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Two Fox News Correspondents Badly Beaten In Cairo.

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This is becoming frighteningly out of control.

A pair of Fox News correspondents stationed in Egypt have reportedly been so severely beaten that they had to be hospitalized.

According to an on-air statement from Fox News' John Roberts:

"Greg Palkot and Olaf Wiig, his dedicated cameraman, were above Tahrir Square yesterday. They were forced to leave their position when a Molotov cocktail was thrown at it, a large fire erupted. They were forced to flee. They ran out and ran right into the pro Mubarak crowd and were severely beaten and had to be taken to the hospital, spent the night in the hospital. The extent of their injuries was fairly grave, however, they have been released from the hospital."

Unbelievable, sickening, and so, so scary.

Our thoughts are with the brave men and women who are currently stuck in Cairo. May no more harm come to any of them, and may they be allowed to return to the US quickly AND safely.

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40 comments to “Two Fox News Correspondents Badly Beaten In Cairo.”

  1. 1

    It's obvious they are putting themselves in a dangerous situation. Although I would never wish anyone any harm, I think that the media needs to take a step back here. They are exploiting a volatile situation.. Unless they have a magic bubble around them for protection I think they need to start thinking realistically. Sometimes the coverage just isn't worth it.

  2. 2

    Still want us to Donate to Egypt Perez? I'm shocked at your article. I thought you would have stressed how we should donate our money to them like you suggested 5 days ago. Oh how you change your mind so much.

  3. 3

    What, you think a few Americans who choose to be in Cairo is somehow worse than the plight of millions of Egyptian people? People who have struggled with this same issue for 30 years?

    Go Jump.

  4. Blunt says – reply to this



  5. 5

    Isn't this what you wanted? Power to the people?

  6. 6

    Regardless of what forces started it, I'm more certain of which forces are going to end it.
    The Muslim Brotherhood, like the Bolsheviks in the Russian Revolution, though a small minority, have the organization, the weapons, and the tenacity to take charge at the key moment…not to mention the blessing of the Obamunists.
    This will not end well.
    The President of the United States…just think of it…is actively fomenting and supporting the overthrow of an ally.
    Well, Generals, Admirals, et al, loyal to the oaths you took —have you had enough of this rouge Obama Regime, yet???

  7. 7

    Why doesn't this happen in America to Fox News correspondents? I think it should.

  8. 8

    Fox News correspondents got beaten up, i cant even pretend to care. The fake news channel that tries to ruin peoples lives ( & succeeds)…yeah terrible…riiiggghhhtttt

  9. 9

    The Middle East is bad enough without Obama signing START Treaty today.
    He has given only Russia,China and all the Evil Axis countries, the right of Self-Defense.
    All reporters banned from signing.
    So much for transparency.
    This "treaty" is really more like a surrender document.
    The signing would be more appropriate on a Russian battleship with Obama and our Joint Chiefs of Staff bowing to our new overlords.
    Obama seems to be the one who wants to level the playing field in foreign policy too…just like at home.

    Well, Generals, Admirals, et al, loyal to the oaths you took —have you had enough of this rouge Obama Regime, yet???

  10. 10

    American reporters need to get the heck outta there!

  11. 11

    are they STUPID????? not only is the situation obviously dangerous for all journalists, but to be a FOX NEWS journalist, the most racist, bias, anti-arab, anti-muslim, right wing 'news' program–WHAT did they expect?!?!

  12. Blunt says – reply to this


    Re: waityengsy – LOL I AGREE

  13. 13

    We, as Americans, have no business being over there stirring up shit.

    If they die it is because they were idiots.


  14. 14

    Re: Bud_Fox – why would you donate your hard earned money???

    Take care of your own……not others.

  15. 15

    stay out of these countries they are violent and psychotic..it's their choice to be there idiots.

  16. 16

    Re: luvs2tango – I wonder who pays you to write such outrageous comments. The bolshevik revolution took place one century ago ! As for the Muslim Brothers, they have said they will not get involved. Are you working for the Mossad ? And calling President Obama a communist is beyond imbecile. Stop seeing a communist under every bed. Senator McCarthy is dead and cannot reward you. As for the Mossad, do they pay well ? To support a dictator like Moubarak is indecent, to say he least. Shame on you unless you need that money badly.

  17. 17

    Re: ImOldGreg – *rolls eyes* Fox News stirring up shit? Well, that never happens in the US!

  18. 18

    Kirsten Powers (Big Lib infobabe):
    "Don’t buy the hype about the moderate Muslim Brotherhood."
    "and why the U.S. should worry about the rise of an Islamic power in Cairo."
    Plus, full coverage of the Egypt unrest.
    Folks, things must really be bad, if Libs are crying about real terrorists and not Walmart!

  19. 19

    Re: ImOldGreg – I hope you, to are beaten to near death.

  20. 20

    Send Katie Couric

  21. 21

    Re: LazaroSi3333
    Don't have the inclination to spar with a pissant like you, this afternoon.
    Hubby at home on the 3rd snow day in Ft. Worth, he's working remotely being an IT guru, and woefully, my bottle of Harvey's Bristol Cream Sherry is getting low, so my inciteful, well thought-out posts may start to taper off… at least, until I bring out the single malt scotch!
    Made some English style sausage rolls and fixing food for Sunday's Super Bowl. Making the best of being 15 degrees outside.

  22. 22

    The Egyptian are literally MINDING their won business. It's the Reporters that are hasslinh them. You cant walk in a couple thats fighting HOME and get in their business (That has NO THING to do with you ) then complain when they beat your ass. I hope they beat every non Egyptian Reporter's butt!!!

  23. 23

    In Texas, when you order a sausage roll, you get a hot dog, wrapped in a bun (not pork sausage encased in puff pastry)… it's the strangest thing.
    Texans eat them, mostly for breakfast.
    They're good, but was raised with the Australian way, with puff pastry and pasties…..mmmmm

  24. 24

    Re: rickraton
    "Send Katie Couric"
    Thread winner!
    Fantasticlly funny.

  25. 25

    Ive wanted to severely beat fox new correspondents myself!

  26. 26

    So let's say there was a massive effort to throw Barry out of office here, and there was riots etc… then Obama sends out supporters to keep him in office.
    Would the media say that is a "dark turn" or "victory for BamBam"?
    This whole thing about the government, that they should just lay low, and let the mobs have their way, is crazy.
    None of these people had anything to say, about Iran cracking heads, during their protests.
    Democracy supporters of that movement sat on their hands, day after day, waiting on Barry to support them, and it never came.
    Obama has picked winners and losers in this country, on government spending and entitlements, such as Obamacare, so it's not surprising, that he's picking winners and losers overseas, especially when he thinks it'll boost his reelection.
    Obama uses the Muslims, the way he uses the MSM and the African Americans.
    He abuses them because no matter what he does to them, he knows he's got them all, and their votes, in his back pocket. That's what happens, when one goes along, to get along.

  27. 27

    Re: luvs2tango
    When I lived in Texas the thing was RED HOTS. A redish sausage kind of thing on a rotisserie in convenience stores. I loved them. One day saw them at the grocers. Read the ingredients. Lips, snoots, spleen, lymph nodes etc. I got over red hots pretty quick.

  28. 28

    Now Fox News is on the receiving end of "Tea Party-like" violence. This is the kind of violence they attempt to arouse on their channel every night. I have no sympathy, I just wish it was Hannity and Beck getting smacked around like bitches.

  29. 29

    This just in, its dangerous when you attend a riot.

    Here's another hint. Keep out of Egypt.

  30. 30

    Saying that journalists shouldn't be in places of political upheaval or natural disasters is like saying a soldier shouldn't be in a war zone: THAT'S WHAT THEY DO! They provide information to their audiences! I thank Gd for them every day! Imagine covering 911 and having bricks and glass and fire and bodies raining on you while you do your job, or being targeted for assassination like Anna Politskaya was for reporting on corruption in her country's government. Bash the press all you want from the comfort of your living room or while glued to your cell phone, but it's because of a free press that we even know what's happening in Egypt. True journalists — those who are trained in the craft of journalism and follow the SPJ Code of Ethics (not bloggers, talking heads and celebrities) — are heroes.

  31. 31

    The rag heads are a bunch of savages.

  32. 32

    Faux News reporters beaten in Egypt?? Pfft. They should be beaten HERE for all the BS they spew forth, starting with Becktard and BillO

  33. 33

    I'm calling bull shit. "Their injuries were fairly grave, they left the hospital the next morning".
    LOL, pretty grave.

  34. 34

    Re: MonkeyJustice – They can go where ever they chose to go. However if they get injured in the process they have nobody to blame but themselves.

  35. 35

    I would love to see Bill O'Reilly have the shit kicked out of him.

  36. 36

    Nice to see all the peaceful, loving liberal democrats applauding the beating of the FOX crew.

    Didn't you guys get the memo? Barry told you all to calm down at the campaign stop/memorial service a few weeks ago.

    Liberals are such the haters.

  37. 37

    “I would love to see Bill O'Reilly have the shit kicked out of him.”

    And these same people were crying about Sarah Palin, FOX news, a few weeks ago?

    Haters, Hypocrites, and sore losers. Sorry, you guys DID lose the election in Nov. and you're still crying like babies. Wah, Wah, Wah.

  38. 38

    Re: crazie – Show us ONE instance, just one. Even with a 100 thousand dollar reward offered for video or audio of “racist” tea party people, none can be produced. Were you all upset about the anti-war protesters, the pro-choicers, the PETA people? Nooooo. Just upset at people who want smaller Govt. and don't like Barry. People like you worship Barry, the rest of us don't.

  39. 39

    Re: luvs2tango – If you love to tango, why don't you do just that, TANGO ! We are sick and tired of reading your racist anti-Obama comments. Get lost, go away, think of Peace and Love while you tango.

  40. 40

    this doesn't help anyone's cause. reporters should be like medics during time of war— untouchable because they're not there to hurt anyone but to help everyone. instead of criticizing them like everyone else who thinks they "ask for this" by "putting themselves in dangerous situations," i appreciate their courage and professionalism. they're reporting very important events that don't just affect one country but all. the U.S. situation in the Middle East could change because of what's happening over there and we as citizens have a civic duty to be informed, which is what these reporters are doing while risking their safety. i just think perez should quit posting important events because some of you have very few brain cells to appreciate deep thinking.