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MTV To Be Prosecuted For Skins????

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Skin Stars Accused of Being In Kiddy Porn

Porn, really?

Bored Housewives The Parent Television Council already called on the Department of Justice to look into whether the MTV’s Skins violated child pornography laws.

Now they’re asking the Attorney General to investigate whether the distribution of the show’s explicit content violates state law.

“It is unfortunate that we have reached the point of having to call for a criminal investigation into the production and distribution of an MTV show depicting minors in sexual situations,"

said PTC President Tim Winter

Nine major sponsors have pulled out, including Wrigley, Taco Bell and Subway.

Doesn't the PTC know the scandal makes us want to watch it more than ever?

Do U think Skins goes too far?

[Image via AP Images.]

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97 comments to “MTV To Be Prosecuted For Skins????”

  1. 1

    What? This is so tame compaired to original skins..

  2. 2

    uhhh yeah, this show is a joke. Pull it off the air and put something on there that people can actually relate too!

  3. 3

    That's just not true, dimwit. All this media attention has done nothing for the ratings. They've consistently gone down and not because it's risqué but because it's got to be the dumbest show ever produced.

  4. 4


  5. 5

    If the producers and MTV knowingly violated the laws, then let them either fight to change the laws or face prosecution.

  6. 6

    Leave it to the US to overreact about something SO tame compared to the original UK version. This PTC needs to check out the original show, and then try to complain. Big deal. There's drugs and sex. Take a step out into the real world, and you'll see much worse.

  7. 7

    For the love of God. Skins is an accurate representation of what alot of teens and young adults are doing, seriously. I can relate to this show, and I know a ton of people who love this show or who can relate to this show also. Parents are just pissed because they know its exactly what some of their teens are doing and they just don't want to face the facts.
    Nothing is wrong with Skins. I love it and I will be pissed if they take it off. And im not a teenager anymore.

  8. 8

    I would love to see each 'n every member of The Parent Television Council take a hit of ecstasy and then be fucked by a big dildo. :)

  9. 9

    Wtf, America is so boring. Skins is awesome! I watched the UK version and will watch the American one too just because it's so good.

  10. 10

    Doesn't the PTC do research? Did they not research where this remake is coming from and watch the british one? The American skins was toned down SOOOOO much, and this is all completely ridiculous to me. team mtv

  11. 11

    One word: RIDICULOUS!

  12. tammi says – reply to this


    I guess they've never seen Degrassi

  13. 13

    Here's the deal: If you don't have kids I can totally understand you saying that this is BS and that the show doesn't really depict anything that isnt already being shown elsewhere. If you *do* however have kids (I do) the idea of a show my kids could see encouraging sex at a young age is not cool. I get that they might catch the odd glimpse of an ad for Jersey Shore, but *those* guys are all significantly older. I'm with the parents council on this one.

  14. 14

    The acting is horrible. I think its the worst show on television…next to "Bleep my dad says", and ANYTHING by Tyler Perry.

  15. 15

    The reason I didnt watch Skins was because it looks dumb and kinda boring. But now with all the bullshizz that the PTC keeps saying I'm kinda interested in checking it out now.

  16. 16

    If you are a teen, under the age of 18 and you can relate to this show, first of all you are NOT cool, and second you are heading down the wrong path. Fuck the UK version. The question is, do you want your kids doing this?

  17. 17

    I wonder if they know that theres this little invention called a remote. You can do a crazy thing. It's called change the channel.

  18. 18

    Re: MEMEME4 – Well, by your guidelines, we should allow porn on network tv during the cartoon hours. Because, as you say, we can change the channel. Think before you speak, you may not sound so dumb.

  19. 19

    Re: littlemelissssa – OK, your another fucking retard. First off, "Leave it to the US", as if this country is somehow oppressive of free throught and speach. Secondly, you so really fuckin stupid when you make an arguement by comparing something else. So, the UK version is worse, so that means the US version is fine. Makes no sense, by those standards, they show executions on T.V. in Iran, so it would be fine if we broadcast state run beatings of criminals, cause it's not as bad as Iran, so it must be fine. FuckTard!

  20. 20

    What is funny is how people keep saying blah blah this is what teens are doing these days. blah blah. yes they drink yes they do drugs. but im not sure about the whole walking into a prositution house. wreking a car in the water blah blah ect. this shows boring anyways. take it off. american tv is so much better why would they bring this crap here? seriously. it isn't even comedy. And people saying that it's to edgy for america? really? cause if that's what they call edgy it looks really stupid grow a brain and plz take it off. i doubt anybody watches it anyways cept the guys who wants to get a hard on. its a joke.

  21. 21

    Riiiight, it makes you want to watch it more. Like that is possible. The moment you found out that mostly naked teenage boys were in it, you were all in, so to speak. Creapy fuckin kiddie perv.

  22. 22

    how hysterical the original skins never got all this and i saw the mtv version and it's tame

  23. 23

    Re: PrincessSparkle – hmm so your going to prostitue houses and finding friends for your male friends to screw? wow. your parents raised you well. yes this is what teens are doing but we don't need them showing it on tv as well. and anyways thats not even my case. the show is boring as hell. no comedy. anyone w/half a brain wouldn't find it entertaining. so i guess those of you who like it are idiots.

  24. 24

    The show seems stupid, but PTC.. they're idiots. They think Harry Potter is a plot by satan to take over the world.

  25. 25

    hahahahaha yessss time to cancel this dumb shit… i cannot stand that tony im just not buying it he is such a dork

  26. 26

    I watched this show once. I couldn't even watcy the whole episode. It was incredibly boring, had very poor acting and it was trying way too hard to push the limits. It was too transparent. Basically, it was a sucky show that I wouldn't bother flipping through again.

  27. 27

    Re: hoochpit – Before you insult me, try spell-check.

  28. 28

    Re: ameriie – I agree. Everyone knows that some teens do drugs, drink and have sex but this show makes it seem like every teen does that and that's all they think about.
    Another thing I find stupid about this show is how the adult figures all come off as unstable. Like, parents and teachers are all a wreck and don't care or notice what their kids are doing. Get real.

  29. 29

    Re: orbital – really? im still young to have kids but if i was a parent although i would be worried if my kid was influence by this type of shows (as any good parent that want to protect their kid) i still would aloud him/her to watch skins. i believe if you raise your kid well enought he can see whatever he wants and still be able to say NO , for me thats a good education explaining and understading so kids can become mature man/woman and go on their own, not trying to shut down a random tv show jus cause it "inapropriate". i remember when i use to saw uk skins back in highschool , and y to be honest that was a bit shock at first but then after 2 episodes it become pure entertainment its not sll about sex and drugs skins has a great story line to resume is that i had some friends start smoking and do drugs due to uk skins y its true but the majority (including me) didnt get influence at all, all this fuse around a simply tv show its ridiculous parents council should be focusing on trying to get a free education for all americans they sure need it

  30. 30

    OK Honestly I could not even get through the first twenty minutes of the first episode. After all this controversy and BS about the show I watched the last aired episode involving the kid Chris and his mother leaving him alone to fend for himself, and I think the show is perfect. America NEEDS to lighten the HELL up, for real. Some of our Parents from these councils ought to remember the original Skins and how tame our version is to theirs. Also they dont even say F bombs, they bleep them, and there is no real nudity, out of 2 episodes all I saw was one kids ass for like 3 seconds, Bravo has more nudity on DayTime Queer Eye shows!!

  31. 31

    This is ridiculous. If you don't like it, don't watch it! People need to stop getting their panties in a bunch about nothing.

  32. 32

    Re: ameriie – dude people still can relate to the show, its not about "oh did you friend took you to a prostitue house" "oh did you wrek a car in the water??" like seriously? you cant compare every single thing i believe those examples were filmed for a more "shocker effect"= entertaiment nothing else, if you find it stupid or not thats just a opinion. the ENTIRE cast of skins as bad parent, and thats why all of them are irresponsible doing drugs and drinking all the time, THE PEOPLE WHO SHOULD REALLY WATCH THIS SHOW ARE PARENTS, not listening to their kidds trying to understand them/help and instead just forbide things are bad parents end of story, its a tv show nothing special
    -focus on giving your kid a real education and he can watch wherever he wants to

  33. 33

    The US version is a spoof compared to the UK. ~yawn~

  34. 34

    MTV's skins is so tame compared to the British version. The only thing that it is guilty of is being a bad remake of a British show. There is nothing original about it at all. The script is almost identical

  35. 35

    Re: hoochpit – First, you're name is hoochpit, how am I supposed to take you seriously, I hope that's not supposed to be a description. Second, 'your another fucking retard', that's pretty offensive seing as you're calling someone a retard while using terrible punctuation, how about before you make fun of someone, you use spell check. Third, "you so really fuckin stupid" - check 'Second'. Fourth, it doesnt' make someone dumb to compare two things. It's actually a really intelligent comparison saying that the US is far more prudish than the British, being from Canada, I can agree. America was settled by prudes and someone is still run by them, PTA, seriously, Republican's don't agree with 'big government' but allow groups like this control the TV that people watch. Fifth, they do show executions on T.V. in Iran, however, Iran and the US have two totally different political views and by comparison, shouldn't be compared. Britain however, is a western and developed nation that is something that can be compared. Also, what is a 'state run beating?' I've never heard of this, and I'm pretty sure anyone involved would not want it shown on TV, and, if they ever found video of it, they'd probably show it on the news to prove that it happens "Guantanamo Bay" so back off "FuckTard!"

  36. 36

    Re: orbital – First, isn't that kind of like saying, you dont' have kids, so you can't watch the kind of TV that you want to because I have kids?? Why can't they make "non-kid friendly tv" and "kid-friendly" tv? Oh wait, they already do. The PTA shouldnt' have to teach everyone how to be a parent. If you dont' want your kids watching this stuff, I agree, change the channel. If you still catch them watching it, then put on the parental controls. If then, they download it, it's clear that they are curious enough to want to know what it's about, watch it with them, if they make it through the whole episode with you explain things to them, because they're curious. Kids are curious, they want answers, and if they can't find them from TV or from the internet, or from their friends, they'll ask you. Also, showing teen sex doesn't encourage teen sex, that's like making the comarison that watching horror movies makes you want to kill. And, just because you can shut it down on TV doesn't mean that teen sex doesn't happen, that's ignorant.

  37. 37

    First of all the show is not as good as U.K. version.

  38. 38

    American sensationalism at its best. :|

  39. 39

    Yes, I think they should be prosecuted.

  40. 40

    It stupid yeah get mad cuz this show actually portrays most teenagers lives. It's sad but hey it's also reality. Wonder what their kids are doing while they are out lobbying and protesting. They just need to shut up, this doesn't even come close to porn! Idiots!

  41. 41

    This is tame in comparison to what we did in high school!!! I don't know what the big deal is!! Maybe parents should watch this so they can get a clue as to what "some" kids are up to these days. I know I was no angel!!

  42. 42

    why don't these parents worrying about actually parenting their children instead of fighting tv programming? parents should control what their children are watching. if a parent is really that adamant against their children watching skins, then don't let them watch it. easy as that! that's what parental program blocking was made for! this show is no worse than any other teen programming out there. degrassi, the o.c. and numerous other teen shows depict sexual activity and drug use. actually, the majority of MTV shows do! why should this show be considered any different? stop ordering the damn channel if its that big of an issue.

  43. 43

    This is ridiculous. Y'all would have a fit if you saw the British version! Tony said "Gosh golly"! In the original Skins the only words coming out of their mouth were curse words. Jeez, these people need to chill out!

  44. 44

    which is another reason why they should have just left it alone and stuck with the brit series.

  45. 45

    Re: orbital – Well Just an idea… But if you dont like it then change the channel. Just saying

  46. 46

    that's pretty hilarious considering what the UK version is like. :L and no one 's ever said anything about our version… :D i watched the US version and it's so tame! haha

  47. 47

    Fact if it wasn't for the gay's on the show the PTA wouldn't give a shit. Bunch of homophobic bastards. That said the show is a total pos. Skins UK is a billion times better.

  48. 48

    Well I guess this little campaign is keeping many parents busy while their kids laugh all the way to their secret cocaine orgies. Seriously…so far our version of Skins has been nothing more than a slightly grittier version of Gossip Girl. At least the U.K. version of Skins had meaningful plots running by the second episode. The scene between Tea and her Grandmother was touching, but the show is really dropping the ball so far, because it kind of sucks.

  49. 49

    Re: josephwright – Actually showing teen sex does encourage teen sex but that also goes along with showing any age sex encourages any age sex (well except elderly, LOL) because sexual situations do tend to make people horny or aroused which often leads to masterbation or sex! So deny it all you want but we know what kind of kids watch these shows LOLsss. My conclusion is if this show is mainly about sex and sexual situations well they do need to move it to HBO. If the show has actors and actresses who are underage performing sexual situations that seem aggressive, and again show is mainly about sex. Well, then, they need to pull it. I don't know about you but just thinking about the film crew taping all of their indiscretions and they are not even of age? Ewwww. That is something they should not be exposed to, and no I don't trust the people that say I'd never get off to that because you sadly would after you saw it enough. I mean how strange is that, an underage teenybopper sex show with a lot of underlying drug and sex themes. SO MTV. It's like Jersey show for the pre adolescents. Oh and one more thing would you really want your twelve your old watching a show like that? Uhh no.

  50. 50

    I hated the first episode and thought it was a mess. But I have to admit, this last episode has me reassessing its potential. Although I still think the actor who plays Tony is totally wrong for the part. As for it being porn? Thats a joke.

  51. 51

    depicting 2nd graders having oral sex in class TWICE while the teacher is present is also an accurate portrayal of what kids are doing these days. Should that be packaged and sold as "entertainment" too? I wouldn't be surprised…there's nothing MTV wouldn't do to grub for a buck.

  52. 52

    Someone should sue "M"TV for not playing music videos anymore - false advertising!

  53. 53

    Re: Chicley – focusing on trying to get a free education for all americans they sure need it - You're funny! You should focus on your education.

    Here's a free lesson:
    i still would aloud him/her to watch skins - It's allow not aloud.
    you raise your kid well enought - It's enough not enought
    remember when i use to saw uk skins - It's watch and not saw
    y - It's Why not y
    not sll about - It's all not sll

    So before you sit there and say that Americans need an education, maybe you should think about getting one yourself.

    Just Saying!

  54. 54

    Re: hoochpit – If you cannot control what your children watch, then your just a bad parent and dumb yourself.

  55. 55

    why are so many people praising the UK version? Like the culture there is anything to emulate?

  56. 56

    Why don't they just cancel it already… But this is ridiculous, compared to the original UK version, which I love, the US version is just so, tame, it hasnt lived up to the expectations at all…

  57. 57

    okay this is getting so out of hand. i've only watched the UK version so i'll take people's word on it that the US version isn't even close to being as racy to the UK one. Yeah Skins is very racy and everything, but just because you're going to watch a show like that, doesn't mean you'll start picking up on the characters' habits and start having sex and drugs like them. and let's be real here people, all teenagers (or most) are going to have sex regardless of watching a show that portrays it. and as for the drugs, Skins is being so realistic because it shows the good side of drugs (the fun high off of them) but it also shows the downside of it and how it can lead to your fucked up life. So i think it's ridiculous that they are trying to cancel this show and say it is CHILD PORNOGRAPHY. it is not. plus, it is not in the parents' hands to say it is. the actors signed up for this knowing what they would be getting themselves into.
    so in conclusion, NO, they shouldnt have to deal with all this bullshit and it is not child porno.
    if they are going to take this show off the air for any reason, it should be for trying to remake or reenact such an amazing show for the British. They really shouldn't have tried this. Nothing will ever be as good as Skins UK. don't even try. America should come up with their own ideas.

  58. Mimzy says – reply to this


    Sooo maybe you "parents" who are afraid of your kid seeing this should uh, NOT LET YOUR FUCKING CHILD WATCH MTV AT 10PM. They should be in the fucking bed, asleep. Why are they up at 10 watching a Mature show, that has MATURE content in it? Put on some fucking spongebob or send your fucking brat to sleep, it's that simple.

  59. 59

    It's pretty simple if you don't want your kids watching this…. Don't have cable or lock the channel/show. If these parents can put forth the effort to kick up this legal shit storm, surely they can push a few buttons or make a call?

  60. 60

    this skins version sucks, it is unrealistic and tries too hard, but the PTC is ridiculous and moronic. their logic makes no sense. this parental thought of "oh my kids are going to start doing that because they watch the show"…come on! are these kids also not allowed to play video games because they can go and kill everybody or because games contain, what these parents should call, "criminal content"???

    parents: please, get a real hobby. and btw, your "kids" are going to do whatever they want, whenever they want, independent of this show or any other for that matter. they are going to experiment with drugs and have sex…they ALL do. get over it.

  61. 61

    I think this whole thing about taking them off air or trying to press charges or whatever is absolutely ridiculous. The UK version is way more "R" rated if they take a look. I think this all just goes to show how uptight and conservative some americans really are. I mean there is no nudity, and no curse words. They should just shut the f*** up and if they don't like it then don't watch it. I mean it's not any worse than 90210, Gossip Girl and all that other teen crap that's out there on tv.

    The only complaint i have is that MTV should get some new and more original ideas and stop doing the same exact episodes as some from the prior UK skins version which easily kicks the US skins out of the water!!!

  62. 62

    They were not having sex in the show and they did not appear naked on the show!!! Talk about some fucking drama queens!!!!

  63. 63

    Re: hoochpit – It comes out on 10 asshole i dont think any fucking kinder garden cartoons are on at that time.

  64. 64

    Re: chocoadd – i couldn't agree more with you. well said.

    and even if this show does get shut down or off the air, the teenagers are going find another way to watch shows like this. they may watch shows just as bad, or even worse. OR they will watch the UK version which although it is ten times better, it's also ten times more racy. and with the parents already complaining about the american version, do they really want their kids watching the UK version? these parents need to shut up and face reality. teens will find a way of watching whatever they want. and they will experiment with sex, drugs, alcohol, etc. no matter what they watch.

  65. 65

    I don't know the exact wording of the law, but unless these teenagers were having actual sex, as oppossed to simulated sex, while being filmed, how is that pornography?

    Notice how this council doesn't complain if teenagers are depicted in a violent way? It's always the same. Show a guy stabbing a girl in a movie, you get an R rating. Show him stabbing the same woman with his man-stick, and the film gets an X rating. Why is showing sex somehow worse than showing violence?

  66. 66

    Are the show's stars minors?

    Are they shown having sexual encounters?

    Is it being recorded?

    Sounds like child pron to me.

  67. 67

    are any of the actors under age? would the actors have to be minor to constitute child pornography? wouldnt MTV cover their bases and make sure that none of the minor are depicted illegally?

  68. 68

    I'd be more worried about the fact that it is just a terrible show overall. It's horribly written and horribly acted. I heard the original was good, but I watched this and it was so boring.

  69. 69

    i watched it and its pretty raunchy if those are underage actors.. the show is about a bunch of highschool whores and druggies.. i know thats the norm for kids today thinking they're all grown and smart enough to engage in sexual activities.. if your going to air a show like this cover your asses and hire 18+ actors to portray these mini-sluts and addicts. then it won't be an issue.

  70. 70

    Re: Bahabak BOYZ! – "i know thats the norm for kids today thinking they're all grown and smart enough to engage in sexual activities" really? it was the 60s that started the whole rebellion side. that's the generation that started experimenting with sex, drugs, etc. and then onto the 70s and 80s too. so sorry we "kids" are just taking after your actions.

  71. 71

    It was stupid of them to bring Skins to the US. The UK is much more open, accepting, and mature about things like sex on television. I think they should air the original version on another network.
    Plus, the American remake is horrible: bad acting, bad choice in actors, bad "revisions".
    I advise everyone to go see the original UK Skins on Youtube. Season 5 is having a pretty good start.

  72. 72

    Re: ameriie – amennn!

  73. 73

    The PTC just needs to go away. If they don't like it don't watch it. Quit trying to shove your beliefs down everyone else's throat. There's tons of shows I think suck so I change the channel. Problem solved. The PTC should try it instead of trying to ruin things for the people who do like it.

  74. 74

    Re: ameriie – Fyi asshole, I wouldn't put it past me if my friend needed a girl I would find a hot escort if need be. life is all about fun. It was teens are doing these days and i find it kind of entertaining. Life is about choices you make in life and they are good life lessons. And yes my parents did a fantastic job on me, thank you for noticing. I graduated highschool, went to a vocational school & am currently working my way through college for a MASTERS Degree in business, I had fun when i was a teenager and i still do have fun and can have a successful life at the same time, Don't be a judgemental little b****

  75. 75

    It's a fucking tv show if people have a problem with it don't fucking watch it holy shit people are fucking idiotic cry babies!!!

  76. 76

    wow, it's funny how the original Skins was so much "at it" and it didn't cause such a chaos around it but the 1st minute that Skins US all these organisations and groups and whatever react to it. What I mean to say is that, us europeans were fine after watching the raunchier version, but you americans are SO sensitive about this "cautious" version…. so ironic

  77. 77

    have any of these companys actually watched this Skins we have over in the UK….US version is pretty tame in comparison

  78. 78

    Re: BlissBlair – I wouldn't let my twelve year old watch a show like that…lets look at this situation from the other side of it. If you watch, or have heard of 90210. It has scenes with sex (sometimes gay sex, which could encourage gay sex in teens!). The show is often criticised for portraying teenagers with older 20 and 30 year olds. They use those people because then they can obviously get away with having sexual situations while using people who are 'of age'. Using people in their 20s and 30s can cause self-confidence issues in teenagers because they don't look like the teens on TV. I agree that they shouldn't be showing people in their young teens on TV - like 14 and 15 year old, but 16-18, I don't see an issue with that, I would guess that half of that age range has experimented in sexual situations anyways, and it's not like they are actaully down right getting it on in front of the crews. What's the harm?

  79. 79

    I really feel skins would have done better if put in Canada first, and then the states. I mean we have channels that play like soft core porn at night haha we are a little more accepting with sexual types of shows I guess you would say. Also, this seems so unnecessary, I mean from the trailer (haven't found a provider that the video will play out of the states) these are things that happens to teenagers, wether the parents are ready to face it or not. This group of parents are going balistic because it doesn't fit into their "American Dream" of how their children/teenagers should be.

  80. 80

    PS. are any of the actors actually underage? Because that's not child pornography if they are not.

  81. 81

    Re: PrincessSparkle – wow. well for someone who's parents raised them really well you sure got some anger management problems. lmfao! im sure your parents spent a lot of money on you with your education. but im sure they weirn't around enough to raise you in a classy manner. such a shame when your parents are not there enough for you isn't it? im sorry, and i feel really bad for you. but for those who have parents who care and who are on PTC obviously take notice to what our kids are doing. And don't let our babys raise themselves. otherwise we would get a world full of people like you who thinks its entertaining to watch little teens on television giving oral and having sex. then passing out in the streets. so classy. oh yes you are. you're parents must be thrilled :)

  82. 82

    Re: ameriie – shut up. like really. you seem sooo immature. and you're trying to make it seem like teens who like to watch this show are immature? fuck you. honestly. if you use sarcasm in that manner, then you're fucking pathetic. yes, it is entertainment because you get to see the way people live in a realistic way. and even if it's not realistic, who the fuck cares? if it's entertaining, then it's entertaining. like many other people have already said, you don't like it? DON'T FUCKING WATCH IT. although teenagers are not adults, they're old enough to be able to chose what they want to watch or not. you're fucking immature and clearly have a boring ass life. now shut the fuck and let teens watch they want.

  83. 83

    Re: Chicley – i actually agree with you. and i know i spend a lot of time's with my babys and also plan on having whatever talk they desire or not desire in the future. I just don't understand what the entertainment of this show is. There is no reason for grownup's to see it. this isn't a show about teaching method. And you are right. It's just a tv show. it isn't anything special. but i still think the show is boring as hell. maybe the UK version is better. but i wish they had gotten some older actors. these ones look like they are about 12 yrs old walking the streets. and the jokes are horrible and that tony guy is coming off more like moron than some edgy guy.

  84. 84

    Re: ameriie – you want it off the air because you think it's boring? well i think those stupid baby miracle shows are boring? should they take that off the air too? no. because others DO enjoy it.
    and what, you dont want your kids watching other teens having FAKE sex? what about horror movies, with all the blood and killing. that is teaching no lesson either. so why is that fine and Skins isn't?

  85. 85

    Ok, for those who keep referring to the U.S version of skins as "tame" you might want to read on.
    Lets get things straight; Firstly, I loved the first and second season of Skins UK and a Thursday night (I'm pretty sure) was skins night for many a weeks.
    Secondly, I dont know of many kids (or parents) in the UK who found Skins to be "outrageous" or "unrealistic" (as most of the uptight parents reading this will be sad to hear) I'm NOT ashamed to admit that my life very much resembled more than a few episodes of skins from the age of 15-19. MY LIFE WAS LIKE THAT BEFORE SKINS CAME AROUND AND NEVER INFLUENCED ME TO DO ANYTHING. This. Is. British. Life! Sorry but its true. Britain is a nation of binge drinking nympho's -I'm not saying that I believe this to be a good or bad thing, I'm just saying its true.

  86. 86

    Thirdly, the U.S skins should be taken off the air. Seriously, it is guff!! Never have I cringed so much to hear an American accent where a British one should be. (I am the person who cringes to hear her "home" accent come out when I'm not in the States) This should be taken off the air simply because it is RUBBISH, not because it is porn, inappropriate or anything else.
    If you need me to elaborate; I am pretty unique in that I have spent half my life in the states and half my life in the U.K and I can tell you that this is not the life of the vast majority of American adolescents. It really isn't. And unless you can come back to me, put your hand on your heart and tell me that this shizzz actually happened TO THE SAME DEGREE as it does in the Uk then I'm pretty much right in this instance.
    American life is tame.

  87. 87

    The majority of the kids in the Uk have had a drink by 14. (Sad but true)
    The majority of the kids in the U.S dont have their first drink until they start college (Age 18)
    I can guarantee any of the parents on this board that if they let their teenagers out of their sight, let them sleep over at someones place, even let them on co-ed school trips, basically, if they let their kid actually have a life then THEIR KID IS HAVING SEX, THINKING ABOUT HAVING SEX OR LYING ABOUT HAVING SEX.
    Before I get abuse from any of the stuck up prudes on here; I'm turning 23 this year, I have a University degree from the uk (HARD), in my junior year of my U.S university degree (EASY), and I started, own and run my own music company (record label, studio and promotions) so don't ever say my parents did a bad job a raising me. Most kids stray from the path that their parents wanted them to go down, it takes real good parenting for that kid to get back onto that path all on their own! no force was needed from my parents, they raised me well enough to know the life I was leading was stupid and I came back from that.
    You parents need to stop worrying about what could influence your kids on tv and start making sure that you are teaching them the right values and ethics within your home.

  88. 88

    Re: AmeriScot – i don't disagree with what you're saying but i think your view on the american culture may be wrong. i'm from Canada, and from what i know, canada and the US are extremely similar in culture. and here, most kids start drinking by 15 or so. some a bit younger, some a bit older. but not 18. so i dont think Skins should be taken off air in america just because it may not be their culture. cause it is to many people in america. and i think even if its not their culture, clearly people are still entertained by it so i think it should stay. even though the american Skins sucks and the UK Skins is amazing.

  89. 89

    iv only seen one episode, the first, and i only saw the first episode of the original. there is a difference, mtv's is WAY toned down. they censored it dramatically for american audiences. So it just perplexes me that they are getting this much commotion. And im also confused at how the U.K will let their version on air, and let uncensored boobs in newspapers, but they refuse to show perfume commercials from the U.S (ex beyonces, and another designer one i cant remember the name of)

  90. 90

    Re: ameriie – I don't have anger management issues, I just have issues with little bitches like yourself who seems to have your head so far up your ass and look down on other people. You have issues and seem highly judgemental. FYI my mother raised us all on her own, She was a single mother, had her masters degree and was a teacher she was always around, She was there for me everynight helped me with my homework, school projects, was there when i was sick. Had a homemade dinner everysingle night, Made me lunches everymorning, and breakfast. But no we weren't sheltered at all. I was taught right and wrong, I've made decisions in my life maybe i have snuck out at night and got drunk, smoked weed, popped e, had sex. I didn't tell my mom any of this she would flip out. But the fact is she didn't shelter us, she knew we all had our own life choices to make.

  91. 91

    I also went to Highschool in an area where people are highly religious and the kids are sheltered as hell, Their parents sheltered them from EVERYTHING, dear god all hell would break loose should their virgin ears hear a swear word, and everything the kids did was watched. And ya know what, all those kids grew up to be very immature, and to not have a good grasp on reality, Not in touch with the real world.
    I'm just saying this show is exactly what some real teens and young adults lifes are like, yeah its probably not up to your standards but I'm sure it's nice for some people to have a show on tv that they can relate too… Just like all those little teen moms have a show they can relate too.
    And dear god don't get me started on those Baby miracle shows or whatever they are.
    Point is, don't like it don't watch it. And don't critique someone's parenting skills. Especially when they have a masters degree, have three Children, one is a Doctor on a residency, One has majored in Math and Science, and One is currently working towards her MBA.
    I don't want to throw stones here, But can you say the same about yourself and your children.

  92. 92

    mkay listen up those of you who are writing comments against the show.
    i am a teen and i love the show and everyone else thats my age and older love the show as well. Its interesting thats what we feed on. Yes it might set a bad example for other teens who are watching it but that is there choice. i watch the show every monday night and i dont go out on my free time smoking pot and having sex cause its on tv. yes this is what alot of teens do but there not doing it cause people on tv are doing it. There doing it cause its there choice too. And if your gonna come back with a comment saying well yeah you dont have kids so you dont know what its like, then this is what i have to say to you.. Your kids are not doing drugs and having sex cause SKINS shows teens doing it. there doing it cause they want to. they choose too. i dont do anything they show on skins and im in highschool. i know kids at my school who do but thats there choice too. my parents raised me to where i dont even think about doing that stuff. So if your worried about this setting a bad example for your kids then obviously you didnt raise them well enough to trust them. just sayin!!!

  93. 93

    i cant believe parents are going out of their way just to cancel a show. their kids are going to watch what they want whether their parents allow them to or not. pretty much every teen boy watches porn, but they're obviously not going to tell their parents. so skins, is a much better option anyway. just cause you dont like it, doesnt mean it should get cancelled. you dont want your kids watching it? well they will watch other stuff just as bad anyway without letting you know. tv doesn't have that much of an influence on kids as people think. teens make their own decisions. if theyre doing drugs, drinking, having sex, it's because they want to. not because of a show. and if they are doing any of that already, not watching skins wont stop them from continuing. these parents need to get a life. the only people who would go out of their way to do this are pathetic people who are way over protective.
    oh an parents, speaking from experience, trying to prevent your child from doing something sooo much will make them want to do it more just to piss you off and rebel. so if you truly dont want them watching this show and you're part of the PTC, you are going about it the completely wrongggggg way.

  94. 94

    the show is amazing. And you are right perez. the scandel behind it from the parent council bitching about makes me watch it. Its nice to piss them off by giving the show ratings.

  95. 95

    Child porn…really?? Do we really think so?? wow.
    And why are people always talking shit about this show?? Are people that bored with their own pathetic lives??

  96. 96

    S.T.U.P.I.D.!!!!! If you don't like it…TURN THE FUCKING CHANNEL!!! The original Skins was more risqué…the American version, of course, has to be more tame and people with NOTHING better to do can't just shut the fuck up.

  97. 97

    LMFAO I watched 5 minutes of an episode of the US one and I must say I don't see the big deal?

    The UK one is more life like as most people I know started drinking between 12 and fourteen we all watched the first season of skin at 13 or 14 and yes I mean the UK one.

    Pull the fucking US one it's so tame compared to the UK version it's just shite, run the first and second season of the UK one and see what happens 0=]