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Rihanna VS LaChapelle: Can You Spot The Difference?

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Yeah, neither can we!

Check out this tit-for-tat comparison of Rihanna's new video, S&M, and the work of David LaChapelle. This morning, we reported there was a lot of talk that RiRi and Co. totally ripped off their ideas for the video from the famed photographer.

Now, here is the proof.


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122 comments to “Rihanna VS LaChapelle: Can You Spot The Difference?”

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  1. 101

    PEREZ, Really? Are you STUPID? There should be two sections on your site, one for ARTISTS and one for singers. Riri doesnt write her on song so why would you expect her or her people to have an original idea for a video? The song was not even her idea, what a surprise that the video was not original. GAGA is Original. Start asking the real questions, the tough question when you suck the butt cracks of whores like Nicole Scherzinger, Ask them, DID YOU WRITE THE SONG? There just like you, they are puppets!

  2. 102

    same shit. different toilet.

  3. 103

    Lol….now not really rihannas fault, shes just goin with what looks edgy n hot that's she's getting from the directors etc….who cares really? Video is fab x

  4. lolli says – reply to this



  5. 105

    I would say very inspired by. But they should give credit for his work.

  6. 106

    Perez, what are you doing?
    Are you being paid to draw attention to this clip. Like, your fucking in the clip!

  7. 107

    perez your so fucking stupid.
    if christina aguilera was in these pictures
    you woulda threw her under the bus,
    your a fucking hypocrite

    these photos ARE similar to one another,

  8. 108

    imitiation is the sincerest form of flattery

  9. 109

    its not fair to compare his life's work to a three minute video, that is what he hasdone over many years, of course you are going to see similarities. thats like taking a picture i drew and comparing every little line to pictures at a museum. Besides, both of them clearly just did the craziest things that popped into their head, some of them arnt that original either. man on leash, fruit on head, mask, not all that unconceivable for two different people to come up with

  10. 110

    LOL amazing how someone IN her video feels the need to comment and take sides against her.. YES they are similar… YES it looks bad for her .. but really Perez? Do you even know what the word Loyalty means? or how bout? Don't bite the hand that feeds? familiar?

  11. 111

    -wow thats lame

  12. 112

    The similarity is obvious. You're only sticking up for her is because A) she's Rihanna and B) You were in the video.
    That's pathetic.

  13. 113

    omg… yeah neither do we? are you kidding…. So much alike

  14. 114

    Chapelle needs to sue her ass!!!!

  15. 115

    So annoying…Dave LaChappelle should be happy he's getting press…Ever since Madonna dissed him in 2005 he's been shunned in the industry. Besides, who gives a damn if it's similar. It's homage and if Lady Gaga can get away with ripping off Madonna in everyway, then I think Rihanna can do the same and be let off. Everything is inspired by everything, so nothing is 100 percent original…I love Rihanna and she could do no wrong in my book. fuck the haters…That's the point of the video.

  16. 116

    to be fully honest , when i saw flashes of her s&m video , i wanted to ask ytou if it was directed by david lachapelle ,
    quite smart of rihanna to ask perez to be in her copycat video . quite ignorant of perez to not understand what you are shooting . its a perfect example of of being a famewhore . but not knowing ypour photographers ,stylist set ideas and all that what comes with it makes you quite an idiot .
    i somehow cannot believe you didnt feel the david lachapelle fibe while on set .

  17. 117

    Re: goodtasteishardtofind – ironic name dontcha think? lol you my dear, have no taste. your logic is skewed as well. you admit she can do no wrong in your book. even if she was wrong, AND SHE IS, you would never admit it. ans screw you with your comment about lachappelle should be happy to get the press. HE does not need rihanna, she needed to straight up jack HIS ideas and images. who needed who? that's what i thought. dumbass! also why hasn't 'innocent' rihanna even commented on this yet? oh that's right, she has no excuse, no leg to stand on.

  18. 118

    You know, show me a one singer who IS NOT a copycat. And yes, Lady Gaga is one of the biggest copycats ever.

  19. 119

    Its an inspiration idiots, go learn some art.

  20. 120

    Also, don't argue that it is hard to tell others where one's inspirations are from. Interviewers ask this question all the time. Look at Lady Gaga, people accuse her from stealing from Bowie, Madonna, Grace Jones, Bjork, etc, but the thing that sets her apart from Rihanna is that she goes out of her way to tell people who she is inspired by. It doesn't matter if you don't like her, but she isn't a full on copier. It's not plagiarism if you site your source and Rihanna clearly does not.

  21. 121

    Re: George Gee – even when you are inspired, you have to give credit where credit is due. Without that, especially when it is to this extent of inspiration, it is clearly plagiarism

  22. 122

    Everything looks very very similar.

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