is the 'wronged one' and with controlling his image - he is concerned with his daughter and her welfare. Perhaps if Halle spent more time truly worrying about that and less time worrying about how she's being portrayed in the press the situation would be better and easier for all concerned."

That could be said of Gabriel as well. Neither side is innocent in this. They've both been acting horribly ever since this custody hearing began.

In the end, that poor little girl is the one who is going to lose out if her parents can't grow and make things work for her benefit. Shame.

[Image via Matrix Photos.]

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48 comments to “Pal Of Gabriel Defends Baby Daddy From Halle's Nasty Accusations”

  1. 1

    Halle is the new Oksana. The real Halle that no one see is out.

  2. 2

    Halle is playing the victim yet again. Shame on her for doing this to her ex, who has done nothing wrong, and mostly to the child. Cruel really…

  3. 3

    Quit painting both parties with the same brush…. What exactly has Gabriel done that you consider acting so horribly. Did he dare to go out on a date
    with Kim Kardashian and risk the ire of his EX Halle Berry. A woman who
    mind you galavants around the world with her latest lover. Or was it he
    dared to file for joint custody to protect his rights from this mean spirited
    controlling , manipulative woman.. Well how dare he!! Place the poor
    behaviour squarely where it belongs in Halle Berry's camp. By the way
    how do you know when Halle Berry is lying….. her lips are moving…

  4. 4

    I must have missed when you posted the 'horrible' way he was acting because everything you said is about her acting like a typical chick…I mean acting vendictive, controlling, and an all around kunt. Guess you just couldn't let it slide that you haven't bashed the man in this so you had to add that part.

  5. 5

    Team Gabriel. Halle is such a bitch, funny how all this comes out way after the break up and as soon as Gabriel establishes his rights as the baby's father.

  6. 6

    You are wrong, Perez. He's been a class act. She is acting like complete trash.

  7. 7

    How has Aubry been acting horribly? He's been a class act. That crazy bitch is just throwing as much mud as she can to see what sticks. I hope he gets full custody and she throws a public tantrum. With all this ugliness, her movie career is going to plummet. Serves her right.

  8. 8

    Halle's crazy cakes, and what's more, she's a vindictive cow as well. It's one thing to fight hard in a custody trial and stuff, but this is plain disgusting what she's doing, throwing every possible accusation his way in hopes something sticks. Racist? check. Abuser? check. cheater? Check. Just wait, I give Halle two hours to swear he's a mass murderer next. Bitch is crazy.

  9. 9

    She is a lying b-tch. She reminds me of those unstable wives who throw every accusation at the wall and hope something sticks during cudtody battles.
    Unfortunately, blacks in America know well that playing the race card is always an option. Because white people are all "racists" blah blah blah

  10. 10

    How has Gabriel been to blame in all this? he has not spoken out against Halle. the only thing that came out was that he wanted to get equal rights to his daughter.. they should change her name to Helle.. since it must be hell to deal with her..

  11. 11

    I went through my own long a drawn out coustody battle serveral years back. The thing of it is there realy is not anyone who wins in a coustody battle least of all the child.

  12. YUCK says – reply to this


    I think halle is crazy and I also think she didnt like being the ugly one in the relationship. this man is fucking gorgeous. he is divine. no man of any race comes close to his perfection. halle you old ugly broad, go sit yo crazy azz down. grow up you old ho.

  13. YUCK says – reply to this


    her career is OVER!!!

  14. 14

    With all of these bizarro accusations coming out, it now seems to me like the vicious acts of a bitter control freak who wants her way. If you observe Halle in interviews and appearances, you can see it brewing under the surface. You can read people's eyes (the 'windows to the soul'), and Gabriel reads like a young, carefree dude who no longer wants to be treated like a puppet or a child.

  15. 15

    I think everyone who has gone thru a break up or divorce has used uttered curse words about the person they are breaking up with and even screamed at them on the phone. To publically say that a father's relationship with a child is "unhealthy" is HORRIBLE!!! If you believe that to be true go to court and get a retraining order but don't trasj talk him in public or let your "friends" do it. He had one reported date with Kim K, Halles has been screwing Marinez around the globe.

  16. 16

    Plus - all of this is making a beautiful woman look very ugly.

  17. 17

    Look, Gabriel just wants to see his little girl and now Halle is coming out with this stuff, please. Lets look at ALL her past relationships that seem to emd with the man saying she is batshit crazy! I believe that. And working around her, she is very controlling. I hope he get his custody and money.

    Perez, he hasn't said anything about her, she has said nothing but hurtful things about him. Oh, and he has proof she is batshit, voicemail, text messages… all she has is her word. GTFOH…

  18. 18

    Didn't Eric Benet pretty much say the same thing about her? The girl is a stark raving lunatic.

  19. Blunt says – reply to this


    Aint it funny how the "Source" admitted he called her a fucking bitch yet he denies callin her the N word?? Oh please i have a feeling gabriel is a fucking liar, he is a broke model who has fucked kim k and is playing the "Victim card".

  20. 20

    What has Gabriel been doing that is horrible? Halle is the one who is coming up with new accusations everyday. Gabriel is waiting until a PRIVATE, PRESS-FREE court can see and hear the evidence. He's not spouting baseless accusations with no proof.

    Did Halle's publicist give you a call?

  21. 21

    I have no clue why Halle is being called "psycho" if this Gabriel guy was a rapper or a athlete people would be saying the opposite. Because hese handsome that doesn't give him a pass. ANYONE is capable of molesting or abusing a child. If he could call her a "fucking bitch" who knows what else he has called her. He is a fame whore. BOTH need to stop leaking shit.

  22. 22

    Re: mandylove – Lets put his looks aside, how do you know for sure?

  23. uyeah says – reply to this


    How the hell has Gabriel been acting horribly, you sanctimonious smarmy git? Name ONE example!

  24. 24

    Halle's next stop….Oprah, again. Need I say more? Come on, the jig is up! Halle does this with every relationship she gets into. The difference this time is that she now has a child involved taking the media backlash.

  25. 25

    Re: TRUTH-TELLER – are u joking? so he called her a fucking bitch? how does that compare to all the stuff she's done? and who's to say this isnt all a HUGE lie and a way for halle to manipulate the public/the courts to give her custody? just cuz someone calls another person a bitch after she freaks out on him the way she does does not mean that hes a molester….to suggest that is ignorant.

  26. 26

    They need to get this settled. Their lawyers need to muzzle both of them. As much as I enjoy a good celeb fight & salacious breakups, this is going too far.

  27. 27

    How about they BOTH SHUT UP and GROW UP!!! Split custody and be done with it!!

  28. 28

    Sadly, the "molestation" accusation is thrown out all the time in nasty custody battles, and almost ALWAYS by the mothers. Its disgusting and repulsive to cry wolf about sexual abuse when it hasnt occurred. It scars the child forever, ruins her relationship with her father, and of course makes it hard for REAL victims of abuse to be believed. What a piece of garbage Halle is.

  29. 29

    Uh Perez, have you checked out Halle’s pasthistory with men? It speaks volumes. It is VERY clear to me SHE’s the one with the problem. NOT Aubry.

  30. 30

    Yes, the REAL HALLE has come out. Maybe not winning the Golden Globe really upset her too much! But I don't see two sides playing unfair here — it's one side only and that's Halle's side. Gabriel is simply trying to defend his rights as a father and doing it in a civilized way. But what do you expect from Halle? All her men — be they black, white, older, younger, whatever — she has nothing but bad to say about them once they become her ex! Haven't you noticed? But maybe this time she met her match. Aubry is a foster child and had a tough childhood himself and he's not into the Hollywood scene at all — the opposite of Halle. So we'll see how this pans out. But she's lost total respect in my eyes. Remember too that Angela Basset, one classy actress, turned down Monster's Ball because of the sex scenes — Halle didn't care — she did it to win her Oscar!

  31. 31

    Gabriel hasn't done shit and you know he's got dirt on her. He has been the adult here and Halle is a lying, vindictive BITCH!

  32. mena2 says – reply to this


    I just think it's ridiculous how people assume that if you're beautiful you can automatically "keep a man" and if you can't "keep a man" then you must be nuts. That is such ridiculous thinking. First of all..Halle had an abusive childhood, so it's no wonder she picks men who aren't good for her. One man physically abused her, left her with a deaf ear, then the next one was a sex-addict, and now there's word that this one is a gold-digger, and the only reason he wants custody is so he will get support, as in money. Halle might be a control freak, and she might be unpleasant, but that doesn't mean she's nuts, aka mentally ill. Then people will bring up the hit and run. Yea that is horrible..but does that make you mentally ill, as in schizophrenic or psychotic? No it doesn't, and if it did, I'm sure the law would have detained her and put her in a mental institution. And neither does being suicidal, which people also like to use as evidence of her craziness. 75 percent of suicidal people are not crazy. Also people forget that Brandi also had a really bad car accident, leaving one woman dead, and nobody is calling her crazy.
    I think there are such double standards. If a beautiful woman keeps picking the wrong guys, or can't stay in a relationship, then it must be her fault, because supposedly her beauty is supposed to solve everything. What superficial, moronic thinking.

  33. mena2 says – reply to this


    Halle might be beautiful but she has issues left over from her abusive dad, and she keeps picking guys that seem unavailable in some way or another. So I just find it sickening that so many people have this vitriolic pathological hatred toward her yet if it was any other woman who had a few different boyfriends, husbands nobody would be saying all this stuff. So what now dating a few different men equals not being able to keep a man? Feminism down the toilet.

  34. 34

    Halle is one crazy bitch… that's becoming very clear…

  35. 35

    i think shes very good at playing the sweet hollywood actress but shes really a nutjob.supposedly she acted the same with her other ex david justice

  36. 36

    It's stupid that you say they both are guilty. While Halle has non-stop been trashing him any chance that she gets, Gabriel has not said 1 bad thing about her at all. He has remained silent and I think he is stupid not to release those tapes but hey at least someone is trying to protect that lil girl from harm and the press. It's not like she can't see all this stuff that happened when she gets older. And also how is it fair that Halle can be with someone and go out and stuff like that but if he does it, it's the end of his parenting rights. That is terrible to use your child like that!

  37. 37

    Your holier than thou attitude is really getting on everyone's nerves Perez!!!! Wow…should've known we have Maniston to thank for it! Halle is the ONLY one who's washing dirty linen in public. What's wrong if people close to gabriel come out in his support after the guy has been virtually labelled a 'rascist' and 'child abuser' by her!!!
    Disgusted that you think Gabriel should quietly listen to the bullshit being said about him!

  38. 38

    Your holier than thou attitude is really getting on everyone's nerves Perez!!!! Wow…should've known we have Maniston to thank for it! Halle is the ONLY one who's washing dirty linen in public. What's wrong if people close to gabriel come out in his support after the guy has been virtually labelled a 'rascist' and 'child abuser' by her!!!
    Disgusted that you think Gabriel should quietly listen to the bullshit being said about him!

  39. 39

    Re: YUCK – EW! Just because he's trying to look like BECKHAM doesn't mean it's so. Are you blind? Halle might not be super amazing physically but neither is this guy. To be honest this plain faced man only hooked up with her for the fame. Just like a lot of other famediggers and then he realized too late that he didn't like what he found after the dig. Awe well, I don't pity you. You are the douche. Maybe you should stick with your own class and not overly ambitiously try and seek out fame, you fame hungry moron. And for someone who is so high on looks your picture resembles those behind bars. See, how easy it is? Hehe. So simple sitting here behind my pc. :)

  40. 40

    No, Perez, respectfully I disagree. Halle started this crap with her released statement regarding her "concerns" about her two year old spending time with her father solo. Afterwards, strategically timed tidbits meant to trash her ex have been fed to the public every day. Frankly, Ms. Berry, I for one would like to ensure you this conduct is so transparent, it's almost insulting for all of us "Average Joes." You have acted deplorably and, whereas before I might have said 50/50 is the way to go, now I truly believe Aubry should get full custody.

  41. 41

    Re: JackTheRipper – You're really stupid. Your guys race card is to claim other people are playing the "race card" even if no one is. When people whether their Asian, Middle Eastern, whatever know that they are being stereotyped they have every right to say you're doing this because I'm Asian. "Haha, I doubt you can't even get a chick you probably won't even satisfy her". An Asian Man has every right to say you're doing this because I'm Asian. Why? because that's a stereotype that's well known that people love to point out. Please shut the fuck up. White People majority pulled the race card, claiming Kanye was racist because of what happened with Taylor Swift. So shut the fuck up. Stop bringing race in this article. When something involving someone Black, Hispanic or anyone other than white they point out race and that is a fact.

  42. 42

    Any back on topic.. Halle Berry is wrong for this. Now she wants to claim he's abusive, like someone said she should have said this before. Gabriel I believe will get full custody, since he has proof of how she is. And in a way I do wish this will be in the public I want to see the real her, I really do. I do though understand her in a way(even though it's wrong). She wants to say anything to make him look bad because she wants her baby, I understand but she needs to fight the right way.

  43. 43

    What the hell has he done that is so terrible??!! We never heard anything bad about him for all the years he was involved with this big celeb, which means he is an OK dude. She is crazy. I'm sorry, but the "n" word accusation is thae last straw. He should go at her with barrels blazing and go for full custody. I bet she has physically assaulted him multiple times, so hopefully he has pictures. I say, let it all out in the media, we want to see her fall, b/c she is a horrible person !!!

  44. 44

    You guys don't know how to be impartial. It's clear to me that this Gabriel is extremely "fishy" to say the least. I'll wait for the proof before I start calling Halle a controlling bitch.

  45. 45

    Perez should revise that post because I can't recal Gabriel releasing any negative statements about Halle. He simply wanted to protect his rights. Halle is the one with a People Magazine cover! Other "sources" are releasing statements and we are all just eating it up. Luckily Family Court is a very serious real life place where the judge and investigators don't care how much of a celebrity you are.

  46. @v@ says – reply to this


    She doesn't appear to want to share, and might be having tantrums in the press.

  47. 47

    Halle is evil….look at her past

  48. 48

    i haven't seen anything that makes gabriel as crazy as halle. she's turned psycho. and he's definitely not using his daughter as a weapon. i totally hope he clears his image and she gets some serious help because she's unbalanced and that's not healthy for a child as young as theirs.