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Shocker. Charlie Sheen Allegedly Made A Sex Tape!

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Okay, we hate to be rude, but…DUH.

Dude probably has an entire library filled with this kind of shiz! He's been up to these tricks a looong time, people!

A Los Angeles porn star recently revealed that during one of her encounters with Charlie Sheen, they filmed a sex tape - and even joked about creating an adult franchise together that they wanted to call Charlie's Devils!

The adult entertainer, who goes by the name Felony, explains:

"Charlie and I were having this great project and he was talking about performing in front of the camera. He goes, 'Let's call it Charlie's Devils!' Charlie's got the tape. I gave it to him afterwards. He was keeping it so he could practice. He's getting jazzed about this whole project about starting his own line of porno. The ladies love Charlie. He likes to explore his sexuality. He likes fetish, spanking, role play, really kinky stuff. He likes a lot (of women)… he doesn't just like one (at a time). Sometimes he will be finicky and likes just one, but he generally likes to be surrounded by women."

Well, we are just shocked on all counts! How unlike him!


Seriously, at this point, who even knows anymore?

We just sincerely hope that tape, if it exists, stays under lock and key! The last thing we want to have to do deal with is ANOTHER Charlie scandal anytime soon! We are Sheen'd out!


[Image via WENN.]

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18 comments to “Shocker. Charlie Sheen Allegedly Made A Sex Tape!”

  1. 1

    why did Anna Nicole Smith have to die?
    it shouldve been him

  2. 2

    If this is even true then why did he wait until he's 45 (but looking early 50s) and the father of four young kids (and a fifth who's grown) to decide to get a porn star career rolling? If he's actually going to appear on camera (versus just being a director/producer/etc.) it would make more sense when he was in his 20s and 30s in his youthful prime. Maybe he wasn't as comfortable back then going public with his sexual proclivities, or maybe society has gotten so loosy goosy with all the reality shows over the last 10 years that he's not worried about it anymore, I don't know. But it just seems like it would have been more fitting 15-20 years ago, when he was still young and before he had four young kids who might eventually be publically shamed by this. (and for all we know his oldest is already publically embarrassed.)

  3. B2R says – reply to this


    He'll be dead soon and then, hopefully, we won't have to hear about him.

  4. 4

    EEEWWWWWW!!! Charlie Sheen is DISGUSTINGLY UGLY!!!… It would all be bad enough if he was younger and good looking. But the fact that he looks like he's about 75 YEARS OLD and UGLIER THAN HELL just makes all of this even WORSE!!! SICK SICK SICK!!!!!!!

  5. 5

    Re: Ghostly – LOL

  6. 6

    Sorry, I would watch the shit out of a Charlie Sheen sex tape!! You know it would be crazy!! He'd make Paris and that KardASSian look like boring little trolls. Oops, they are boring little trolls.

  7. 7

    Thats like saying cows produce milk, the sun is hot, snow is cold, etc….. really? Would this be shocking to anyone in the free world??

  8. 8

    Charlie Sheen is a disgusting waste of life and he should be ashamed of himself for the horrible example he is setting for his children!!!! He is NOT invincible and one day his filthy lifestyle WILL catch up with him and he will be put out of his misery!

  9. 9

    Your caption is hillarious Perez!!!

  10. 10

    Oh yeah, the balding hair, the veeners and gold crumbling teeth, the breath of puke and the stamina of what 3 minutes (when drunk —isn't that what one of the hookers said?)……he has so much to offer women……of course, he does have plenty of money to offer them.

    I love his tv show but I wouldn't trust Charlie around my farm animals.

  11. 11

    For once one of your comments actually made me LOL

  12. 12

    Hahahaa Perez I love your caption!

  13. 13

    well hopefully he sees it and sees how much of a "rock star he is not (or is(which as we've seen is really not)) in bed and gets off this whole pornstar, ruinining my life because I can" Kick!
    Sex aint as sexy as you think it is. Women can make it look good bc men are dumb.

  14. 14

    Who has never done anything wrong, who loves sugar too much, shopping, money, adultry, controlling others, who can cast the first stone..???????

  15. 15

    yes Charlie, but no one wants to watch middle-aged, snaggle-toothed, wrinkled, bloated cokeheads having sex, OK? Please, please be kind to the world and don't ever film yourself! I mean, gross, OK?

  16. 16

    Ugly doesn't flash. You would think that Chuckie Sleeze would already know that. Ugly just erupts…like a wart…and then casts its unholy :P Thbttz! on the world. Charlie's done so much now that his butt and his face are now in the wrong place. So we know where that leaves his brain: In serious need of an enema.

  17. lampy says – reply to this


    Well, I assume this is mostly the plan b for fallen stars. I think most stars have one of these handy somewhere, just in case you know.

  18. 18

    Charlie's partying isn't all that scandalous. It would be like a normal person's tame night at the bar!