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Anderson Cooper "Little Bit Scared," Moves To Undisclosed Location In Egypt

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As the violence rises in Egypt, Anderson Cooper and his 360 crew have moved to an undisclosed location where they taped Thursday night's show from a dimly lit room.

In this clip (above), Anderson says he's "a little bit scared" for his and his crew's safety and doesn't "really know what the next few hours will hold" for not only his crew, but for the people of Egypt. He continues:

"I can't tell you where we are, frankly for our own safety. Systematically, we have seen journalists attacked…we would like to be showing you instead of…this strange image of us sitting on the floor of an undisclosed location in dim lighting, we would like to be showing you pictures, live pictures, of what's happening in Liberation Square right now, but we can't do that because our cameras have systematically been taken down through threats, through intimidation, through actual physical attacks."

During the segment Anderson shows video footage of violent attacks in Liberation Square.

We warn you, some of the footage is very graphic and very hard to watch.

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27 comments to “Anderson Cooper "Little Bit Scared," Moves To Undisclosed Location In Egypt”

  1. 1

    Hope he gets out of there soon. :(

  2. 2

    We need to stop aid to this country ASAP!!

  3. 3

    Whoa, ever nellie !! Just goes to show that you gotta send in a lesbian to do a gay man's job.

  4. 4

    They better get the fuck out of there, it's too chaotic right now and people will kill them on sight

  5. 5

    Re: Tink66 – We're aiding this country to ensure that it doesn't attack our allies in Israel…. there are complex reasons behind this kind of thing.. and generally this country isn't revolting. If we pulled our aid now… it would be noticed by everyone, not just the Egyptians.

  6. 6

    OH my god, I couldn't watch after the police van and fire truck ran people over. That was just too shocking. I have friends there, and I think about their safety all the time. I really hope this comes to a positive end soon.

  7. 7

    hope he gets out well and soon.
    I applaud Cooper for being a true journalist

  8. 8

    I am very nervous for Cooper and other journalists, Egyptians, etc. I was absolutely SHOCKED to see the police van and fire truck mow down people. I hope this rapidly escalating situation is resolved and QUICK. Thoughts and prayers go out to all involved. I am very grateful to be safe at home and not have to worry about being killed for protesting in the streets.

  9. 9

    Anderson a real journalist reporting the news even when it's dangerous one of the few who are unbiased and honest. I just hope him and his crew stay as safe as they can while reporting the news to us back here. A lot of communication if not all has been blocked so his work is really important.

  10. 10

    Stay strong and come home Anderson. I would be scared too in all that mess.
    Reporters should not be harmed.

  11. 11

    With 99.9% certainty these are the same "JournOlists" who
    put a blood libel on Sarah Palin, who condemn Jews in Israel for defending themselves, while screeching about the "human rights" of Palestinian Jew-killers, who splashed Abu Ghraib on front page headlines for weeks, who enable 9/11 "Truthers", who somehow fail to report egregious Islamic terror attacks, as in any way Islamic, while rushing to condemn anything Tea Party as racist and violent, who didn't blink an eye at Bush-assassination films, who find nothing wrong with friend-of-Barack Bill Ayers' Pentagon bombing plot, who during the Cold War sided with the Soviet's accusation of America's nuclear defense as "warmongering", who refused to express anything positive at all, about the capture of Saddam Hussein, who still cite in heroic terms Democrat senators who've accused American soldiers of being Nazis and terrorists. Etc ad infinitum…

    Ironic that the world they helped create, is giving you the beat down.
    You reap what you sow.

  12. 12

    that's a fucked up video

  13. 13

    Journalists must be slow learners.
    When covering a fire, they know not to run into the building.
    When covering rioting Arabs, the western reporter runs into the crowd, thinking, "Hey, I'm sure they know I love Muslims and being Gay is not a choice."
    What outcome did they expect?
    And they claim Palin is dumb.
    "I can see bleeding anchormen from my TV!"

  14. 14

    Stay strong and stay safe Anderson and crew! Seriously you guys are doing a job that not many would even want to.

    That was just too shocking. My heart goes out to the egyptian people effected by this. I have a friend down there and I haven't heard anything from him yet so i'm really worried right now.

  15. 15

    Stupid Egyptians.

  16. 16


  17. 17

    Re: luvs2tango
    Please take your pills and go to bed,

  18. 18

    Re: uraPIGperez
    Stupid American.
    The whole world hates you.

  19. 19

    i feel bad and all but come on now…lets use common sense. if we fly into the middle of a country in peril we WILL BE CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PERIL. i feel like hes doing sooo many things for effect, talking about the "dim room"and all that undisclosed stuff…look behind him, he has nice curtains over a nice window, i feel like hes just trying to insert drama for his own publicity. i pray he gets out safely, but what about the REAL issue? what about how their 'democracry' and our bribing them with 1.3 billion tax payers dollars yearly to support israel, what about mumbaro. we should be paying attention to the thousand dying on the streets, not poor cooper having to live in a 3 star hotel.

  20. 20

    Food And Failed Arab States:
    Half of Egyptians live on less than $2 a day. Food comprises almost half the country’s consumer price index, and much more than half of spending, for the poorer half of the country.
    This will get worse, not better.
    You Libs, running the planet, come up with…wait for it…
    Ethanol = burning food, so people in the 3rd world can starve.
    Libs always have great ideas, with great intentions, that bring chaos and death, to so many people.
    Here it is before your very eyes, folks.
    Can't use nuclear.
    Can't open Alaska and drill off shore.
    Ethanol. I'm sick of this crap.

  21. 21

    WTF with making this about liberals, being gay? What about the healing we were all talking about recently? Anderson Cooper shows alot of integrity and courage, something lacking in some of these posts. Peace to the Egyptian people.

  22. 22

    Re: curiousred
    And nobody likes you. Douche.

  23. 23

    This is the CNN, dont they have some remote cameras or something they couldve placed secretly on some building (like the one where they were on the top reporting. Perhaps even establish a connection otherwise pick it up later on). I mean since he has in mind specific places.

  24. 24

    hes sucha queen. Gimme a break, this guy is now trapped but no one else is. hes such a ratings whore…Geraldo the second coming anyone?

  25. 25

    Re: curiousred – yet your reading an American web page, on an internet that was created BY Americans for use in Egypt to start their fucking revolution. Eat and die you commie scum

  26. 26

    when short on news …. create your own

  27. 27

    -what the prob?